Saturn Outlook Problems

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I have an 08 Outlook XR with 4800 miles. Took in for 1st service and the dealer found a problem with the cam timing. After 12 days in shop with a left cylinder head and twin camshaft replacement, the vehicle now has a "harmonic" roar at 40 and 60 mph. I've had it in the shop on 5 separate occasions for the roar. The service dept says they can't hear it or duplicate it. I notified Saturn Customer Satisfaction in Tn. and they literally told me it's my imagination. The dealer says there were 263 Outlooks throughout the U.S. with the defective heads. Has anyone else had the problem?


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    Yes. Check the Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia boards. Lots of cam shaft problems. Same engine as the Outlook.
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    I just pulled into my driveway, put my 2007 Outlook with 20M miles in park,, and the key will not go to the off position- it is stuck in the ACC position, leaving the dash lights on and the key in the ignition. I called Onstar, they connected me to Saturn and no one can figure out the problem. My right turn signal is "fast" flashing now, leading me to believe there is some electrical anomaly, but nobody can figure it out. The car still runs fine - but I can't safely park it. Made triple sure it was in park - but no luck on moving the key - I'm afraid to force it and bust the key off in the ignition. My Saturn dealer is closed today and I can't figure out where the battery connections are to keep the battery from croaking. Would love some help from anybody!
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    My right turn signal is "fast" flashing now, leading me to believe there is some electrical anomaly...

    That would be due to a weak battery or a defective capacitor in the flashing circuitry.

    I take it you have already tried pulling the key while nudging the steering wheel left and right?

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    Thanks for the idea - the wheel freely moves a both ways - no wheel lock engaged when I am trying to move the wheel- and no give in the key either.
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    Try the same thing again but this time hold the brake pedal down.

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    What was the resolution? i am dealing with same problem
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    mine juat did same senario , what is solution to this
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    I had a trailer hitch and electronics installed. the technician trashed the electrical punch block when installing the electrical connections for my trailer and this problem caused the key to lock in the ignition. The dealer fixed it $500 and 10 days later by repairing the technician's botched work. Good luck. :shades:
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    did they keep traler hitch wiring or take it out.,,,,. feels like all negatve grounds malfunction in cabin area
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    my o7 did it in july, 37 manhours at the dealer, plus a $600 bcm, did it again about 4 weeks later, same issues, key stuck, window wont work, moonroof, right falsher, left headlight,remote starter, etc all non working again, been at the dealer for 5 days, now they cant get it to run!!!! And, GM says since I went over the warrany( by 600 miles) since the previous repair, they wont give me a rental and are considering whether to pay for the repairs!!! no wonder they went bankrupt, I just want it back so I can trade it in for a toyota!
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    To make a long story very short, we purchased an 08 Outlook back in Oct of 08 new. The next day I noticed little orange spots all over the car. I told the dealer about it and they said it was road grime and would take care of it. Needless to say it still has not been taken care of and after Satuns closings, I have also been told it was an old type of tire shine they used. Buffing, and an alleged wet sand was done with the spots still there. Now I take my Outlook to a local Chevy dealer for a recall on the heated wiper fluid and find out that the spots are from the brakes. The metallic shavings and dust attach themselves to the paint and will not come off. Goo gone wouldn't even take it off. They Clayed my entire car and it took their body shop 1 full day and another morning to get it all off. They said it is on all Outlooks but the white (what we have) and silver show the spots best. The spots are also going to come back again within months but the dealer won't do it again since this is a " 1 time customer satisfaction." My Outlook has only 14k on it and I told Saturn of the shaking in the front end before they went under and they said that there was no problem. Chevy saw the problem right away and took care of it. My rotors were warped already. So what do I do with this? I spend the money on a vehicle new like this and I have to spend money out of my pocket now because of their brakes. Not to mention the metallic from the brakes is probably not good for the clear coat/ paint over time. Any ideas are welcome.
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    its rail dust and was very common on those. my 08 outlook (diamond white) also had this. they have a clay bar they rub it with to remove the metal filing from the rail. once done properly it wont come back.
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    f or what its worth im pretty sure outlooks didnt have steering wheel locks so wiggling steering wheel wouldnt help. most gm cars no longer have this feature as anti theft is done n a different way.
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    Saturn told me it was road grime, then the said it was tire dressing, and now the chevy dealer who I am taking it to for GM work say it is the metallic brakes causing this. They did a "one time" customer satisfaction claying which the Outlook looks beautiful now, but they said it will return. They said it is on all Acadia's and Outlooks, but only the white, pearl white (which I have), and silver show it best.
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    I am starting to think that buying a saturn was the worst thing I could have ever done. I am currentley in germany and have been having issue after issue with my vehicle. I had an issue right before I left with half cocking the key and then pulling it out, the car would start up even though the key was being pulled out. The US Saturn dealer said it was my fault for installing a dvd player. The german mechanic fixed it and said it was a defect with the ignition system, 700 EUR later turns out he was right.

