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    I just recently purchased a 2005 Armada and had to have brakes and roters replaced at 3000 miles. It has been another 1000 miles and they are grinding again. Is this is a sign of things to come? What has been your experience with brake replacement?
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    Your dealer probably didn't install the upgrade kit. I had a similar problem at 3k miles, my dealer put in the upgrade kit and i'm not at 20k miles, about 15k of them towing a 6,000 lb car trailer and no issues at all.

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    I have an 04 Armada and I love it. I have had some small problems here and there but they are just that...small. I love the size, the ride, everything. The gas milage is even better than I thought. Mine is also the first year they came out so some small problems are to be expected. I also think whatever car you chose you will find dissatisfied owners just the same. I would difinately recommend this SUV.
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    I would like to know if you are working for nissan.(JUST ASKING)
    Because your comments sounds like your one of them. The only thing I agree on your statement is the size and that is all. I got an '04 Armada with all the upgrades and guess what? I had the other side of your coin which is strange huh...........tnx :confuse:
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    I'm on second Armada. I bought the 04' in Sept of 2oo4 and bought another in Nov 05'. I have the o6' and I love it. I live in Ny myself and I had problems with the brake system. My husband contact the attorney general of Ny and we files for Arbitration for Lemon Law. It cost $250 which you get back if you win your case. Its such an easy process and they really are there to help the comsumer. My girlfriend is having a problem with her Chrysler and I gave her the same advise. She went to her hearing last Tuesday. If you need advise feel free to contact back. I know how you feel.
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    I had the 2004 and we had it bought back by Nissan. It was a lemon. At my Arbitration hearing the Nissan rep said that the 2005 that we built after July had the new brake kits in them. My O4 had the new brake system installed 2 weeks before my meeting, but by that time I just wanted a new one.
    I now have the o6' and so far so good. So check on the side of your drivers door panel to when the truck was build to find out when it was manufactured date. Hope I answered your question.
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    It's a sign of things to come. I bought an 2005 2x4 SE Armada back in March 2005. First it was with the brakes. Love the exterior solid look and interior room. After washing the car within a day or so the front wheels were black with brake dust. Back wheels lagged a few days behind. I called the dealer and they said the brake pads were new and needed to "break in". After about 3k miles the wheels were black, could not keep them clean. By then I also noticed when braking the steering wheel would vibrate when braking "judder". Took the car to the dealer, they said the brake dust and judder was due to warped rotors and needed to be machined. They machined the front rotors washed the car and sent me on my way. Few days later the front wheels were black again. At 6k miles the judder resurfaced. Took it back to the dealer and they said there was a new brake kit from Nissan. They replaced all the brake pads on all four wheels and replaced the front rotors with bigger ones. At 12k miles have not had any more dust problems or judder. However, this is not the only problems I have had. I have also had problems with the radio in that the bass/treble/fade etc. controls do not work correctly when turning the knob. Also noticed water accumulation inside the passenger headlight. Took it to the dealer, after 4 hours with hungry two kids and a pregnant wife in the waiting room they replaced the headlight and told me the radio also needed to be replaced but they did not have it in stock. Had to return when it arrived to get it replaced. Other problems. The vehicle is a rattlebox. The roof rattles like crazy and gets rather annoying especially on long trips. The front and back interior also has some rattles. Towed my boat within the first week of getting the vehicle. After towing, I noticed a clicking sound in the middle of the undercarriage. Took it to the dealer, and they said it was something to do with adding grease to something. The sound went away temporarily but the clicking has come back. Still love the interior room and storage and bold exterior look but don’t be fooled. With all the problems I have had and no end in sight, with fuel prices sky rocketing, with all the inconveniences of going to the dealer and this being the family vehicle. I had no choice but to get rid of this piece of junk. I am really disappointed with Nissan. I bought a 2000 Maxima and had it for 6 six years, no problems. But, after this I will never by another Nissan.

