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    National Headquarters
    18501 South Figueroa Street
    Gardena, CA 90248-4500

    Reference: WB/05-011 Date: March 16, 2005

    TO: Dealer Principal, Service Manager, Service Advisors and Claims Administrator

    SUBJECT: Warranty extension for “brake judder” condition involving model year 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles.


    All 2004 and 2005 model year Nissan Titan vehicles.

    All 2004 and 2005 model year Nissan Armada vehicles.

    Nissan has developed new brake parts, including pads, rotors, and floating shims, that will be very effective in the repair of 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles that experience “brake judder.” These parts will also be very effective in the repair of vehicles which may have experienced the incident after an initial repair. Nissan is presently working with its suppliers to expedite the availability of these parts for use in the repair of customers’ vehicles, but the initial availability of these parts is extremely limited. Significantly greater availability is expected to occur during May, with increasing availability thereafter.

    In order to ensure that all 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada customers are ultimately able to obtain the new parts if needed for their vehicles, Nissan is extending the warranty on these vehicles for “brake judder” to 36 months/unlimited mileage from the original in service date. All other terms, conditions and limitations of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty will apply to this extended coverage. Nissan will begin mailing notices to all owners of 2004 and 2005 Titan and Armada vehicles during May of this year as parts availability increases. In the notification letter, Nissan will advise owners that the limited warranty on these vehicles is extended as it pertains to repair of a “brake judder” condition only, and that Nissan will correct the condition if it should occur at no charge to the owner throughout the extended coverage period. Sample copies of the letters will be made available to Nissan dealers prior to the mailing.

    As this warranty extension is effective immediately, dealers should continue to repair all customers’ vehicles which experience the incident using the most current applicable Nissan repair procedure. For vehicles built before June 30, 2004, the correct repair is set out in Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) NTB04-066b. For vehicles built after that date consult the appropriate Nissan Service Manual. When the new parts become generally available Nissan will issue a new TSB setting out the proper procedures for making repairs with the new pads, shims, and rotors.

    This warranty extension will ensure that customers continue to receive a timely and appropriate repair of their vehicles throughout the transition of production and increase in availability of the new parts. It will also ensure that any customer who may experience a recurrence of the incident after receiving a repair using the presently available parts and procedures will still be well within warranty and able to obtain the new parts as production and availability increases.


    The attached warranty statements include necessary owner information concerning this warranty extension. In accordance with applicable state and Federal law, customers purchasing new vehicles to which this warranty extension applies should be provided with a legible photocopy of the applicable statement along with their Warranty Information Booklets and Owner’s Manuals at the time of purchase.

    No special claims coding is required in conjunction with this warranty extension.

    Questions concerning this bulletin may be directed to the Nissan Claims Call Center at
    1-800-258-7008, option 2.


    2005 Nissan Armada
    New Vehicle Limited Warranty Extension

    Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan) hereby extends the coverage of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty on 2005 model year Nissan Armada vehicles as described below:

    WHAT IS COVERED: If your vehicle exhibits brake vibration or “judder” when stopping and this condition is verified by your Nissan dealership, the condition will be repaired by Nissan at no cost to you for the repair throughout the extended warranty period.

    HOW LONG IS THE EXTENSION: Coverage is extended to 36 months/unlimited miles from the date the vehicle was delivered to the first retail buyer or put into use, whichever is earlier.

    All other terms, conditions and limitations of the 2005 Nissan New Vehicle Warranty apply to this extension. (See the 2005 Nissan Warranty Information Booklet for details.)

    NNA WB/05-011

    2005 Nissan Titan
    New Vehicle Limited Warranty Extension

    Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan) hereby extends the coverage of the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty on 2005 model year Nissan Titan vehicles as described below:

    WHAT IS COVERED: If your vehicle exhibits brake vibration or “judder” when stopping and this condition is verified by your Nissan dealership, the condition will be repaired by Nissan at no cost to you for the repair throughout the extended warranty period.

    HOW LONG IS THE EXTENSION: Coverage is extended to 36 months/unlimited miles from the date the vehicle was delivered to the first retail buyer or put into use, whichever is earlier.

    All other terms, conditions and limitations of the 2005 Nissan New Vehicle Warranty apply to this extension. (See the 2005 Nissan Warranty Information Booklet for details.)