    The vehicle is a Saturn Outlook and the steering wheel does lock. Thought you might want to know.
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    We bought our Outlook new in April 2007. We take care of our cars and properly service them. The problem is that the Outlook is unreliable and I don't know what to expect from GM now that I have made a claim through the BBB.

    First the list of problems, failed water pump, leaking A/C compressor, brake booster failure, headlight failure, transmission sensor failure (while on vacation), steering wheel column replacement, steering rack replacement, oil cooler failure, timing cover failure, both rear lamp assemblies corroded (we live in Southern California) and a few I'm sure I'm forgetting.

    That is all in the first 51,000 miles. Does anyone have any experience with GM customer service? I'm hoping they will do something for me so I don't have to hire a lawyer.
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    I have a saturn 07 outlook with 92,000 miles. I've had it in for the timing recall a few years ago (when the recall first came out) all they did was reprogrem my computer. I just received a letter a couple weeks ago saying the problem hasn't been fixed. When I brought it to the dealership they told me it was just an informational letter and I just need to keep it "incase" I have an issue down the road. But reading the posts, it sounds like if I have an issue, it will happen while I'm driving. I don't see why they can't replace the timing chain now to prevent major engine work needed later?

    I also have been noticing that my vehicle seems to feel like it's going to stall and not really wanting to accelerate. This issue just started within the last couple of weeks. This isn't all the time, just every so often. I also have been noticing when the car is turned on and in park the engine running has a very different sound than it used to have. Not sure if these two things are related or not. The thing that really concerns me is that today when I went to start my vehicle, it started very hard and when it did end up starting it smelt like either exhaust or gas afterwards, inside and outside of the vehicle. Tonight I went to go somewhere and my vehicle started ok but again I smelt either gas or exhaust. Has anyone experience these problems with their outlook?
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    letter says warranty on timing chains has been extended past 5 yr 100k miles if you have a problem.
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    GM made me an offer today....$3,000.00 toward the purchase of a new GM vehicle. I was both surprised and insulted how they could treat a loyal long term customer. The GM representative freely admits that the vehicle has not lived up to its express warranty but basically, that's too bad for me. Why do I have to hire a lawyer when a car manufacturer sells a clearly defective vehicle. Our Saturn has had a multitude of problems and has little resale value even with low miles. I'm very disappointed in GM, maybe I should be buying German Japemese or Korean vehicles next time. What happened to made in the USA? :mad:
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    My 2007 Outlook has been babied. Just replaced my second Rack and Pinion on the steering system. first at 29,000 second at 48,000. Whats next. Thank God I had an extended warranty.

    slickrick1735 :mad:
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    I'm sorry to read that you had to have the rack and pinion assembly replaced twice, slickrick1735. How has everything been running since the most recent repair?

