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    Yea, no calipers here either. You have to wonder if anyone with the old brakes can stop this truck while towing upwards of 9k lbs? It can't be a good feeling.
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    Well finally my parts came in and I got the brake fix today. I can say that my brakes never felt so firm before. I can tell a big difference just in the feel. I hope they last. I also had them to tighten the passenger sun visor as it loosened up and the trim popped off. Also my drivers door hinge is loose and you could open the door and hear it pop. I looked at it a few days ago and noticed when I moved the door, the top bolt on the door was loose so you could move the door a little when you picked up on it a bit. So they fixed that to. The funny thing about the visors is that when I bought my Armada, I was pulling out of the lot and dropped my visor before I hit the street and it came loose, conked me in the nead and fell in my lap. I think this was an omen to things to come as this thing has been in the shop off and on more than any vehicle I have ever owned. Actually more than all of them put together have ever been in. Roof fix, rear bearing fix, you name it and I have probably had the problem. Mine was bought in Nov. '03 and of course is an '04. I hope I can finally start to enjoy it. Love the look, don't like some quirks with the suspension and the way the wheel bounces back and forth when you hit a bump. It isn't right, but they tell me it is normal. I will probably keep it a year or so more and then decide what to do with it. It is a shame though that they put out a product with so many problems.
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    I'm not sure there is any improvement in the armadas / qx56s. According to the article the supposed improvement is for initial quality. If you do a J.D. Power rating on these cars the 2005s still get the lowest grade for Body and Interior Quality and Overall Quality, and the armada dropped down 1 level to the lowest grade in Mechanical Quality matching the qx56.

    I don't think there is any light at the end of the tunnel for prospective buyers to be able to buy a solid armada / qx56 product and I definitely don't think there is anything for current owners to get excited about. We are stuck driving vehicles that nissan won't / can't fix.
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    I have a question for u Armada owners. Have any one had problems with there tires? I have a 04 with about 27K miles and my tires are wearing premature they are starting to feather and cup. I don't know if this is something to add to the list of problems but it has been a concern and was wanting to know if any one has had the same problems?
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    I don't think it is the tires as much as the factory sending out the vehicles with improper alignment. (see bulletin on When I took my vehicle in which was many, many times, I told them to look at the tires. They said nothing was wrong. I rotated them at every oil change until about 18k miles. At around 12-13k miles, I ran over a long bolt and it actually came into my tire and was rolling around inside. I made it to the station to get the spare put on. The tire was ruined but it didn't matter as it was bad anyone. It was worn out and I was going to replace it. I ordered a new tire, left on the spare (had it balanced) and put the other worn tire on for the spare. Now I have 23k miles and the other 2 tires are worn out. I just replaced them last week. I asked Nissan for them to finally do something and their response was sorry your warranty for alignment ran out 500 miles ago, so we will be glad to do it for 79.95. I told them to forget it and took it to Sears. From the factory, it was found all 4 wheels were out of alignement. (just like bulletin said) Nissan said they would have done it if I hadn't of let the warranty lapse. I told them, I asked them at every oil change when I rotated the tires why they were wearing so badly but they said it was normal. They said, well sorry but you didn't ask for an alignment. Can you believe?? There are many, many more people like us out there that had alignment problems. They are using the warranty period to get out of making any repairs. I should have gotten a new set of tires out of the deal but I got nothing.
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    This suv started out as a great idea, but as we all know all great ideas are not great. I am so disappointed in this truck. I wish Nissan would would fix the outstanding problems and not give us a bunch of grief. Remember Nissan if it wasn't for us consumers buying your products were would u be? :mad:
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    In January, I bought a 2005 Pathfinder.....not the Armada Pathfinder. My truck is 4 months old and only has 8300 miles. I took it in this past weekend for it's 7500 mile maintenance and for the repair of my 3rd row seat that would no longer fold down. Part of the maintenance was to rotate my tires. While driving my car home I noticed the steering wheel vibrating only when I drove over 60 mph. I took my truck back to the service dept and the assistant manager stated they would balance my tires again. He also made mention that my tires we cupped. He then stated that if the problem continued they would give me an alignment. Needless to say, my steering wheel is still vibrating.

