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    For what it's worth, I was given the upgrade (or so I've been told by the dealer) the first time I took it in with a brake problem. I will post updates if this solves the problem or not.
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    Thanks for the website info (; however it is only related to the brake issue, and I have a problem with the overhead console that Nissan could not fix for the last 5 visits, and my Amrada is stil in the Nissan repair shop since Nov 1st, 2005. Also Alex Simanovsky & Associates seems to covers 12 states, and none of them is Minnesota... I submitted the form online and let you know if I get any results... If you know a lemon law lawyer in MN, please e-mail me privately.
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    the armada is a piece of garbage, if you like your dealer, and want to spend a lot of time there buy it, mine has been back 5 times in six months, breaks rattles rattles rattles, loose pieces the seats are uncomfortable and the car allways pulls to one side. It is a big waste of money, and it gets about 9 miles to the gallon, I owend a yukon, it was a better truck by far. Better gas milage, better made, way better breaks, more comfortable and it was in the dealer, for a warnty problem once in five years...


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    We don't have a current comparison topic for the Armada and the Expedition but feel free to browse through our archives: Nissan Pathfinder Armada vs. Ford Expedition

    I only mention it since you neither appear interested in seeking help for a problem nor in offering solutions.

    Best wishes!

    tidester, host
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    Airbag light


    I am new to this site and I have just joined you.

    I own a 05 Armada and I am happy with it. I bought it 7 to 8 months ago and the only problem I faced was the brake issue Which no longer exist.

    Just 2 days ago, I faced a problem (it may not be a problem) where the air bag light (signal) in the main driver board is signaling all the time. I checked the user manual and it mentioned that the light should be on for 7 seconds after you start your car. But in my case, it is on all the time.!

    Any one faced the same matter?

    I appreciate your feedbacks.

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    Thought if I bought an 05, I would be safe - ha! Anyone else having these problems:

    Steering wheel vibrates when you apply breaks.
    Radio buttons stick.
    Driverside window literally drops into the door
    Heat is HOT - not 72 degrees as programmed
    AM radio pops (static) every time I hit a bump
    Flat tire alarm sounds everytime it is below 20 degrees (this is getting really annoying)
    Various alarms sound for no reason (I have my seat belt on - my door is ajar acording to the display - i get out of the car, checked the doors and they are all closed, yet the alarm still sounds)
    Doors do not lock after one minute as programed
    Lights do not come on automatically as programed

    That's all i can remember at the moment. Do I have an electrical problem or something?

    My dealer was the nicest guy at sale - now he won't even return my calls.

    I can take it to another closer dealer for repairs - is this sugested!

    Thanks for your answers!
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    In 1994, I forced nissan to buy back a '94 Infiniti J30t. The sled had vibration problems. I did this without a lawyer.

    Now I have an '04 Armada. My 7th and FINAL nissan. Has the entire lineup of problems: what I named "earthquake" brakes (like driving in during a 8.5 Richter quake), window auto down, DVD console fell down, gas gauge never full, rolls back while in drive, Accelerated wear on the tires from the earthquake brakes, big clunk when shifting into gear from park, and what I call the "suicide HVAC option", wherein this piece of #*it will circulate exhaust, a/k/a carbon monoxide, into the cabin when the heater is on and the thing is parked. All this in under 20K miles, and for only $49,000.00

    So I called the drooling imbeciles at nissan corporate in LA. who failed to return my calls. So I turned on the "pit bull personality" switch I was born with. Left a memorable voicemail with their vp of marketing. Then one of their lackies called back. Are you ready? I told them I wanted them to pay for an SUV rental while they worked on their sled. I further demanded a full service fro my loss of time and aggravation. Here is what they offered to this 7 time nissan buyer: NOTHING. (I did strategically "forget" to mention the 94 [non-permissible content removed]-beating I gave them)

    To paraphrase the line from Cool Hand Luke: "Some corporations; you just can't reach." So I just finished with visit number one for the brakes. Give me about 60 days, and these morons are going to get a demand from a lemon law lawyer.

    Bottom line everyone, nissan is a company which obviously cares nothing about even 10 year long/7-vehicle buyers, so why would they care about anyone else.

    Here is the best fix for this sled of a company:

    Document EVERYTHING - every call, every detail of conversation, every name of every nissan employee with whom you speak. Print similar complaints from online sites. Stay on their [non-permissible content removed], and show them no quarter.

