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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    So the pics of the new Maxima are all over the web. When I first saw it around the time of the NY auto, I didn't like it. But it has grown on me a lot. I guess it was smart of Nissan to make it smaller to emphasize performance. Only thing is, what if you want Nissan performance but need something bigger than an Altima?

    Everything seems to be looking great for the Maxima, right now. That is, until you look at its competitors. Hyundai should really have Nissan nervous. While the Max seems to have taken most of its performance toys from the G, the Genesis is an Infinity M fighter (well not really, but that's what they aimed for). Performance won't be quite as good as the Maxima, until you opt up for the V8. That should be a major pain in Nissan's side.

    While the Maxima is a poor man's infiniti, the Pontiac G8 is a poor man's BMW. For a better price, you can get a G8 with the V8 that would leave the Max in the dust. Plus it's bigger. The interior wouldn't look as nice, but fit and finish would be just as good. I'd bet the new Mazda 6 can outrun the Maxima, as 0-60 in 6.5 isn't impressive for a car that size with that much power.

    I'm not saying any of the others are better, I just hope Nissan wasn't planning on the Maxima having it easy. This should make an interesting comparison test.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Looks like a beautiful vehicle, and the magazines just love 290hp engines in family sedans that weigh nearly 3700lbs

    But- does a car like this even make sense any more with $4/gal gas? It was envisioned and designed probably 3-4 years ago and no longer has a place today.

    OK, granted, spending $2400 a year on petrol won't break the bank of the average buyer of a $35K sedan- but from a principle standpoint, isn't it time that our family sedans are getting 25mpg rather than 19mpg (or 17mpg as the testers realized). Remember, this is a Nissan, not an Infinity.

    Wouldn't a 200hp engine that pulls a car weighing 400lbs less to 60 in 7.9s and gets 25mpg/32mpg hwy be the solution of the future? Well, OK- maybe in Altima trim? So, I guess my issue is with the Altima- which got too big and nice, and forced the Maxima to be 'over the top'. Hmm. guess that's why they call it a "Maxima".
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I for one am happy to hear that the 2009 Maxima shrunk in length.
    The previous gen Maxima had grown up to almost 194 inches in length. To me, that is just way too long for a sedan. The Genesis, while it looks to be very promising is way too long for me
    at 195 inches!!
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    The previous gen Maxima had grown up to almost 194 inches in length. To me, that is just way too long for a sedan. The Genesis, while it looks to be very promising is way too long for me
    at 195 inches!!

    You don't understand the term 'full size sedan" then, do you? The benefits of cars that large are more interior space with back seats someone 6+ft can actually sit in. Can they still handle? See G8/ Mazda 6.

    And Nissan didn't mess up in Maxima's old size, but that they let the Altima again better it, in looks and perforemance.
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    Looks great to me. Would like to get the Mrs. one. Will have to see and drive however. Which hopefully will be shortly. My Titan 4WD LE is a GREAT truck too.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135

    I've read in some other forums where a few 2009 Maxima's have been spotted but my local dealers are saying July/August is most likely for Maximas to go on sale. Any one know the official release / sale date?

    While I personally think the 2009 Maxima looks great and is a good step in the right direction, the lack of activity/interest in this forum makes me think others do not share this opinion. If so, the could be the last of the Maxima's!! Long live Altima.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    I would assume with past expeirence with Nissan, the New Max will be at dealers shortly. I would say before the end of the month.
  • My dealer will have one tomorrow (6-20) Also I have heard the same thing from other people around the country. Can't wait to drive one!
  • falcon74falcon74 Posts: 67
    Has anyone heard what the pricing is going to be for the 2009 Maxima? Also,, anything on the MPG? thanks-
  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    I saw one yesterday in person. Dealer driven. Dark grey color and it looked great. Seeing the price list would be much appreciated Nissan.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Most Nissan dealers in my area now have at least 2 Maxima's in stock. The dealership closest to me has two SV models. The "base" SV is around $33k while the fully loaded Premium Package + Nav model is a bit over $38k.

    MPG was rated 19 highway and 26 city for a combined 22 mpg which is the exact same combined MPG as the 2008 V6 accord - but the Maxima has higher horsepower and no VCM mechanical problems to worry about. Nice job Maxima!

