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    I have just started to read these messages. I purchased a armada 6mths ago from east tn nissan. this is the worst excuse for a vehicle i have ever owned. it leaks water, air leak around the back door, transmission has a shutter in it, and it rattles to high heaven. i cannot get the dealership to fix the brake problem. i had to get a lawyer and guess what..........the next week the parts are available now. after 6 months of shaking i have no desire to keep this vehicle or ever own another one. nissan is refusing to accept our lawsuit so i will have to take it to court. I could not get anyone at east tn nissan in upper management to call me back. thier receptionsist offered to give the number to their law firm so i could file a lawsuit. People can try to put on blinders but this vehicle sucks as well as the management as nissan motor. I will NEVER own another nissan and u will be a fool to buy one with this kind of mentality manageing nissan.
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    If you meet your states minimim requirements for a lemon, Nissan doesn't have a leg to stand on. They will loose and waste even more money. Chances are they will settle out. If you don't meet your states lemon requirements then Nissan has a right to fight. Since the brakes is a known industry problem, Nissan might as well wave a white flag or say "uncle".
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    I would like to know how long was the wait time for the rotors. I bought my Armada in January, 2005 and after the first 2500 miles I found out I had warped rotors and that the new ones were on back order, this was in May. My rotors have been cut once since then and they need to be cut again. I like my Armada but I do not like the feeling of being put on hold by Nissan. I am very disappointed with Nissan, I made my purchase based on the success my brother and husband have had with their Nissans, they have owned their cars for more than seven years. I believe this will be my first and last Nissan! :cry: :lemon:
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    I received mine a couple of months ago or around that. My friend asked 3 weeks ago for his and they told him 1 week. He never got a call so called today and they said they had 18 people ahead of him so there is no way to know how long he would have to wait. I waited for 1 1/2 years. I got mine in Nov 2003. Seems to work but after waiting so long, you lose your love for the vehicle for sure. Not counting all the other problems this thing has. Good luck and join the crowd. This should be an out and out recall. It is ridiculous that it isn't.
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    No wait for me. I drove in on a Sat. last month, expected a cut, instead got the whold new system. Service manager said he just got 50 sets in. No dust!
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    This is an edited posting which has been revised and reposted with the sincere desire to not "solicit or promote any products or services, self-promote, or implore readers to take actions that are intended to further a personal purpose." I do have a suggested solution that proved successful for me however the rules of this forum don't allow that I provide it to you directly through the forum.

    I won. I sued Nissan over my 2004 Armada brakes, center console, electrical, windows not working, etc. The BBB Arbitration was a total joke as their auto program is funded by the auto industry. It cost me nothing. My lawyer won and Nissan bought the truck back and gave my money back - $8040.00 which included my down payment. I was responsible for .20 a mile only.
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    Are you still having problems with your 2005 Armada? Have you reported the problems to the dealer?
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    I finally have a brake issue with my Mada.. I have about 16K and the brakes are beginning to squeal like a stuck pig...I am guessing that the pads are worn and and these are the screech bars... Back to the dealer again...

    BTW does anyone elses vents sound like the door at the haunted house when you change how the air is coming out. When I switch settings (upper to lower vents) and a couple of minutes after you shut the truck off and they all close it sounds like a door with a rusted hinge...
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    Hey I also got an 2005 SE Armada in May. I'm just wondering what kind of brake system they put. Do you have to pay extra or the Nissan would do it for free? How much? Thanks.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    No, it's free and guranteed free fixing for your first 3 years of ownership. Even if you have 50k miles at 2 years, still free to replace all until you reach your 3 year purchase anniversary. Nissan did issue this in writting, just ask your service manager for a copy. New, more durable front rotors, better front and rear pads. I don't know who the mfg is, but it's specifically for Nissan Armada/Titan. I'm sure there's no better out on the market now that Nissan ran out of options. It's costing them for this, but certainly less than buying back a few boatloads of Armadas and dealing with legal issues afoot.
  • billy8billy8 Member Posts: 11
    Check out mt post on Nissan Quest brake problem, it applies to Armada also. It's at Quest 2004 problems and solutions forum Post # 1427
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    Does anyone have any rusting problem at the bottom of the Armada? I look today underneath my 05' Mada and found rust on the outside the edge of the differential and the U mounts of the exhaust. I only have this car for 5 months with 3500 miles on it and it doesn't snow down here in my area (no sodium deposition of any kind, just normal rain). Any insight would be appreciated.