    Then, after the third visit, get a lawyer, and give them the same karma they deserve. SUE THEM AND KICK THEIR [non-permissible content removed]!
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    I am having issues with my 2004 Armada as well. When I put in a full tank of gas and even top it off the gas gauge doesnt even touch the F(Full) mark!!! I went to the dealer today and they said they had to replace an internal sensor. So we will see today if this will fix the issue.

    I also started having issues with the internal marker needles that show battery life is left on the battery and the RPM's marker needle do not light up when the lights are on.....the dealer said that they had to order a new dimmer switch????

    Anyone else have this issue?
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    Was there a fix that the dealer gave in regards to the issue of circulatation of exhaust, a/k/a carbon monoxide, into the cabin when the heater is on and the thing is parked???? I think my 2004 Armada is also doing the same!!!

    Please help!
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    They used the classic line "we cannot seem to replicate the problem, so we can't fix it." This is a standard line for nissan. They said the same on the known issues of the auto down windows and other problems, even when there are TSB's out on those problems. Even when the known problem is intermittent in it occurrence, as with the windows, nissan insists they must be able to "recreate the problem," before they will address it.

    Everyone should check their armadas to see if they experience lethal exhaust fumes in the cabin. While parked, turn the heater on and set it to recirculate. Exit the vehicle and let it run for several minutes. Then open a door and see if you smell exhaust fumes. Then, of course, if you do, immediately turn it off, open all windows and doors and allow full venilation of the vehicle for several minutes. Turn the heater off. It seems to occur only when on "recirculate."

    I am going to hook a up a CO2 sensor to a power inverter to the inside of this $49,000 sled to confirm the extremely dangerous carbon monoxide risk. Both I and my wife have both experienced headaches when the heater is on, a preliminary syptom of CO2 poisoning.

    Further, I will be contacting the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), and the NTSB (National Transportation Saftety Board) in DC to report this danger, as well as nissans appalling refusal to check their armada sleds for a potentially killer problem.

    As I said, nissan could care less about it's customers, which explains why I truly despise nissan.
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    Everyone should check their Armadas to see if they experience lethal exhaust fumes in the cabin while operating the heater.

    While parked, with the vehicle running, and with all the windows and sunroof closed, turn the heater on and set it to recirculate. EXIT THE VEHICLE. Let it run for several minutes. Then open one door and see if you can smell exhaust fumes inside the cabin. Then, of course, if you do, immediately turn it off, open all windows and doors and do not enter the vehicle until it is fully venilated after several minutes. If you do not detect exhaust fumes inside the cabin, set the venilation to open (not recirculating), and follow the same procedure to confirm if you are driving a potentially lethal Armada.

    Nissan is typically unresponsive to this owners compliant, even though it is a potentially lethal problem. This is just more info which my lawyer will be using to force nissan to buy back this sled. My causes of action will include personal injury claims for the headaches we have suffered already, before I discovered the problem.

    This settlement is going to cost them much more money than the $12,000 in payments we made on the lease; a lot more.
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    Need help. I have a 2006 Nissan Armada LE. I came factory installed with XM radio. I want to change over to Sirius. How difficult is this? Can the dealer do this by simply changing out satellite "boxes" behind the dash? Can I still use the same antenna or do I need a new one? Any help is appreciated and can also be sent to my email address. :confuse:
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    1) If you paid $49k for an Armada, I have a bridge to sell you, cheap. Seriously I got my LE w/o the Navi Package and Moonroof for in the mid $30s.

    2) Tire sensors below 20 degrees. That means your tires are dropping below 28psi. Very common for tires to lose pressure when temps drop. I think it's something like 1-2 psi per 5 or 10 degrees drop in temp.

    3) The brake issue is resolved, even on my 04. I had the final kit put in 12K miles ago and no issues. As for braking power mine stops way better than any Expedition or Yukon I've ever driven.

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    I am looking at buying a new 05 Armada. What are your thoughts?
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    Don't forget to buy a flatbed to take it out with. The sled just won WORST SUV award from Consumer Reports.
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    Lease for $682 for 48 months. List was $49K w/everything possible. When I finish with them, nissan will be taking the P.O.S. back, refunding every dime I paid, and writing a 5 figure settlement check for damages. Maybe I should call mine the "Carbon Monoxide mobile." Last week, my Wife and I got migraines & threw up after running the heater for under 15 minutes with the vent windows open & sunroof cracked open. No more heater for me. Hope nissan has some really good product liability defense experts; I AM going to nail them for exactly that, as well as personal injury. Forget the lemon law -- this future Plaintiff is way past that.
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    $50k amazing how much folks get suckerd.

