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Honda Accord Coupe Wheel Vibration



  • Thank you very much. I'll give your advice a try. Unfortunately, the service dept. set up a meeting for me this morning with a Honda of Am. district person, not someone higher up in the dealership. The Honda of America person wanted to do a test drive with me and someone else from the dealership (startted out to be three people from the dealership), "for legal reasons to protect me. Not that you would do anything." (I'm a retired lady about the same size as the district person and not any where close to the intimidating sort.) When I said that sounded strange to me, she replied it was also so she would have someone else to hear our conversation- in other words a witness. How did this get so complicated so quickly? I responded by saying I'd come back when I had someone to be my witness. Of course, four people in the car will be a different kind of ride, so I'll have to think about the logistics. Somewhere along the line a more appropriate next step was missed...
  • Let me tell you that when I had 4 people in the car before all my work was done the car ran differently also and did not have the vibration to bad. What you need to do is tell them to stop this BS and get down to the problem and fix the car.

    I have to tell you about an owner in New York who had a problem with his car so he decided to take action. He parked his "Lemon" on the main street in front the dealership (legally) and he strung LEMONS (fruit kind) from front of the car to the rear on both sides of the vehicle. He then hung signs on the vehicle inside the car stating that this vehicle was a lemon and the dealership would not address his problem.

    Since the vehicle was parked in a legal spot, he moved it back and forth to prevent the dealership from saying it was abandoned. I was a police officer at the time and was called to this dealership and asked to have the owner remove the vehicle. After speaking with the owner, I offered to help him. So I went inside the dealership and told them we cannot do anything and if they did not help this guy, his friends were all coming down to park their cars (same models) in the front with lemons also.

    You have to see how quick the dealership offered the owner a new car ! Typical street justice with a twist! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • keitha3keitha3 Posts: 124
    Love it!!! Absolutely shows the little guy can win...with some help from a good guy.
  • I only wish you lived near me! Tell me, did you keep your car in the end? Or, are you still driving it? I bought mine in March and only have 5900 miles on it. I'm mulling over all the options. :confuse:
  • Man, I can't believe this. I've been having problems the last couple years. Everytime I think I have it fixed, it starts happening again. I put rims and low profile tires on my car at first. They wore out in three months. I took the rims off and put factory tires and rims back on. Drove fine for a year. Then my front tires wore out. Well it happened again this year. I just bought new tires but it's vibrating worst now. I got an alignment this morning and its still doing it. So, I put in a search and found this website. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one and it's not something I did. For the longest I thought it was the rims. Help!!!!!!
  • I have given up on this car. I just keep it cleaned and buffed and will sell it when the new 2010's are out. I put 15K down on this piece of !@#$ I will never recommend this car to anyone.

    I have numerous arguments with my wife about how Honda Coupe 2008 is not an enjoyable car to drive. That "ECO" sucks since I am getting the same mileage I got from my Infiniti 2003 G35 Coupe. I have decided to wait until the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe comes out and test drive that one. Beside it has more horsepower 310hp with premium and it looks sharp. Here is a reprint from Popular Mechanics News.....go here and check out the photos

    NEW YORK — Imagine, if you will, a rear-drive sporty coupe powered by a 212-hp (223 hp on premium fuel) turbocharged 2.0-liter four-banger with 217 lb.-ft. of torque. Sounds like great fun. But then you realize it's a Hyundai.

    What's this? Hyundai is not exactly known for building fun-to-drive rides. And then you find that there's a 306-hp (310 on premium) 3.8-liter V6 with 263 lb.-ft. of torque to be had as well. Suddenly the Korean manufacturer has caught up with the performance technology—and personal tastes—of the car-buying public.
  • fhughfhugh Posts: 8
    My accord has been vibrating at high speed. Took it back to the dealer and was told that is the way it is. :mad: . They can not fix it. :lemon: They had engineers from Honda not being able to fix it.I don't believe honda make lemons like that. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • elliott2elliott2 Posts: 64
    Check out the Consumer Reports website. Owners with the vibration problem have begun to win in arbitration. To file, you must follow the process outlined in the warranty booklet provided by Honda.
  • ciaovalciaoval Posts: 4
    Thank you very much. Good to know that something positive is beginning to take place.
  • jeffulotjeffulot Posts: 2
    I'm reading this and many sites that have discussions about this problem.

