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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Undercarriage Rust

blurry25blurry25 Member Posts: 1
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I purchased a 2008 GMC Sierra this weekend and after I got it home I noticed that the undercarriage had quite a few areas with surface rust. The rearend housing also has a bit of rust and the backs of the front spindles are rusted. It is all just surface rust, but it still kind of bothers me. I took the truck in to get detailed at the GMC dealer today and asked about the rust. They said that there was a technical service bulletin for this issue and proceeded to spray a little flat black paint of areas that are easily seen. I guess they thought that I would look under the truck. I would prefer something a little more factory like the rubberized black paint normally used on the undercarriage.

Are areas of surface rust on the undercarriage normal on a new truck? Should I even worry about it? Lastly, what if anything does the dealer have to do for a technical service bulletin?

Thanks in advance.

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  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    A TSB is information regarding procedures or changes in procedures for repair or parts. Basically it is a way for the factory to communicate changes to the dealer whether it be tools, service procedures, upgraded parts, etc.

    If there was a tsb regarding surface rust, I ASSURE you that spraying flat black paint on unprepped surface rust IS NOT part of any TSB. There are sites like alldatadiy.com where you can get a detailed list of the TSBs available for your truck. The manufacturers really don't like you doing this as you may find problems with your truck that you never really noticed in the past but because of a description in the TSB suddenly you need to make a warranty service appointment.
  • bensierrabensierra Member Posts: 2
    My dad purchased a 2008 Sierra 2500 HD last year and asked me to rustproof the frame last fall. I went to my local NAPA store and bought a 5 gal.Rustproofing Undercoat...can remember the brand but I'll check. We put it on the hoist and I noticed the same thing as you. Control arms and rear end were starting to rust. I undercoated the complete frame in and out without any misses. I used about half the pail. I also did doors, rockers, box sides etc....Here's were it gets interesting, 2 months down the road he stopped at the local carwash to clean the winter salt of the truck. The factory undercoating was peeling off like you wouldn't believe!!! The rustproofing totally destroyed the SOFT, STICKY factory undercoating. We are currently trying to clean that stuff off. Never seen anything this hard to clean in my 12 years of Auto Body Repair. Pressure wash, degreased, scrape off, wire brush, degrease again, pressure wash and finally sand blast to finish it all off before epoxy/paint. Nightmare!!!! Wondering if anyone else had or heard of this happening to someone??
  • ntsmith69ntsmith69 Member Posts: 5
    i am in autobody as well. and what i found that exp on frames and the under carrage is to clean it as best as you can. then use rust converter on the whole area thats needs to be painted. after that dries spay an etch primer on it. you can buy this in cans called ONE STEP self etching primer. this will help bond the new paint to the frame. i have done this to many vehicles and never had a problem. even on the factory coating just add the etch primer and you should not have a problem. it is all in cans so no need of spray guns. and for the top coating i use rock guard in cans. the paintble type . i found the other ones do not harden as much and if you want to touch it up down the road it is easier. but spraying black paint over it will just come off and is just for looks till you get out of the garage.
  • bensierrabensierra Member Posts: 2
    The thing is that rust converter needs rust to work. When you peeled the soft coating off where it hadn't peel yet, the frame was clean bare steel. The rust proofing had melted the factory even softer than it was.Check the new generation GM and no paint or primer will stick on that frame undercoating. You can't blast it or sand it. Stick your fingernail in it and you'll scrape it down to bare metal. It's almost like a grease.
  • x_silverado_xx_silverado_x Member Posts: 3
    looking at my frame last weekend i noticed the wax peeling off rusting members from stem to stern.

    warranty service doesn't seem like a likely option - any ideas?