    I paid $36 with everything except the Navigation.

    Also I've sat idling mine for hours on end, no problems so it's only YOURS that's an issue.

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    Simply out of curiosity, has anyone else received a notice from Nissan that starts out with this paragraph:

    Nissan is committed to providing the highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction. We know that towing a trailer may have been an important consideration in your vehicle's purchase. In new Titan, Armada, Pathfinder, Frontier, and Xterra vehicles, Nissan recently introduced enhanced electric circuitry which may further protect your vehicle from damage or fire caused by a short circuit wiring or mis-installation of trailer lighting or electrical accessories. This is to advise you that Nissan is making this production enhancement available to you free of charge so that you will have the same protection should you ever tow a trailer with a defective electrical system.
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    Not yet but i'll keep an eye out for it, seeing as I tow frequently with my Armada.

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    I have been having problems with my 05 drivers side seat squeeking, especially when I am turning left or right! Also, it actually seems like the bottom of the seat is stable, but the back of the seat shifts from side to side?!?! I brought it in with 2000 miles and I have to bring it in tomorrow at 6300 miles. Has anyone had these problem too?? I am hoping that there might be a solution! I have had the brakes replaced already, they have worked on the dvd rattles and a few other things too! I am also having issues with the vehicle rolling back on hills! Bummer! I like the way the Armada drives, looks etc, but very unhappy with the little issues that the vehicle has given me! I haven't been able to enjoy having a new car...can't wait to buy a Toyota in a year or two!
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    I hope this is not too late for your purpose. Succinctly, stay away from Armada whatever model year. After acquisition customer service is terrible.
    I acquired a 2004 Armada on October 24, 2004, and I am about to dump the piece of ####. I have the same gamut of problems you 've read about, including I don't care attitude from Nissan and its delearships. The service you get is dictated by Nissan USA. Do not expect a loaner car when you take your car in for repairs covered under warranty. It is a rip-off. Once bitten forever shy. Do not buy or lease, because once the deal is completed and you have parted with your money the manufacturer does not care if you roast. Do not make the same mistake that I made.
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    ">I have almost the same problem. I have a 2004 Armada and after 11000 miles the inner portion of the tire is worn out(all four tires). They replace my tires about 7 months ago and now guess what after 22000 miles? I have the same problem again. I dont know what kind of problems this armadas have.I think it is the auto levelling suspension, shocks and bushing that causes this problem, they already change the rotor and pads and my truck is not shaking anymore. I went to Tire Plus for alignment 9 times and rotate the tires every 5000 miles.
    I have been in the dealership more than 35 times since I bought this truck. I have problems from cd player, brakes,auto levelling suspension, clearance at the back (height of the truck too high), window switches, door handles, air penetrates on the window, tire pressure sensor keeps beeping etc. etc. etc......Some of this problems are still outstanding. My main concern is the wheel alignment. Even after this truck is aligned, I bet you the alignment will be off again in 3 to 5 weeks. I try not to let my family ride this crappy truck because I am not sure if it is safe. I am about to give up and bring this concern to a lawyer. Nissan north america is a waste of time. they dont give a damn about us, I even wrote them a letter and nothing happen, but they forgot it is us who feed their families. Any suggestion? anybody? please help.
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    i feel your pain....i too have had a lemon car before my armada...unfortunately, ive got another one on my hands...i have an 04' armada myself...i had my brakes repaired 2 times and then on the 3rd they replaced it with their "new" brake kit. so i figured that i was done with this nonsense...NOT! i just finished talking to my lemon law lawyer after nissan had to replace my "new and improved brake kit" that would solve all of their problems, with the same new kit...this is a joke. i've also had numerous problems with the gas gauge, automatic window openings, rear windshield wiper, and not to mention pathetic reception on my radio...i am so over this car...too bad for nissan cause this was the first nissan product i've even owned and its now the last....UGH
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    I have been having little quality issues with my Suburban. I was thinking of trading it for a more reliable Japanese brand when the warranty is up, but now I fear the Armada won't be anymore reliable than the Burb. Are there any reliable big SUVs out there??
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    Repair costs are a part of the True Cost to Own calculation. You can see the lowest TCO vehicles for 2005 here.