    GM Customer Service
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    I am having the same issue with acceleration. I havent even started on this quest just yet. This vehicle has been nothing but trouble since about a month after I owned it. It spent more time at the dealership than with me the first year. After reading all of this I think I need to cry. I really hate this vehicle. Heading to the Better Business Bureau. Atleast they will listen other that hand me a bill then I'm actually going to have to figure out what I'm going to do about this :lemon:
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    I have had my Saturn Outlook 2007 since 2010. I have had leaking of the roof since 6 months of the purchase. My transmission went! I had to replace my head lights 7 times beofre the recall came in! not to mention the tickets from the Police reminding me tha the light I just fixed NOLONGER is working a day or two later! (3) tickets! Not my power steering is messed up! what the hell is going on? I have a 5 year maint plan with my chevy dealer. I get my oil changed ON TIME! my tires are rotated regularly.. Have my tune-ups on time. what more am I to do. Are all these lemons??? so want to get rid of this vehicle. and I brought it cash... book value stinks!! GM pls help ME!!!! My car still leaks and chevolet of New Rochelle in NY says I have to pay 250 just to look at where the leak is coming from, when they know there is a problem with ALL these vehicles. Plus my power steering is an issue OUT OF THE BLUE!!!!!
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    i bought a new 08 outlook in july 2007. had it for 2 and a half years. 41k miles. i was getting power steering leak, engine sludge problem which leads to timing chains needing to be replaced (huge job), transmission leaking. i worked at the dealer and could see they were not good vehicles. traded for a 2011 sorento in march 2010. 2 and a half years later no problems at all with it. very unfortunate as the outlook is a nice vehicle just too many problems.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    also had the headlight problam and luckily didnt have a sunroof. they look nice but leak and i dont think they can be fixed. they just leak.
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    I bought this car certified used in Sept. 2011 from a dealership with less than 34000 miles on it. Now the trough or channel in front inside where the sunroof is mounted is filling with water. It overflows into the headliner, runs down the windshield and drips in to the dashboard and floor. The dealership offer to leak test it for $105. I see there is a bulletin for a VIN range that my vehicle does not fall within. The repair is for replacment of drain tubes. Other forums have owners complaining that the fix doesn't work. NHTSA has 16 cases of this for just this model year. Does anyone have more recent info on this? I hate to pay for a problem caused by poor engineering.
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    My daughter bought a used 2008 Saturn Outlook from the dealership just before they left for Hawaii. They are in the Army. They have been having a world of problems with the battery since they got there. First thing was their external temp kept showing 130-140 degrees (not likely) and their fans were running when the car was off. They were told to replace the temp gauge that is located in the front. Did that. Still happening. Next they were having to be jumped off all the time. Were told it was a bad battery....replaced the battery. Still happening. Now, the car completely dies and they are getting a message that the battery charging system needs attention. I'm sorry, but they are in the army. They have no money to continue taking this car in only to have the same thing keep happening. My daughter's husband is fixing to be deployed over seas AGAIN, and she has 2 small children. She can't be stranded somewhere with these babies. This CANNOT CONTINUE. She has no one there to help her. Any ideas?????
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Is this work being done at one of our dealerships out in Hawaii? If so, and if you daughter would like for us to look into this further, please have her send the following information to us at [email protected]: her name, address and phone, the last 8 digits of the vehicle's VIN and current mileage, and the name of her involved dealership.

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
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    I have a 2008 Outlook with 51k, which I really love, but unfortunately has given me so many problems. I have been reading these message boards for years, and I have found so much good information on them. I've finally decided to join in on this discussion so I can share my experiences and hopefully help others with similar problems. I have created a spreadsheet with every single fix or maintenance performed on the car, with mileage, date, service notes and grouped by category to I can quickly see the repeat issues that arise. I have also been tracking my fuel consumption for the last 6 months accurately, because I am nearly going broke filling the tank up 2x a week. The results are pretty on.

    The following list is in date order of everything that has been replaced in my car, most covered under warranty or recall, but this is a long list to have these things fixed. With no warranty, I had to pay for the power steering pump that went driving on the highway. So far, the following have been replaced: Sensor Camshaft, Cylinder Head Gasket,Dead Battery, Windshield Wiper Motor, Transmission Software Update (after multiple complaints),Airbag Wire Harness, Power Steering Rack & Gear, Front Pads and Rotors (1st time), Gasket for Intake Manifold, Gasket for Rear Valve Cover, Right Front Strut, Both Strut Mounts, Engine Mounts,Front Pads and Rotors (2nd time), Left Front Stabilizer Link, Front Pads and Rotors (3rd Time), Headlight Harness, Airbag Connector Kit, Engine Front Cover Crank Seal, Timing Cover Seal, Broken Bolts in Cylinder Head & Valve Cover, Exhaust Stud Broken Bolts, Power Steering Pump, Hose & Clamp.