    NNA WB/05-011
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    Well if this is athentic then its about time. Enough is enough. Not exactly a recall but 3Yr/unlimited mileage seems reasonable. I just went through the final fix for the brakes and if Nissan did not do something about it then that was it. May is less then 5 weeks away.

    Tires- 275-65-18 from Michelin LTX is good choice. Better load ratings then the Conti-Craps. 255-70-18 Michelin cross terrains is probably the best tire in terms of quiteness and snow traction. I've had these in my previous SUV and just loved them. Only drawback is they are a slightly smaller tire and slightly lower load ratings than the Conti's.

    With the tire's aspect ratio slightly different than the OEM sizes I don't know if their will be issues on the tranny or differential or speedmeter. Check with a the nissan dealer and a tire house. I doubt it.
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    Authentic? Well, I spoke to a Service Manager today who advised me of this exact information, which I also subsequently found independently on the internet. It feels right.
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    Do you have a link?

    tidester, host
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    Yes, but it's to another forum, posted by an enthusiast who claims he has the memo. I don't want to break the link rules, but most diggers should be able to find it. I agree it's not 100% authentic, but enough people here can now take this to their service managers for verification.
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    the way I'm reading this is the warranty extensionis still the original 3 years but there is no mileage limit.It says 3 years from the date car was first put into use.
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    Yep. I took the letter into my Nissan dealership service department, and they confirmed it is true. and yes 3 yrs, and no mileage limit. However, now I'm thinking it could be 3 yrs from the last brake service. Either way, Nissan seems to be taking this seriously with that unlimited mileage.
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    I also have called the dealership as my rotors are shot again. I was going to take it in last week but he told me that the fix was officially coming out in May but they are supposed to be getting a limited shipment next week. Actually they are coming out right away but in a limited number to quote him and the memo that was sent to them. The supply should be good in May. So I told them to call me next week when they get them. If I don't hear back by thursday I will call them. Mine has gotten so bad now, it feel it isn't safe to drive. This was my 4th fix. I also told them I can't wait any longer. If I get put off, I am going to try and force them into providing me a car to drive. We will see...
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    It says 3 years from original day vehicle was placed in service, so I think that means they are not extending the warranty just taking away the 36000 miles and making it unlimited mileage.So I bought my vehicle in november 03, the warranty will still be up in nov 06 but if my miles go over the 36000 in that time a repair will be covered. Hope the fix works but doesn't seem like a big deal with the warranty.The last 2 updated fixes were supossed to work and didn't, guess we have to wait another 4000 miles after these are installed to really know. Also my brakes are starting to go bad for the 5th time and my dealer said IF they get BAD enough before the new fix is available , they will replace them with the old parts again.
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    I've started noticing a problem with my '04 Armada when I put it in gear and I'm on any kind of incline. While in drive (or overdrive), as soon as I let off the brake, it starts to roll backwards as if I were driving a manual trans. I've never had an automatic do this and these were shallow grade inclines (1 degree driveways). Dealership service rep explained it away as because of a low idle setting Nissan set to save fuel economy. That sounded like a bit of a stretch for something that could be a safety hazard if you're not aware of it. Anyone else run into this problem?
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    just this morning, I had my 05 Armada pop out of park into reverse when I had stepped out of the car to put something in my mailbox, I have extensive damage and my children were inside - very scary! And of course the service manager "can't replicate the situation and has never heard of such a problem before". I'm not letting it go too lightly
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    I just had the "new" rotors installed last week. These are the new version and I was told I was a test car. Hopefully it cures the problem. Also, I have tan cloth seats (what a mistake). Does anyone have a product recommendation to remove stains??? The dealer tried something, and now it's ten times worse. Please let me know!!!
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    I ran into this a long time ago. I was in a steep driveway and was sitting pulling straight out (not backing) and was waiting for traffic to clear. When I released the brake I started rolling so put it on again thinking it had to roll a bit before catching on whatever makes it stop. I released the break again and let it roll. It went down the driveway and would have went through the garage if I hadn't of been testing it. It rolled just like a manual transmission. I have never asked about it though at the dealership. Since after I noticed, I have tried it and in forward, if you are on a hill, it acts just like a manual transmission. Nothing holds it back. Why? I wish someone had the answer. You are not the only one as I have seen others complain about this.