    (nbs1500wt, 2008)
  • mram50mram50 Member Posts: 5
    Rust doesn't go away..it just keeps creeping in, but on the frame, unless you live in a high road salt area it shouldn't be a major problem, but if it gets real bad you might consider sand blasting it, painting to cover the pitting or if its REAL bad welding some new steel in there, but frames are generally pretty darn strong and can withstand quite a bit of rust..
    Sorry about the extra post I had to delete.. I'm new here..just trying to figure out how the boards work.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61

    I am currently suing GM right now for this very problem. I live in coastal FL and have extensive corrosion throught the undercarriage. GM refused to cover under the warranty because they say it was caused by the environment. Of course it was. All corrosion is caused by the environment.

    FYI. I have deposed the senior GM manager from Michigan who developed the coating spec for the undercarriage wax coating. He says it was only designed to last and protect the vehicle for a year in the most hostile environments (the 95th percentile as they call it), and that GM fully expects the coating to fail and the vehicle to begin corroding after a year.

    GM added an exclusion for corrosion due to sea air and road salt in the 2007 warranty. I have a 2005, which does not have this exclusion (they clearly added it because they knew their vehicles were vulnerable). Yet they still will not cover it, claiming that there is an exclusion for airborne fallout (they consider salt in the air and even water in the air to be airborne fallout, though it does not say this in the warranty).

    The warranty is a sham and I believe I will win in court two weeks from now.

    Can you give me more info about your vehicle. My action may help you.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    I am suing GM for this right now. Case goes to court in two weeks.

    I have a 2005 Silverado 2500 and the entire undercarriage is corroded. Started to get bad after about a year. I live in coastal FL.

    I have deposed the GM corrosion engineer who developed the spec for the wax undercoating. GM does not apply this coat. It's suppliers do, and some parts are uncoated. He says its for cosmetic protection only and only designed to last a year in the worst environments (GM designs its coating for what it calls the 95th percentile of environments). After that, GM expects the coating to flake off and the vehicle to corrode.

    GM refuses to cover undercarriage corrosion because they say it was caused by the environment. Duh. All corrosion is caused by the environment.

    GM also says that their bumper to bumper warranty doesn't cover undercarriage corrosion, only sheet metal. This is not true. The bumper to bumper warranty covers everything except that which is not specially excluded, and there is no exclusion for the undercarriage. There is an exclsuion for corosion caused by airborne fallout, but GM is claiming that salt and even rain count as airborne fallout.

    Note that GM added a further exclusion for sea air and road salt to its 2007 warranty. It shows they know their vulnerability.

    GM should repair your vehicle or give you a new one under the warranty, but they won't. That business with the black paint is nonsense. The dealer made it up. Either that or GM has really stepped in it.

    Can you get me the number of that TSP.

    Also, can you tell me where you live? State and proximity to salt water. Do they use road salt. What is the extent of the corrosion.

    You may be able to get relief based on the outcome of my case. I'm thinking it might even develop into a class action.

    I believe GM is misleading the public about its corrosion vulnerabilty and warranty.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    I have a 2005 Silverado 2500 and the entire undercarriage is corroded. Started to get bad after about a year. I live in coastal FL.

    I am suing GM for this right now. Case goes to court in two weeks.

    I have deposed the GM corrosion engineer who developed the spec for the wax undercoating. GM does not apply this coat. It's suppliers do, and some parts are uncoated. He says its for cosmetic protection only and only designed to last a year in the worst environments (GM designs its coating for what it calls the 95th percentile of environments). After that, GM expects the coating to flake off and the vehicle to corrode.

    GM refuses to cover undercarriage corrosion because they say it was caused by the environment. Duh. All corrosion is caused by the environment.

    GM also says that their bumper to bumper warranty doesn't cover undercarriage corrosion, only sheet metal. This is not true. The bumper to bumper warranty covers everything except that which is not specially excluded, and there is no exclusion for the undercarriage. There is an exclsuion for corosion caused by airborne fallout, but GM is claiming that salt and even rain count as airborne fallout.

    Note that GM added a further exclusion for sea air and road salt to its 2007 warranty. It shows they know their vulnerability.

    I believe GM is misleading the public about its corrosion vulnerabilty and warranty.