    I have already took it in once for the famous brake service, squeaky passenger chair like it is haunted, and broke AM radio (they did try to blame it on the station).

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    Could you please email me with that info. I called a few Lawyer's here in Ny and they seemed to think it was a waste of time. If anyone reads this and lives in Ny and could give me some insight, I would be sooo Thankful. So far I've send arbortration forms to Elliot Spitzers office (NYS attorney general). What do I do now???
    Thank you,
    [email protected]
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    I think you need to read this message: wydopn, "Nissan Armada Problems/Solutions" #128, 1 Jun 2005 1:04 pm

    tidester, host
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    I have the same problem with my Xterra. They explained that the truck brake is made with rougher metal and it will eventually break in. After 80,000 miles, it still squeals. Well, so much for that theory.
  • suzy0418suzy0418 Member Posts: 11
    I was just wondering if you have the back ones turned on. The knob is on the front panel below the right radio knob. But you can also turn the a/c from 1-4 in the back controlls to lower it or making it come out faster. If its not turned on in the front they can't controll it in the back,and the back will get hot. I've never had that problem, I'm usually freezing them out in the back. Check it out.
    Good luck
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    I own a 04 se offroad for 8 months,I have changed new brake at 8500 miles.the rattle noise from over head console was fixed, the air condition is a little bit noise when changing from hot to cold.....the bigest problem i have now is leaking oil, the Dearler didn't know where it come from.they have change the rack&pinion steering still having problem. Then I change the service to an other Dealer they change the Oil pressure switch and get what...still leaking...I'll come back to that dealer again very soon...any Body having same problem as i do ? :confuse:
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    I have like all of you the same brake problems. I have 16k of this truck and this will be the forth time in for the brakes. It's always a pleasure going back to the dealer.
    The auto power up for the front windows not working correctly. The dealer told me it could be caused from dirt on the window, yea right. The muffle has rattled, the driver side passenger window needs the regulator replaced again because it clangs when going up. First time I brought it in for this the mechanic destroyed the door panel when replacing it and never mentioned it to me. I waited 3 months for a new panel. The keyless remote stopped working for a 3 month period when it got cold, then out of the blue it started working. The cloth interior seems a little cheap, the back of the drivers seat keeps coming apart. The over head console vibrating like it's about to come done. The most puzzling problem is, the truck has decided not to start on three different occasions. The dealer told me it's the after market sunroof they put in for me. They had my truck 4 days for the starting problem and the last time the interior was full of grease. Basically they can't figure this dead battery problem so the are claiming it's the sun roof. Did any one else have this dead battery or start problem? With that said, I decided to purchase a portable battery jump starter. I should have purchase the Toyota.
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    Trying to follow steps for applying lemon law to my Nissan Armada 2004. I had 8 service visits to fix the overhead panel problem, and it is not fixed yet. The total number of days my Armada spent in repair: 71 and counting (still at the dealership). The mechanics told me that the overhead/headliner problem could only be fixed on the factory, however Nissan does not want to admit that and the dealer is trying to fix it here, in MN.

    I wrote a letter to the dealer/Nissan requesting to purchase it back or refund the money. My total experience with this car is outrageous.