    I'm very concerned that I just purchased a vehicle with so many problems. I too have problems with the driver and front passenger window shaking when rolled down. I also hear a rattling noise when driving on the freeway with the windows up. It sounds like something is loose somewhere. I just feel like a NEW car should not have be having these problems. I shouldn't have to replace tires after every rotation because they are cupped. I'm not sure what the dealership is going to tell me, but I will keep pressing until they fix whatever the problem is or I'll have to get rid of it.

    I'm very disappointed right now. My previous car was a brand new 97 Altima. I had it 7 yrs and I loved it. I expected so much more from my Pathfinder.
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    I just successfully sued Nissan over my Armada. Nissan agreed to purchase my truck back and paid me over $8000.00 which covered all my payments, plus my down payment, minus .20 a mile useage fee. I am a broker and have sold many Armadas and Titans - all of which have many problems. My Armada had 9 separate brake failures of one sort or another during the first year of ownership. This is in addition to multiple other interior build quality failures from door hinges to body panels to electrical issues to the center console falling down while my wife was driving.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB which is a complete waste of your time - I lost and the BBB gave Nissan another chance to fix it. My lawyer advised that the BBB program is funded by the auto industry so it's a rash of crap. Nissan corporate did show up and blamed the Nissan dealerships for all of the issues because they were not doing the repairs correctly and so they claimed they shouldn't be held responsible and the BBB agreed. Nissan's corporate representative even confirmed on the recorded record that Nissan still doesn't have a solid solution to this problem as they are currently on their 4th revision of brake components - He says they have a dedicated team in California which they flew in from Japan who's only job is to solve this issue!

    The BBB is content to allow us to continue beta testing Nissan's faulty products, but I was not. I contacted a lawyer. It took about 2 months and we actually had to file suit before Nissan would even respond. I am much happier in my new Lexus and have had no failures of any kind in the first 3400 miles (my Nissan had been into the shop 4 times already).
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    Nice job. Yes the BBB is bunch of crap that's funded by the auto companies. They hand pick their arbitrators such that the consumer have little chance in winning. I'm glad that you hired an attorney and won your fight. Just hope your Lexus works out. Just curious who is your lawyer?????
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    Just curious who is your lawyer?????

    You can take that to private email if either of you choose to make your email address visible in your user profile.

    tidester, host
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    My profile's been updated so you can see my email address. Drop me a line if you'd like that information.
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    What about the firms name?? No one is hear is degrading another persons character if you worry about liability.
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    Check the Rules of the Road link above under "Soliciting."

    Steve, Host
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    My name is Luan Pham I purchased and 04 Amarda I would like to get your attorney name and phone number I am so sick of this suv my AC is out at 10575 miles. need to get out of this truck. this SUV is in the shop for 4th times already and tomorrow will be the fift times and all of the problems are difference. My alignment,backup sensor,driver side chair,tire pressure gage,tire ballance and nerver ending brake problem and now the AC is out.
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    they fixed my after 2 times and then the whole power window go bad.So they replaced new motor and sensor and seals.
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    I got the same problem the fixed my both of my back and driver side windows twices.YOU are right the wife will win 99.9 % of the time.I traded my 01 sequeido toyota for this one It was a dumb moved.
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    Anyone else feel like they "slide" out of the front passenger seat??
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    I tried sending you an email but it rejected. I have 12K on my 2004 and it has been in the shop 4 different times for new brake kits, bolts, and resurfacing rotors. I contacted Nissan and got a case number but that didn't help.

    Can you check your email in your profile to make sure it is correct? Thanks!
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    Yes, it is correct as others have been able to reach me. Be sure you are spelling it correctly - it's all alpha, not numeric. [email protected]
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    Picked up my '05 Armada in late March. Upon giving it it's first bath, I noticed a foggy appearance to the lower half of the front bumper. It would not come off as it appeared to be a flaw in the manufacturing process.

    After showing it to my dealer, he agreed and ordered me another front bumper. When I picked it up, the fogginess was gone, but now it felt as if sand was on the bumper. If I were to wipe it with a paper towel, pieces of paper towel would sick to the "bumps" on the bumper. Another bumper was ordered but it was the same.

    I contacted Nissan1 and was told, even after they spoke with the service dept. about the "texture" of the bumper, that there was nothing wrong with it!!! It was designed that way!! I asked her to send me that in writing. She hasn't and will not return my phone calls.

