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Volvo XC90 T6 Transmission



  • I can not get the Key out of my ignition Car is in park brake applied won't come out . Wiggled key, steering wheel, shifter nothing works only way have to get out of the car and not have dead battery is to remove fuse to the Ignition and lock door with another set of keys . any ideas ?
    I did leave my sunroof open and interior got wet could this be the cause and what needs to get replaced?

    some months ago dealer did replace a nylon assembly in the shifter that was causing similar problem but could always jiggle the key and it would come out.
  • dawn,
    i have a 2001xc70 that has had transmission issues that goes way back. :D i wanted to learn more about "goodwill " agreement ..option. how it applies and to what.. do you have any ideas where to learn about it ?

    is it with volvo north america directly or specifically your dealer.

    by the way, i'm in virginia beach, va
  • Sorry to hear about your ignition problem. I too had the same problem which only got progressively worse until I had to relace the whole key ignition cartridge assembly. . Rather costly of course. This occured at approx. 100K. Following this, the transmission needed replacing at approx. 126K. This volvo model looks great and rides the same but leaves much to be desired in comparison to the kind of dependability older and more reputable volvos used to be known for. Enjoy it while you and it last.
  • I am on a 3rd transmission and is also experiencing the clunking sound. My Volvo dealer service says it is the rack in pinion steering unit. The XC 90 T6 looks good and drives good but I strongly suggest you stay away from this model.
  • My XC 90T6 had a similar problem. Ignition switch was hard to turn and key was difficult to remove. The problem showed up at about 96k. It was a costly repair and the dealer had to order from Sweden. To date the tally is: 3 transmissions, 1 ignition switch unit, clunking steering and just last week a leaking chain drive unit. :mad:
  • But this forum scares me. What year and models are effected by this tranny issue?? Is it just the T6?
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    I have on 05 and had the transmission replaced last month at 42k. I am still having issues with it in that it does not downshift to a lower gear when needed. It is locked into 4th gear even at 25 MPH. Volvo says this is normal though I am having my regular mechanic check into it. Volvo says if I don't like it, to drive the car manually. I have no problem with drving the car manually but should not be forced to when purchasing an automatic.
  • No new tranny for me- ended up being a mis-firing solenoid. My warranty covered it, minus the $200 deductible and fluids. I do know that my Volvo guy said it was 9 hours of labor- and he doesn't charge for the diagnostics, but I can only imagine what that bill would have been. Rotors and brakes, too, but I descend 1600 feet daily on a windy mountain road, so they would get eaten up in any car. I love my T6, and will probably hold onto it until one of the kids is old enough to drive it, but I will ALWAYS pay to renew the warranty. Hindsight would be to go with a V8 instead. Too bad.
  • jbs05jbs05 Posts: 13
    Out of curiousity, what warranty do you have that you can renew it for ??? years? I have the extended warranty but I put on a lot of yearly miles so I never reach the time limit. I have only had this car for a year, bought it used with 30k and have added almost 16k this year. I would love to keep the car but am concerned at what happens after the warranty if gone.
  • Hi There,

    I bought a 2005 XC90-T6 last December, now it's down with the tranny problem.

    I am in Oakville, Ontario. Volvo dealer quoted me $7500 for a new tranny. Can you please give me the details of your mechanic in your area.
  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69

    I'm in the USA, Ct. to be exact, so I'm not sure if all my tactics will work for you. I would still reach out to the National Transportation Safety Board, and Volvo complaints on line. As stated by many others, as well as myself, Volvo is doing "Good Will" gestures of either full tranny payment or partial-anything is better than nothing at all. Good luck and keep us all posted on how you do! I wish you the best of luck!

  • Hi i got a big problem i need to dismantle or fix a transmission for a VOLVO XC90 i need a diagram of everypart of the motor or transmission i will really appreciated if anyone can help me on this matter im searching everywhere no sucess thanks :
  • Hi premach. Just contact: Baywash Auto: 2880 Sixth Line, Collingwood,ON. Very reasonable and dependable family run operation.
    Wasaga Beach
  • My service transmission urgent light came on 3 days ago. After reading all of the messages on this site and others, I was very discouraged. I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 with 97,300 miles. I bought the car 2 1/2 years ago. It was pre-owned when I bought it. My husband towed it to the nearest dealership 2 1/2 hours away today, and was told it would need a new transmission and radiator -- $6500.00. I called Volvo USA and spoke with a wonderful customer service rep. who said she would open a file and let me know something within a couple of days. Two hours later she called to say that Volvo would pay 100% of the repair cost! There are a lot of stories on here that did not turn out well, so I wanted to post one that had. Hope this gives encouragement to others on this message board looking for some answers.
  • Hi jbs 095-

