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    Over the past month my Armada has had complete brake failure five times!! The brake light goes on and the peddle goes to the floor. Went to my Nissan dealer and stated "we have never heard of such a thing". I had brake failure !! They wished me good luck and sent me on my way. I know many of you have had this problem. What did they due to fix it? I hope I dont or my wife and 3 year old have this brake failure in an emergency! What do I do ... Nissan wont do a darn thing. They know there is a problem and refuse to do anything about it. We should all get together and file a lawsuit. This not right and somebody is going to get hurt or killed.
    I look forward to your replys...
    Good luck
    Rob in CT
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    Hello, we just bought a 2006 on Saturday and are wondering the same thing. Our 2003 Tahoe had it and we loved it.
    Thanks for thinking of it.
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    I do a have problems with my tires in regards to a 2005 Armada...It only has 19,000 miles on it and the tires are wore off completely. It all started with my car swaying from side to side, I took it in about 6 times to the dealer they kept telling me that it was an alignment, but now they know for sure that its something else but they are not sure exactly what.
  • livierlivier Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I was reading your story about the Armada and I also have the same problems and I was thinking of hiring a lawyer. I also went thru BBB and of course lost there, but this car has been giving me headaches. I was wondering if you can give me your lawyers info. My e-mail is public. I would appreciate it. Thank You!
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    :lemon: A having a lots of problems with my Armada 05 ?Does anyone knows a good lemon law layer?? in chicago :lemon:
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    I have a 2006 Nissan Armada and I have 11,000 miles on my truck. Today my brakes started grinding (metal to metal). I was one of the "victims" of the 2004 Nissan Armada with the bad brakes,but I too loved the truck so much...other than the brakes, that I believed everything Nissan said about the brake fix in the 2006 model. Don't believe the hype! Tomorrow will be my first attempt at a repair. I should have known better based on my past experiences, but oh well. I would not recommend the 2006 Armada to anyone. Is the Armada the heaviest truck on earth, or is Nissan using the poorest brake manufacturer on Earth?
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    I have a 2004 Armada and here recently it was in Park and lunged or jumped foward hill still in Park. It crushed my wife between the driver door with both of her feet on the ground and a concrete pole. Has anyone experienced this with there Armada? Or is our SUV the only one. I see that there is definatley a Transmission problem Issue that needs to be addressed with Nissan. It has already had the complete brake job al round. Please if anyone is out there please let me know where my wife and I will conclude that we are not crazy?? :sick: :lemon: :lemon: Thank You
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    I have an early '06 with 19,500 miles, and while the truck has not been completely problem free, I've experienced no issues with the brakes. Before I bought mine I did hear about the roof and brake problems, but assumed they were a "first model year" type issues as two of my friends both have '05's and have not experienced either problem. Two of my co-workers bought '06's after me, and I checked with both of them, neither has experinced any brake or vibration issues. One has 14000 miles, the other 9000.
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    My brother has an '05, and over the weekend we put new front pads on at 31K miles. This seems more than reasonable given that it's a heavy truck and he frequently tows a heavy boat (boat and trailer are about 7500 lbs.). He's never had any vibration problems, the pads were simply worn out as one might expect. The only issue he has has was that the driver's power window stopped working when the truck was a week old, and the dealer promptly replaced the motor. His only complaint is that the interior is spartan, and the truck overall is noisy compared to other full size SUV's. Based on his experience, my other brother bought an early '06 QX56 just about a year ago. He really piles up the miles as he is an outside salesman, and at 22K miles he has has no brake issues either. The only problem he ran into was the check engine light coming on. The dealer did fix it although it took two visits for them to get it right. He loves the truck although his recent gas bills have been a killer.
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    If you wants to spend time at the dealer all the time, missing days from work,missing your days off,I haved so many problems whit my nissan Armada 05 Brakes, sunroof, leaking water thru de dvd player, leaking thru spots liths,electric problems you named They do fixed those problems but is your time, and you can do something else instead waisting your time. my experience I Personally won't ever buy any nissan, you waist so much money for the car is not worth it, two years ago when I saw the car at the auto show It looks great, I got it haved it but today, is my worts decision I ever make, if you are in the market please don't buy it, because two years from now you're gonna feel the same as me today< Nissan Coorporation Wont do anything for you.
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    Walinares, it's a shame that you have had such bad luck with your truck, but given that there are plenty of people who are more than satisfied with their Armadas, I don't think you should be urging people not to buy them. Why would you be telling people that two years from now they absolutely will regret their purchase when you know that plenty of us are happy with ours, and there seems to be a lot of indications that the quality is improving significantly? Just state the facts...some of us have had very positive experiences with out trucks, but others have been very dissatisfied. And don't put down all Nissan vehicles just because of your experience. Sure, Nissan has had some issues, but the vast majority of customers have been very satisfied with their vehicles. If that weren't the case they would be out of business. It's easy to read right thru your posts and see that you only motivation is to get revenge on simply won't work because everyone sees right thru it.