    I think Honda service places are instructed to pretend they don't feel it when test driving with you in the car. I think they are getting a lot of people coming in to complain about the same problem and are affraid to own up to it.

    We drove back from DC to Richmond one night, and the vibration kicked in full force... My wife got a migraine (probably from the vibration she was noticing for 4 hours) and threw up, while at the same time my feet and calves were numb from the constant vibration.

    Every time I bring it in to the dealership to be serviced, they don't feel it... They tell me it's road bumps.

    I can still detect the road bumps... they are separate... There is an underlying frequency of vibration that is there no matter what the road condition is, and it varies in intensity depending on the speeds.

    Someone has even mentioned the lawsuits going on about it, and I'd love for someone to post more information about that so we can all get on board.

    I replaced the factory tires (michelin Pilot mxm4's)... They were crap, and rated at the bottom of the list in reviews and test results.

    I put on awesome tires (bridgestone taranza serenity's). Great tires, reduces the road bumps, quieter ride, but DOES NOT reduce the existing vibration at all. Not one bit.

    I've had these tires and rims tested extensively, and they check out fine while not on the car.

    So what are we left with?

    Axles, CV-joints, transmission... What else?

    I'm calling Honda America and going to fax them all of my printouts of all the people complaining of the same problems... I'm going to ask that they provide a loaner until this issue is resolved with my car.

    I will post my findings.

    If anyone else has information on this, 2008 and 2009's please post it.

  • dignumdignum Posts: 1
    This has been plagueing me as well! driving me nutzo!!!!!

    Please let me know what you find out!!!!

    If anyone else has gone the BBB route, please tell me what the results were.

    I've spent a lot of time and money trying to resolve this!


  • jeffulotjeffulot Posts: 2
    Ok, here are my findings... and here is my advice:

    The problem has been determined to be the VCM (variable cylinder management). It's affecting LOTS of people to various extents (like from subtle to rediculous).

    The VCM is causing the vibration. A poor design and malfunctioning of it rear mount hydraulic comensator. This crazy little thing is supposed to counteract the vibrations by adjusting it's angle... In some vehicles it's misfiring and doing a bad job. I'd say, design flaw.

    Here's the thing.... Honda admits that it's vibrating, but says that it's normal for it to bump when changing from 6 to 4 to 3 cylinders and back.

    What they will not admit is that the pulsing and vibrations never stop in some cases... ever...

    Here's what I suggest:

    Contacting the American Honda Motor Co. directly is futile... They'll run you ragged and then just tell you they cannot help you.

    Your vehicle should be "bought back" from Honda.

    Contact the BBB, Better Business Bureau auto complaints dept at 800-955-5100.

    Be prepared to provide them at least 3 service reports that are identifying the problem. Get started now. Tell the service departments that your VCM is malfunctioning and causing a steady constant vibration, and that you'd like it fixed. They won't be able to fix it. There is no fix. They will tell you it's normal.

    They'll contact Honda and establish a case for you. Honda will start to respond.

    I hope this helps.
  • I know there can be a few reasons for this problem. I have read some folks on here talking about some really major components that were changed to no avail.
    Well, my problem was fixed by discovering one of the front brake rotors was out of balance. A service tech. must know how to check the balance on the balancer.
    My rotor was replaced with a new one, but, not before my tech. checked the balance of the new one to make sure it was good. He also used the Hunter GSP road force balancer and made sure all was right with the wheels/tires and their balance, etc.
    My problem has been cured. The regional service mgr. had mentioned to do this since he had run across a rotor being out of balance. Could be more out there.
    I have owned many Hondas and many cars overall. The starting point for steering wheel shimmy should be the checking for proper balance of the rotors and then using the Hunter balancer with the high tech road force programs, etc. THEN if that checks out good, and you still have a problem, it is time to look at some other issues. But, start with what the most obvious cause could be....and if the proper testing equipment is used, AND used by a well trained technician then either your problem will be found or you'll know to now move on to the next most obvious problem that could cause steering wheel shimmy.
    Good luck.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I just leased a 2010 Accord Coupe V6 EXL automatic. I immediately noticed strange vibration, surging, pausing, lurching sensation especially driving at highway speeds. I brought it in and they did a tire rotation and wheel balance. Dealer told me to drive the car for 500 miles because when the car sits on the lot the rubber needs to get "worn in". I bever heard of this before. The problem has not gone away. I thought the vibration might be due to a more sport suspsention, but I am convinced its not that and may be due to the dreaded VCM vibration problems documented here, I have tried driving the car on very smooth stretches of road. Example driving at a steady 65-70 mph the car will kind of buck, lurch, surge, cut out sensations. Sometimes it almost feels like riding over train tracks with surges thrown in. This is a three year lease. Do I have to live with this?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected] Thank you
  • If you are not getting a shimmy in the steering wheel, or seeing the top of the passenger seat (un-occupied) shake, then it is probably related to the VCM. If you are getting these kinds of vibrations, then wheel balance / flat spotted or out of round tires / out of balance brake rotors (if steering wheel shake). On mine they replaced both front tires, road force balanced all four, and it still has a small shimmy in the steering wheel (they call it normal road vibration..I've only had about eleven new cars to know when I am being given the rote). My dealers have feigned ignorance about checking rotor balance.

