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Nissan Armada Maintenance and Repair



  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Had the overhead console fixed for the 2nd time, power windows fixed, creaky vents fixed, couldn't duplicate the power seat intemittantly not working. The nice thing was, my brakes were worn out at 18K miles, so my dealer did the brake TSB for the warped rotors (even though they weren't) and did the whole brake job for free... :shades:
  • I have 3000 miles on our Armada and I have already taken it in for the second time. What state do you live in? What is the phone number of the lawer? Thanks for your help, Dave
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    What is the phone number of the lawer?

    Please take it to email. Posting contact information in the Forums is frowned upon.

    tidester, host
  • We own a 2004 Armada, it's been to the dealer at least 8 times for brake judder. We have avg. 5 to 7000 miles between the problem returning. We had the fix done that you described and the problem returned sooner than before. It starts anytime you have either a panic stop or have to slow down from high speed driving quickly. I'm going to take it back again-my dealer is tired of seeing me. I'm beginning to think my only options are to buy aftermarket rotors or put an ad in the paper to sell it. For sale 2004 Nissan Armada, great shape, garage kept-just ask my dealer (Woodfield Nissan-Schaumburg Il.) -it's kept in his garage more than mine!
  • If you have found a lemon law lawyer in Illinois please email me-I need someone. My car has been in at least 8 times -all for brake problems. We even had the new fix and it returned sooner than before.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    After a year of fighting with Nissan, I finally won a buyback of the Mada :lemon: . The brake issues of course was the main reason. Living in Nevada where the lemon laws are considered one of the worst in the country my Lawyer still manage to win the buyback. Sad to say I had to go to a lawyer outside of Nevada to settle the issue with Nissan. I even lost the arbitration earlier in the year but I persisted and never gave up.

    After writing letters to Nissan and never heard back from them, they finally wrote back two days before surrendering my Mada saying that the new brake fix was finally here. It was too little and too late. The value of my Mada has gone way down and thier attitude towards the customers didn't warrant me to keep the Mada.

    I had some positive expectations with the Mada after owning the Acura MDX. Boy was I wrong. The brakes, the tires, rattles did the mada in. So far the MDX is the best vehicle I have owned to date.

    So with that, Its over. Now I will be tranferring from this forum into another pretty soon. The question is "which forum???" Hopefully this week I will find out.

    Good luck everyone. If you need the name of my lawyer let me know, I'll email it.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    I do not have a lawyer, I simply wrote a letter to Nissan and copied to local dealership. I also submitted a case to BBB and got a response from them today. They contacted Nissan and Nissan is ready to fix everything to our satisfaction. Not sure if this will change anything.
  • dneildneil Posts: 2
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Good lemon law website. In fact the law firm in that website is the law firm that won the case for me with Nissan.
  • Has anyone looked at just replacing the seat with a after market seat? I am happy with most things of the truck with the exception of the seat. Does anyone know where to get a after market seat?
  • I've been reviewing alot of the noted problems with the Armada and I saw a couple of posts that Nissan has fixed the brake issue (note: I'm a huge Maxima fan, so I like Nissan products). I'm looking to replace my wife's Durango (POS) and the Armada has plenty of room for our growing family. Any thoughts on the proposed fixes that Nissan has put forward, whether or not they are on the 2005's that haven't been sold, and any recommended dealers in Northern Maryland?
  • I have a friend that works for a Nissan Dealership, he sold me an Armada, the rotors also warped on it. Nissan's policy from what I have been told is that you must take your Armada in three times to have the rotors replaced before they will do the upgrade. They are hoping for the consumer to run out of warranty before they have to do the upgrade, because some of the rotors aren't warping every three thousand miles. Apparently it is cheaper than a recall.
  • Don't touch this one I a have been a Nissan fan for years but they not fixed the problem these are undersized brakes and all who but will be plagued for years. proper fix requires bigger rotors and calipers, 3700.00 in after market but that will toast the warranty. Best not to buy! trust me I am stuck with an 04 in mint shape I could not give away.
  • I would stay away I like my 04 and am having repeated break problems after every thing is replaced. I would wait and make sure the problem is fixed.
  • One caveat I'd put to the dealer is that the brakes would have to have the Nissan fix applied (bigger rotors, etc.) before I would take delivery.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    On the 04 I had them put in writing the brake fix for me. It came in in July and i've but over 12K miles on it, 10k towing a 6k trailer w/o issue. Also the last 2k miles or so my trailer brakes broke so I've been towing with only the Armada brakes. No juddering, no issues.