    Let me know if you are having corrosion problems with your GM vehicle. Together, we can hold GM accountable.
  • x_silverado_xx_silverado_x Member Posts: 3
    I have a nbs1500wt 2007 model year. Took it to the dealer, they photographed it and said they would send it into GM > that was months ago and I have yet to get a reply.

  • mram50mram50 Member Posts: 5
    Silly in the extreme isn't it?
    I worked as a body repair person for quite some time and one was a slap it together joint where we "fixed" vehicles being sold, resold and resold again by used car lots. Many were GM models full of rust and quite often BIG rust holes were covered with fiberglass and nothing more..the first big bump and your car suddenly has a gaping hole in it.
    While this is not the same as a new vehicle it just shows that the auto industry in their zeal to sell more and more new cars and trucks build them to last as short a period as possible. Remember, GM invented "planned obsolescence" with the infamous Corvaire. Don't let them forget that period of GM's history in court. It appears that they have changed nothing and it's why GM needed a massive bailout..again.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    They did the same with mine. Sent photos to GM area rep, who rejected the claim a couple of weeks later. You should have heard back by now.

    The GM corrosion expert I deposed said that widespread corrosion under the vehicle would not be covered anywhere in the U.S., even in a desert.

    How extensive is the corrosion. Where are you located? Have you used the vehicle off road. Do you garage it, wash it, etc.
  • x_silverado_xx_silverado_x Member Posts: 3
    "How extensive is the corrosion. Where are you located? Have you used the vehicle off road. Do you garage it, wash it, etc."

    how does one measure corrosion? wax has pealed off every inch of the frame revealing a rust colored surface

    chicago area, never off road, but municipal road crews use salt in the winter
  • arp2arp2 Member Posts: 1
    has your case gone to court yet?
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    My corrosion is extensive. All undercarriage components. Significant metal degration in some areas. Started like yours I think. After a few months I began to see cosmetic corrosion throughout frame, progressing to more structural corrosion. Brakes crumbled, power steering coolant tank rusted through, suspension componets nearing failure.

    I am in Melbourne Beach, FL. Never been off road, but am near beach, with high salt and humidity.

    Have you followed up with the dealer tosee GM's opinion. Email me at kmarrin@davismarrin.com to discuss further. I might be able to help you.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    Was supposed to go this week. Postponed till next week or the week after depending on completion of another case on the docket.

    What is your situation?
  • missritamissrita Member Posts: 1
    I would be very interested in your outcome . I own a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with the whole undercarriage rusted, I bouught this truck used from a dealership 2 years ago and the undercarriage was black, I started noticing the rust about a year ago. If this is something that cant be fixed, I would be very interested in a class action suit. My email is ritaseay@msn.com.
  • zap73zap73 Member Posts: 1
    I was just told by my mechanic I need ALL new rotors, calipers, pads etc. My 2005 Silverado 2500HD with 19,500 (yes original miles) The rotors are rotted so bad that the pads are only contacting the rotor surface to stop the truck by less then 25 %. I was wondering why it was hard to stop the truck at times. Well the inside rotors are corroded so bad that the pad contact is 1/2 inch.... scary.... I sent GM a email then looked at this post. I Guess I should just go trade it in on a FORD.....Oh the reason he had it on trhe rack was to replace the a/c compressor that blew with less then 20 k on the clock. I know the truck is almost 5 years old but comeone....It was 41K brand new.......
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    Silverado Rust Bucket,

    I am suing GM right now for undercarriage corrosion. I have also filed a complaint with NHTSB.

    My brake rotors were taken out in pieces when the vehicle was two years old, and they are toast again now at 29,000 miles.

    Do you have other corrosion issues on the undercarriage, or just the rotors.

    I have deposed the GM expert from Detroit who designed the undercarriage corrosion protection. I have lots of good info if you are interested.

    Please email me at kmarrin@davismarrin.com
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    How is your truck doing now?

    I am suing GM for undercarriage corrosion right now.

