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Nissan Armada Maintenance and Repair



  • My parents have had similar issues with their 2004 Armada. Twice while my mom was driving the car simply would not brake...luckily no one was hurt. When she took the car into Nissan they told her nothing was wrong with the car. Then a few months ago the brakes gave out while my parents were driving on highway. They rear-ended the car in front of them. Luckily they were driving at slow speeds and no one one was hurt. Once again Nissan says they can't find anything wrong with the car. I'm curious to know whether Nissan is doing anything to address your issue?
  • Rob -

    Would you mind sharing what steps you took to get your refund? I won't let my daughter ride in my parent's Armada because I'm concerned about the brake will give out again. Obviously the ideal situation would be for my parents to get a new car. I'd appreciate and insight you can share.

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    I agree with Paisan. Something is missing from the stories here, or there is a piece of information that's missing. Complete brake failure on a modern vehicle (especially in the U.S, which the stringent DOT standards) is virtually unheard of here on a late model vehicle. Anyone who has indepth familiarity with servicing brake system will know what I'm speaking of. Granted things can happen with older vehicles that are not properly maintained or serviced, but the examples cited here are vehicles that are less than 3 years old. If there was a real issue here, NHTSA would be all over this immediately as complete brake failure is so obviously inherently dangerous. Is it possible that the examples being cited have other factors the writers did not mention?...for example slippery road conditions or operator error? Sure, it seems painfully obvious that the early Armadas has brake rotors that probably weren't beefy enough for American drivers and the weight of the truck (this is not unique to the Armada, and a lot of it is a function of the manufacturers trying to reduce vehicle weight, not to save a few dollars as you might think), but complete brake failure???
  • My dad was also skeptical about my mom's claims that the "brakes gave out". He also chalked it up to "operator error" that is until it happened to him. Everytime the problem occurred it was a sunny day (we live in TX) so no slippery roads. I don't know what the problem is but I'm just hoping they can find some resolution so that I can feel comfortable letting my daughter ride in her grandparent's car.
  • bradj3bradj3 Posts: 3
    Please read the messages concerning Armada brake sssues listed in the below edmunds link.
    Brake Problems
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup, you are making my point in a more eloquent manner. Perhaps they weren't complete failure, rather power-brake failure? Most drivers of today's cars would think that failure of the power brakes is equal to total brake failure, however there was a time when power brakes were optional. If the power brakes were to fail, you'd need to push very hard against the pedal in order to get brakes, however you would in fact get brakes by pushing hard.

    I think there is some facts missing from these stories that we (or even those posting) are unaware of.

  • Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved in the 2007 version of the vehicle? If not, does this issue occur also in the Infiniti QX56?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I think this is an isolated issue on 2004 models only.

    05+ have not reported any issues.

  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Mike, see the link that bradj3 posted. Could the VDC be affecting the brakes that significantly? One would think that the VDC would have a fail safe mode that would prevent that.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    My guess is that it is involving the VDC computer or the ABS computer (may be one in the same). That's why I was asking if they had replaced all the ABS sensors and the VDC/ABS ECU.

  • oscosc Posts: 2
    My Armada did the same thing for a year. The dealership did nothing because they said when they put the tester to it did not read anything was wrong. They told me I had to leave the car running, I told them what am I supposed to do when it does It again drive 10 miles with no brakes and end up in an accident. I happened to be across the street from a dealership when it did it again I pulled up and left the car running so they could put the tester to It and they told me I could not use the car because I had no brakes and they got me a rental. It turns out that It was some kind of booster. I called a layer but he said I had no damages so I could not Sue for endangerment. I feel we should file a class Action law Suit for negligence. What do you think since it happened to you. Let me know ASAP. Thank You, "O"
  • oscosc Posts: 2
    It happen to me and your right the Armada will finally come to a stop. But when you are driving and everything is normal then to have to make a quick stop it is not the same and you as a drive do not think something like this is going to happen so you are not prepared so if you are close to another car you WILL hit that car ( it takes longer for you to stop ) I guess you have not had this happed to you so I'll tell you what. Get your family in the car and drive on the rain and come to a situation were you have to stop suddenly so you will avoid an accident!!!!
  • I own a 2006 Nissan Armada SE 4x4, and I tow a enclosed trailer that with my bikes and everything else in it weighs about 6000 lbs every weekend. I always have a full vehicle as well and the car now has 15,000 miles and i haven't had a problem yet. This truck runs circles around my previously owned 04 Ford F-150 4x4 with the 5.4 liter motor. My Nissan gets better gas milage and out tows the ford 10 to 1. I have driven fords all my life but never again after owning this Armada. I also work on all types of vehicles (I own a car stereo and accessory shop) and Nothing I have driven compares to the Armada in any field. It sits more passengers with more comfort, the ride is great and has more power than the expedition, tahoe, saburban, or durango. Also it holds its value a lot better than any american SUV on the market. I love this truck and will own Nissan for the rest of my life.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I just put on a set of these Michelins and am amazed the difference in the ride... I highly recommend if you are in the market for tires to give them a try on your Armada..They are quieter, feel better in the curves and even seem to absorb the ruts and bumps better than the old Contis... Got all 4 installed at Costco for $850...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Did you get the Costco-Michelin $60 coupon sale that's going on now until 2/4?
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Yes I did.. I was holding out for that.. Covered the cost of installation and taxes...
  • haropharop Posts: 59
    It is good to hear about those tires at costco, because I am also planning to get them. Actually, last month I was going to get set of 4, but the guys at costco told me I am still fine. So I did a round trip from TX to CA. Did lots of snow and off-roading and the truck was wanderfull. Tires are still fine, almost no difference after 5000miles.
    A friend of mine, who ownes hummer-1(real military I guess), drove mine in the mountains north of LA, off interstate 5, and after an hour he offered me to pay complete price I paid for my truck(I bought it used, 2006) and also purchase my tickets back to TX :)
    He was really impressed how Armada 4x4 LE handled the off-road anywhere he took to. He is a really off-road guy, so I trust him and now I trust my truck as well for off-roading.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Just take your running boards off and the front air-dam below the bumper and you'll be good for offroading.