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    Brad, could not have said it better.
  • shark715shark715 Member Posts: 382
    Brad, thanks for taking the time to speak out, I third that.
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    Brad for President! :-)
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    The silent majority finally speaks out! I've never posted here before, but have been following this thread for about a year. I have an '05 that I use for my business, lots of miles, just turned over on 60,000 last week. When my truck had 27,000 miles, my brakes started vibrating like many other people have reported, and I assumed it was just time for new front brakes. I was not aware of the brake issues at the time, and I was amazed that the dealer replaced the pads and rotors...for free! It's 33,000 miles later and the second set of pads still are not quite ready to be replaced. I've had no other trouble with my truck yet whatsoever! In fact, I've been so happy that I bought my wife an '06 last Christmas. She has 13,000 miles now, and we have never even been back the dealer with it, not even once. Perhaps we've been lucky, but I've recommnded the Armada to a number of people, and a business friend just took delivery of a new one a few weeks ago.
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    Hi Brad I'M Pretty sure you Work for NISSAN, BUT I'M not just spendindg my time here. I Just telling my own Experience, soon or later people will come for it. ARMADA IS A GREAT RIDE LOOK GOODS AND EVERYTHING BUT PEOPLE LIKE ME HAS BEEN POSTED SAME PROBLEMS. GOOD FOR YOU DIND'T GET A LEMON TRUCK :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :sick: :sick:
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    I vote for Brad too :-) I sense what has gone on here is that only people with problems have tended to post, seems perfectly normal given the title of the thread. We have an '05 and I noticed there were several other Armadas and Qx56's in our club community. I'm on the Board of Directors and know a lot of people so I started asking around. Turns out we have a total of 13 trucks, 10 Armadas and 3 QX 56's. I spoke to each one of the owners, and here's the data I compiled. Three of the Armadas and one of the QX56's are 2004's. Each one of them had the brake problems, and each one of them had to take their trucks back several times before they were correctly repaired. But each one of them said they were finally repaired correctly and have had no brake problems in a long time. Of the '04's, one of the Armadas and one of the QX's has the roof problem, but told me it was fixed when the trucks were new 3 years ago. Both of them were early '04's. There are 6 '05's (one of which is ours) and 3 '06's. None of them have had any brake issues and I specifically asked them if they had any brake problems. I asked all 13 owners to list any problems they had experieced besides the brakes. 2 of the 3 QX's reported no problems at all, but only 3 of the 10 Armada owners reported no issues. There didn't seem to be any pattern to the other problems, the most frequent problem was 4 owners that reported "check engine light" repairs. Of course almost everyone commented on the poor gas mileage.
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    Walinares, I DON'T WORK FOR NISSAN and we have had our 2005 Armada for almost 2 years (38,100 miles) and are very happy with it. We did have to have the front brake pads replaced at 33,400 miles, but that's because they were just worn out, seems relatively normal to me. There was never any vibration. The dealer had to replace one of the components in the navigation system when the truck was a month old, and one of the rear axle seals has to be replaced last year (we didn't even know there was a problem, the dealer noticed it), but we have experienced no other issues at all. You need to accept that most people that have Armadas are happy with them and don't regret their purchase. We know three other families that have Armadas and each of them are very satidfied and have experienced minimal if any problems.
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    Walinares: I DON'T WORK FOR NISSAN EITHER, and while they are far from perfect, in additon to my current truck I've had two Nissans in the past and they have been pretty decent. Build quality not quite as good as Honda or Toyota, but Honda and Toyota did not offer a truck I liked. Obviously you don't want to hear this, but I have no regrets about my Armada. Well, except I would never have a white car or truck again, too hard to keep clean :-)
  • pjohnson50pjohnson50 Member Posts: 3
    Wally, so you think everyone who likes their Armada works for Nissan? Give me a break! You were doing a lot more than merely sharing your experience. And I DON'T WORK FOR NISSAN
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    Hey Walinares, I DON'T WORK WORK FOR NISSAN either...
  • lauren40lauren40 Member Posts: 6
    Guess what Walinares? I DON'T WORK FOR NISSAN!
  • brad701brad701 Member Posts: 20
    You are "pretty sure I work for Nissan"? You should do a little more homework before you accuse people of things you have no idea idea about No, I DON'T WORK FOR NISSAN!!!
  • shark715shark715 Member Posts: 382
    In case the situation is not already crystal clear to everyone, I DON'T WORK FOR NISSAN either!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I don't either (although I drive a Nissan minivan). Let's move on shall we? :shades:
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    One comment I will make. Look on the left border of this page. Nissan does have a lot of guts posting an Armada advertisement here given the nature of what is being discussed in this thread :-) I'll bet Walinares would take great delight in "hijacking" the ad...I can imagine some changes he might make to it :-)
  • walinareswalinares Member Posts: 5
    ,Thank you for the observation. My last words NISSAN DOES NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE PROBLEMS ARMADA HAS
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    That reminds me - we're trying to make it easier for people to find info on the forums (including Nissan problems) so we're shifting away from the big problems discussions like this one towards more "individual" issue ones. Don't be alarmed if this discussion goes to read only mode soon - it's not a conspiracy. :shades: You'll still find all the Armada problems (and hopefully some solutions) gathered under the Armada group.
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    Dear Victim,