    My email is kmarrin@davismarrin.com
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    Rust proofing voids the warranty.

    How is your truck doing now?

    I am in a lawsuit with GM for undercarriage corrosion and have deposed the GM corrosion expert from Detroit.

    He says that their wax undercoating protection is designed to last only one year and that many components aren't protected at all.

    My amil is kmarrin@davismarrin.com.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    How is your truck doing?

    I am still in court with GM now on my undercarriage corrosion.

    My email is kmarrin@davismarrin.com
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
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    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello zap73,
    I apologize that you have had concerns with your vehicle. Can you please email me at socialmedia@gm.com so I can look into your situation further? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • mrstevens1000mrstevens1000 Member Posts: 5
    I just found that my upper shock bracket on the passenger side blew right through the frame brace where it mounts due to major rust and rot My truck is A 2000 silverado 1500 but come on GM it looks like my truck sat on a beach for 2 years straight wich it has not the under carriage is so bad. Already lost brake lines due to rust issues and my rocker panels are starting to fall apart to. I was very excited when I got my silverado but now not so much
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    Has GM done anything for you?

    I am in court with them right now on my undercarriage corrosion.

    2005 Silverado HD with 2500 miles.

    Have you filed a comlaint with NHTSB. They are doing an ivestigation on brake lines right now.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    When did you first notice major undercarriage corrosion.

    Where do you live and do you garage the vehicle.

    Do you have any photos?
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    You are kidding right? class action suit for undercarriage rust on a 6 year old truck! For about 7 bucks a can you can buy 3M rubberized undercoating, it takes about 3 cans to do under the box and 2 for under cab... It's a truck and the undercoating gets beat up and needs to be recoated from time to time. If you don't recoat the undercarraige at least once every couple years, you will get rust as a result of your neglect... ;)
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    No, she's not kidding. My truck was rusted out underneath in less than two years.

    And undercoating voids the warranty.

    I have looked at hundreds of vehicles in my area that are left outside 24 x 7, have never been undercoated, and have never been washed, and the undercarriages are in perfect condition.

    The trucks that are rusting prematurely have inadequate protection from the factory.
  • mrstevens1000mrstevens1000 Member Posts: 5
    No I have not contacted any one figured my truck was to old to have any support from GM. I have had the truck about 4 years bought it used and to be honest did not notice how bad it was under their till I lost 2 brake lines within a couple months it's so far gone that I think I'm going to just get rid of it. I live in RI where there is lots of road salt in the winter so that made the problem 10 times worse I'm sure. But I see it is a common problem now so might not buy a chevy this time. I will get some pics and put them up just for people to look at
  • eames1eames1 Member Posts: 2
  • scottiep72scottiep72 Member Posts: 1
    Sorry to chime in but I was searching for Silverado frame rust and I found this forum. I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado 2wd that I purchased used at 14k miles. I noticed a week after I bought it that the truck had rust on the frame members and undercarraige that was definitely not normal. Its on all of the edges of the frame members and bolts. The coating on the frame members is peeling away. How should I proceed
  • eames1eames1 Member Posts: 2
    It is interesting that this many people are experiencing this corrosion problem.
    I have a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. I Have had brake and the serious rusting problems on the frame and suspension. I first noticed it about 2 years ago. I thought the rusting was a bit excessive as the truck now only has 58000 miles. I sprayed paint on it then and have been watching it. . I was airing up a low front tire yesteday and I noticed serious corrosion and heavy crumbly bubbly rust on the frame and suspension arms. I have only seen rust like this on old steel that has been left to rot in a field. I also own a 1978 GMC Sierra 1500 Four Wheel Drive which I purchased new when I graduated school. This truck has been in water up to the carb several times packed with mud and everything else. I went in the garage just to look at its frame and was shocked at how nice it looked compared to my 04. Whats up with that? I have taken care of both vehicles very well but this 04 is experiencing accelerated corrosion. It almost makes me think the it is a metal composition problem or something with make up or treatment of the frame material. Any thoughts any one? I do see a lawsuit in progress Thanks eames
  • armyw4armyw4 Member Posts: 1
    I'll be interested to know how this goes. I just returned from deployment and me and my wife both bought new 2010 Silverado 1500 4x4s. I have 2K miles on mine now and the wife has 5K on her's. We live in central NC where we really don't see much rust. I installed step bars on our trucks last weekend and noticed hers is perfect on the under carriage. Mine is not. There is rust forming all over in different spots. My truck is two months old and there is no way it should look like this. I'm taking it to the dealer this week and see what they will do. I went through all my paperwork and realized that hers has been in NC the whole time while mine came from a dealership in Kentucky.....
  • tpare97tpare97 Member Posts: 1
    i have 2003 chevy silverado ext cab an the rocker panels are roted away an the rear bumper an brake lines. the rockers i have notified the dealer an the body shop at the gm dealer told me the rockers rot bcos of a manufactor defect they are aware of this problem but refuse to recall the problem. this is a safety issue an i have notified the nhtsa an they said the only way for them to investagate this issue is for ppl having this problem is to file a complaint with them an the more complaints they get the more they can do about it an get the dealer to recall an fix the issue. so if ur having rust problems with ur rockers bumper an other componts we need to notify the nhtsa with a complaint. please pass this on, an get these safety issues taking care of. thanks
  • crusin57crusin57 Member Posts: 20
    Hey EVERYONE- like all of you i also have an 06 silverado with yes, under carriage rust, it does seem excessive compared to my other vehicle which is a 2002 grand prix. The underside of my car is still like new after 8 year's were as my silverado i\m not impressed with it just a few day's after owning it.