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    Funny someone mentioned this. My brand new 2005 did the same thing in my driveway, and I commented to my wife how odd it rolls backwards while in drive. I had to double check that it was not in reverse. I guessed it was due to the above average heavy vehicle vs. low idle speed,and that the vehicle electronic computer controlled idle/hill/tranny technology had not been broken in yet. The system is supposed to adjust to driver styles and conditions over time to optimize performance and mileage. My other automatic holds itself, but is much lighter. I am not concerned, but it does make for a good service question, and a slight challenge when getting to a stop sign on a hill.
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    Regading the cloth seat stains, might want to contact Stoner, Inc. in Quarryville, PA
    800-227-5538. They were helpful to me when their original product I used did not remove
    the lipstick without a leaving a stain. Sent me a carpet/upholstery care kit for free.
    I never used it as the stain eventually disappeared. Also, I had slipcovers on mine, not
    the bare seat. When you get the stain removed, might want to invest in the seat covers.
    Found a place in Florida that does a good job with them:
    Have had them on for almost a year and now need to wash them. 81- Trekker
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    Thanks for the info. I will try to give them a call!!!
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    I, too, am having the same rollback problem. I purchased a NEW, UNTITLED '04 Armada LE on March 28th and had this problem the first two days of driving. I test drove it over 40 miles (distance from dealership to my house and back) and all was peachy. The next day I drove it, round trip, about 120 miles. After the first 50+ miles, I noticed the rollback very subtly whenever putting it into drive. After going up a very steep hill, on which I had to reverse partly down the hill and drive up again to park it, it became much more noticeable thereon after. When I attempted to drive up the hill again it rolled back considerably. I had to press hard on the gas for the gear to "catch". At which point my kids were mortified because the screeching of the tires and the abrupt motion embarrassed them. Just to make sure I wasn't quacked, I tried it again in the safety of my driveway. Reversed it into the street, put it in drive and screeched the tires like a teenager in a hot rod . . .this time I was embarrassed, my neighbors were out. Salesman told me to bring it in right away. The technician test drove it right it the dealership garage and low and behold it was diagnosed as a transmission problem (that was March 30). They are replacing the transmission with a brand new one. Today is April 8th (not sure when I am getting my car back) and I have had their loaner car (2005 Armada) longer than I had my newly purchased car . . . at least the loaner is loaded. Obviously, I am not clairvoyant. Otherwise, I would have never bought this car but I see a recall in the future.
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    I just got the new fix done on my brakes. They replaced the rotors and pads in the front and machined the rotors in the rear and also replaced the pads. This was the third time at the dealer for breaks. I have had the car for 7 months and have driven just over 7K. I had to shake the tree to get the new fix since the parts are very limited. I had to file a claim with Nissan 1 after the second break job. When the judder began again I contacted the rep and referenced my file number. They contacted the dealer and both parties were able to find me the new parts.
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    I have a 04 armarda 4x4 LE.I only have 6k total and it had been in the shop 3 time.The first time is the back windowns make noise when rollup they replaced both motor and the my brake got bad in 3k they replaced new brake then the back window make noise again and the front driver window make noise when roll up and then it roll back down by itself I am afraid of using these windows and my brake is going bad again at 6k. 4-10-2005.I should kept my 01 toyota sequoide limited. also i got the transmition roll back to but not as much because i live inhouston tx
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    Have any members filed Lemon Law Claims against Nissan concerning the brake judder issue? If so, what settlements have been made or offered? Thanks.
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    In the process of this at this time, no offers made yet.
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    Took our Armada in today for the FIFTH brake repair, the new parts are not available at this time, so the rotors were resurfaced as a temporary fix. Were told parts should be available next month. Guess we'll see. Oh!! One other thing straight from the service managers mouth, the NEW 05 Armada's are still coming in with the original defective brakes!!!!!! Buyer beware!
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    Yes. A few employees at dealers still have various stories. A sales guy will directly tell you the 2005s are fixed, but this is not true unless the production date is after March 2005, then it may be true. A service advisor will beat around the bush and advise the probably may not happen on the 2005s to delay the inevitable replacement. I got all the stories from different departments at different dealers during my shopping.

