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2009 Nissan Maxima



  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    I saw a 2009 Maxima at the dealer and pulled my 2008 G35X next to it. They were very similar. The Infiniti appeared to be a fancier trimed Maxima. The Infiniti's dash was a bit fancier. The center screen area and air ducts were nearly indentical. The Infiniti is tuned for 16 more hp (306 vs 290). That Maxima was 35K, 2 grand cheaper than my Infiniti. It appears that Nissan is pulling a GM and putting a different badge on virtually the same car!
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,016
    This is the first model I've liked since 2002. But I think the premium fuel and poor gas mileage would nix it for me. I think, next time around, I might look more at the Nissan Altima hybrid instead.
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  • shaaseshaase Posts: 4
    Don't jump to conclusions about the MPG for the new Maxima. The observed gas mileage recorded by Edmunds was calculated under a lot of hard driving to obtain 0-60 speed times and 60-0 braking times. Like many cars, the first tank of gas consumed does not necessarily generate a realistic average fuel economy for the car. My new acura TL only got mpg in the low 20's for its first tank of gas, since then I am averaging 28-29 mpg for mostly hwy driving,
  • fornovfornov Posts: 34
    I'm new on this board, so forgive me if this has been mentioned before. I was at my local dealer today and saw a Maxima for the first time, and I'd say they look pretty good. One thing I really like is the heated/cooled driver seat and the heated steering wheel. Our weather hits all the extremes, and I like to be comfy when I drive.

    I noticed that it looks like you can only get the heated/cooled seat with the premium package. And then if you get the premium package, you have to get the wood grain trim. Personally, I think wood trim in cars looks like garbage. That's just my opinion, and I have no problem with others who think differently. Anyway, is it true that you can only get wood trim with the premium package? Is there a way to opt out of that? Or is there a way to get the sport package and add the heated/cooled seat? It seems kind of ridiculous that you can't get all the options you want because of the way the packages are set up. I'd also like to have the dual sunroofs and the sport-tuned suspension, but it doesn't look like that's possible, either. Any ideas?
  • elam42elam42 Posts: 6
    I agree with you on the heated/cooled seat. It is a great feature. I had one on an old Saab, and it really was useful. It's a shame you can't add it to the Max without all the other garbage.

    I read somewhere else that the double sunroof is really heavy, and that it would alter the sport package tuning.
  • fornovfornov Posts: 34
    Well, that at least makes sense about the sunroof. I'll have to just keep checking on the other stuff. It's too bad other cars in this price range don't offer the heated/cooled seat option.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    But this isn't really anything new that Nissan/Infiniti has done. Remember the Infiniti I30/I35? That was a rebadged Nissan Maxima. Same goes for the Infiniti QX56. It's a rebadged Nissan
    Armada. While I do think the hood area on the 2009 Maxima resembles an Infiniti, I'm not seeing too much else on the new Maxima that looks a lot like the Infiniti G35. Don't get me wrong. I think the G is a nice looking car. But it looks like the New Maxima might be a little larger than the G also. Also, don't forget that the Max will be FWD as opposed to RWD in the G.

    Also, I guess Nissan isn't offering the power-folding mirrors on the
    new Max like they did on the top-of-the-line previous gen. Maxima.
    Can anyone confirm this?
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,069
    I disagree with what you are saying there are some people who like FDW over RDW. Look at Acura's TL, that is the true competition for the new Max... Not the Infiniti...
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,016
    My current Max gets 19-26 mpg also. I just think next time around I will want something that does better, especially if it needs premium fuel. Too bad, because I really like the Maxima. Staying the same won't work, and I don't think gas prices are going down anytime soon.
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  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,069
    We had a 05 Altima SE 3.5 and traded it on a 08 Rogue FWD SL, the mileage difference makes up the lack of power... Now Nissan is to bring over a Diesel Max later in the 09 model year, that should be interesting, its going to the first diesel that Nissan has had in over 20 yrs here in the states.
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    I test drove the 2009 Maxima today. It was a loaded, sticker price 38.3K. Dealer is selling it at 36.3K -- they are a one price dealer.

    Interesting information on the Maxima. They have had it on their lot since around June 20th. They sell 250 Nissans per month, so it's a pretty large Nissan dealer. The Maxima had ONLY 109 miles on the odometer and is the only one they had. They also have not had anyone purchase one yet. They expect to receive a quantity of Maxima's in late July. Obviously very little interest in the Maxima so far, they did run an ad on it a week ago.