    My warranty was offered to me by Citibank, who holds our loan. I researched the tranny problems after I had a fluid spill last Dec in the middle of a raging snowstorm, and they scared the bejeezus out of me. I got the offer in the mail about a week later, which gave me 45 k of coverage for approx $3500 and figured that if it covered the tranny, and a new one would cost $6500, that I'd come out ahead or at least have the peace of mind at 0% financing, which I would never get if I had to charge a new tranny. So I bit, and the tranny repairs I just experienced ran $2000 from my Volvo guy. Because I envision still that I will need a complete new tranny at some point in time, I will keep renewing. I've heard of other people getting them through their insurance companies as well. Volvo USA probably would not have covered the solenoid, and because we're a good hour from any dealership and I love my Volvo guy, it just seemed easier. Peace of mind is priceless, especially for $160 bucks a month.
  • Hello Lisa,
    I'm reading about all the problems xc90 owners are having and I'm afraid that I might fall into their nightmare. So I would like to prepare myself. I have downloaded all the recalls from on the xc90 and I would like the info or contact person at Volvo USA corp.
    I would like to tip my hat to you and mr Green for all the help you have been providing to the people on the Edmunds car forum.

    Thank You

    Jared Miller
    2004 xc90 appx. 95K miles
  • Hello,
    do you have the contact at Volvo Corp. or the # you called? This fourm is scaring me, that we bought the wrong car?


  • On December 10, 2009, the dreaded Transmission Service Urgent message appeared on my console. Luckily, and just barely, I was able to limp the car home. The next morning, I called Volvo North America, LLC (800-458-1552) asking for their Goodwill consideration for the repairs. They were very sympathetic and opened a file.

    I then had the car towed to my local service department: Nalley Volvo in Marietta, GA. Upon arrival, I explained to the service advisor that I knew about the history of transmission failure on this vehicle (only because I had stumbled upon this forum; but, not before I bought the car—darn it), and that I had already contacted Volvo NA for assistance.

    I waited for 2 hours while they diagnosed the problems. Once, they came back to me asking for permission to perform a $250 diagnostic test to determine if glycol was present in the transmission fluid. It was. The final verdict was that the car needed a new radiator and a new transmission!

    Anyway, this story has a happy ending, because the repairs were almost entirely covered under Goodwill or Warranty, which is how they listed it on the invoice. However, I did “participate” in $952.45 of the repair costs, which I considered a bargain.

    Although I did not ask (I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth), I am sure that the repairs were easily $10,000. The parts list alone was a full page long, and the labor hours must have been in the double digits.

    Also, my Volvo is not under warranty. It is a pre-owned, trade-in that I purchased from a Toyota dealership. So, go figure. Miracles do happen.

    Anyway, after this scare, and knowing what I now know about the vehicle, I am looking to purchase an extended warranty for when this happens again. Does anyone out there know of a good, honest company in this business?
  • shaforgacs,
    I will be going thru the same thing Mon. and I already made calls to warranty co. and the price was coming back around $2,000 - 3,000 for 36 mts. thank you for your story. everyone pray for me ;) I'll ley you know what happens

  • I drove to the dealer and 5 hrs later I was told that I need a new tran. and it cost me $150 for the info. I've given them all the main. records and I'm waiting to hear from them. :sick:
  • I got transmission service required light 7 days ago. Went to a dealer in downtown Los Angeles, they said transmission is fine, no problems, I need to replace a sensor though. $640!!! Ok, i cough up $640. 7 days later i go for a trip to Yosemite, on the way back i see infamous urgent transmission service light. Since I already browsed through this forum I expected the worse. Luckily I was able to get back to town and this morning I went to a dealer. Short diagnostic, 4th gear is slipping, some fluid in the transmission, NEED REPLACEMENT!!! Hold on, didn't you say 7 days ago transmission was fine !?!?!??!!??!? The service guy asked for an extended warranty (which I don't have - I assumed car like Volvo would be a great investement - FOR LIFE - mistake!!!) but I immediately mentioned this forum and all the cases I've read about-then his attitude changed, and he simply said to take car back home and that he'll contact Volvo regarding the matter and will let me know results. Well, we'll see....I owned S80 before and I loved my 2005 XC90 T6, but I'd never buy it if I knew they put GMC tranny inside it. I bought it because I wanted Swedish quality, not Detroit crap. I thought I'd stick with Volvo for long time, but now...let's see what their service will do, if they don't step up the plate to fix it, I'll post this everywhere, facebook, twitter, forums, write all the letters you guys advised to write, join whatever lawsuit that might come up. This is just ridiculous, the recall should've been announced long time ago. I'll keep everybody updated, hopefully Volvo is still worth its name.
  • Well, fellow xc90'ers I got the call today, the 3rd gear was out and no coolant in the tran. fluid, but they did find metal. So, the radiator and lines have to be replaced and w/o a single phone call to NJ they are replacing 100% of everything, minus the $150 diagnostic charge. WOW, good luck to everyone.

