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Honda Accord Coupe Wheel Vibration



  • You could be driving my Accord. 2010 V6 EXL. Multiple rotations and balances and no help for vibration between 63-68mph. I just bought 4 brand new tires and the problem persists! This has got to be a VCM issue or an engine mount issue of some sort. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    Just get rid of it. Luckily they retain value and you'll get great value on a trade. I traded my for a VW CC five months ago. The ride is so much better. Lots of good choices out there now. Everyone that sees my VW tells me how much better they like the looks too. The 2012 Camry is a sweet looking ride. Worth a look.
  • Hi Clay,

    I recently purchased a 2011 Honda Accord (after driving my last one for 10 years) and have taken it in with a shuddering/vibration issues. I was told it's the way the car was engineered and that it was operating within "normal parameters". I totally disagree. My 2002 accord was a stick. This one is an automatic and feels like it needs to "shift" into gear. If I down shift the vibration isn't as noticeable but is still there.

    My question to you. How many times did you take your car in? In that 6 month period? Did a mechanic test drive it with you? Also, any tips you can give me to deal with this I would truly appreciate! My car will vibrate at all different speeds. I especially notice it when driving up hills on the expressway. And, once I plateau, the car will continue to vibrate. Very annoying!!

    Thanks for help!!

  • May I ask how much you settled for or are you unable to disclose?
  • I received cash of $3500 plus I got tO keep the BBS wheel +Bridgestone tire package that Honda paid $3007 for. I am trying to sell the wheel tire package that did not alter the problem at all. In the end, I drove the car 9,000 frustrating miles for about $600. I have traded it. That shimmy drove me nuts!
  • In case you didn't see my post on the VCM thread, we also sent our 2010 Accord down the road. About three weeks ago we traded it for a 2008 Lexus ES350 (Camry drive train). The Lexus has 41k miles on it, but is smoother, quieter, more comfortable and has a better sound system than the Accord. NO VIBRATIONS OR VCM TRANSITIONS! All-in-all, a MUCH nicer car than the Accord. In hindsight, we should have never bought the Accord in the first place, after the negative experiences we had with the VCM in our 2008 Odyssey.

    Although we still have our 2010 Ridgeline, we are likely to be through buying ANY more Hondas in the future, unless they start dramatically improving their vehicles and start taking some responsibility for all the designed-in problems.
  • Lisa, I took mine in 16 times, for a total of over 40 days. (they had to order axles once, and they ordered new wheels and tires once, and each of those was over 7 days.) Keep good records, and dates, times, etc of when the Dealer Mgmt tells you things. I got the Service Manager to ride with me and it was impossible for him to BS me and tell me it was normal as we were both shaking down I-35. He was a class act and did not try to dodge it like Honda USA will. If anyone is told this is normal, my advice is to ask where it says it on your window sticker or owner's manualj, that this car is designed to shake, shimmy or vibrate? That line of BS ended there with Honda USA. I kept asking what page should I refer to, or could you be mistaken. My Dealership mgmt was very surprised when we Googled this problem and found several forums and people all over the USA and Canada that have this problem. I also have the Legal Dept guy at Honda if anyone wants to bug him. He would hate me for giving out his info, but that's tough, isn't it? Ha! If many people called him constantly, maybe the issue would get more attention. If interested, let me know. Good luck to those with the problem, and Happy New Year!
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I don't know about you, but my Bluetooth, voice recognition and home link never worked properly either. It was just an all around crappy car. Consumer Reports seems to be finally waking up to Hondas problems and not just rubber stamping them a best buy anymore.
  • My Bluetooth and Homelink worked just fine. I did notice that Consumer Reports did not name the Civic as one of their "picks" for the first time ever. The "older" Hondas were great, and my problem car was my 4th V6 Accord. The first three were great or I would not have bought a fourth. My best friend is a mechanic, and still has a 99 Civic with 229,000+ miles. It is still peppy with ice cold air. Not building them the same I guess.

    For what it's worth.... My service mgr was helpful and a class act. He advised that Acura uses the same engine as the shimmy monster Accords, but not one Acura uses the VCM technology. It's either all six cylinders, or the car is turned off.

    Enjoy the new car, and best wishes to you and yours for 2012!

  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    Our Accord's Bluetooth & HomeLink worked OK too, except for the VR (Voice Recognition) part of the Bluetooth. The only time VR would work is when the car was stopped--never while moving. I finally gave up on VR and would just pull out my cell phone, hit a speed-dial number, and then the Bluetooth would take over and I could use it for the conversation.