  • haropharop Posts: 59

    I agree, there was lots of mud under the running boards, and because it is not flat under, it took me lots of time just to wash under the running boards.

    Why should I take air-dam off? Is it easy, how?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well I was saying take off the running boards and air dam if you are offroading. If you are just mudding it up a bit then you could probably take a subaru outback wherever you are going as the running boards and air dam give you about the same clearance as them.

    The 1 time I did some serious offroading with my Armada I was rubbing the running boards and air dam over boulders and rocks the whole way. Luckily I didn't damage them too badly but next time I'll unbolt them before doing any offroading.

  • rmsingrmsing Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2006 Nissan Armada about six months ago and have had very little problem at this time.
    But there is an issue that I need to bring to all Armada owners that are not aware of it and that could cause a fire in the cabin of the vehicle.

    problem: The glove compartment was constructed with no light switch to turn the light bulb off at night. The light is hardwired and turns on when the head lights are turned on. I recently took a night trip out of town and noticed that the glove light stayed on throughout my trip. My wife checked the glove compartment temperture and found it to be very hot and had to remove all of the contents inorder to prevent a fire.

    I have called Nissan and complained and asked them to recall and install a switch and they have declined. This problem involves all 2004-2007 Nissan Armadas and is an engineering oversight.

    This is a serious problem and most owners and dealers are unaware of this issue that could cause the contents in their glove compartment to catch on fire. If you are an owner are know someone that is, contact Nissan and a Nissan dealer about this problem as soon as possible.

    I nor any of the dealers nor anyoneelse that I have spoken to about this problem, have ever herd of a car that had no glove compartment turn off switch. Strange Problem, don't you think!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'll check mine but I'm fairly certain it does not stay on while the box is closed.

  • haropharop Posts: 59
    I am sure mine stays on, but I noticed it right after changing in-cabin air filter, which requires removing
    glove-box. And so I thought something I did wrong while replacing air filters. After that I tried to figure-out what went wrong, but I could not find any switch. I also several times checked the temperature and touched actually the bulb, including sometime on very long trip, and to me it was not hot at all, so I thought it is OK.

  • I have owned my 2006 Armada SE since 7/06. We are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow, and I thought I would switch over from 2WD to 4WD in preparation for bad weather in the morning. Since this is the first time I am using this feature, and have never driven a 4WD vehicle before, I was wondering if what I am feeling is normal. When I turn the wheels to the right or left, it almost feels like the truck is out of gear. I backed out of my driveway with my wheels sharply to the right, had my foot on the gas, and was not going anywhere, almost like a transmission problem. I put the truck in drive, and then reverse a few times back and forth, and was able to get going. I put the truck into "auto", and now it seems to be okay. Is this something that I should be concerned about? Does the "auto" work the same way as 4WD? The owner's manual does not give much information on this. Any help/advice appreciated.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    Here is a brief synopsys of the systems. What you were experiencing if you were doing this on "dry" pavement was driveline bind and it's completely normal if you had it in 4-hi or 4-lo.