    Hire a shark, sue Nissan, make the rest of us pay, and ride the bus. As for me, I'll continue to enjoy my '04 Armada. I had the full brake replacement at ~9K (Dealer called me to bring it in--completely unsolicited..thanks Peoria (AZ) Nissan), and with 33K, I still haven't had a single problem--even the OEM Contitracs still have another 10-15K left on them.

    Trade in your Armada for something seemingly more useful for you--public transportation...I'll wave as I'm flying by with a smile on my face.

    Peoria AZ
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    I am as well not the VICTIM but my crushed wife and OUR UNBORN Child was. I glad you have had no problems and are very well pleased. I am just in search of others who have had any similar problems to where Nissan will fix the problem and will not give the problems. Hopefully this will never again happen especially to happy pleased customers that are pleased not trying to make the rest of YOU pay for my WIFE and UNBORN daughters loss and PUBLIC Transportation as you fly by with a smile on your face. Hopefully you or your family will never have to suffer through this . I will not and would wish this on you or anyone. :):)
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    What did you do to get the problem fixed. My Armada is doing the same thing and I don't want the dealer to try and tell me it's a unique problem and charge me crazy money. Thanks.
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    Am I reading this correctly, you're saying that you got into an accident caused by the brake problem and your pregnant wife was killed???
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059

    Fortunately, that was not the case. Robinj1 also posted this a few days back: robinj1, "Nissan Armada Problems/Solutions" #336, 12 Oct 2006 3:54 pm

    It's very disturbing and we wish her a speedy and full recovery.

