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Nissan Armada Maintenance and Repair

dean25dean25 Posts: 2
I have a 2006 Armada with 12,000 miles. I have owned it for a few months and over the last couple months there has been a squeaking/grinding sound that is coming from the front end suspension. I believe it is suspension related because the only time it squeaks and grinds is when the vehicle passes over a dip in the road...when the compression occurs as the suspension reacts to the dip in the road the noise is produced. Anyone out there with a similar experience and/or some advice?


  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    Isnt this one long over due?????????
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    To be worked out. My Dealer is stumped at the fact that I'm im in there so much. I have been in there over 17 times since December!! The problems persist. Those problems that are still not corrected are:
    1. Roof TSB done twice, NOT fixed
    2. Rear axle Pop/Click 5 times.
    3. Engine pinging noise under passenger foot well.
    4. Brake squeal, warped rotors etc 5 times
    5. Misc rattles ALL over the interior.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I think problems have mostly been discussed in the main Armada board and one or two in the Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Problems & Solutions one (it's a bit confusing since Nissan dropped the Pathfinder Armada designation).

    Steve, Host
  • bsmoothbsmooth Posts: 9
    What is the deal with the roof tsb? I have been hearing a lot about it. I am in the process of purchasing an LE fully loaded 4x4 Armada, can I expect the same???
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    the rattles that you hear inside might be those plastics (those that prevent water from going inside)on each doors in between the door and door trim and some wiring harness that vibrates against the door itself.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    I had the Roof TSB done twice, and my Armada still has the same issues on the freeway!! According to the Dealer, "I'm the only one". I'm waiting for the area manager to get back from vacation. Will your Armada have this issue? I cannot answer that, I can say that you should wait for the 05 models, be sure to check the last 5 digits of the VIN. My Armada was 13666, so it's an early one. I should have ran from those last three digits I guess. From the problems I experience, maybe they allow drinking in the plant.
  • My Driver side window has broken twice in 6000 miles/7 months of ownership. Both times the window was down completely, and when the window was being put up, it would just stop about 1/3 of the way up and then stop and fall down a couple of inches and not move.

    The first time they repaired it, they said it was a bad regulator. I said Ok thats possible, but the second time they said it was a porton of the track assembly, that needed repair. Personally I think it's a lie, and I'm not happy. But at the same time if thats the worst that goes wrong...

    Anyone else experience anything similar????
    I didn't want to buy it this year, knowing that first production year is always a bit of a headache, but the wife was pushing for it. You see who won that struggle.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    I had the brake problems and was fixed by the TSB. After 5000k miles they are beginning to pulsate again, which means warped rotors are begginning to happen, again. I will wait for another couple of thousand miles and see. If it gets worse, the lemon law will be pursued. Nissan may have a design/reliability problem with the brake system that they can't fix. We'll see.

    Tires, the second and the most annoying issue. Continental ContiCrap tires. This is my forth tire that will be replaced. These tires wear prematurely and treads are beggining to come of of one. Off course the tire dealer won't honor the warranty nor will Continental. Another law suit coming.
  • We are having the same brake problems also-New rotors,pads,etc installed. We are at only 3000 miles after it was to be rectified and it is pulsating again, and the brakes are squeeling when applied like there was nothing put on back of the pads to stop that annoying noise. My neighbors kid can make his 12 yr old car sound the same as my new Armada when using the brakes. One good thing though-all my friends either get out of my way from the noise they hear or because I'm letting everyone know about this problem-It will be 4x's that it's been in. Now we have Nissan Corp. involved, and the dealer say's that they don't have any loaner cars anymore. I'll never buy Nissan again, and I'm letting everyone know about the terrible service department at the dealer.
  • Have Le, Tan leather seats create lovely pain in lower back, they also are cracking at seams(driver side(I must be sitting too much)),Faint squeaks in back, Fr Brakes toast at 15k,(warranty), rplaced tranny at 6k (waited 3 weeks), Conti's useless after 17k (only other option Wrang SRA(hvnt hrd gd things bout em)),
    burning smell every once in a while, heat misses toes (you'll see when it's -5 :<), Great truck otherwise, dealer fixes everything. Rotors too small for truck like this.
  • azfunazfun Posts: 8
    My driver's side window rattles alot when it is down. It hasn't broken yet, but sometimes when I try to roll it up, it won't move. After about 2 minutes, then it goes back up. Dealer advised track assembly as well and was fixed. Still doing the same thing. SE 4x4, bought 12/03, 22K mi.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Mine does the same thing, but intermittently... Brought it in and it did it the first time for the service writer, but the tech sent it back saying he couldn't duplicate it....
  • I have an 04, purchased in Feb. We are going in for the 2nd time on the brakes and I'm pretty sure the rotors will need replacing again. Also, I have had both front windows fixed, they stopped going up. We have also had an annoying undercarriage rattle and the top rattles like crazy. I am wondering if anyone has heard any response from NISSAN regarding these problems, especially the brakes. The service advisor at my dealership said that the rotors are not designed correctly and so they warp. It is frustrating.
  • I purchased my Armada back in Nov. '03. My rotors were turned at 8500 mi. I also had to have all four Goodyear Wrangler tires replaced due to cupping on the inside. The dealer told me that this was caused by improper alignment and it is now corrected. I was also told that the brake pads had been upgraded. I just had the new tires replaced this past weekend so I am going to keep a close eye on them. I am extremely concerned about the brakes and the tires. I have heard several stories about brake and tire problems from other owners. I also have had to have the hardware replace in the overhead console. FUN!!!!
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31