    There's also JD Power star ratings for reliability for most cars here, but you have to look at each SUV individually to see them.

    Steve, Host
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    Yep. Got it in Dec 2005, and had the enhancement applied when I brought mine in a couple weeks ago for an oil change. It sounds like one of those things to back up people who might make a wiring mistake.

    BTW, after having the latest brake fix done last June 2005, I have had absolutely no problems with the brakes.

    Funny how the rest of the problems are all very minor things, usually present at some point in most vehicles. What a great engine, tranny, safety, and electrical system this vehicle has . . . the stuff that counts the most for me.
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    We have had our second windsheild crack. I am wondering if this is a design flaw. Has anyone else had problems?
    Also, yes our driver side seat squeaks! Drives me crazy.
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    This also happenned to my wife's quest 97. I don't remember how the first time happenned, but after two new windshilds, I decided to look when people came to replace it. What I noticed, there was a little piece of glass left on the frame, inside the black silicon. It was not visible well, but because I new where the crack was starting every time, I checked that part after they took out the old windshield. These guys were not profesional I think, because they could not think how a little piece could break a whole "brand new" windshield.

    So, next time you get to replace, make sure the frame is completelly cleaned out from older dry silicon before putting back the new one.

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    Yes, I'm having exactly the same problem. I started to notice it about 3 weeks ago when the truck had 14k. It now has 14800 and the service department from my local nissan dealer just told me they took it for a drive and couldn't hear it. I refuse to go pick up the truck until they drive it again. If need be, I'll drive the truck with the service advisor in the truck. Any chance you've had someone look at yours? If so, what did they find?

    Other than the brake problem and now this squeak I love the truck. I had the brake problem fixed at 3500 miles and now the brakes squeak some. The service advisor told me there's only about 15% front brake pads left? huh??? At less than 15k...less than 12 if they replaced the pads when they performed the service bulletin about the brake judder... less than 15k and need new pads... does that sound right? I don't ride the brakes or drive it like a corvette. I have one of those so no need to.
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    I received a warranty letter from Nissan about the brake judder problem and the extended the warranty for the brake judder problem to unlimited mileage within the 36month warranty period. You can bet I have that saved in a safe spot. I had it fixed at 3500 miles. But just in case.
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    I agree with you, I had to give back 2 Armada's thru the lemon law of the State of Ohio- this SUV is a piece of junk. I have had my brakes replaced 7 times-window wouldn't roll hack up i had to ride thru a rain storm from Hilton head, SC what fun!!!!, the alternator went out, I have driven plenty of SUV's this is the worst. I will never drive another one again.
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    Update...just brought my truck home from the dealer. The service advisor found a technical bulletin about this problem. They are waiting on parts. i wasn't given the tech bulletin #.

    Also, the service advisor was reluctant to work on my brake pad issue at first. I went one level higher and they presented the problem to Nissan. Nissan paid to replace pads, hardware and resurface rotor. No more brake squeal.

    I see all these posts from unhappy Armada owners.. For the record: I'm very pleased with my Armada and the service recieved from my dealership.

    I think that people are more inclined to post when unhappy than the rest of the Armada owners are. I don't know how many have been sold since 2004, but I'm willing to bet it's way up there. Just about everyone I've spoken with is very happy with their Armada.
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    i bought my 04 armada in jan of 04 i started having problems with the brakes after 3 months. i took it in for service 4 times i got tired of the problem so i got a lemon law attorney. i started my case against nissan in july of 05 and i got my money back that ive been paying and they paid off my loan i returned my truck in sept. 05
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    It did take Nissan too long to fix the brake/rotor issue. I would have done the same thing with the lemon law had I bought one earlier. I got my 05 with a mfg date of Feb 05, also had the brake judder within 2400 miles. However, had the latest fix done about 8000 miles ago, and all is sill perfect, clean too. It seems this issue has been put to rest.
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    I have 8K miles on My '05 Armada, and besides having the brakes fixed once at 3500 miles, I have been very happy. I will say, that my prior car, a '99 Ford Expedition was by far my best car. I never had to take that car in for anything until 90K miles when a cylinder went out. I would have bought another one were it not for the fact that I wanted something different. If I end up with a dud Armada, which I hope is not the case as I love the car, I would buy a new Expedition in a heartbeat.
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    I Keep reading about all the unsatisfied people with their Armadas mostly about 2004 and brakes. I am looking at the 2006 and wondering if these issues are still out there. I would like to hear from both sides. Than :confuse: :confuse: imageks.
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    Check out the Consumer Ratings and Reviews linked in the blue box towards the top of the discussion while waiting for responses.