  • I just want to say what a joy life has been since trading in my Armada over a month ago. I, as most of you, had a extensive list of problems with my '04 Armada. Instead of losing anymore sleep and dealing with spiking blood pressure problems everytime that I stepped into the vehicle, I decided to just trade it in and take my loss. I just accepted that I will pay my "stupid tax" and stop worrying about the vehicle. I now own a 2006 Tahoe that does not rattle or have a judder. The brakes and windows work very well. It was interesting that 1 week after dumping the vehicle that a lengthy article came out in the Nashville paper about the four nissan vehicles that JD Powers was giving "low quality" marks for. They all are made in the Canton, MS plant. Armada, Titan, Quest, and Infinity version of the Armada. I was just glad that I traded mine in before the media started talking about it. Good Luck to all that decide to hang on to their Armadas.... I hope that you have good blood pressure meds!
  • Does anybody have any answers on how I can go about getting my tires replaced? Have a 2004 Armada will ALL the brake,window, rattling, paint, chrome issues but just noticed that the tires are worn unevenly and BALD on one side. My dealer knows me personally from all the aggravation they put me through! HELP
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Good luck with your Tahoe. You know the good american quality vehicle :) I sat in a $60k Escalade with my boss when he was shopping for an SUV (Looked at Cayanne, Range Rover, Infiniti, Caddy) and we were both amazed how cheaply made the Escalade was.

  • I got a 2005 Armada in Aug. I was told that the fix had already been done, however at 3000 miles started experiencing brake judder. I took it to a closer dealer who put the kit on it and told me that this kit has only been available for 2 weeks. Someone has not told me the truth, but hopefully it is now fixed as I am otherwise extremely happy with the car.
  • For what it's worth, I was given the upgrade (or so I've been told by the dealer) the first time I took it in with a brake problem. I will post updates if this solves the problem or not.
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    Thanks for the website info (; however it is only related to the brake issue, and I have a problem with the overhead console that Nissan could not fix for the last 5 visits, and my Amrada is stil in the Nissan repair shop since Nov 1st, 2005. Also Alex Simanovsky & Associates seems to covers 12 states, and none of them is Minnesota... I submitted the form online and let you know if I get any results... If you know a lemon law lawyer in MN, please e-mail me privately.
  • the armada is a piece of garbage, if you like your dealer, and want to spend a lot of time there buy it, mine has been back 5 times in six months, breaks rattles rattles rattles, loose pieces the seats are uncomfortable and the car allways pulls to one side. It is a big waste of money, and it gets about 9 miles to the gallon, I owend a yukon, it was a better truck by far. Better gas milage, better made, way better breaks, more comfortable and it was in the dealer, for a warnty problem once in five years...


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    We don't have a current comparison topic for the Armada and the Expedition but feel free to browse through our archives: Nissan Pathfinder Armada vs. Ford Expedition

    I only mention it since you neither appear interested in seeking help for a problem nor in offering solutions.

    Best wishes!

    tidester, host
  • delodelo Posts: 3
    Airbag light


    I am new to this site and I have just joined you.

    I own a 05 Armada and I am happy with it. I bought it 7 to 8 months ago and the only problem I faced was the brake issue Which no longer exist.

    Just 2 days ago, I faced a problem (it may not be a problem) where the air bag light (signal) in the main driver board is signaling all the time. I checked the user manual and it mentioned that the light should be on for 7 seconds after you start your car. But in my case, it is on all the time.!

    Any one faced the same matter?

    I appreciate your feedbacks.

  • Thought if I bought an 05, I would be safe - ha! Anyone else having these problems:

    Steering wheel vibrates when you apply breaks.
    Radio buttons stick.
    Driverside window literally drops into the door
    Heat is HOT - not 72 degrees as programmed
    AM radio pops (static) every time I hit a bump
    Flat tire alarm sounds everytime it is below 20 degrees (this is getting really annoying)
    Various alarms sound for no reason (I have my seat belt on - my door is ajar acording to the display - i get out of the car, checked the doors and they are all closed, yet the alarm still sounds)
    Doors do not lock after one minute as programed
    Lights do not come on automatically as programed

    That's all i can remember at the moment. Do I have an electrical problem or something?

