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Infiniti I30/I35



  • blk02_i35blk02_i35 Posts: 2
    No need to change the timing chain..if the pump decide to go out then you cn

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    No need to change the timing chain..If the pump goes out then good idea to do complete job .I have 220,000 on my 02 i35 no problem ..knock on wood
  • blk02_i35blk02_i35 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem the my i35 ..stop using it ..just use an ipod in it now..
  • 1jazmin1jazmin Posts: 3
    the mpg on my Infiniti I30 has dropped 30 percent. Someone sed it might need either a THROTTLE SENSOR OR OXYGEN SENSOR changs. Anybody had this problem or might have an idea what it could be. Ive tuned it up, had the fuel injectors cleaned, etc. All to no avail. If I should change these sensors what brand should I get. My budget is so tigth right now I know I cant afford the OEM. ANY help at all is appreciated. Thanks .
  • wa1wa1 Posts: 1
    Hi -
    I recently purchased a 1998 Infiniti i30 with 114,000 miles. The car runs great but in the week I have had it the starting problem has gotten worse. It does not seem to be the battery or alternator because there is no "noise" during the starting attempts.

    You have to try to start it 5-6 times sometime. The lights on the dash seem to light, but nothing happens. The dealer told me to push the shifter handle all the way into park and then it would start. This seems to work sometimes, but I don't believe it is the problem as the same issue occurs when you have the car in neutral and attempt to start it. Sometimes it starts right away.

    No issues with the running of the vehicle once it starts. The mechanic told me he thought it was a switch below the shifter, but could be another switch down below the shifter into the transmission. This was NOT an infinit mechanic and they are really not sure what the issue could be,

    Any thoughts or suggestions? The car was a nice buy and very well cared for so I am hoping this is an easy fix. If it's the sign of something worse I can return the car within 3 days.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance or comments. :) :) :)
    P.S. Is there anything else that's a common problem on older Infiniti I30's that I should have the dealer check during the inspection? I'm having the car looked over for other issues as well before I decide to keep it or not.
  • pk2007pk2007 Posts: 1

    I am owner if I30 1997 and i am experiencing the same problem – mine is especially hard to start when car was under direct sun for more than 2-3 hours – when it’s cold in the morning I can start usually fine. Did they ever discovered what was causing that problem? Have you fixed it? Please let me know if you can

    Thank you ,

  • My I30 dies when I am in Park or Drive and idling. Sometimes the RPM needle starts going down but recovers at idle, sometime it does not and the car dies. No engine codes are throwing.

    A few days back I had the P0306 code, P0140 and P0160 codes show up. I got all 6 spark plugs changed, iginition coil 6 replaced as well as the 2 oxygen sensors. So those issues are fixed. I also got a new air filter changed myself.

    Now I am stuck with this shutdown on idling issue with no engine codes. Th mechanic is unable to pinpoint the issue.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Hi,
    My son has a 1997 infiniti i30 and he told me his car started driving erratically--"felt like axle about to fall off" his words..
    I took 1 look at car--on top of hood on outside looks like a bullet hole! Under hood is this unidentified--bolt, or?? Looks like it came from whatever that round hole is??
    Is it ball joint, shock absorber?? I've looked for undercar diagram/pics and never have been able to identify any thing in that area of car--
    Any help greatly appreciated!! thanks so much.. ojec4a-1.jpg vidscarprojectile.jpg od4.jpg vidcarhood.jpg
  • Same problem here BUT...I ran some tests.....without starting the car, just having the power on and on a cold morning, all CD's played perfectly. I started the car and just sat in the car...still played perfectly.
    As soon as I started to drive the car, the skipping started. I tried adjusting the SCV to HIGH and it helped a little.
    The Harmin-Cardin system (with BOSE speakers and amplification) is not worth a crap in an automobile!!
    I tried, store bought CD's, home-made CD's (R's and RW's)...nothing makes any difference.
    My conclusion: if you want to listen to any of your CD's, park the car and enjoy the music and then drive to where you want to go and listen to the radio on the way !!!!!!
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