    Steve, Host
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    Just had all 4 brake pads and rotors replaced after 11,500 miles. Dealer informed me that the rotors were warped. If you notice your steering wheel wobbling, time to bring it to the dealer. I was told by the dealer that Nissan has extended the warranty on the Armada brakes. I still can't get the dealer to repair the driver side window rattle. They have screwed with window stripping 2 previous times, only to have the rattle re occur several days later. Anyone know what needs to be repaired to eliminate window rattle? Any help would be appreciated.
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    hi everyone please tell me waht to do about my 2006 nissan armada the door keeps openning up or it does not close it is the the passenger door on my passenger side i hade my kids move form that side and sit all in the back of the car i taken twice to the service dept and they keep fixing it with new door parts but it either opens up while i drive or it wont shut please help me i want to return it to them and exchange a mini van instead
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    Not sure if the 2006 model year has eliminated the brake problems. Might want to investigate if they re-engineered the brakes since they were undersized in the 04 and 05 models. I own an 05 with the same brake problems you have read about. I haven't experienced the same issues regarding doors not closing, windshields breaking or dashboards rattling. Remember, no car is perfect. Other than the brakes and some driver side window rattles, I like the vehicle. Gets bad gas mileage, but I expected that. Goes through snow like there was none. Power from V8 is great.
    Good luck with your search.
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    We have an 04 basic model that we put 36000 miles on in about 18 months, mostly traveling up and down the east coast. Since gas went up in Sept., it's spent most of the time in the garage and we drive the other vehicles.

    I was going to drive it somewhere so I knew I had to check the tires first. I then decided to start it since it had not been started for a few weeks. It would not turn over. So, I jumped it with the 02 Mustang which was next to it in the garage. (The Mustang's battery was much smaller but it did the job.)
    We drove it wherever and got it back home just fine. I had also noticed that the interior lights were not working so I took it to the Nissan dealer. They called to tell us that the "body control module" had failed which would have to be replaced at a cost of about $550. Fortunately, we had the extended warranty which covered the cost less $50 deductible.

    After picking it up, we noted that my single key would start it but my wife's would not. Her remote would also not open the door. The dealer suggested they need to be reprogrammed. He reprogrammed them at no cost and the big truck is doing fine.

    The dealer also stated that the battery had likely failed because of the control module failed.

    I'm posting this here so others may be aware of such a failure and it's symptoms. If your battery goes dead for no obvious reason and/or one or more of your keys/remotes do not work, and/or interior lights/door locks, etc. don't work, it could be the body control module is gone.

    This is the ONLY major failure we have had although the brakes were serviced twice. We are generally happy with our big truck. Guess they built a few that are ok.