    Robinj - you didn't mention the condition of your child. Is he/she okay?

    tidester, host
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    It's been awhile since my last post but I'd like to say I'm looking to purchase another Armada after the 1st of the year. Bought New 04 in Dec 2003, had the brakes fixed at 20k now have 45k with no problems. If there's something better out there to purchase, I'd like to see or hear about it. It's hard to beat the package Nissan gives you with the Armada for the money. What's better?
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236

    I have been looking (my 04 Armada got smashed)and must admit, not much even comes close. Test drove the Sequoia better quality fit and finish, but no where near the size on the interior. Trade off that I liked on the Sequoia is the 3rd row slides forward for more cargo space...Tahoe-quieter ride than my Armada, but 3rd row is a joke. I don't think my 4 y.o. would fit back there. I am not a Ford or Dodge person, so I can't speak for the new Exp. or Durango as I wouldn't even consider them. I currently have a GMC Yukon XL as a rental and must admit I am quite pleased with it, but must admit it is a bohemouth and still seems to have less 2nd and 3rd row legroom...The thing I do love is having a cargo area to load stuff, which is non-existent in the Armada with the 3rd row up...Just my 2 cents...I'm sure the flames for all I have mentioned will follow... ;)
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    i had no choice but to take it to the dealer after it left me stranded at disneyland any ways lucky for me they said the problem was the car main computer that was bad and was still covered under the 60 thousand mile powertrain warranty ,i have 58 thousand miles now. i will be picking up the car tommorow since they took 2 weeks to finish supposedly the part took a while to get.also they told me that there is a recall on some harness related to the car computer that maybe caused the problem but they were out of that for another week hopefully everything will be fine and ill keep you guys posted
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    I picked up my car Armada yesterday morning from service. They claimed it was a low battery and replaced it for a total bill of $250.00 Crazy!! Then while driving home from work that evening, guess what? Yep, stalled again just like before. Please let me know what ever harness or computer problem they fixed. I too am at about 50K miles and am outside of warranty. If I had something to show what the problem is maybe they'll actually take a look at it. Thanks
  • henardhenard Member Posts: 4
    (See 304)It has been quite a while since I posted, but here goes. After the service dept. at my selling dealer priced me almost $1500 for a repair, I took my 2004 Armada to another dealer (#2). I told #2 about all the doubts I had about the bogus diagnoses I had been getting. I told #2 to take the time necessary to properly investigate my complaints...primarily the stalling of the engine while driving, and a popping noise when I turned the wheels sharply at low speed. After 9 days of careful inspection and considerable driving of my vehicle #2 found the problem with the stalling of the engine was the FUEL PUMP!!!.
  • robinj1robinj1 Member Posts: 5
    Could you Please get in contact with me about your situation with your Armada Rollback problem. My Aramada did the same thing but went foward as well. If you still have the lemon please personally e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you and hope to here from you. I also have contact the DOT/NHTSA about the problem. Thanks, jason :)
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    I have a 2006 Armada. In the sand (I live in the middle east)I get a grinding noise from the front left when I turn to the left.

    Dealer says it's 'normal' ..never had it in my Patrol.

    He checked all the bearings (vehicle had 1500 miles on it when i first noticed it)...

    Any ideas? Is it normal? ..can't see why.


  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Doesn't sound normal to me. The grinding might be normal if you were driving it on dry pavement. I'll give it a shot with my Armada and report back to you on it.

    Where in the middle east are you?

  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    Try turning off the VDC and see if it goes away.. I go to a drive on beach with deep sand and the VDC which sounds a bit like grinding when it kicks in (usually when you are starting a turn in the sand) gets quite annoying. I just turn it off.
  • carnagebeatzcarnagebeatz Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. What did the dealer say?
  • delanpdelanp Member Posts: 9

    I'm in Doha. Been here about 1 year..quite enjoying it. Nice to go into a supermarket and leave the truck running 'cos it's too hot ..and still finding it there when I get back out!


  • delanpdelanp Member Posts: 9
    Thanks I'll certainly try that. What's your experience with the Armada in the sand? I had a Pajero in Dubai, and even though it was a bit underpowered I managed to get around in the desert quite well.