    They use active engine mounts and noise cancellation via the stereo subwoofer to try and smooth over the odd noise and vibes created during the various cylinder modes. Some people have said that it improved after some miles, possibly due to the engine mounts breaking in.

    On the highway, try using the cruise and see if that doesn't seem smoother in regards to the buck/surge/lurch. For mine using the cruise on the highway seems to help a lot. If you are used to a smooth automatic, forget it - my crude astro awd van has a smoother automatic (not ride) on the highway.

    If it seems abnormal - try being a customer at another dealer and test drive another V6 or two. Maybe see if some of people in for service have that model and talk with them. You should jump over to the VCM group and read back through the postings, as they all are on the 08 and newer v6 accords with VCM. This now includes the 2010 coupe v6 with automatic - the manual one doesn't have it.

    If your state has a period in which you can cancel an agreement, I suggest you look at your options if you can't tolerate the way it acts.
  • accordcoupe08accordcoupe08 Posts: 2
    edited February 2010
    After test after test after test. I was told my rims were bent on the left side. Should I get a second opinion? (08 Honda Accord Coupe LX)

    Also back brakes were at 15% last week. I only have a little over 20 thousand on my car. Now I am trying to get Honda to either pay for the brake job or at least partial.

    I had an 03 Accord Coupe and the transmission went out twice in it. The first was after they flushed it. The second time unknown.
  • Sounds like they don't want to replace the rims under warranty (claiming pothole damage, etc - no doubt)? If so, it should not be very expensive to pick a shop that specializes in selling/servicing wheels to have them put the suspect wheels on a balancer and check the lateral runout - which is what usually happens from curb hits. Radial run-out (pothole damage or poorly made rim/tire) can be either the tire or rim, or both combined (rotating the tire on the rim can help in that case).

    Old article with interesting info (pg 2 talks about runout):

    Having said that, I am assuming alloy wheels (dealers typically charge $400 plus each for OEM rims). Steel wheels used on models with hubcaps are cheap anywhere but at the dealer. This is why people still steal wheels off cars - darn near impossible to find recent alloys at salvage yards.

    So if you are on the hook for the repair, maybe someone in your area does this:

    Good luck on the brakes - there is a forum thread here all about the accord rear brakes. But to be fair, my 1990 Dodge Spirit ES with four wheel disc ate up the front ones about every 20-25k. But I also traded a 1993 Accord EX 5sp with original brakes and tires at 53k...
  • I'm pretty sure it is pot hole damage. (this is his GF) When we did curb it we were going like 2 MPH from at a drive thru. We were told to put it on insurance but they said it would be the same as being in an accident. They told us 1200.00 to replace 2 rims. Crazy! I just can't believe how cheaply made the rims are. In the 03 the potholes in WV were even worse and his other car never did this. We are looking for used ones, then probably going to sell it. We do not enjoy driving it anymore. It seems like it is always something. We just hate to lose the extended warranty money put in it.
  • Check the extended warranty contract - some can be canceled for a pro-rated refund. Better than nothing, as unless you private sell the car you won't get much consideration it at trade (assuming it's transferable). I haven't bought an extended warranty on a car since I bought my last Dodge product in 1992 (crap then, still crap now, IMO).