    However, you are right, the 2005s produced to date do not have the beefed up brake system. I got the #1 guy in charge of my dealership service department to meet with me, address the brake issue, among other service inquiries, before signing the purchase deal. They were straight up in confirming the 2005s did not yet have the new system. It was Nissan's willingness to fix the problem for free on previous customers and their recent replacement release that makes it almost a non-issue now.
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    You can find info about the lemon law or lemon layers if you google it. I am having a lawyer from Conejo Valley, CA handle my claim. If you have a life threatening problem twice in 18K (ie: brakes) there should not be any problems invoking the lemon law. There is a clause in the lemon law that pays for the lawyer also. It's a shame about the Armada. All the features and the look of the SUV are great for the price - but unfortunately the workmanship is typical american junk.
    I went thru their "Consumer Assistance" dept - not much assistance there ( she said no) so I got a lawyer.
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    Who's to say that this "FIX" will be the one that works?? the last 2 modifications didn't do the trick, why is this one any different??
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    Time will tell. The difference with this fix is that it completely replaces the pads, calipers, and rotors with larger newly engineered ones. This is not a rework of existing same old pieces like the last few TSBs did. Probability is on the side of this one working, not only because of the mechanical physiscs, but the financial impact to Nissan not getting this one right would be more than tremendous.
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    The lemon laws differ from state to state. I try pursuing the lemon law with the ARMADA. Since I live in Nevada, I have to use the arbitration process thru the BBB. This is where I wish I was back in California. California has a much better system geared for the consumers. I use the lemon law a few years back in a different vehicle on a unrepairable fuel gauge and won a buyback. Needless to say, I had a good and aggressive lawyer.

    In Nevada its a different story. I went thru the arbitration process with the Armada and it didn't fly. The arbitrator was incompetent and very biased. This BBB sponsored arbitration process is so in favor of the car manufactures its completely unfair. Who pays for the BBB arbitration process are the car manufactures. Right off the bat it's conflict of interest. Of course, the arbitrator is going to rule in favor of the car manufactures since the BBB hand picks them and more than likely gets paid by them. Nevada aught to change its laws to mirror of that like in California. Arbitration should not be mandatory. Try to find a half decent lawyer for lemon laws here in Nevada is non-existent. Its very disapointing.

    I haven't given up yet. I got somethings up my sleeve. Good luck to anyone is going thru one.
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    You are wrong! Why does so many people keep posting that the calipers will be replaced. No one has ever said that! No one. I am waiting on pads now. The parts are in but no pads. I asked and they said the fix does not involve calipers. If someone is telling you this, they are telling you a lie. Who knows if the fix will work. I am not confident. To have waited for 1 1/2 years and this is my 5th time in for brakes (now 21k miles) I am out of hope. I called the dealership a couple of weeks ago and they told me the parts were in so bring it in that monday. I took it in that monday, just to hear that all the parts were not there, so sorry for your trip down! I asked what is involved and they told me, pads, rotors, some bolts and some sort of kit. I said calipers also, right? They said no. The fix does not call for calipers. I have waited now for over 1 1/2 weeks and still no brake pads and my vehicle shakes badly. I am at wits end. It kills me everyone saying their vehicles don't have the problem. THEY ALL DO! Nissan has admitted it. It must be driving habits (city driving vs more open road) as that is the only thing I could figure out that could explain it. Why else would mine and others have to be replaced time after time. My friend says his have been fine (31k miles) and he has never had a problem other than squealing but his driving is mostly highway. We live in the same area but he rarely drives it on start and stop trips. I don't mean to lecture, well I guess I do. Wise up people, these things have problems!
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    Yea, till I get it in writing from Nissan I will not be satisfied. I heard from all of the reports, hearsay mind you, that calipers are involved. Right now I suspect that calipers and other critical parts are in short supply till next month. Availibility is suppose to get better, again, this is hearsay. Time will tell if this is a real fix.
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    You're right about no calipers, but here are the rest of the parts some guy posted on the Titan forum. Pads and rotors are key friction pieces anyway.

    A new TSB was just issued last week on the brake judder fix.
    It is TSB: 04066C, dated 3/23/05.
    Here are the new part numbers:
    40206-ZC00A ROTORS
    41060-ZC025 FRT PADS
    44060-ZC025 REAR PADS

    You're also probably right about driving habits and styles. However, this is no excuse for not having a decent set of brakes on a heavy vehicle. Ask GM and Ford who got brakes right years ago.

    Nissan is a pretty smart company, and probably got it right after this long. I hope my gamble to buy and Armada last month works out. At any rate, we still have the 3 year unlimited miles brake guaranty.
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    I agree,we need to band together and get Nissan to by it back.
  • ldpldp Member Posts: 8
    Your friend must not use his brake to stop.We all got problem with the brake and tran.
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    I have a 2004 qx56 and the problems have been numerous.