    For others who want to follow the lemon law, here is the link:'s Lemon Law

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    I had my brakes done at 9000, 13000 and on the 17000 miles my service advisor installed the new brake part ( $697.22 ) under warranty. now it has 19700 and haven't seen any brake dust so far. my rims are as clean as the day I wash it ( 17000 miles ).
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    I have an "04 SE. I love the SUV,, now that the brakes are fixed for good, hopefully. The only problem I have is cleaning the cloth seats. It seems that even a drop of water stains them. I have even scotch guarded them, and it didn't help. My 1 year old car looks like the seats are 10 years old!!! Any suggestions for removing stains??? :confuse:
  • 514329514329 Member Posts: 60
    mine too is an 04 SE. i'm bringing it bec. they will replace that ceiling console. have u tried using resolve ( for carpet ).
  • meesacatmeesacat Member Posts: 4
    I have used alomost everything. The stains come out using resolve, but when they get wet again, the stains reappear, and they are darker. My son is a swimmer, so he gets in the car wet, and everything I thought I got out comes back. I'm afraid to keep cleaning them weekly. The Nissan dealer was not any help. I haven't had any problems with the ceiling console ,though.
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    Nissan is replacing the rotors & front & rear pads at no cost to you. If your dealer is telling you they never heard of the problem they are lying. You may want to switch dealers if it is convenient. Every 2004 Armada & Titan, & most 2005s have this problem.
    Here is what they replaced on mine;
    2 40206-ZC01A ROTOR DISC
    1 44060-ZC025 PAD KIT-DI
    1 41060-ZC025 PAD KIT -
    4 41005-7S000 BOLT
    The front discs, calipers and pads were replaced. The rear rotors were turned, and only new pads installed. For all those people who are having a problem with their dealership (Not knowing about the Brake Jutter as THEY call it), there is a website that has all the bulletins on Armada (and other nissan) problems. I forgot who posted it here, but I believe it is
    It only took them 2 1/2 hours to replace them. And they should be free. :)
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    Does anyone know of someone who bought the '06? Nissan bought back my '04 and I really love the vehicle, but I am worried to repurchase if the '06 still have brake and window problems.

    What do you think? :confuse:
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    I bought an '06 Armada about three weeks ago and have not had any problems yet! I will make sure to post any problems that I do encounter.
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    I have ac compressor shuts off on idle sometimes.They say could not be did a repair still the same.3 or 4 times went in for brakes.Windows problems are to come soon .I hired a lawyer so i have to wait.Nissan did not answer yet and ican not call nissan anymore.I went to different dealer same idiots only name changed.
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    I retained an experienced Lemon Law attorney. My case was settled before trial with Nissan buying back the Armada on very satisfactory terms.

    You have nothing to lose by retaining counsel for these brake problems as the lawyer is paid by Nissan as part of the settlement.
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    I have the same problem w/ my tires (all 4), the dealer told me that they are worn at a dangerous levels at only 18k, but they refuse to replace them. How did you manage to do that?
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    Had the overhead console fixed for the 2nd time, power windows fixed, creaky vents fixed, couldn't duplicate the power seat intemittantly not working. The nice thing was, my brakes were worn out at 18K miles, so my dealer did the brake TSB for the warped rotors (even though they weren't) and did the whole brake job for free... :shades:
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    I have 3000 miles on our Armada and I have already taken it in for the second time. What state do you live in? What is the phone number of the lawer? Thanks for your help, Dave
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    What is the phone number of the lawer?

    Please take it to email. Posting contact information in the Forums is frowned upon.

    tidester, host
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    We own a 2004 Armada, it's been to the dealer at least 8 times for brake judder. We have avg. 5 to 7000 miles between the problem returning. We had the fix done that you described and the problem returned sooner than before. It starts anytime you have either a panic stop or have to slow down from high speed driving quickly. I'm going to take it back again-my dealer is tired of seeing me. I'm beginning to think my only options are to buy aftermarket rotors or put an ad in the paper to sell it. For sale 2004 Nissan Armada, great shape, garage kept-just ask my dealer (Woodfield Nissan-Schaumburg Il.) -it's kept in his garage more than mine!
  • whambinowhambino Member Posts: 8
    If you have found a lemon law lawyer in Illinois please email me-I need someone. My car has been in at least 8 times -all for brake problems. We even had the new fix and it returned sooner than before.
  • galvanggalvang Member Posts: 156
    After a year of fighting with Nissan, I finally won a buyback of the Mada :lemon: . The brake issues of course was the main reason. Living in Nevada where the lemon laws are considered one of the worst in the country my Lawyer still manage to win the buyback. Sad to say I had to go to a lawyer outside of Nevada to settle the issue with Nissan. I even lost the arbitration earlier in the year but I persisted and never gave up.

    After writing letters to Nissan and never heard back from them, they finally wrote back two days before surrendering my Mada saying that the new brake fix was finally here. It was too little and too late. The value of my Mada has gone way down and thier attitude towards the customers didn't warrant me to keep the Mada.

    I had some positive expectations with the Mada after owning the Acura MDX. Boy was I wrong. The brakes, the tires, rattles did the mada in. So far the MDX is the best vehicle I have owned to date.

    So with that, Its over. Now I will be tranferring from this forum into another pretty soon. The question is "which forum???" Hopefully this week I will find out.