    For 1200.00, I'd look up the cheapest set of four alloys that look decent and fit from The Tire Rack or similar. But since you want to trade, maybe you can trade it as it is if the damage is not visible and only causes a vibration? If you aren't trading at the same brand dealership (or a chain that includes a Honda dealer), they can't easily check the service records.

    The issues with potholes gets more pronounced on cars with lower profile tires, as they don't absorb as much of the impact. The 08 and newer accord sedans have 50 series tires on larger rims, versus the older generations that have 60 series on smaller rims (more tire sidewall).
  • With only 200 miles on my 2010 V6 EXL sedan I've been to the dealer three times. The first two times(30 miles apart), the tires were road force balanced, were out of spec and replaced. The second time I picked it up I immediately brought it back and made the service manager drive it with me after he insisted the problem was fixed. They spent the following day swapping tires and after mixing and matching tires from 5 different sets and driving it 75 miles in testing the problem is gone. He acknowledged that they have a lot of problems and complaints with the Accords.
  • I hav a 2008 accord coupe v6 exl. the only vibrations i am experiencing are ( i am pretty sure) due to low pressures during winter. when it gets warmer (above 45) i don't feel vibrations any longer. but it seems these issues on this forum is totally different. while driving at 60-70, if tires built up enough pressure, i do not feel any vibrations.

    this is most likely due to my tires....
  • I just bought my first ever Honda Accord at the beginning of June 2011. First thing I noticed was shimmy / vibration of the steering wheel at over 100 km/hr. Been to the dealer numerous times to road force balance yet still not repaired. Michelin even sent 4 new Pilot MxM4 tires which now too have been road force balanced 3 times now. After installation, they road force balanced them after which I took a non-stop drive from Toronto to South Carolina (over 20 hours of continuous driving to be exact) and experienced the steering wheel shimmying all the way. It sometimes seems worse at 100 km/hr than at 120 km/hr but its hard to tell.
    The dealer's mechanic is trying to convince me that all Honda Accords have this issue and this is considered to be a normal characteristic of the car - I'm not buying it at all.
    I even test drove another 2010 they had in for servicing and it too had the same problem.

    Has anyone had this problem fixed on their 2010 Honda Accord EX-L V6 ? I'd be interested in knowing what their solution was to resolve the shimmy issue.

    Maybe someeon should start a database of all Honda Accord owners that have this same or any other common issues that never seem to get resolved satisfactorily.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I am leasing a 2010 V6 Coupe. I noticed the same problem right away. After a little googling I found that VCM is the cause. The engine seems to get very confused going from 6 cyl to 4 to 3 to 4 to 6, etc. Even on flat roads where I live in Florida. The company line is that the wheels need to be force balanced. That is total baloney and they know it. Honda will not admit the problem and unfortunately there is no solution. Believe me, I tried everything. Luckily I am leasing and right around break even on a trade. Will probably get a new car soon.
  • That seems to be the general consensus from all the posts I've been reading. Unfortunately I did not lease my 2010 V6 Sedan. I will keep pestering them until such time that they find a solution. At this point, Steve from Honda Canada Customer Service says he is forwarding my case to their engineering department. Let's see what they come up with - I will keep you posted on any progress, if at all. Do you know if there is any lawsuits pending regarding this issue in the US or Canada? There must be a way to disable the ECO mode to test the VCM theory. I have tried heavy acceleration from 80 to 140 km/hr and stick get the shimmy effect with the ECO mode off. Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    edited July 2011
    There is no way to turn off VCM. If you drive on a smooth stretch of road, try driving at a constant speed of around 65. The car will go into Eco mode and light up. This is when I notice it most. Also when the light goes on and off I feel it. Then try accelerating slowly from 65 to 75. Enough so Eco goes off. I feel basically no vibrations when I do this. Go back to 65 cruising, vibrations start again. I showed this to Honda rep. I even let him drive and closed my eyes and told him every time I felt the car go into Eco and start vibrating. Was right every time. He said I was being too sensitive! I've been driving over 30 years and even crappy cars never did this never mind a 30k car. After two or three months of this I gave up and vowed I will never buy another car with VCM.
    By the way, I not only feel vibrations cruising at 65 but also odd subtle engine surges that feel like the engine is cycling on, off. Hard to describe but feels like wind hitting the car. The vibration feel sort of like going over train tracks. So I feel two difference annoying sensations in this car.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    We moved to a new house where we have to get on a busy highway 1/4 mile from the house to get anywhere. Our 2010 EXL V6 has a vibration in the steering wheel (no other vibration) every morning for 5-8 miles when we first hit the highway & get up to speed (65-70 mph). After 5-8 miles, the vibration dissipates until it is almost gone. IMHO, this is due to the tires taking a "set" (flat-spotting) while the car sits over night. This isn't a VCM vibration.