    To end this long sad story with a happy ending, after only 12k miles I ended up trading it in for a foreign fully loaded minivan. Much better gas mileage, same payments and terms, easier access for my kids, leather, moonroof, etc. and most important: NO MORE HEADACHES.
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    I purchased my 04 Armada in September 04. The ongoing problems have been listed a multitude times by Armada owners on this site already so I will not list them again. After 16 months of fighting with the dealership (who did not care) and fighting with Nissan (who did not care) I turned the whole mess over to an attorney. I've never done that in my life, but desperation and frustration will drive a person to take new roads. Finally, we have an offer we can live with and received the settlement papers today. This is our 8th Nissan - and our last. 2004 may have just been a "bad year", but after discovering that Nissan simply does not care about customer service or backing their products, they will never receive another dime of my money. (They don't care about that, either.) My final answer about Nissan - DON'T TAKE THE DEAL. If it's too late and you already did, save yourself some grief. Document EVERYTHING and send it to a lawyer. Unfortunately, Nissan will not work with you without one, but once you do that, they will pay you to make you shut up and go away. Works for me.
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    Read my post on 4/7/06. I think it's #284. You can still keep your vehicle if you really want to, but Nissan owes you something and you can get it. I do not have the attitude that the world owes me anything, but vehicles that come with this kind of price tag should NOT have these problems and the manufacturer must be held accountable. Okay -I'm off my soap box.
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    Hi everyone traded in my o4 nissan titan in january NISSAN ARMADA SE and its a great suv its big powerful and good looking I think nissan is making great cars and trucks also have a 05 nissan maxima se and its great no problems so far going on a year. This is our 4 nissan and im 25 years old and my wife is 22 the cars are not that pricey like toyota and honda and american cars just suck there pos and not good looking there for old people. just wanted to know were i can get some splash guards for the armada went to dealer the showed me some thin ones way different from the rear one that came from factory parts guy said thats the only one they caries all the dealers said that wanted to know if titan ones fit any help thank you
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    Yep, Nissan and its dealers doesn't give a hooten crap about their greiving customers. The Armada proved to be a dark horse and just like you, I hired an attorney and Nissan came to terms. Never buy a Nissan again. Instead a bought a Honda and I'm a happy camper, again. What a difference in quality.
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    I have thought about the Pilot, but I go offroad in Assateague, which can be really soft sand. Have you used the Honda off road at all? I guess I am one of the Armada owners who have had minimal problems.. Little fit and finish stuff (2 overhead consoles) and the brakes having to be replaced at 20K (which the dealer took care of). But I am getting good wear out of the Conti's and the brake pad replacement eliminated the black rim issue as well. I really love driving the Armada, but have to admit that I am scared to death of the warranty expiring next year...
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    Did not get the Pilot. Rather I acquired the Ridgeline. Yes its a little smaller than thah the "Lemonarda". The quality is much better, It rides very smooth and the nav system is far superior. I'm close to 15K with no problems, what so ever, The voice activated NAVI and rear camera are my favorite optional features. Plus the good leasing deal that I negotiated makes this truck all the better.

    Offroad is ok and is better than the Pilot. So is the tow rating.