    On to the test drive. The car I drove was black/black. I was surprised at how generic it looked from the outside, I expected a little more sport. Wheels were nice, but the sheet metal is pretty bland.

    The interior is gorgeous and feels like an Infiniti. While I like the exterior of the Altima, I still don't like the interior (feels cheap). The 09 Maxima is an entirely different class than the Altima in the interior and I thought the drivers position and room was better.

    Driving the Maxima, it feels solid with excellent steering. The steering is on the heavy side which I prefer. The V6 is more than enough to drive the car and torque steer wasn't too bad. I was surprised how isolated the car felt from the road. Compared to the G37 which feels like it is part of the road, the Maxima feels more like a luxury cruiser. Very comfortable, but more isolated than I expected from a car that claims to be sportier. I really liked the driving position in the Maxima.

    I drove the Altima 3.5SL right after the Maxima. Two entirely different cars. The Altima feels cheaper and the Altima steering is way too loose for me. The Altima does feel a little more nimble -- more road feedback.

    So the big question is if the Maxima is worth the $$, especially with gas prices at $4+ a gallon? I actually like the Maxima more than the Infiniti M35 or the Acura RL/TL. Actually it is much better than the TL, but that is being replaced this year. So yes, the Maxima is worth the $$, but I see deeper discounts coming to move them off the lot. The gas prices will hurt it and the Altima 2.5 has plenty of pep for most drivers.

    So -- when there is a better selection available, I will look at the Maxima again. All that is available here are black/black models. I want to see something with the blonde interior which looks very nice.
  • cyberpunkcyberpunk Posts: 39
    I purchased one of these several days ago, and I couldn't be happier.

    Mine is an SV with the technology package. Dark Slate exterior with black interior.

    I've been driving it for several days now, and I love this thing. I think Nissan absolutely nailed it with the exterior. I love what they've done with the sheet metal. The look is "Infiniti done right", in my book. I absolutely love the aggressive flairs on the hood and sides. I know that not everybody will feel the same way, but to me, the look is great.

    I agree with the previous poster - the interior is top knotch! The fit and finish is spectacular. The seats are awesome - the extension on the front of the seats is a very nice touch, and the material quality and fit, not to mention the design, of the interior is first rate.

    This car has a wide, aggressive stance, and you can feel it when driving. You are not in a small car, and for a car this size, the performance is exhilarating. This thing can move!! But its overall smoothness and handling nicely bridges luxury-car comfort with sports car performance.

    The engine emits a nice, low note. While driving slowly through residential neighborhoods, the note coming out the back of the car never lets you forget that you are driving a nice sedan that is very capable of morphing into a performance car with the slight twist of one's ankle.

    The dials and interfaces are intuitive, and the ergonomics are fine in this car.

    Yes - more economical is the new trend in cars, and I suspect that will impact Nissan's sales. But the '09 Maxima is the new king of its class of vehicles, in my opinion.
  • I just returned home from my dealer with figures on the new Maxima. Let me know what you think of this deal.

    2009 Nissan Maxima Sport and Technology package.
    MSRP $37750
    Invoice $34175
    Selling price $34675
    39 month lease
    15k miles per year
    Money Factor .00250
    Residual $20652
    Sign and drive is $589.02 month

    Does this sound like a good deal? I was expecting the money factor to be much better.

  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    Congrats on the new ride. Keep us posted on it. I'm very interested in the MPG you get. As noted in my review, I am seriously considering one once they become more available. I actually may have bought one today if they had a selection.
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    Residual looks better than what I would expected (55%?). Money factor (6%) is to be expected on a new model. Nissan will not offer lease support until they have to.
  • cyberpunkcyberpunk Posts: 39
    Will do. I'll be paying attention the the mpg's and post when I've broken it in.

    For now, the only thing I'll add is to anybody that is considering a car in this class, check out the Infiniti G35, M35, BMW, Audi, Acura, Accord, and Toyota and Lexus' offerings. Check out any car in the ballpark (up and down) from this class of cars, and you'll find that - unless you absolutely must have RWD, the '09 Maxima comes out looking extremely good.
  • trstacktrstack Posts: 4
    Chris -
    What part of the country are you in? The dealers I've called in NY (Long Island) are talking MSRP and higher. I need a new car within 3 months. The 2009 Maxima and 2009 Acura TL are tops on the list.
  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    MSRP? Seriously?

    Here in Minneapolis/St. Paul the Maxima is already at 2K under MSRP without negotiation.
  • Todd,

    I'm in the Atlanta area. All of the dealers in Atlanta are charging $3500 to $5000 above MSRP. They call it a market adjustment. Its funny because none of them have sold one yet. So I started calling dealers 40 to 50 miles outside of Atlanta and they are more than willing to negotiate.