    They have stated that there is not a problem and they will do nothing about it. Meanwhile, my dealer states they are going to order other bumpers. They (the dealer) said they checked other bumpers on their lot and almost every one has fogging or a rough texture around the lower half near the center.

    For a $45k vehicle, I expect more, am I nuts??!! My 8 year old Mitsubishi Montero (with 138k miles) has smoother, clearer, chrome bumpers that this truck. I just met a guy with an '04 with a hazy, milky finish as well.

    Has anyone else noticed this on theirs??
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    I'm starting to experience the same tire issues at 8k. I was experiencing a shimmy at 75mph and had a tire store re balance the tires. The front right was out 4oz!!. Had to turn the tire inside out to be able to balance it. They noticed abnormal wear. I did some searching and discovered that many Armada's left the factory with poor alignment and the front and rear must be aligned. The truck goes back for the 6th time for various issues and I will be requesting a new tire and an alignment.
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    How long does it take to complete a lemon law claim??
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    My dealer gave me new tires at about 9k said it was because of the breaks that messed with the wearing. I really didnt care for the reason because they gave me 2 new tires.
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    can you post your attorney info online. I bet he will get lots of business.
  • ldpldp Member Posts: 8
    I got the same shake at 75.I took it back for align,balance and rotation but the ac have leak. So the SUV is still in the shop and the dealer dont have the parts to fix the ac line . Does anybody have ac problems? I got 10k miles only .
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    can you post your attorney info online.

    Please don't. That would not be in accord with the Rules of the Road which you can review by clicking the link at the top of this page.

    tidester, host
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    Help...are these problems real? I am comparing the Armada LE and the Expedition. I have one Expedition and I know the quality, but the Armada looks interesting.....but now I am concerned after reading this forum. I am looking at the 2005 LE 4x4 (AWD). Are these real stories?
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    I think you will find that most of the problems people have had are with 2004 model years. 2004 was the first year of production for the Armada in a brand new factory. Combining a new model, a new factory and new employees will result in problems for any manufacturer. I have a 2005 and with the exception of the brakes, haven't had any other significant issues. My wife even thinks my Armada is quieter than her G35. As far as the brakes go, Nissan has a new set-up that they are installing, unfortunately it is taking some time to get enough supply. In the meantime, Nissan has stepped up and extended the warrantee all Armadas for "brake judder" issue to 36 months and unlimited mileage. I would stay away from a 2004 Armada, but wouldn't hesitate to buy a 2005.
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    I am shopping around for the same truck...
    What price quotes if any have you been receiving for the 2005 LE 4x4??? Based on what MSRP???
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    Need to purchase new tires. The Goodyears are fading fast at 26k, Looking at the BFG T/A KO or the Michelin Cross Terrain. Most driving is around town but do plan to go off road onto sandy beach several times this summer. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated :)
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    While you're waiting for a reply here you may want to check out the Tires, tires, tires discussion.

    tidester, host
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    I bought an Armada just two weeks ago and I am so unhappy with it the A/C sucks. My husband looked at it and said that the fan used in it is to small for the size of the SUV. It seems like the Manufacters would want to correct these problems, I am looking at getting a new car already and trading this one in. I AM NEVER BUYING ANOTHER NISSAN AGAIN............
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    There is no perfect car or truck made 2004 le is one of the best suv 's or trucks i've ever owned. No problems yet knock on wood and would buy another one in a heartbeat. i've had major problems with my toyota truck which I traded in on a new 2003 chevy truck 4x4 LT which had lots of problems with the transmission. so go armada......
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    Yes these stories are real - why would anyone in their right mind make up and complain about automobile problems for fun?

    The 2005 Armada's brakes are the same design as the 2004's - albeit 2 revisions later. I am a broker and have sold many 2004 and 2005 Armada's and Titans - all of them have issues. In fact, feel free to call car rental agencies who own these vehicles and see how happy they are with the brakes. The same fix that Nissan is putting on their Armada's now (2004 and 2005) is the same, because the brake system is the same. They were unable to confirm that this revision would work which is why they bought mine back and gave me a check for $8040.36.