    Now i have been reading the post about this and if i'm wrong correct me but if you undercoat it voids the warrenty, WHAT WARRENTY??????? If it's only for as year what does that tell you, GM wants off the hook as quick as possible.

    DO NOT USE UNDERCOATING FROM A CAN That stuff hold moisture like you cannot imagine. Even though from the surface it hides the truth which lies beneth it, and when moisture gets trapped you think you have problems now.

    I have been doing some research on rust prevention and the best one that i can somehow believe in right now is by the company KROWN. I'm having my truck done this friday for 140 bucks,

    This stuff repels water and can stop and in some cases slowly reverse the rusting process. My rear bumper is also rusting not to the extreme but it has started.
    I can't sit back and watch my investement rust away so i need to try something.

    You can't sit by and wait for GM to fix the problem, your warrenty is void anyway if nothings gets done. Take matters into your own hands and research Krown on the net, i have talked to several customers of this product and they all swear its an amazing rust prvention system.
  • gnl5gnl5 Member Posts: 3
    I purchased a brand NEW 2010 Silverado last week and have noticed an unusual amount of rust all over the under carriage. I will be bringing the vehicle in to the dealer next week to see what they suggest why a brand new vehicle with less than 150 miles on it can be full of rust. I also see the truck was assembled in MEXICO.
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    Where do you live?

    My 2005 is in FL beachside and rusted out within two years, but the signs were there within a few months.

    GM would not do anything for me. They claimed that they are not responsible for any corrosion due to the environment (which is ALL corrosion). But your vehicle is much newer.