    Yet another minor irritation with our Accord that shouldn't be there.
  • My understanding is that flat spotting on occurs when a car sits in the same location without moving for a period of 6 months or more. My original tires had flat spotted but Michelin replaced all four with the same mdoel Pilot MXM4. I refuse to deal with Parkway Honda in Toronto - their Hunter 9700 is messed up and kept saying my tires were out of balance every time after driving 25 km or less - you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out the Hunter is screwed up. After rebalancing all 4 tires 4-5 times, their conclusion was that "the steering wheel shimmy on all Hondas is normal".
    The dealer where I bought the car used their Hunter balancer, found my tires were out of balance (road four was 2,3,4 & 10). They rebalanced them, test drove the car & re-checked the balance - the balancing was the same. Finally a dealership with a properly working Hunter balancer.
    Only problem is that the steering wheel shimmy is still there although it has improved marginally after the road force balance was done properly.
    I doubt my shimmy is VCM related as the shimmy happens at over 100 km / hr regardless if ECO is on or off during accelaration. Something else must be wrong. On Tuesday, ethy're gonna try swapping my rims & tires with those from a new 2011 EX-L V6. This will diagnose the rims & tires being the cause of the shimmy. After that, they'll have to inspect / test the entire drivetrain from the steering wheeel down to the tie-rod ends.
    WHat's really pissed me off was Honda Canada Techline's attitude. They sided with Parkway Honda's mechanic that the shimmy is normal and they can't assist me further. They haven't heard the last of me - if my issue isn't fixed, I will resort to contactng the APA ( ) as well as CAMVAP ( ). CAMVAP does arbitration between car owners & the manufacturer and I assume they would review the problem and order Honda to replace my vehicle. Let's see what happens next.
  • mhussainmhussain Posts: 3
    edited August 2011
    I bought Brand New Accord 2011 on June 15, 2011 from Centre Honda Toronto.When I took the car on Highway on first day I feel Steering Vibration/Shimmy between 80km till 120km.I called the dealer right away and i was told by their service manager Howe to bring it back for tire balancing.I took the car next week for tire balancing, i was told no shuttle service after 11 a.m and no loaner car and no pick-up.well that was very exciting I request the sales person to drop me at my office.I received a call in the evening that car has been fixed an tire was out of balance.I pick-up the vehicle and went on highway, same problem vibration and shimmy between same speed.I was mad and called Centre Honda, I was told to bring it back and they will look into it.I took the vehicle again and i was told same thing to leave car for full day and they will fix it.I received a call from service manager that 3 diffrent people drove my car and they found no problem, He went with me for test drive and i showed him vibration,his expalantion was that it is normal and Honda will not do anything.I was so mad with his answer so i called Honda call Centre and spoke with Izo and i was told that he will follow up and get back to me( never did).I took the car to Meadowvale Honda in mississauga and they found tires needs to be force rebalancing.They provide you with shuttle service.In the evening received a call and told that car has been fixed.I drove and find that vibration was somewhat elminated between 100 and 120km but still at 80km and 100km.I took the car again and i was told that they will discuss with Honda Technician and arrange with them.I was called after 2 days to leave the car so Honda Technician will be online guiding the dealer to fix it.Finally they have replaced two front tires.I drove the car but was not happy thet vibration/shimmy still there.In the meanwhile sunroof start giving me trouble.Now I have 8 weeks of car, 7 weeks in the dealership.I need a Justification from Honda why I should pay them?I wish I have read this forum before i was buying a car.My advise never buy 2011 honda accord and do not buy anything from centre honda because of service.I am still waiting Honda technical guys to call me.I will update what will happen because car is still in service.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    Is it a V6 automatic?
  • no it is v4 automatic, garbage car.i will return it to honda once my lease is up.Poor poor customer service, still waiting for call from customer relation.thanks
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