    2wd- Great for dry pavement, and gas savings. This mode can be activated in any conditions (wet, slippery, dirt road, snow, etc)

    Auto- This is the AWD mode, great for use in rain, snow, or any conditions that might throw a slippery condition at you but also includes dry roads. I use this during "spirited" dry driving, all rain situations, and snow situations. It will shift the torque Front to Back up to 50/50 split with it normally applyinga about 20/80 split.

    4-Hi- For use only in Snowy/Muddy/Off-road situations where the wheels will not have traction. This mode locks the front/rear torque split at 50/50 and thus on dry pavement can cause damage to the system when turning as it tries to turn all the wheels at the same speed, but on dry pavement turning the front wheels will want to turn faster than the rears when you enter the turn, and you will get binding, which is what you were experiencing. I use this mode when offroading, or in snowy conditions where I have to get through deep snow.

    4-Lo - Same as 4-hi, except that it effectively doubles your torque at any given engine RPM which means that the wheels will turn slower (about 1/2 as fast) for any given RPM than in 4-hi, this gives you power to break through let's say a snow-bank created by a snow plow or in extremely deep snow. In this mode VDC is turned off and you can effectively spin your wheels out of deep snow or mud. I rarely use this mode execpt offroading and on steep boat ramps pulling the boat out of the water where I need the extra power to pull it out of the water.

    I hope this helps!

  • Mike,

    Thanks for a very clear breakdown of the transmission system. I have an '06 Armada and am out here in the middle east..lots of desert to play in. I've been here a year and only just last week managed to get out and 'play'. Before here, I was in Dubai for 5 years so have had quite a lot of experience in the dunes...and actually rarley got stuck. I had a Pajero which had a rear differential lock..helped a lot. OK that's the the question.

    In the desert I usually have the Armada in Auto, but something you said in your note may explain an observation I had a couple of times. When pulling away in relatively soft sand, the rear wheels would tend to dig in, and I'd almost get stuck. From your note, I'm now attributing this to the 20:80 split of torque to the back wheels when in 'auto'. Correct? If so, I should drive in 4 Hi/Lo to get the 50:50 split and prevent the digging in.

    I also got the chance to implement the suggestion of another 'poster' who told me to switch off the VDC that caused a grinding noise everytime I put a bit of stress on the front drive train when in the sand. Turned it off..grinding gone completely.

    That's it. Again, thanks for the clear breakdown, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Pete Delaney (Doha, Qatar)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yup, you are diggin in cause the majority of the power 20/80 split initially, is in the rear. In Auto it will vary for 0/100 to 50/50 based on slippage, however in general it's 20/80 for the most part. In the sand keep it in 4-hi or 4-low for 50/50 traction, in 4-lo it'll turn off VDC by default, however your ABLS will still work which is pretty kick butt effectively giving you a front and rear Limit Slip Diffy, not as good as a locker but decent.

    Got any jobs over there for me? I'm looking to bail on the Wall-street Comodity trading job and head back to Computer Support...

  • gbajagbaja Posts: 13
    I have a 2004 Armada, my tire sensor light keeps beeping and the Light for tire pressure on the dash board is also on each time I drive my car on the for about 30-40 minutes on the highway. The only time the light will turn off is when I turn off the engine for 10 minutes or if i got off the h-way and go local for 10 minutes. My tire pressure is at 35 psi(as recommended) and sometimes I put it to 38 or 40 psi just to check if it will go away. This problem occurs anytime of the day (winter or summer).I took a picture of the tire sensor light while it is on and brought it to the dealer (picture) and the dealer refuse to fix my truck's problem because by the time I reach their place the light is already off and they told me that when they hook up the diagnostic check tester they cannot found any problem. My warranty will end in 2 months please help..........
  • hello, do your self a solid one, dont even think of getting an armada. i've had problems with it sins the beginning

    1. window rattles when half way down
    2. all door panel squeak as well as the dash board
    3. banging noise when putting in gear
    4. past month chech engine light has been coming on vehicle runs rough , dealers cant fit
    5. paint is pealing off
    6. service manager dont return my call
    7. nissan n/a dont even want to hear it ,
    8. nav computer is lost half of the time
    9. when you you go over bums feels front end is loose and feels like is going to drop.
    10. brake problems , been replaced ones and tern 2 times.
    11. nave screen panel rattleling/ fix was to drill 2 washers and re install on holding screews .

    over all the truck sucks, the dealers suck , nissan na suck , well you get my point ,

    I almost bought an bmw x5, the only reason i bought the armada. is that it was bigger that x5, now i kick my self in the [non-permissible content removed]

    bmw has a better warranty, bumper to bumper for 4 years 50,000 miles. istead of geting the 545, get the 530, you dont need the v8 , good luck in getting the vehicle
  • please do your self a solid dont get a nissan armada
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
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