    I've been invited on quite a few desert drives here and am a bit nervous. The Armada seems so heavy and clumsy.... we bought it for my wife so she'd have lots of metal around here while driving here.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.


  • delanpdelanp Member Posts: 9
    He said it was 'normal' ...maybe he knows much more than me. There's also a bit of a language barrier here so him saying it's 'normal' maybe should have had a lot more explanation.

    One reply suggested I turn off the VDC ..I'll try that a report back.


  • rshershe Member Posts: 236

    I have used it for the past 3 years to go on deep sand at Assateague Island in Maryland...Never a problem at all and not stuck even once.. I air down my tires to about 18 p.s.i., although I have gone on the beach with full pressure and it was fine. The lower pressure gives it a bit more grip. I go pretty weighted down as well, yakima mega warrior rack (pretty full), hitch rack, cooler, gear, tents, 3 kids, the wife and I. The VDC is annoying and I shut it off once I engage the 4WD. Good luck and have fun.
  • sorcistosorcisto Member Posts: 2
    I get the same thing (popping sound when I shut it off hot)I also tow a 32'TT. Have you figured out the cause yet??

  • bradj3bradj3 Member Posts: 3
    Hello All,

    Let me first state that I am attempting to remove all emotion out of this message to avoid bias. My goal is to simply supply personally discovered information to help others in their individual situations. That being said lets begin the story.

    I purchased an 04 SE Off Road in 12/06.

    48hrs after owning the vehicle, the smaller driver side sun visor fell off, which I haven't had fixed yet.

    72hrs afterwards, the braking system ceased to work while traveling on a heavily populated street, luckily there was a turning lane that gave me adequate room to stop before reaching the intersection. Symptoms: Brake peddle fell to the floorboard, grinding was felt and heard, dash brake light came on. It felt like the brake pads fell off the calipers and the calipers and rotors were rubbing against each other to stop the truck, which didn't happen. I had roughly 20% braking power, compared to normal, when this occurred. I came to a stop on a side road, read the owners manual concerning the dash brake light. The manual advised me to check the break fluid, and if full, take to a NISSAN dealership. Therefore, I brought it to a NISSAN dealership immediately. Within 10mins a mechanic noticed the upgraded braking system was already added to the truck before I purchased the vehicle. Therefore, their approach to fix the problem was reprogram the VDC control unit. (Please see specific info below). From the work order, this took them about 40mins.

    I have had the truck for a total of 2weeks now. The most recent issue is the driver side window. It won't roll up every time like it should. As of now, the window will roll down normally, but once every four times will struggle to roll up half an inch while residing inside the door frame. After playing with the window switch a few times, the window will roll back up normally.

    Important Info: As a second owner of the truck with 20K miles (16K left of 36K bumper to bumper Manufacturer Warranty) I was able to obtain a Five Year Claim Historyon the trucks repairs! This was substantial because I was able to view every repair that was applied to my truck before I owned it. The NISSAN Dealership printed this 5yr Claim History report, while repairing my brake problem. I noticed the 5yr Claim History report and asked for a copy. What do you know, they willingly gave me the report! (See below). Also note that, even if you are a second owner, NISSAN still honors their 3yr 36K & 60K Tran/Motor warranty.

    Problems with my 04SE Off Road:

    12/04 - Sun Visor Assy-LH (RPL Both Sun Visors)
    06/05 - Speaker Unit (RPL One Front Door/Kick Pane)
    04/06 - Rotor Disc Brake Front, Pad Kit Disc Brake F&R,
    (PRL Front Rotor & Grind Rear)
    04/06 - Harness-Jumper (Install BCM Sub Harness)
    12/06 - Reprogrammed VDC Control Unit (Reprogrammed
    VDC As Per Bulletin NTB06-040) Fail Code: 32
    Nissan Bulletin NTB06-040

    Please post your experiences so we all can learn from them.

    B ;)
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    That is a known intermittent issue on the 04 models, there is a TSB out for it to replace both the front driver and passenger side switch units out. Bring it to a dealer and they'll fix it for you.

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