    So long Lemonarda.
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    I like the Ridgeline, by I need the 3rd row. That is what pushed me toward the Armada originally... I will probably go with the Sequoia next year...
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    when purchasing the 2006 Armada LE, we purchased the entertainment package that included the satallite radio-(xm). Upon delivery the dealer representative said, "they made a mistake and it did not have xm radio capability." I told them I wanted a factory ready radio for xm. They said they would do that and it took a month to install some kind of xm system. There is a small ?something? on dash- (not an antenna) however, no wires are showing. Reception is AWFUL. I have a sirius sitting on dash of another car that I purchased at radio shack and it puts out better reception than this "so called" factory installation of xm. Does anyone know what is wrong with HOW the dealership installed the xm??
  • crhotencrhoten Member Posts: 2
    HELP PLEASE!! when purchasing the 2006 Armada LE, we purchased the entertainment package that included the satallite radio-(xm). Upon delivery the dealer representative said, "they made a mistake and it did not have xm radio capability." I told them I wanted a factory ready radio for xm. They said they would do that and it took a month to install some kind of xm system. There is a small ?something? on dash- (not an antenna) however, no wires are showing. Reception is AWFUL. I have a sirius sitting on dash of another car that I purchased at radio shack and it puts out better reception than this "so called" factory installation of xm. Does anyone know what is wrong with HOW the dealership installed the xm??
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    It depends on if you want an overpowered car (Armada)or an extremely underpowered truck (Sequoia). The (2006 only) Armada is a great truck with a great ride. The interior is great and roomy, roomy, roomy. Many of the problems described in the previous pages are not the case with the 2006 Armadas due to it being the 3rd model year. Nissan is worked out all the problems and put out their 2006 Armada. We recently purchased a 2006 Armada and love it! I highly reccomend.
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    Just want everyone to know going on 5th time to repair brakes on my 2004 Armada. At21,000 miles 2nd time to replace kit. Anyone else having repeat failures after fix
    was done. Know any good lawyers? :mad:
  • galvanggalvang Member Posts: 156
    Am I surprised?? No!! With gas prices souring through the roof and the terrible gas milage and on top of that the brake problems. Its time to dump the Lemonada. Plenty of good lawyers out there.
  • rafarafa Member Posts: 35
    Hi everyone wanted to know if someone can help me I going in for the first oil change and i have 2300 miles on it and was going to dealer but I want to use full sync oil can i use it on this engine and will there be any problems please help great truck
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    I have been using it on my Mada since new and it has 27,000 mi on it now with no problems (at least related to oil) .... ;)
  • chuntmdchuntmd Member Posts: 17
    Why do you ask? Have ever heard of any problems going with Synthetic oil? I've been using various kinds since 82 and never seen or heard of a issue with synthetic oil.