    What's the overall quality and your opinion about your Armada since you drive it for one year? Were there any other issues with Armada?
  • Has anyone had issues with the number of gallons that you can actually put into the tank? I was told by the service guy to wait until the low fuel light came on and fill it up. He told me that there should be about 2.5 gallons left in the tank. I was only able to put almost 21 gallons in. The next tank, I let the gauge go below E and was only able to put 22 gallons in. Has anyone been able to put close to the 28 gallon capacity in their tank?
  • As far as the way the Armada drives and handles, it has been smooth sailing. I have also been very pleased with the interior space. I am just mainly concerned about the tires and the brakes. I not only have had to have new tires, but have also had the brake rotors turned at 8500 mi. I have not had the new tires looked at since I had the new ones put on. I have also had several parts replaced on the interior, but no engine problems so far. I will be having the new tires checked out soon and will keep you posted!
  • Needed the rotors and brake fix at 3k but still love the vehicle. How can I tell the date when my Armada was manufactured?
  • Look at the tag near the drivers door post. It will be on a yellow VIN sticker, just below the latch. You can get a specific date by looking in front of your grille on the sticker located on the AC condenser. Also, many Armadas have the build sheet in the drivers seat map pocket. Last attempt would be asking the service Dept to check the computer.
  • Just bought a new 05 4x4 LE fully loaded. The fuel gauge is stuck above the "F" 90% of the time.


    Anyone have a fuel gauge problem?
  • Besides my fuel capacity problems. I have started to have problems with the fuel gauge sticking at Full when it only has a half tank. When driving it will suddenly go from a half a tank to full and stay there for hours.

    The service department is starting to get rude with me concerning my fuel tank issues.

    What have they told you concerning your problems?
  • I just got back from the dealer a little while ago. They finally did some test on my gas tank and found that there was actually a problem. They are ordering a fuel delivery mechanism or sensor... not sure exactly what it is, but it is in the gas tank. I'm shocked that they finally admitted that there was a problem instead of continuing to tell me that it was within specs.
  • dawg23dawg23 Posts: 9
    Anybody have a problem with the finish and/or labels wearing off on the steering wheel controls for the radio and cruise control ??


    My dealer has replaced the plastic "switch covers" due to flaking/disappearing surface finish. Now the replacement covers are doing the same thing.(the switch covers have a sort of metalflake finish that is being rubbed off and now there is black "primer" visible).


    I know my hands aren't greasy or oily (I work in an office all day) and I've never had this on my Tahoes, wife's Lexus, cell phone buttons or anything else. Dealer is getting pretty snotty about replacing the covers again - says I must have have been "scratching them with my keys".


    Help !
  • tt30tt30 Posts: 31
    I have a one-foot crack on my 2004 Armada windshield. Any suggestions on the best place to replace it? Nissan dealers do not do replacements here in MN

  • On the side of the door
  • I bought an '04 LE Armada back in August of last year. I have about 7,500 miles on the truck. As I have not had problems with brakes, roof or other noises I have had problems with the automatic windows on both driver and passenger side. Since the Armada does not fit in my garage with the side mirrors extended I have to pull them. Seems like everytime I pull the mirrors in I have a problem. Brought it to Nissan and believe it or not they were able to duplicate the problem. Ordered and installed new motor, while in for service they noticed the passenger side is doing the same. When I went to pick it up they told me the second motor was ordered. Finally good service from my dealership.
  • I just had the same thing fixed last week on my '04 Armada. Only had a problem on the steering wheel right around the controls for radio,etc. I did nothing for mine to scratch off, so I'm sure it's just defective!!


    Can't tell you how many other problems I've had, though. I'm dealing with Nissan directly now after 10 service trips in a year!!
  • Good luck if you are having brake problems. I've got about 15K on mine. I had the rotors turned at 3K, totally replaced at 6k, turned again at 9k, totally replaced at 12K and guess what it is starting to pulsate again. I had my sun roof interior cover assembly replaced because of rattles and my gas gauge never registers full. I also have assorted rattles and squeaks. I wish it was as solid as it looks. The crazy thing is I still enjoy the vehicle. I guess I hate admitting a mistake.
  • What is TSB? I get a popping noise when my sun roof is in the popped position, do you get that? I have also had my brake replaced once, about to have it done again. My window also has trouble going back up. I have to click the auto a few times before it goes up.
  • TSB= Technical service bulletin
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