    81 Trekker
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    I had a problem with my door, it wouldn't close.After 23,000 miles of headaches and at least 12-15 trips to the dealer traded for a Honda Pilot.20,000 miles 0 trips to the dealer.
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    I am an old poster on this site but haven't posted in a long time but have been watching. If you look back at my old posts, you will see I have had these repairs and new ones since my last post on my 2004 Armada I bought in November of 2003. They are roof repair (roof not attached to the interior supports, bad!) Brakes replaced several times then finally the fix we have waited on and it it worked I am glad to say, clicking in rear end, bearings needed some some of adjustment and work (tsp on this) squeaky seats and still squeak, loud and I mean loud squeak from the front end that I found myself. Close the drivers door and it would squeak up front even. Popped the hood and no squeak. They greased the hood stops is all. I didn't know you had to do that, (took 3 trips to get that figured out) squeaks in the dash, mostly fixed, sun visor fell off when I drove off the lot the first time I bought it. It hit me on the forehead and nose and cut my head, fun!, Passenger sun visor later almost fell off, front console busted from the factory and loose and squeaking (took about 3 or 4 months to get the part to get it replaced) Main console loose had to be tightened, replaced one tire at around 12 or 13k miles worn out, others lasted until the low 20's. Nissan would not cover it as I had just passed the 12k warranty mark. I had taken it in for the wearing every time it went in. So in the end I got a new set of tires which started wearing that of course I had to pay for. Sears aligned all 4 wheels said they were off. Kept wearing. Finally I paid Nissan to align and it seemed to fix the problem. I think there was more to it than alignment and I will explain why later, when it heats up a diesel sound from under the hood which is the last thing they haven't been able to fix. There is a fix for a purge valve and I brought that to their attention but they said they can't hear it. There is much more I am sure as I have done so much and it has been in the shop so many times I haven't counted. This last time it will be right at 2 weeks. My warranty was running out at 36k miles so I thought, well last chance to get everything covered. I have a bad screeching sound in the front end when it is cold you notice more if you go over a bump. Speed bumps especially. Sounds like worn out springs on a '64 Chevy. They have tired to find it 2 other times but no luck. Finally this last time they heard it and said it was a terrible sound. Well, they couldn't find anything wrong after they got it in the shop. Then it warmed up and no sound. It turned cold yesterday and it was doing it all day and they said they had to lubricate some bushings. Sounds like a temporary fix to me, not sure. The good thing that came out of this test drive is he said they heard another bad bumping under the vehicle and it was so bad, they pulled over and was considering having it towed back as it sounded like something loose hitting the floor. Well, I had taken it in for this no less than 3 times but nothing was found so I didn't even bother mentioning this time as I felt they would not fix it. He said they put the screeching on hold at that point and got it in the shop and upon inspection they found.. drum roll... I have 2 missing body bolts and he said my body was slapping against the frame on the drivers side as you turned or hit a bump. Now why couldn't they notice this before??? He said they wouldn't let me have it back until the bolts came in on monday. He said he considered it unsafe to drive. He said they were loose. I asked him how loose. He said they were so loose they fell out and are missing. Hmmm.. I bet it never had them. I can go on and on as I am sure there are things I have missed. Here is one last thing. I am not a picky driver and my last new vehicle before the Armada was a Isuzu Trooper and had only been in the shop the whole time I had it for service for a torn leather seat which was warranted. That was it. At this point I think I have everything fixed except the diesel sound from under the hood, nuisance but doesn't seem to have an effect on performance as it has done it since new. I want to love the vehicle and now I do enjoy driving it but it has been a long hard road. I had talked about trading it before but the resale was so bad and mine looks mint! Now I am afraid of whatever else that wasn't tightened from the factory that could cause harm. Good luck all and sorry for the long post.
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    I forgot one thing. My drivers door came became loose and had dropped down. THe bolt that holds the top hinge was about to fall out. I don't know how it stayed on really and how it didn't get wedged in the door. I told the dealer what it was and let them fix it or they would have said I did something to it. I think these things just didn't have anything tightened like they were supposed to be.
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    I'm in the market for a new large SUV. I love the style, size, power everything about it but.....are all the bugs worked out on the 06 Armada? Would anybody recommend this vehicle?
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    I have been driving my 2004 Armada for more than 30K and I have experienced most of what I read on this forum. Everything shaped up some time ago about 10K back and it's running well now. I put it to hard use pulling a 32' Travel Trailer up and down steep hill up and back from Ontario and out to Tennessee. I do have a peculiar issue now that the dealer says "doesn't seem to be of any consequence" After driving awhile (an hour or so) and everthing is warmed up I get a strange popping and crackling sound coming from underneath about midway This occurs when I shut it off and continues for about 10 min.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone and what does it suggest. There is no smoke or an odur coming out??

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    Purchased my '06 Fri.20.Jan. Experience to date very positive. Largest vehicle I've ever owned. Great handling & amazing sense of stability. Very comfortable. Hope future models are more fuel efficient as I'd like to remain with an SUV Armada's size (I take care of vehciles & hold on to them. Not a frequent trader.). Enormous interior space. Highly recommended this writing, but it's very early in my ownership.
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    stay away from this vehicle at all costs!!!! unless you have a very special relationship with you dealer and want to see them a few times a month, buy something else!!!

    there has never been a vehicle produced that as poorly designed and built as this vehicle.
  • ksloan77ksloan77 Member Posts: 28
    apparently you didn't take my advice and bought this piece of crap anyway....well at least now, your singing with the quior.
  • gorkingorkin Member Posts: 1
    I need a new engine- 4 times I brought to the dealership this summer- cound not find the problem- car finally dies- the check engine light was on with each visit- deacceleration and would stop- terrible service- never a call back- I have sought legal counsel and will =send my letters to President of Nissan, the dealership and the attorney general of New York
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