    More interesting is the fuel economy I have accurately documented, resulting in the finding out I get an estimated average of 11.85 MPG combined City/HWY AFTER the Transmission Software and Calibration Update was made in 2009 (orig.released on May 2008). For tracking data, I used a 6 month period from January - June 2012. (For those who don't know, the original transmission software had a hesitation when accelerating (providing a flat spot b/w 35-50 mpg). GM will not advertise this update, you must ask for it and be firm. However, the negative impact will be the fuel economy, which obviously GM did not research properly. A GM service rep told me that the software is an "option" and I should be glad to hear they offer that "option", my sales person should have review all of my options such as engine size, etc. It is a trade off between performance and fuel economy and if I wanted performance I should have bough a sports car. I responded, and quickly corrected him to say, no this is not an option, it is a manufacturers defect and I want it fixed. Here are the results of my findings...believe me, this took time to pull it all together, but it is accurate: Average MPG is 11.85 Combined City/Hwy from Jan - June 2012
    Lowest MPG Recorded was 8.90, Highest MPG Recorded was 14.80
    Total Miles from January - June 2012 is 6330 miles, using 587 gallons at an expense of $2170.
    • TOTAL Cost of Excess Fuel Consumption Due to Software Update Since 2009: $5069.00
    • TOTAL Cost of Excess Fuel Consumption Due to Software Update This Year : $768
    Monthly unnecessary expense for gas is ~$152.00, that is a lot of extra money to spend each month that doesn't have to be wasted.
    So I am in limbo until I get a response based on my data I provided (with back up documentation)....I guess we will see how this ends up....

    Currently, GM has offered $3k towards a new GM vehicle, but to be honest, I cannot afford a new GM car right now, I am still paying off my excessive gas bill. $3k towards a new car really doesnt go too far. I have already contacted the National Highway Safety Admin, Better Business Bureau, and next steps are CT Attorney General, Possible EPA and perhaps small claims court for the $5000 refunded to me from gas.

    Average Tank Filled was 18.3 gallons, which got about 204 miles for an estimated cost of $68.00
  • travis49travis49 Member Posts: 1
    I believe my 2008 Saturn Outlook is having timing chain problems. When I accelerate,I hear a loud clicking noise. Any thoughts?

    Also, does anyone know if there are GM authorized service centers in Germany? I'm in the Army and was just stationed here.

  • mstuart2mstuart2 Member Posts: 3
    My 2008 Outlook A/C stopped working after months of hissing noises aourn 60k miles. Dealer added died coolant to find leak. Turns out two hoses were rubbing together causing a hole over time. For some reason, the $1,500 repair of this obvious design flaw is on me. The A/C worked after the fix for two weeks. It then began hissing again and two weeks later stopped working. In the shop now but I expect another large bill. A car with 65k miles should have no repair bills other than brakes and oil changes. Does anyone know where to address complaints to GM other than my dealer?
  • mstuart2mstuart2 Member Posts: 3
    Dealer called: evaporator core is now bad. Another $1,250 to fix for a total over $2,700. Although they offered to pay for the part/core, not the labor, so I would save $300. So my GM SUV has hoses that were designed so poorly they rubed together causing a hole and all the coolant to leak out multiple times and then the evaporator goes bad in the same A/C system. I am sure there is no connection with the two issues. I still need someone at GM whom I can complain to. There is absolutely no excuse for the entire A/C system of a car going bad before 70k miles. We also live in New England so it's only used half the time.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    If you wanted for us to look into this further, mstuart2, we can be contacted at [email protected] (to set up a case, please include your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • mstuart2mstuart2 Member Posts: 3
    I look forward to hearing from you/GM. I sent along the informaiton on Tuesday. Thanks for your help.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Very good! My coworker Christina, who answers inbound emails from the forum, should be in touch with you soon!
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    gm is doing nothing with my situation where i had to get a new transmission on a 2008 outlook with 40k and since i didnt take it to a gm dealer, they wont reimburse me. customer service reads off a sheet of paper of what they have to tell you. they need to be sued! saturns closed and they are taking advantage of this, leaving us customers with problems.
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    When they bought the car, the battery that was installed evidently was not the CORRECT SIZE. How were they to know this wasn't the original battery or that the one that was in there wasn't the correct size. Anyway, this was the problem all along....the battery wasn't strong enough and therefore kept being drained. Who knew! Thank GOD it was just a simple and pretty inexpensive fix. But the headaches trying to find the problem were horrible.
    Just so anyone else will know....check the battery and make sure it's the correct size(strength) or whatever it is you check on a battery!
  • kyra4kyra4 Member Posts: 3
    Hi I have a 07 outlook xr. the steering wheel makes noise when you turn, like rubber against rubber... any one else have this problem..need to fine out how to fix the problem?
    any one else have this problem?