    You need to demand a NEW vehicle. The problem you have will only get worse, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. There is something fundamentally wrong.
  • gnl5gnl5 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information. I went to the dealer on Sunday and looked at apprx. 15 different 2010 & 2010 Silverado's and every truck had undercarriage rust on them. I'm located in southern Louisiana.
  • gm167gm167 Member Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    I live in RI and own a 2000 Silverado 1500. After reading these posts on rust, I have to chime in. My truck has had EVERY brake line repleaced due to complete brake sys. failure, which caused me to have an accident in 2008. I aslo have NO rocker panels left. At the time of the accident the state took my plates and would not allow my truck on the road until all lines where replaced and the trk. was recertified for the highway. My ins. company was no help with the lines , but did repair the body damage and replace the other vech.I contacted GM (haha). Not their problem(really).But I'm curious if anyone has been contacted by an investigator wanting to look at your vech. for a "research project". I also contacted and made a report to NHTSA. I wonder how many millions of Chevy and GMC trucks are loosing their brakes and are becoming unsafe for the highways?
  • bobcampbellbobcampbell Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I suppose you are all heading for what I've been through. Bought my 2000 silverado 1500 in June of 2009 paid $10,000 and it only had 70k on it. Body was and is very clean. A couple of days ago I experienced a steel brakeline burst and lost my brakes. Strangely the brake light never did come on at all. The steel line was rusted completely through with the rest close behind it. I was fortunate that I was going slowly enough without much traffic so no accident.I dropped it at the shop and the mechanic called awhile later to inform me that my truck is "no Good", unsafe, not repairable, not driveable. My frame has rotted completely through. The rear crossmember rotted out and is laying on the exhaust. This is the crossmember that holds the right shock and gas tank strap. In one moment I've lost my truck. I'm not in a position to buy another and as a self-employed carpenter I need it to work. I'm in Massachusetts and I know they say our weather and road salt cause corrosion but, I've never in 30 years of driving and owning vehicles seen anything close to this. I'm actually fortunate that the brakeline went when it did because something bad would have happened had the frame come apart at speed. I've never seen a frame dissolve under a ten year old vehicle like this. I don't care what part of the world it lives in. There is obviously a manufacturing/ material defect here and those of you with this same problem will eventually and far to soon end up with an expensive piece of scrap metal. My truck now has 103k on it and is otherwise still very clean. The book value on it is somewhere between 6,500-7,000. I can only sell it for parts now and might get 1,000.
  • john4759john4759 Member Posts: 1
    I was researching information on the excessive rust on the Silverado, and I came across this forum. So, like some of the other posters I thought I would add another story. I have a 99, I bought new. It has 66,000 on it. All the brakelines have rotted off, both bumpers, and last week, the frame had so much rust it broke in half. I called GM but they wouldn't do anything for me. Because the truck has so little miles I will probably buy a new frame and swap everything. From the amount of posts this sounds like a widespread problem. GM should step up like Toyota and take care of it.
  • barnowl3barnowl3 Member Posts: 70
    Interesting seeing these comments, as I have one of those amazing rusting GMs. I have had cars for over 30 years and live Upstate NY and we do use salt, but there is something very wrong with this truck. Rusty rear bumper, 1st month. Brake line failures within 4 years ( extensively posted on brake problem forum). PS pump and line corrosion with 4 years. Oil cooler line failure 3.5 yrs, 30,000 miles. Also replaced AC lines and tranny lines. Fuel lines repaired, but now need total replacement. SS muffler corrosion. Not all GM trucks seem to exhibit this level of rust here, so there is some defect that does not affect all trucks, but if you get one of these, hold on to your wallet.. My brake lines rusted right up to the master cylinder as if they were in a salt bath and rust was growing on them. Have never seen something this severe in this area on this new of a vehicle. There is certainly a design or manufacturing problem and it unfortunate that GM is ignoring this. How do we know the problem does not exist with 2011s, if GM keeps covering this up. I know it is 8 yrs old now, but it started within the warranty period and GM did nothing but replace the parts that I am on the 2nd round of replacement. Rather not risk another $40,000 to start it all over again, so I'll keep replacing parts for now. I'll try to get a closer look at the frame.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    Does it make sense to replace all of the lines with pre-bent stainless steel.They cost about 298.00 plus the time to replace them ?
  • crusin57crusin57 Member Posts: 20
    edited April 2011
    Update with winter now over the roads clean and the winter salt gone i recently took my 06 Silverado to three different body shop for ( Lets call it a check up ) It seems that my rocker panels are now rusted threw and need to be repaired very soon. I find this very frustrating as even though my truck is winter rust proofed ( oil sprayed ) and even power washed at the car wash during winter months to remove the sludge and salt i still have a issue like this.