    Next step, the test drive!!
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Correction - it was 19 MPG City and 26 MPG Highway.

    This is no hybrid vehicle:-)
  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    Maxima must have premium gas. Accord V6 is regular. That's a significant difference.
  • snagssnags Posts: 27
    Just saw the maxima at a local dealer. White but a grey interior which didnt really match well.
    It listed for over 36k with the technology package,but the real suirprise is that they put a 1k market adjustment on the sticker price.

    Now I can understand trying to sell at MSRP since its new but to add a market adjustment for a car getting only combined 20 or so mpg using premium fuel seems a little much at this particular point in time.

    The car did look impressive though.
  • hjrockethjrocket Posts: 7
    See my post # 529 in buying experience. Ref: SV model.
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I got to briefly test drive my local dealer's one 09 Maxima. It was an SV, pearl white with close to black leather interior. Had the Sport package and Tech package (but not the Premium package). The Maxima still has some torque steer. Not real bad (only used about 1/2 throttle). Definitely more than ANY RWD car though. Compared to my cars (90 Q45, 98 I30 and 08 GS350) it had lots of exhaust noise. Not bothersome like a Corvette, but definitely audible. Good power & handling (did not really push the car hard - but the salesman still gave me a hard time about it). The sticker was between $37K and $38K. Dont really think it is a good value compared to the Pontiac G8 and upcoming Genesis sedan. If they get back to discounting them $5K+, then maybe.
  • 09murano09murano Posts: 15
    My local dealership has 2 and actually went under sticker for me. Fitzgerald automall in Chambersburg, PA has a loaded SV for $36,610 this is the same discount I received. This one has premium and Tech....which I didn't need. I absolutely love mine....more horsepower, less torque steer, and close to 30 mpg highway....WHAT A BEAST!

    As far as value compared to a G8...just check trade-in 3 years from now, pontiac re-sale value is awful.
  • shaaseshaase Posts: 4
    Sat in a new Maxima SV today- Black with charcoal interior, tech. package, priced at $36K. The car is beautiful- much better looking than the pictures. Seats were very comfortable, soft leather, lots of room, excellent fit and finish. However need to spend extra $$ to get cold weather package- heated seated and mirrors.Has the big Goodyear RSA 235-18 tires.
  • elam42elam42 Posts: 6
    FYI--the 2009 Maxima is now on the website. They have pricing, features, etc.
  • billeveebillevee Posts: 15
    Edmunds has tested the so called 19 City 26 Highway with their own test and came up with a combined 17mpg Best=20;Worst 13.5!!! WOW Wait 3-4 months before you buy. They;ll be giving them away!! Probably the worst time for Nissan to release this car!!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Doesn't matter if I understand the term "full-sized sedan." It would be pretty difficult for me to fit these particular cars in my garage!!! Even when I had my 2002 Maxima, I either had to bump up against the washing machine which was at the front of the garage or tap up against the garage door in order to be able to move around to the front of the car while it was inside the garage. The 2002 Maxima was around 191 inches or thereabouts.
  • snagssnags Posts: 27
    I agree. I dont understand the local dealers here in NJ who are adding market value adjustments at a time when auto sales are down for low mileage vehicles using premium fuel no less.

    One dealer added 1k and the other 1.5 k and had the nerve to add 5oo for lo jack .

    The price without the premium package for the latter was over 39 k.Someone please please explain this to me.

    The car is nice but not earth shattering.
  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    I can't find the Edmunds mpg test. Please direct me to this info. Thanks.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    I hope I can answer this for you. THere are some people out there that aren't as informed as the people who read these forums and will pay that market adjustment. Also these people think they are getting a great deal if the dealer waves the market adjustment and throws in carpet kit while they are paying full MSRP.... But if you sat down with that dealer and gave them YOUR price, they would bend to your price. If they don't then that dealer well be closing real soon, since other dealers (as we have witnessed on these fourns) are discounting new car heavy. I hope this helps...
  • billeveebillevee Posts: 15
    You may want to check Edmunds mpg test at 17 cimbined; 20=best and 13.4 Worse Good Luck 9265
  • rkurlanderrkurlander Posts: 58
    Terrible mileage, with premium no less. Very nice car, but I'm going to pass.
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