  • outlookdriveroutlookdriver Member Posts: 26
    There are three methods you can use to contact the NHTSA if you suspect a safety-related defect in your vehicle. You can take any (or all) of the following actions:

    Call the U.S. Department of Transportation's Vehicle Safety Hotline: (888) 327-4236 or (800) 424-9153, toll free from anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
    Report the issue online at the NHTSA's vehicle safety Web site:
    Send a letter via U.S. Mail: U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Defects Investigation (NVS-210) 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington, DC 20590
  • msgranmsgran Member Posts: 3
    OK, so the battery wasn't the underlying problem after all. Now, the darn thing is having to be jumped off EVERY TIME the car is shut off. Son in law going down the road in it the other day and ALL THE GAUGES QUIT WORKING. This vehicle has some electrical problems and IS A LEMON! They need to be reimbursed for this vehicle so they can get a reliable one. With 2 small children and living off the small military salary they get, this is not acceptable!
  • kmanzikmanzi Member Posts: 7
    Pebs4 - I wish I read your post months ago. I am taking GM to small claims court for a transmission issue on my 2008 Saturn Outlook. I have a post on here earlier with a total list of all my issues, but the fake fix they made for my transmission was a software update, that cost me an excess of $5500 in fuel alone over 4 years. I have all of my back up documentation, everything I need to prove this. I'm just wondering if it is worth small claims or getting a lawyer to take the case. This touches on 2 issues...a faulty transmission that would hesitate on the highway (safety issue) and it has been documented with the NHSTA as well as misrepresenting the real fuel consumption other than what the sticker says. Hyundai was sued over a similar issue recently and was ordered to pay.
    Where are you at with your situation. I have since sold my car - I tried to work with GM on a new vehicle with a credit for my out of pocket expenses, but GM didnt do anything but drag me on and on and on for months...slowly escalating me to the next department...days and weeks and months of my time. I will never buy GM again.
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    I have an 07 Outlook XR with an aftermarket remote starter. The remote start stopped working recently. The keyless entry (factory and aftermarket) still works. The installer checked it and found the pink wire (and the red/white) for the ignition on the left side of the steering column aren't getting power. I was told the pink should be +12v with the ignition on. He said the wire had to have power at the time of install for the system to "learn" and be programmed. He wasn't sure why my car is even starting right now without the wire having power. I can't find any blown fuses? I re-checked the pink and the red/wht wires at the ignition connector on the left side of the steering column (no power). I found a wiring diagram for the system. Shows the red/wht should be + with the key off (it's not), and the pink should be + in the on/start (it's not). I checked the 2a "PWR MOD" fuse under the passenger side/glovebox. It is good and has power going through it. There was a little corrosion on a couple of the fuses under the glove box (not this one though -- While I'm at it, no sunroof). I'm going to try and trace the red/wht from the fuse panel back to the ignition and see where it loses power. Any help would be appreciated.
  • pacamry1pacamry1 Member Posts: 6
    Had power steering noises (squeals when we turned the steering wheel) in my '08 Outlook. Typical symptoms of low power steering fluid and, when I checked it, that's what it was. The fluid level was below the minimum mark, and when I filled it up the noise went away and the steering was much better.