    Myself and all of my customers have had many issues with Nissan Armada's/Titans and the brake issue appears to be the biggest of all our issues. While I admit that the 2005 Armada does have slightly better internal build quality, the brake problem is a design flaw. From a safety perspective, does it sound like a smart move to buy a 4000 pound truck that will accelerate from 0-60 in 7 seconds, has 305 horsepower and cannot stop and maintain control of itself reliably?
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    This has been a problem for me from the begining. They have replace my seat twice and they still can not fix it.
  • lenelene Member Posts: 3
    I was almost killed today when the brakes of my 2004 Nissan Armada went out. It happen on my way back from lunch and I could not get my car emergency brake light to come off. The emergency brake did release but the brake light on the dash remained on. I was lucky to be near a dealership and I took it in right away. They were not surprised by this at all and they said they had the new braking kits in and that the would replace my breaks. I have been waiting for these brakes from the dealership where I purchased my car and they still had not received them. At least that the story the gave me. I was very upset so I called the GM at my dealership and he was actually very nice and apologetic. He told me that I should contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair for the State of CA which is also known as BAR. He said for me to call them and ask for the Lemon Law Arbitration Department and they will send me some forms to file for Arbitration with Nissan. He said to his knowledge that this work better than hiring an attorney for the CA Lemon Law. I let you know what happens. Until then if your brake light does not turn off be very careful drive slowly.
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    An illuminated brake light can be confusing, especially if you think it just means the parking brake is engaged. But on some cars it has several meanings and apparently it meant for you to call for a tow today.

    Glad to hear you're only upset and not banged up and upset!

    Steve, Host
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    Brake light on, Its sounds like your brake fluid is low. Your brake pads are wearing too fast. As the pads wear the resovior for the brake fluid goes low. You have to replenish the resevoir or brake failure could occur. It almost happen to me. Though I caught it in time.

    If you live in CA forget about getting an arbritrator, get a lemon law lawyer. Bypass arbrtration, its a sham and if you loose it can be used against you. Plenty of good lemon law lawyers in CALI. Go to NHTSA and complain about the brake failure.
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    I noticed my chrome bumper the exact same as you described. Also bought mine in March (California), and noticed the chrome finish was inconsistent when washing up, in the same area. However, it is mild, and hard to tell unless you kneel down and look straight at it. At any rate, should have been better. I've been thinking it's just a little buffing out that got missed at the factory. With the right touch and tool, should be able to fix it quickly.

    Oh yea, a mere 2,500 miles on this 2/2005 mfg date vehile, and the brakes are juddering. No worries. Knew this going in, and already knew about the newer brakes and warranty upon deal sign. Driving style is not-agressive. I'll put up with it for a free fix at each oil change, perhaps some of those new rotors, and that 3 year guarantee was a fair move.
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    Dealership thought that buffing would require getting too deep into the chrome so they recommended replacement, we'll see...

    I'm being told August before they expect to receive the new rotors, is that what you've heard??
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    I am the "04 guy" with the same issue. My milky finish is located on the lower right side of my bumper near the towing hook. The only reason I noticed it is b/c of running into the above gentlemen in a chance encounter. We didn't know one another at the time, but the we had the Armada purchase in common and swapped our bad stories on the car. Mine was the brake chatter or warped rotors that he informed me was a common epidemic for the car and then we talked about his bumper issue. I too was giving my car it's first bath at home when I noticed the same problem with my bumper. I think most people wouldn't notice it b/c most people probably run this beast through the car wash and the area that is the problem is out of sight or under the bumper.

    Since then I have spoken to the Sales Manager whom is the only one taking initiative and is helpful in fixing these issues, Nissan One whom is a total waste of time and the Service Manager whom is also a waste of time. When I brought my car into the sevice dept to show him the bumper issue, he stated that the problem was with "Oxidation." That is ridiculous. This car has 6,500 miles on it, the bumper is metal with a chrome finish and he is telling me that this is oxidation and that it is normal for the car. He got down on and scratched the "oxidation" from the bumper with his finger nail He said that I need to use a chrome cleaner to clean the bumper and I won't have that problem. Give me a friggin break. I told him about chip88's exact same issue, his dealership's help, the bad replacement bumpers being shipped, etc. He just blew it off totally.