  • snagssnags Posts: 27
    You would think with car sales lagging , the maxima using premium fuel and the actual mileage yet to be determined ,that the dealers would stop playing these stupid games and do the opposite by dealing right off the bat.

    Who in their right mind is going to pay 3-5 k over list for starters not to mention that it would bring the top maxima to over 40k bringing it into more competition including their own. infiniti.

    These cars will not sell as expected unless the dealers start dealing in todays climate.
  • I'm new to the post..and just wanted to add; although premium gas is recommended it is not a requirement. The car will run on regular gas but some of the horse power will be lost. I just signed a purchase agreement on a car in Brooklyn NY(Bay Ridge Nissan). The guys there are great! Great price also:
    Premium and +Tech: $34,500.. that was the price i gave them. I walked in and presented them with a take it or leave it scenario.. NO HAGGLING and they took it. unfortunately, the one they had in stock wasn't the color I want. So I have to wait until they get it. They are expecting to get more in next week. CAN'T WAIT! will keep all posted when I get it.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Just took a test drive in the new 2009 Maxima and I REALLY liked it. I'm a "regular" at the local dealerships having recently test driven G35, M35, M45, 328, and the Accord Coupe - trying to nail down my purchase within the next 30 days to replace my very disappointing TL - its had way too many problems.

    Here are a few of my thoughts and observations:

    1) 290 hp engine with plenty of torque made for very responsive acceleration. Not quite as fast as the new G35, but certainly more than adequate.
    2) Steering was very responsive and was perfect for me.
    3) Road noise was also very minimal - just look at the wheel wells to check out the extra sound deadening materials being used as opposed to the Accord which has too much road noise.
    4) Love the sheet metal - the curved lines on the side panels are very pronounced when the car is Black.
    5) The NAV with the 3D of buildings in large cities is WAY COOL. I wish however,the NAV screen was a 7" (like the M class) instead of the 6" screen.
    6) If you go into personal preferences, there were SO MANY ways to customize your Maxima. One could spend hours upon hours customizing their Maxima to their needs/wants. I could even swear I saw ways to customize windshield wiper settings - never seen that before.
    7) Really enjoyed the rear seat experience with the dual-moonroofs. Only downside was the button to control the power moonroof sunshades appeared to be very touchy - resulting in the moonroof itself also opening up and not just the sun shades.

    1) Premium fuel. I view this as only a slight negative. If you do the math using $4 (regular) vs. $4.25 (premium) at 12,000 miles, the extra cost of premium comes out to an extra $135 a year.
    2) Trip computer showed the Maxima had gone 140 miles, averaging 12 mph and was getting 11 MPG. Ok ok....The car is NEW and was mostly running idle as dealers showed off the features in the car parking lot. Then, when out on the open road, I'm sure the test drivers were not trying to conserve fuel. I'm still hopeful this car will end up around the 22 MPG (combined) as advertised!
    3) If you get the premium package, the foot room under the driver seat is all but gone! Thankfully, leg room was still adequate and a bit larger than my TL.
    4) Whats up with having 2 buttons for controlling Air re-circulation?? One is for On, and another button is for Off.
    5) I tried to see how much we could negotiate on the price and the dealer was pretty firm that they will be staying "near sticker" until the supply gets larger. He has 5 Maximas and only 1 has sold thus far.
    6) While I like the PREMIUM package, I was a bit dissappointed that the air conditioning controls in the rear seat armrest control the FRONT air condition units and not the air coming out for the rear passengers. So, we don't have 3-zone heating and cooling.
    7) I would have preferred the first digit in the Vehicle Identification to have started with a 'J' as those vehicles are often made/constructed with better quality controls.

    Bottom line, I'm strongly considering a PREMIUM w/Tech on Blue. My main issue is the lack of negotiation on the price. I haven't seen nor heard any BLUE Maxima's being made yet. Carmax (new car dealership in Maryland) is already discounting 2009 Maximas by $1300. 2008 Maximas are going for nearly $7000 off sticker.