    Good luck everyone. If you need the name of my lawyer let me know, I'll email it.
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    I do not have a lawyer, I simply wrote a letter to Nissan and copied to local dealership. I also submitted a case to BBB and got a response from them today. They contacted Nissan and Nissan is ready to fix everything to our satisfaction. Not sure if this will change anything.
  • dneildneil Member Posts: 2
  • galvanggalvang Member Posts: 156
    Good lemon law website. In fact the law firm in that website is the law firm that won the case for me with Nissan.
  • mooney205mooney205 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone looked at just replacing the seat with a after market seat? I am happy with most things of the truck with the exception of the seat. Does anyone know where to get a after market seat?
  • brophybrophy Member Posts: 4
    I've been reviewing alot of the noted problems with the Armada and I saw a couple of posts that Nissan has fixed the brake issue (note: I'm a huge Maxima fan, so I like Nissan products). I'm looking to replace my wife's Durango (POS) and the Armada has plenty of room for our growing family. Any thoughts on the proposed fixes that Nissan has put forward, whether or not they are on the 2005's that haven't been sold, and any recommended dealers in Northern Maryland?
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    I have a friend that works for a Nissan Dealership, he sold me an Armada, the rotors also warped on it. Nissan's policy from what I have been told is that you must take your Armada in three times to have the rotors replaced before they will do the upgrade. They are hoping for the consumer to run out of warranty before they have to do the upgrade, because some of the rotors aren't warping every three thousand miles. Apparently it is cheaper than a recall.
  • no_brakesno_brakes Member Posts: 2
    Don't touch this one I a have been a Nissan fan for years but they not fixed the problem these are undersized brakes and all who but will be plagued for years. proper fix requires bigger rotors and calipers, 3700.00 in after market but that will toast the warranty. Best not to buy! trust me I am stuck with an 04 in mint shape I could not give away.
  • no_brakesno_brakes Member Posts: 2
    I would stay away I like my 04 and am having repeated break problems after every thing is replaced. I would wait and make sure the problem is fixed.
  • brophybrophy Member Posts: 4
    One caveat I'd put to the dealer is that the brakes would have to have the Nissan fix applied (bigger rotors, etc.) before I would take delivery.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    On the 04 I had them put in writing the brake fix for me. It came in in July and i've but over 12K miles on it, 10k towing a 6k trailer w/o issue. Also the last 2k miles or so my trailer brakes broke so I've been towing with only the Armada brakes. No juddering, no issues.

  • kidsddskidsdds Member Posts: 11
    I just want to say what a joy life has been since trading in my Armada over a month ago. I, as most of you, had a extensive list of problems with my '04 Armada. Instead of losing anymore sleep and dealing with spiking blood pressure problems everytime that I stepped into the vehicle, I decided to just trade it in and take my loss. I just accepted that I will pay my "stupid tax" and stop worrying about the vehicle. I now own a 2006 Tahoe that does not rattle or have a judder. The brakes and windows work very well. It was interesting that 1 week after dumping the vehicle that a lengthy article came out in the Nashville paper about the four nissan vehicles that JD Powers was giving "low quality" marks for. They all are made in the Canton, MS plant. Armada, Titan, Quest, and Infinity version of the Armada. I was just glad that I traded mine in before the media started talking about it. Good Luck to all that decide to hang on to their Armadas.... I hope that you have good blood pressure meds!
  • joe4053joe4053 Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody have any answers on how I can go about getting my tires replaced? Have a 2004 Armada will ALL the brake,window, rattling, paint, chrome issues but just noticed that the tires are worn unevenly and BALD on one side. My dealer knows me personally from all the aggravation they put me through! HELP
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Good luck with your Tahoe. You know the good american quality vehicle :) I sat in a $60k Escalade with my boss when he was shopping for an SUV (Looked at Cayanne, Range Rover, Infiniti, Caddy) and we were both amazed how cheaply made the Escalade was.

  • daceyhdaceyh Member Posts: 4
    I got a 2005 Armada in Aug. I was told that the fix had already been done, however at 3000 miles started experiencing brake judder. I took it to a closer dealer who put the kit on it and told me that this kit has only been available for 2 weeks. Someone has not told me the truth, but hopefully it is now fixed as I am otherwise extremely happy with the car.
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