    The latest brake fix is being advertised as the fix to end all fixes. But so were all the other fixes and they didn't work.

    The roof-headliner rattles and vibrations have tsb fixes but they don't work either. My wife and I are tired of riding in our friend's Suburbans and Odysseys that are much older than our infiniti and noticing how the dvd players don't bounce all over the place and rattle constantly. And the qx56 is marketed as a luxury vehicle. These are just a few of the problems, but the shaking and rattling is so irritating.

    The saddest part is the infiniti service. The first few times we brought it in they returned it with lines like " the brakes are better than new," and "the roof is 100% solid." Now they bounce back and forth from "it is that way by design" to "can we try an experimental fix on your roof and if it works we will use it on our other qx56s?"

    I have rarely brought a vehicle into the dealer to have problems fixed and I have never had to do it twice. infiniti has had my vehicle 5 times and still won't / can't get it right or even close. I have currently waited 2 weeks for them to make an appointment with a dts (district technical specialist) to look at it. And once the appointment is made who know how much longer until the appointment date. It is aggravating.

    If anyone is thinking that the quirks have been worked out on the 2005s they're wrong. The infiniti rep said mine, referring to the headliner, "shakes less than the 2005s." My opinion, after driving a 2005 for 1 week during one of the patch up jobs, is that the 2005s shake and rattle less than the 2004s but still far from what a luxury marketed vehicle should. I could have the same ride from a 1999 Suburban for $45,000 less.
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    I have a 2004 4X4 Off Road Armada I have had nothing but problems with this car from the windows, brakes, roof, inside lining and doors. I have taken my car back to nissan more than 10 times. I am currently in the process of getting Nissan to buy back my car. They told me that it will take 30 days for Nissan to decided if they should buy back my car. If that does not work I am getting an attorney for the CA Lemon Law. I think that there is power in numbers and I think we should all ban together to get Nissan to buy back all of our cars. Think of all the time you have taken off work to take your car back to dealership only to find out that it has not been fix. I am tried of all the lame excuses if you did not make your payments on time I know that Nissan would not be as patient Lets get together and see what we can do.
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    I purchased my 05 Armada LE in mid Febuary and now have 3117 miles on and no problems. The only thing I would like to get is a Borla Cat-Back Dual exhaust system. Every nissan parts web site I vist they were all on back order. So I'm asking does anyone know where I can purchase a Borla cat-back system with out
    having to wait for about 4 to 6 weeks. I sure would appreciate the help.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Member Posts: 238
    Have you tried Borla's website? You can buy it online and take it to the muffler shop of your choice. Or you can do it yourself if you are so inclined. It's not difficult at all if you've worked on cars before. I hope you find it. It looks great.
  • bscottbscott Member Posts: 7
    I tried the Borla website and also called Borla Monday and they told me that they have 4 to 6 weeks of back orders for other stores and shops . And the guy
    I spoke to said the system is selling real fast . As soon as they get to the outlets
    they are sold. I also have a friend that owns a muffler shop tring to get the cat back
    system for me because the muffler shops will get it faster.
    So thanks for your reply and the system does look great.
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    I have bought '04 Pathfinder Armada in October 2004. Love the feature and how it drives. I have 5,000 miles now. The problems I have are mostly interior:

    - the driver and rear passenger rattles. The dealer has replaced the driver's mechanism, and the rattles stopped. with do the same for the other door
    - the overhead DVD panel started to rattle in about 2000 miles. The dealer has replaced the panel, but the sunroof cover got stuck during the repair. They had to replace the whole interior ceiling. We found 28 issues after the repair, and the problem wich the rattling overhead panel still exists... The dealer fixed 28 issues in 7 days, while giving us a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder loaner... The Pathfinder had 4,000 miles on it and rattled even more than Armada...

    I do not know how many times we will be fixing the problems after the dealer's repairs (rattles, door rattling etc). We already spent about 2-3 weeks in repair.
    Is this car a lemon?