  • I lease a 2009 XC-90 has only 15,000 miles on it. While driving on a highway my Volvo just stopped running...shut right down while I was going 70 mph. The electronic indicator read "anti skid message" and then "check engine message". Once I sat on the side of the highway I was able to drive it back home (130 miles one way). I brought to the dealership and they found no problems. A month later the same thing happened on a 30 mile round trip....eight times the car just shut off while power steering...just shut off. Anyone else ever had this problem? I'm bringing back to dealer asap. Hopefully something in the electronics that's an easy fix. Thank god this is a lease!
  • I have gotten the anti-skid message at least 20 times since I bought mine in 2007, but the only time I powered down was when I was sliding in ice and it was burning the engine. I think that was a safety mech to protect the car. Sounds like yours may have been, too? Did all the lights come on when it stalled? What did the exclamation point do?
  • The anti skid message was coming on while I was driving on a dry surface and then the car just shut off...the only lights that came on was the dashboard was all lit up with check engine lights and all the other possible messages that could come up on the dashboard. First the anti skid message then "check engine" message. The Volvo mechanics changed the key switch yesterday thinking that was the problem. When I left the garage the problem started right up again on the way out of the dealership..just shut down and never started up again. Now they tore out my auto car starter thinking that was the problem (possibly a bad module). I've had a auto car starter in every vehicle I've owned over the past 15 years with no problems. I'll know today if the car starts and stays running once they've pulled the car starter out.
  • Jared,
    Glad to hear your situation worked out. Today, on my way to the office, I was sitting at a red light. When the light turned green, I tried to accelerate and crash, sounded like a had metal in a wood chipper under my hood. Suffice to say, when the car is off and in park, it rolls around like neutral. Not good. I am waiting on a call from the trans. shop with the bad news. Question is, how did you get your work done at no charge (other than $150)?
  • csg5csg5 Posts: 2
    I own a Volvo 2005 XC90 and it has 54K miles on it. In November we started hearing a whirring sound and took it to the dealer. They said the rear hub bearings have to be changed, wasn't convinced and took it to my mechanic who works on my Toyota Avalon and he thought it was the rear differential and asked us to go back to Volvo as this shouldn't happen at this mileage and may be it is a known problem!! So we went back to the dealer this month and asked them to check again as we thought it was more than the bearings and my be the differential. They came back and said, yes it is the differential. The service adviser coated $5,200+tax for the whole job. When we said since the car was serviced all the time at the dealers they should take care of it even though the warranty was up. The service manager reviewed the case and said he will talk to Volvo in NJ. They came back yesterday and said Volvo would cover the parts and I would have to pay $1400+tax. Thought it was not a bad deal and asked them to go ahead. I then started to browse the net and stumbled on this form!!! boy'Oboy...Now I am scrambling to buy extended warranty on this car. Any suggestions? I have been driving my Avalon for 14 yrs and never had any issues..just regular maintenance has 170K mi on it....
  • I am an Air Force member stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. I bought this US spec XC90 from the original owner on 30 Oct 07 who was also stationed here. The XC90 was purchased in the States. The original owner had the transmission replaced in Germany at ~64,000 miles. The 2nd transmission just failed after 33,000 miles and 2.5 years. The German Volvo dealer quoted me ~ 4,500 euro to replace it, which is $6,452 at the exchange rate.

    I called Volvo of North America Customer Care. The lady told me they couldn't help since the vehicle was overseas, and that Volvo of Europe couldn't help since it was a US spec vehicle. She said to have it repaired and send them the bill with all other documentation and "they" would review it on a case-by-case basis. I asked if they could assist me with contacting Volvo headquarters in Sweden, and she said "they" didn't talk with them. Completely unsympathetic.

    You know the rock and a hard place? I feel like I'm in it with no one to help.

    Happy holidays to everyone,

  • laws65laws65 Posts: 69
    Hi Rob,

    I can only tell you what I did here in the States and you can make a decision/or do some research and see if there are corresponding type folks in Germany.

    1. File a complaint on line with Volvo
    2. File a complaint with the NTSB online
    3. File a complaint with the Attorney General
    4. File a complaint with Consumer Protection

    These worked for myself and approximately 11 others of us. For items 3 and 4, I'd check and see who in your city/state/etc would be similar.
    And keep complaining, unfortunately, as with anything in our lives, the more you complain, the more things get addressed.
    Good luck, I'll wish you the best, and please let me know if I can be of more help.
    Take care.

  • jkjpdxjkjpdx Posts: 2
    Purchased my 2004 XC90 T6 in Oct-2009. Today I began accelerating and all of a sudden there was no power. It is definitely the transmission. It doesnt seem to shift up and is extremely sluggish. I put it into Reverse and nothing. Also, after re-starting, it surged forward even though it was in Park. While still in Park, I reved up engine and it lunged forward slightly. Really weird. I am in Beaverton OR, near Portland. Please advise.
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