    I'm one of those who also find it interesting & perplexing that Honda's V6 engines are the only ones saddled/encumbered with VCM. Such a shame, as the V6 in our Ridgeline has no VCM and runs perfectly all the time. Something makes me think that Acura Executives simply said "No Thanks" to VCM as they didn't want to lose market share because of it.

    Car & Driver voted the 4-cylinder Accord as one of their "Top 10" cars for 2011, but specifically excluded the 6-cylinder models from that award in print. Yet another sad day for Honda, on top of the really bad "new" Civic that has been panned by everyone.

    We could live with the VCM transitions, but the front end vibrations and the harsh ride were eventually too much, as we like to drive and the Accord turned out to be not the best highway car for us. Too bad for Honda.
  • jlbestjlbest Posts: 1
    I would LOVE to receive the name of the person in the Legal Dept at Honda! I have been jerked around for months of hearing about flat spots and road force balancing and multiple sets of tires, etc., etc., etc. The vibration is unacceptable and Honda is refusing to step up to the plate. I will be more than happy to call on a daily basis.
  • I've been experiencing this same problem recently and I'm really starting to get fed up with it. I've now had my car in the shop at the dealership 3 times to have the problem "fixed" and each time I leave with the shaking in the steering wheel worse than it was before I dropped it off. I bought my 2011 Accord Coupe because I'd had 2 Accord Coupes previously (1992 and 2007 V6) and they were both great cars and I never had a single problem with either of them. At around 6,000 miles I started noticing a slight shaking in the steering wheel when I'd go above 55 mph. When it first started I thought of all the possible minor things that could be causing it such as incorrect tire pressure or the tires being unbalanced. When I had the oil changed again at 10K miles I told them of the problem and when I picked my car up the mechanic told me that the tires did need balancing and that they'd road tested my car after balancing them and said it was fixed. Not even close. My car now has 11K miles on it, has been in the shop 3 times to date and is being dropped off again in 4 days and the shaking has gotten worse to the point that it's now affecting how the car drives (I can feel the entire front end of my car wobbling). Honda used to be the gold standard for affordable, reliable and stylish cars. Now it seems almost every day somebody has a new complaint about most of their product line.....mainly Accords though....and the new Civic is apparently garbage as well. In Oregon we have a Lemon Law and if Honda doesn't remedy the problem with my car fast I WILL be contacting a lawyer how specializes in Lemon Law, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and I will also contact the Consumer Protection Agency.
  • IMHO, the 2007 model year was the high point for the Accord. The quality of the Accord has quickly gone downhill since then, which is too bad.

    Honda is now the "lead standard" (instead of gold) for quality & reliability. Hondas might make good boat anchors.

    Good luck wth your pursuit of the Lemon Law. If all else fails, trade your car in on something else BEFORE the rest of the world figures out how crappy Hondas have become, and their values decline accordingly (no pun intended).
  • IMHO, you really have got to get over the fact that you got a bad Honda and move on with your life and enjoy your used Lexus.

    Your incessant posts repeatedly commenting on the same old negative nonsense are really getting old. You really need to move on.
  • Let me ponder that for a moment.

    Ummmmm..... NO!

    I paid my dues by putting up with that noisy, vibrating, hard-shifting, rough-riding junker Honda calls an Accord for two years. My mission is NOT over! I will decide if and when I get bored and move on--not you.

    Hey, here's a "hot flash" for you: If you don't like my posts, simply don't read them. Read something else. Since you seem to be intolerant of people with differing opinions than your's, perhaps it is you who should move on, not me. Unless of course, you work for Honda, which would explain everything.

    Please have a nice day! Seriously. You seem to be wrapped way too tight for internet forums. Lighten up and ignore me!
  • The tone and demeanor of your response summed up and validated the last sentence of my post, i.e., "You really need to move on."
  • As do YOU!

    Thanks again for your kind words....
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    the topic here is wheel vibration so it's not surprising that we'll see some negativity but let's keep it focused on the issue and not each other.

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  • Thanks for intervening and stopping both of us from making bigger fools of ourselves than we already have.
  • daneeldaneel Posts: 19
    Thank you Claires for the intervention. I tried to no avail to reconcile "wheel vibration" with these personal attacks.
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