    Yes, you still need to change it as required by the warranty but as soon as it goes then dio what ever you please. Mobil 1 has a 15,000mile oil but I've never seen a single throw-away oil filter that could last that long.
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    I own a 04 Armada, and I've just started having problem filling my gas tank. It keeps overflowing with gasoline way before I can fill it up. I made an appointment to take it in to my dealer tomorrow. Has anyone else had or having this problem?
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    I have had my Armada for 6 months with approx. 8500 miles. I live in Colorado where I go to the mountains, pull a 2-horse trailer and use it for everday driving to and from corp. america. There was one recall for potential loose front-end bolts but mine was fine and required no action. I track gas mileage every 1000 miles and it averages approx 14.3. And, I do drive fast!
    Overall, a great vehicle and I love the rear camera! :)
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    Has anyone else had a problem with their Armada stalling while driving? I have an '04 SE with 36,000 miles that has been in the shop twice with this problem. I've had the fuel pump replaced twice and was told that a wire was not grounded, but it was found and fixed. Just today my husband & I were on the way home and it stalled on a bridge with nowhere to go. Has anyone else had anything like this happen?
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    I have a 2004 armada that has 26000 miles and it is giving me a lot of problems since I bought it in may 2004. I've been in the dealership more than 20 times with almost the same problem. I tried to contact a lemon lawyer about this matter and I was told that their fee is 1/3 plus cost if it is greater than $6000. If the total recovery is between $3001 to $6000 their fee will be $2000 plus cost. But if they recovery only is $3000 or less they want 50% plus cost........ I find this a little high, I dont know if getting a lawyer is a good move (monetary wise). Do you think I will loose money if I hire a lawyer? or should I go to a dealership and trade this problematic armada straight up........can anyone help me with my situation???your suggestions will be greatly appreciated...........thanks
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    I may have the same problem with my 04 Armada LE. I have experienced the engine "smothering" and losing power completely while driving on the road. When I depress the accelerator pedal the engine spits, sputters, and will not increase speed. I have narrowly escaped being overrun by a huge 18 wheeler.
    This occurred on three occasions.
    My dealer told me it was because of low brake fluid causing a sensor to activate the "fail safe mode" signal to the engine. This was the first time (c.25,000 miles)
    The second time the same symptom occurred and my dealer replaced the catalytic converters (c.50,000 miles)
    The third time the dealer said it was a fuel system sensor and the part would cost $324.00, plus labor. At the same time I was told that a part of the steering system must be replaced at a part cost of over $1,100.00.
    Not one time has a warning light come on.
    I have taken the vehicle to another dealer for a "second opinion" and I hope he can straighten this out for me.
  • henardhenard Member Posts: 4
    In March 2004 I bought my Armada LE. Had Continental tires that hydroplaned so badly I almost wrecked in the rain several times. I bought new Wranglers at 27,000 miles although the Conts were not worn out, just dangerous.
    At about the same time the engine "smothered, spit, and sputtered" and lost power while driving at normal speed. This almost got me run over by an 18 wheeler. The dealer said this resulted from the brake fluid being low. He replaced the brake warning light ever came on for low brake fluid, or anything else.
    At around 50,000 miles the engine failed again, just like before. Dealer said it was because catalytic converters were clogged. He replaced them and I went on my way.
    At around 70,000 miles the engine failed AGAIN the same way. Dealer service manager said it was a fuel system sensor of some kind. He insisted this was because the air cleaner element was not a Nissan brand and would allow dirt to foul the sensor. He suggested replacing the sensor..cost $324. At the same time he said there was a steering system part that needed to be replaced..cost $1,100+.
    Today I took it to another dealer service dept for a second opinion. We'll see how that turns out.
    Also had sunroof liner vibration and wear problems; driver side door seal leaked water in the rain; rear seat latch will not release when the handle is used; rattles and squeaks. To say I am disappointed with the vehicle is a gross understatement....I AM TERRIFIED TO DRIVE IT.
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    I panicked when my Armada rolled back while my gear was in drive and my foot on the brake. I immediately put the gear in park, and pressed on the brake as hard as I can. The dealership can not duplicated the problem. Has this happened to anyone? I was not even on an incline. Could this be a transmission problem?
  • kjjalexiskjjalexis Member Posts: 2
    My Armada has 50000 miles. I am ready to get rid of it. The car started rolling back while the gear was in drive and my foot was on the brake while at a parking lot. I was not on an incline So I immediately put the gear in park and pressed on the brakes as hard as I can. The dealer can not duplicate the situation or find anything wrong with the car. I am ready to sell this lemon after all the brake and oil leaks I've been having.
  • pulelehuapulelehua Member Posts: 2
    Can I get any help (Hawaii) even if I am the second owner of a 2004 Nissan Armada only 19K miles? :cry:
  • rafarafa Member Posts: 35
    have a 2006 nissan armada that we bought new in january. I was washing it yesterday when i noticed that the front bumper one side is higher then the other and one side is kind of pop out look to see if anyone had bump me on bumper was looking for scraches, dent, marks there isn't anything that would let me believe i was hit can anyone let me know if this has happen to them thank you.
  • alexgmob85alexgmob85 Member Posts: 2
    I seem to be having the same problem. I've read the other posts and no one sounds like the problem is fixed,sometimes it stutters to start sometimes it dosent start at all, but the worse is while driving and i loose my power brakes and steering very dangerous.I dont want to take the car to the dealer since my warranty is up and i dont trust them, im sure they will give me the runaround and i dont have the time or the money to deal with them.If you have any new information please let me know so i can try to fix it myself or maybe even see if its better to get rid of it. This is so frustrating im going crazy. It feels really bad sending the monthly payment for a car that i consider brand new and has giving me so many problems. I have 55,000 miles and have had pretty much every problem that everyone in here has had .please help someone
  • 4forus4forus Member Posts: 3
    Please have it looked at. I was driving my kids in the car a few months ago and we lost the brakes. Now the same problems plus the 4WD Computer was "fried" not sure what that means and our ABS module went out. They still are getting error messages -- and what is even Better is Nissan doesn't care. They won't admit that the car is not safe. My husband has had it....but we too have 55k on the car and it is falling apart. IF you dont' have it looked at it could cause an accident. We are going to see if Nissan will buy it back -- but NISSAN IS HORRIBLE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THE CAR. If the don't we are getting a lawyer and my husband has already started contacting media regarding this. I think Nissan needs to take responsibility before people start getting hurt!
  • 4forus4forus Member Posts: 3
    Yes we had the same "low brake fluid" issue. Now they have found that it is much more serious than this. After 40k more miles the Booster system, ABS and 4wd is out. A mechanic we talked to said that it is because they probably used the breaking system off the Pathfinder without much change to accomodate the load of the Armada. SO, the break system after many miles will just completely fall apart -- while we are driving them. All I can say is my husband and I have been giving Nissan chance after chance and the problems just get worse. Get out of your Armada's and complain to Nissan -- get a lawyer if you have to -- but don't put your families at risk!
  • galvanggalvang Member Posts: 156
    I can not give out any legal advice since I am not a lawyer. My friendly advice is to read up on Hawaii's lemon law and see if your situation applies. Since your "Lemonada" is only 19k it may fall under factory warranty even though you are second owner.