    My dealer was the nicest guy at sale - now he won't even return my calls.

    I can take it to another closer dealer for repairs - is this sugested!

    Thanks for your answers!
  • In 1994, I forced nissan to buy back a '94 Infiniti J30t. The sled had vibration problems. I did this without a lawyer.

    Now I have an '04 Armada. My 7th and FINAL nissan. Has the entire lineup of problems: what I named "earthquake" brakes (like driving in during a 8.5 Richter quake), window auto down, DVD console fell down, gas gauge never full, rolls back while in drive, Accelerated wear on the tires from the earthquake brakes, big clunk when shifting into gear from park, and what I call the "suicide HVAC option", wherein this piece of #*it will circulate exhaust, a/k/a carbon monoxide, into the cabin when the heater is on and the thing is parked. All this in under 20K miles, and for only $49,000.00

    So I called the drooling imbeciles at nissan corporate in LA. who failed to return my calls. So I turned on the "pit bull personality" switch I was born with. Left a memorable voicemail with their vp of marketing. Then one of their lackies called back. Are you ready? I told them I wanted them to pay for an SUV rental while they worked on their sled. I further demanded a full service fro my loss of time and aggravation. Here is what they offered to this 7 time nissan buyer: NOTHING. (I did strategically "forget" to mention the 94 [non-permissible content removed]-beating I gave them)

    To paraphrase the line from Cool Hand Luke: "Some corporations; you just can't reach." So I just finished with visit number one for the brakes. Give me about 60 days, and these morons are going to get a demand from a lemon law lawyer.

    Bottom line everyone, nissan is a company which obviously cares nothing about even 10 year long/7-vehicle buyers, so why would they care about anyone else.

    Here is the best fix for this sled of a company:

    Document EVERYTHING - every call, every detail of conversation, every name of every nissan employee with whom you speak. Print similar complaints from online sites. Stay on their [non-permissible content removed], and show them no quarter.

    Then, after the third visit, get a lawyer, and give them the same karma they deserve. SUE THEM AND KICK THEIR [non-permissible content removed]!
  • I am having issues with my 2004 Armada as well. When I put in a full tank of gas and even top it off the gas gauge doesnt even touch the F(Full) mark!!! I went to the dealer today and they said they had to replace an internal sensor. So we will see today if this will fix the issue.

    I also started having issues with the internal marker needles that show battery life is left on the battery and the RPM's marker needle do not light up when the lights are on.....the dealer said that they had to order a new dimmer switch????

    Anyone else have this issue?
  • Was there a fix that the dealer gave in regards to the issue of circulatation of exhaust, a/k/a carbon monoxide, into the cabin when the heater is on and the thing is parked???? I think my 2004 Armada is also doing the same!!!

    Please help!
  • They used the classic line "we cannot seem to replicate the problem, so we can't fix it." This is a standard line for nissan. They said the same on the known issues of the auto down windows and other problems, even when there are TSB's out on those problems. Even when the known problem is intermittent in it occurrence, as with the windows, nissan insists they must be able to "recreate the problem," before they will address it.

    Everyone should check their armadas to see if they experience lethal exhaust fumes in the cabin. While parked, turn the heater on and set it to recirculate. Exit the vehicle and let it run for several minutes. Then open a door and see if you smell exhaust fumes. Then, of course, if you do, immediately turn it off, open all windows and doors and allow full venilation of the vehicle for several minutes. Turn the heater off. It seems to occur only when on "recirculate."

    I am going to hook a up a CO2 sensor to a power inverter to the inside of this $49,000 sled to confirm the extremely dangerous carbon monoxide risk. Both I and my wife have both experienced headaches when the heater is on, a preliminary syptom of CO2 poisoning.

    Further, I will be contacting the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), and the NTSB (National Transportation Saftety Board) in DC to report this danger, as well as nissans appalling refusal to check their armada sleds for a potentially killer problem.

    As I said, nissan could care less about it's customers, which explains why I truly despise nissan.
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