    I have posted in various areas of this Silverado form with many different issues from rust to electrical, after driving GM products for over 30 years i can honestly say this will be my last GM product, I have only had my truck for a year now and just realized that i have already done over 4 grand in extra repairs just to maintain the thing.

    I try not to come to this site much as its always bad news when it comes to Silverado trucks. and to all my fellow Silverado posters hope you have better luck than me
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your experience. Can you please send me your VIN?
    GM Customer Service
  • gmrustbucketgmrustbucket Member Posts: 8
    I love that a GM CS rep chimes in here but after I had to replace all my brakes and put in cunifer brake lines to resolve the Mexico metal issues with a 'not our problem' attitude from GM, I get nothing. I put my issue in to NTHSA but unless we all do GM will do nothing. I have been a Chevy guy my whole life but that is no more and my kids and friends will continue my boycott. Good Job GM. Put a few dollars in your pocket but at what cost? I see other companies out there that are replacing parts or vehicles (Ford Windstars) due to rust issues but GM states that if the vehicle lasts 1 year that is good enough for them. Please look at the (new) vehicles you see on dealer lots and if you see rust walk away. Rust does not stop on it's own. :lemon:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    gmrustbucket ,
    I understand your frustrations with your situations. As all major companies or corporations, we have standard operating procedures. GM does handle their customers individually, not all situations are the same, so they must be handled on a case by case basis. I am here to help make GM aware of our customer’s situations. The only way I can do this is with the customer’s assistance. My first step is to gather their contact information (including a good number to reach them), VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and a break down of what they are experiencing. The best way to get me this information is a direct email. The next step in the process is the vehicle must be taken to a GM Dealer. They have a contract with GM and must look at the vehicle. For GM to know their customers are experiencing issues, they must contact GM; whether it is me via email or Customer Assistance via the telephone. This will help identify the problem and how large it is. I understand when customers are experiencing these concerns these processes can be frustrating. All concerns, whether it is with a dealer or your vehicle, are documented in the cases set up if GM is contacted directly. Just because one person did not get the resolution they expected this should not prevent anyone from speaking with them. As most situations have variances. Any customer that would like to call Customer Assistance and speak with someone the number is in your owner manual, or email me and I can provide it to you. Any customer that would like me to assist them, please feel free to email me the information requested above.
    GM Customer Service
  • kendonhankkendonhank Member Posts: 61
    If you have a rust problem, you are wasting your time calling GM customer service. After you finally navigate their automated answering system, which may take a half hour, you will speak to a customer service rep who is nothing more than a note taker. They have no authority, and will tell you that they will get back to you. When and IF they get back to you, they will give you the company line, which is that GM DOES NOT COVER CORROSION CAUSED BY THE ENVIRONMENT, which if you were not aware, is ALL corrosion. If you are not satisfied with that response, they will pass you to another customer service rep, who will give you the exact same response, and on and on. I spoke to a dozen reps. Each time they promised to get back to me with a resolution, and each time they gave me the same canned answer.

    If you take your car to the dealer, the dealer will take pictures and call the GM area manager, who will tell you the same thing.

    GM has stated in court that they do not cover any corrosion caused by the environment, regardless of where in the country was purchased, how it is used, and how it is stored and maintained. If you bought it in the middle of the desert and it rusted out in a year stored in a climate controlled clean room, GM would tell you that they do not cover corrosion caused by the environment.

    Government Motors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We are not talking about ordinary surface rust. We are talking about an abnormal accelerated corrosion that happens to only some GM trucks. You cannot spray over it with rubberized coating. My vehicle began rusting after two months driving only on paved roads. It was a rust bucket in two years. My previous vehicle a Ford, had been parked in the same spot as the Chevy for three years and used the same way, and it didn't have a spot of rust on it.

    There IS a corrosion problem with these GM trucks.
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