    If that doesn't work there are laws in the federal area that could help you if Hawaii's laws are enept. For this you need a lawyer that practices in US district court. They can be expensive.

    Sorry about your situation. Hope everything works out for you.
  • rockbiggierockbiggie Member Posts: 4
    I would like to know what was the process you went through with the lawyer regarding the lemon law of the armada and what was the outcome.
  • rsantos21rsantos21 Member Posts: 5
    I also own a Nissan Armada which is a 2004. It has been in at the Dealer numerous times for brakes, the temperature gauge not working properly, 5 times for the dashboard lights of which only half of them worked and now the fuel gauge. The dealer is telling me that all the tests show that nothing is wrong with the fuel gauge. Meanwhile every time I fill up I even try to add more gas even after the pump clicks 3 - 5 times. Still the fuel gauge does not even come close to the FULL marker.

    I main concern now is what I will do when my Nissan Warranty is over!!!! I can only imagine what the bill will cost me then.

    You know its bad when the Nissan dealers service managers know your first name and even the phone operator before you tell them its you!
  • rsantos21rsantos21 Member Posts: 5
    My 2004 Armada SE rolls back when I am stopped at a hill...but when I press on the brakes it does stop.
    Could be a transmission gear not working properly.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    We noticed a problem this summer on the rear roof vents. With temps consistently over 100F, the rear air was used quite a bit. However, it is very annoying that all of the vents would abruptly close in the rear when turning the fan speed to highest. Manually re opening them did not necessarily keep them open all the time. We pretty much lost the ability to partially open and direct them. The vents are just way to loose. This is on a 2005 Armada mfg in Feb 2005.
  • wayyonderwayyonder Member Posts: 3
    I purchased my 04'Armada in January of 04'...nothing but problems ever since...I cannot even spend the time to explain how many times I had new brakes, rotors, etc...too numerous. I never received a letter from Nissan, but I did get an attorney in 01/05.

    Since Nissan is so backed up with these issues, my court date is 03/07...

    My vehicle is now out of warrenty, the TSB fix is crapola...I was told the warrenty was for 3 yrs from the date installed period...I am now told it was 3 yrs or 50,000 miles, I have 53,000 ,miles....

    Now, I am having weird brake issues, when you push the brake petal, you hear SPRINGS poppin', and the brake light blazin'... NO one knows why... they initially said its because I need new brakes......I have had the rotors resurfaced this past May 06, this past Friday, 08/04, I am told I need a new set of brakes and the rotors resufaced I have to begin paying out of pocket...