    Now the interesting thing is that the Sales Manager told me that he is aware of the chrome finish issue. The Murano's are having a big problem with the chrome finish peeling off of their front bumpers. That particular dealership has Murano bumpers in stock b/c the problem is so bad. The real kicker is that the chrome finish on the bumpers they have in stock is peeling off. If the Murano is having this issue and the Armada is having the issue, then all Nissan cars with a chrome finish is going to have this issue to some degree. It is only logical. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. :mad:
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    I have the brake issue on my 04 Armada. The dealer has acknowledged the issue and put me on their "List" for replacement of the rotors and pads. In the meantime, they have given me a temporary fix by turning the rotors and putting new pads on the car. They call this a "Level 2 Repair." I told them whatever, just get me the new parts when they come in b/c I am not letting them turn my rotors, lower the life of them and expect them to call it a day. As for the tire issue, my car is out of alignment for whatever reason brakes, etc. What do you suggest I tell the dealership to solve the problem b/c I don't want my tire life wearing down due to their quality control issues with the car.
  • wolverine13wolverine13 Member Posts: 3
    I have the 04 Armada and I am really pissed off about finding out about all these problems after I purchased this car. This is my first new vehicle purchase for my family. I spent $45K and I feel like I have been totally had. Brand new cars are not supposed to be a problem.....I would expect this kind of crap from a used car and frankly, my used cars have all been a lot less problematic and cost me a lot less more money. I have experienced too many issues with the car already and I want to get out of it and get a real car for the money. Does anyone know of a good attorney for IL Lemon Law? :mad:
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    I understand your delima. Nissan treats their customers like mushrooms.They have not been straight foreward with their customers. I am extremely disapointed with them. As you, I spent quite a bit of money on this SUV thinking I was getting japanese quality. Might as well take the ARMADA and squeez it into lemonade.

    I would suggest to google it. Type "Lemon law Illinois" and you should get some reputable national LL firms. Since I can't mention their names or the law firm's name in this BB this would be the best approach. Make sure you have all the paper work and make sure you meet Illinois requirement for a lemon. Good Luck.
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    "I'm being told August before they expect to receive the new rotors, is that what you've heard?? "

    Nope. In fact I took mine in over the weekend, the service manager said he just got 50 kits in, and now I got the new stuff. I totally thought I would have to go through a round of rotor turning and returning another 2500 miles later.
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    How much did you pay to the lawyer who won this lawsuit?
  • allrevsallrevs Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anybody know how to program the power door locks to lock after starting the car. All of my previously owned vehicles did that and I think it is a very good idea when you have children in the back seat. Any information on this topic would be appreciated.
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    I just purchase a 2005 Armada SE in March '05 and have had serious problems with both the brakes and the alignment. I had a very close call trying to control my steering/braking in rainy conditions driving @ 25mph. Hydro planed 5 times within 60 miles. Also, my tire pressure light keeps coming on even though my tires have the appropriate amount of air. The car vibrates, shimmies and shudders at all speeds making it hard to control even in the best of conditions. The truth of the matter is that Nissan sold a defective product that is compromising our safety & is dragging their feet in providing us with the parts that will fix this issue.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Member Posts: 40
    Also got an SE in March 2005. Mine runs fine, I even got the new brake system already without issue. The new brakes stop great, and hardly the amount of dust compared to the originals, and still have 3yr guarantee on them. I also ran the pressue sensors through an exhastive test just to see how they worked . . individually. The system has no troubles. I think some road bumps are transmitted to the steering wheel a little more than desired, but the steering responsiveness exceeds expectations for the vehicle size. I'll take the trade off. My biggest recommendation now is a split 3rd row.
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    I too will never by Nissan again. Here's my story - I bought my 04 Armada in Dec 03. I normally research the heck out of cars but I got the truck for my wife on impulse. Boy was I sorry. The infamous brake problem started about 3 months later along with the drivers window not going up completely and rattling inside the door when fully down. They could never quite fix these items. Not to be out done the overhead console began squeaking and then the back end of it broke loose from the ceiling for no reason at all !! I had the truck back to the service dept 5 times in 4 months. My TL has NEVER been back to the dealer for a problem in 5 YEARS. I knew a first year production model would have kinks to work out but I was banking on Nissan's reputation. After doing some homework and reading the forums I realized there were some real design problems. Bottom line: I traded in the truck after 8 months for a 4Runner. I took about a $4k hit. Thought about the lemon law but I just wanted out. It's about one year later and these forums tell me nothingt yet has changed. Nissan is DESTROYING its reputation FAST with this truck [Armada/Titan]. Too bad they are not being stand up guys about these serious issues and because they are not I will NOT consider buying another Nissan/Infiniti product ever!!
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