    Reason I post this is that the power steering reservoir is towards the back, underneath the plastic engine cover. You have to take off the plastic cover to check the fluid - apparently the quick oil change place that I was taking it to did not bother to do so and check the fluid. Shame on me for not checking it myself, but thought that folks in this forum might want to be sure to have that power steering fluid checked!!
  • brohofbrohof Member Posts: 1
    I have a 09 Outlook with 75,800 miles on it. Recently took a trip to Ill. from Arkansas noticed the car would have a hesitation and jerking when I would accelerate, with or without the cruise control. Really bad when going up hills. Took the car to my dealership they found that the #2 & #4 ignition coils were bad, changed the two coils and the two plugs, that fixed the problem. The codes were P0302,P0304.
  • cpaz52cpaz52 Member Posts: 1
    2007 Outlook XR
    Anyone experienced issues where all of a sudden the gauges start bouncing and the info starts popping up multiple messages including Service traction control and several others? Then the car will go into safety mode and not let you accelearte very much. I turned the car off for 30 minutes and the problem goes away. Battery is fine. It seems like the computer is getting bad info and it concerns me greatly. This has happened several times now and my mechanic said he couldn't find or duplicate the issue...Kind of scary
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hi cpaz52,

    I understand your concerns and am sorry to hear that your mechanic wasn't able to fix this for you. If you'd like for us to look up any warranty or recall information we'd be more than happy to do so. We can be reached by email at [email protected].

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • snwgrl2224snwgrl2224 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my 2009 Outlook, used, in 2011. We test drove it twice, with no problems, before buying it. Driving it home that night was a different story. We noticed a loss of power steering when going at slow speeds (turning, backing out of parking, etc). This problem has gotten worse over the years. Now, there is pretty much no power steering while at very low rpms about 95% of the time. I have also recently noticed that my engine will get "stuck" at a very high idle while driving (3500rpms doing 65-70mph). I had to stomp gas down to rev it higher, before it would drop into normal range. Any ideas on what the problems could be? I might mention, that it seemed like the steering issue was slightly better after putting a brand new set of tires on it, but that did not last long (a month tops). I love my Outlook, but am frankly wondering if the problems are worth it. To me, the power steering issue is definitely a safety issue. HELP!!
  • joyztoyjoyztoy Member Posts: 9

    Just happened to me and had to have car towed to dealership. The problem was leaky valve covers and oil inside the throttle body. That and along with some emission repairs and a sensor. We are now $3500 poorer because of the vehicle.

  • doublea55doublea55 Member Posts: 3

    It seems that my 2008 Saturn Outlook has been blessed with every single issue raised in these forums. I am a loyal GM customer and have always bragged about my vehicles, I am on my 10th GM vehicle to date, everything from Cadillac to Astro van. This Saturn is EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTING! Most issues were covered under warrenty but now with only 88K we are 10 months out of warrenty and it is in the dealers shop waiting tranmission diagnostics, it will not shift into reverse, just the latest of issues. Here is the landry list.

    -Squeaking from under steering wheel -Water Pump failure -Heated wiper fluid disabled and several other recalls -Brake master cylinder and booster failure (stabillitrack/ABS warning lights)- After warranty period =$500 -Now the transmission problems

    Very frustrating! I really hope GM steps up, times are already tough, extensive and expensive car repairs do not make it any easier. I have a family of 5 on the road and this Outlook keeps me up at night!

  • emmat86emmat86 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought my Saturn Outlook XR (2008) about 2 months ago. My air quit working all together about 3 weeks ago. Replaced the blower motor to discover that my a/c was now not working. A mechanic has diagnosed the problem as being the low pressure line due to hoses rubbing together and causing a leak. I see that this is an extremely common problem in these vehicles and am wondering why there has been no recall?!?! It's very frustrating to have a vehicle that you are spending more on repairs than the payments you are making!!!!
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