    OOh gez, cannot even begin to explain what has fell out, broken up, cracked up inside the truck...I haven't had speakers since April 04'...I was told it was my fault...did not have the 800.00 bucks to repair...I went to another Nissan dealer to get a quote to humor myself, the price went from 800.00 bucks to 1285.00

    Have you ever heard of a the steering wheel material color begining to rub off ? Witin a year ?

    If I can only wait for 6 more months for this hearing....
  • suzy0418suzy0418 Member Posts: 11
    Could you tell me what year Armada you have? i had the 2004 and had problems with the brakes myself. Well kept on it and had Nissan installed the new brake kit. The original kits were recalled. After the new kit was installed I had been proceeding with the Ny state Lemon law and Nissan bought back my 2004. I re purchased a 2006. Contact your attorney general and find out what your rights are. Keep every service ticket and count the amount of times the truck was in for the same problem. being that you have 55K miles that could be a problem. You need to prove that the car is unsafe and or a lemon. Were you ever notified that there was a recall on the brakes and tow package? I really love the truck so if I have the same problem again, I'm really going to kick myself for buying it again.

    good luck,
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    "Have you ever heard of a the steering wheel material color begining to rub off ? Witin a year ?"

    Mine was almost compltely worn off. Couldn't read the letterin anymore. I just had them replaced under warranty at the dealer....
  • suzy0418suzy0418 Member Posts: 11
    I had the 2004 and the brakes were recalled, contact Nissan and tell them you need the new brake kit or your contacting the attorney general. After the brakes were cut 3 times you could have had the truck bought back through you states lemon law arbitration. I did, Now I have a 2006. Good luck.
  • rshershe Member Posts: 236
    I have never seen a full recall on the brakes, only a TSB.. I did however notice the calipers on an 06 Armada the other day and they looked significantly beefier than the ones on my 04. Asked my service manager and he said he has nothing about a recall only a TSB...Any Nissan Techs out there want to weigh in...
  • wayyonderwayyonder Member Posts: 3
    Thanks !

    As a matter of fact, I do have an attorney....and filing under the lemon law act....I too contacted Nissan with little or no recourse....I am a little past the miffed stage...They (whoever "THEY" are) are so backlogged, I had to wait for over 2 yrs to get a court hearing. My goal is to have the 2006 Armada.

    AAARRGGHHH !! I will be so glad when that bucket of bolts is outta my life !!!!
  • hapakathapakat Member Posts: 10
    Go to the Better Business Bureau. I have my Armada in for the 5th time...less than 28,000 miles on it. This year, it's been in the shop in January, May and now August. We're waiting to go to arbitration. I want them to take the car back! All Nissan wants to do is a "band aid" temporary fix. I'm tired of taking this stupid car in. I'll never buy a Nissan again!
  • lampe3dlampe3d Member Posts: 1
    I also have an '04 that is about to have its warranty to expire. I had trouble with my fuel gauge also, would fill it up and the sensor would only show about 7/8 full. Nissan put a new sensor in and now it works perfect. I also had trouble with my sunroof, when opening the operation was not a continuous smooth motion. The dealership said the motor needs to be replaced. Have you had any other challenges with your Nissan? Would love to share challenges so we can both get our warranty items taken care of before the warranty expires. All in all I am satisfied with the vehicle.
  • shopinfulshopinful Member Posts: 47
    We have a 2004 Armada and only have 13,000 miles on the vehicle. We have had the vehicle in for brake problems 3 times and they took 2 weeks or more to fix twice. The brakes have gone out again, thank heavens on a side street and not a highway or busy street. It is sitting in our garage right now. We can't keep an SUV that we are afraid to drive. Each time the brakes have gone out we have luckily been either in a parking lot or side street. They just made this terrible noise and then "no brakes" and we just drove at a turtle pace home or to the dealer. Have just filed with the Lemon Law in Florida. We really loved this SUV for comfort and size but if you are afraid to drive is time to get another SUV. With only 13,000 miles on it....this is ridiculous. I would hate to think what may have happened if we had been on a busy street or going 60+ miles instead of 15 miles an hour when they went out each time. It is really a scary thing! :(
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