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    I got the new 'brake judder' fix this past last week, and today got a flat rear tire. When I took it off, I noticed that the rear rotor was the same old rotor, as you can see where it has been worn down from the previous 4 times it was turned. Can someone help me? Was the fix suppose to be 4 new rotors, or just the front two?
  • soldaustinsoldaustin Member Posts: 91
    The fix is for new front rotors, new front pads, new bolt kit for the front (no calipers like people keep saying), and rear pads only. That is what my dealer said. He read it off from something he had from Nissan. I have been waiting and waiting for the fix and am going to call Nissan today. I lose count but think this is my 4th or 5th fix. I couldn't wait any longer and had to have the front rotors turned again to get me by as I couldn't safely drive the vehicle anymore. I have never had one to get so bad and waited a month for the rest of my parts but they never came in. I am one of the first buyers of the Armada (bought in Nov 2004) and so you would think after all the problems and how many times this thing sat in the shop I would get them ealier than the newer customers. How wrong I am. THere is no loyalty and they don't care if you come back or not. The new American Nissan company is bad. Just get used to it. I wouldn't buy a skateboard that came out of that Mississippi plant after going through what I have. Oh, yeah, I only have 22,000 miles. :lemon:
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    I bought my Armada last May and will be taking it in for the 4th brake job to fix the juttering. I also pursued an attorney to have the dealership buy my Armada back. Their first offer was $2,000 to walk away and be quiet. I declined it and my attorrney has filed a formal complaint with the California Superior Court. This was filed on 4/27/04 and will hopefully get this resolved quickly. We'll see though. It's my first time in the process. I am very tired of dealing with this issue and having my family driving around in an unsafe vehicle. Good luck to all with the same issue! Let me know if you have also had any luck with this process.

  • tt30tt30 Member Posts: 31

    Whats the mileage on your Armada? My local delaership here in MN had replaced the overhead panel, by then broke the headliner and had to replace 20 many different things inside - now some panel became loose and I have to take to the original dealership that sold Armada to me.
    The delaership that is close to me (Maplewood Nissan) basically gave up and could not fix the problems they created. I'm afraid the original dealer might not fix them as well. Is the lemon law different in CA?

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    I just took my Armada in for the 3rd time.
    1st time- the emergency brake would engage all by itself- you would have to stop the vechile, put it in park and turn it off to reset it- hard to do when on the interstate. 15,000 miles
    Fix- Bad censor
    2nd time- had to push brake all the way to floor to stop-
    Fix- Bad cable 18,000 miles
    3rd- Vibration- need new brakes and rotors 24,000 miles

    Nissan dealer advised me that the rotors on the Armada and the Titan truck are to small. New ones are being manufactured now.
    Temp fix- They put on new pads and turned the rotors until the new ones come in which is now mid- June.
    I was told this is not a recall- customers that complain about vibration and need new pads and rotors will be done under warranty. You will also receive a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

    Does anyone way squeeky windows???? Mine squeek everytime you roll them up or down.
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    I guess it's what part of the country you live in that determines whether your dealer gets the new rotors sooner or later. I took my 05 LE (7700 miles) in for service and the brake issue. Mine started "acting up" at about 5500 miles and got progressively worse. The new ones, which are the new updated rotors with the other parts too, are great. I barely have to touch the pedal and this thing is ready to stop.
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    Just purchase a 05 Armada on 5/14/05. Brakes seems rock solid. The production date on the vehicle was 4/28/05. I hope that means the brakes are the new replacements. Thoughts??? Did anyone notice a difference between the replacements and the original brakes(even when they were new).
  • aggiedogaggiedog Member Posts: 238
    I got mine in December 04. To me, the new brakes feel better than the old brakes when new. They told me my rotors were out-of-round. So I guess they were oval. Or square even. My service advisor said that there's no guarantee these new rotors where going to last either. We'll see.
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    I just bough a 2005 LE Nissan Armada. Unfortunately I became aware of the issues shortly after. I am within 72 hours of purchase and also do not have solid papers signed as there was a mix-up with interest rate. I want out. The dealership is not being up front with me on the problem and the fixes. Can anyone refer me to a good attorney in arizona to assist? The dealership is saying they have a no return policy and I have to take the car. I am in process of filing an attorny general claim and have since dropped the car back off to them. Thanks in advance.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Since you've contacted your AG, you know there's no three day cooling off period for buying new cars in Arizona (or any other state that I know of). (Arizona Attorney General).

    There's a bit more in this archived discussion:

    dewey1995, "Can you return a new car within 3 business days?" #1, 1 Sep 2003 4:36 pm

    Steve, Host
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    Having our SIXTH brake job done!! This is the New Updated fix, guess we'll see what happens. Definitely DOES NOT include calipers. The technician said that (calipers)is PROBABLY something else that will need to be addressed at a later date. Great!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "Nissan in total received high marks for improvement," so maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    J.D. Power Quality Survey (Inside Line)

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