    P.S. tcoopdeville who just posted getting PREMIUM w/TECH for $34,500 got a super deal!!!
  • lucky4me2lucky4me2 Posts: 15
    I just drove the new 2009 SV Sport Package today. Still can't get used to the CVT( it just gives me the sensation of an automatic that is slipping), but that probably wouldn't be a deal killer. Torque steer is much better than the HUGE torque steer in the '08. Exterior looks better in person than in the photos......and it looks good in the photos. Interior is nice, but door panels look like hard plastic until you touch them and discover that they are not. Interior has a low fequency hum from the engine at idle that bothered me a bit at first, but I totally forgot about by the end of the test drive. Sport package (which included 19" wheels with 245/40 tires) surprised me with a better-than-expected ride. Curious about fuel economy......if it did actually do better than 25 mpg if drove easily on the highway, the 20 gallon tank would give it close to a 500 mile range.....nice. The young salesman said it would do 30 mpg if babied, but I think he was a little optimistic. He said it didn't require premium fuel, but maybe he wasn't paying attention when he was sitting in the training session(?). Overall, a positive first impression. As soon as the '08's are cleared off the lots, I would expected the new Max to be heavily discounted.......lots of nice offerings by other manufacturers being discounted to low 30's that are as good or possibly better (in some people's opinions). The car biz just isn't that good right now where a manufacturer can continue float the boat without getting very aggressive on selling price......especially with competitors being more-than-willing to take your business of you don't. Cash flow is everything.
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    20% loss in sales compared to last year, I think they will offer huge discounts. Gas Price , market saturation with vehicles offering similar Price / performance.
    Premium not required but you can expect a small loss in FE and HP ( though my 5% gas discount card makes it equal).
  • smlull163smlull163 Posts: 15
    Greetings, I've been reading the forums and thought I'd ask a couple of questions. I've been trying to find an 08 Altima with leather and technology, but they no longer exist. I was going for the fuel savings. Just Saturday, July 5th, wife and I drove a 09 Max. Black/black with the sport package, no nav. my local dealer has 3, silver/charcoal, with sport, this black/black one and a white/beige with nav, fully loaded. Looks like MSRP is $35,130 and up. I am interested in money, but my real question is fuel economy. The V6 Honda's boast 22 and the much cooler Max says 22 as well. I will be buying a car sometime soon, (I know recession) but I can't help it. I even drove an 07 Infinti M35, it was really nice, but the Max fit me much better. Any links or real world experience for fuel economy? Plus, in the nissanclub forum, the Altima's with CVT, the guys (kids, i'm 54) are getting the car to 10 mph, moving to manual and shifting directly to 6th! they say they get 30 mpg. If that is true (no reason to doubt) and the Max has the same CVT, is the concept still viable?
    scott, new guy, virginia beach va
  • smlull163smlull163 Posts: 15
    Just thought I'd ask a little more about the fuel economy on the Max. is it truly getting around 30 on the highway? Do you do like 50/50 highway/city or different? I'm seriously looking into a 09 Max but want to know real world fuel economy before i drop money.

    scott, virginia beach va
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,016
    What do the reviews say about mpg? I have an '01 GLE (no CVT) and it will get between 26-28 mpg on the highway fairly reliably. I doubt the new ones will get much more because they have more horsepower. Is the mpg range still listed as 19-26? If so, then that's what it probably is.
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  • hipreckhipreck Posts: 67
    There is someone on this board that bought a 2009. He is going to post his MPG numbers. The car is too new to get any reliable numbers yet. The car magazine numbers aren't that reliable since they tend to have a heavy foot.

    For comparisons, the 2008 Altima V6 weighs 3,435 and Consumer Reports got 16/30 with 23 mixed from it. The 2009 Maxima weighs 3,631 and has an extra 35 HP. I'll bet it turns in slightly lower numbers than the Altima.
  • I drove the '09 Maxima SV yesterday for the 1st time. It puts the '08 Maxima (& Altima) to shame!!!

    I was considering a Z but I needed more the '08 Maxima SL was my primary choice from Nissan (Infiniti is too expensive). I was ready to buy when the '09 Max was announced and decided to wait to see what it looked like. Glad I waited!

    Then the test drive...took the same route as I did when I test drove the Z (good curves, bumps, etc). The '09 Max SV with the Sport Package held the road like glue - better than the 08 Z Coupe!

    Drive it!! :)
  • cyberpunkcyberpunk Posts: 39
    Ok - I've had mine '09 SV for about a week now and put 1,000 miles on it. This was almost exclusively highway driving. I was cruising right at 80 mph most of the time, and used my cruise control at times.

    The car had 12 miles on it when I drove it off the lot.

    According to the car's onboard statistics, I averaged 22.9 MPG.

    I'm heading out on another roadtrip over the next few days, where I'll put another 700 or so miles on it. I'll be paying close attention to see where it comes in after this next trip.

    I have not done any significant city driving in the week since I've had it, so can't comment yet on city MPG.
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