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  • mjvargomjvargo Member Posts: 11
    Infiniti's loner car program works as follows. If you own an Infiniti. (It does not matter if you bought it new, used, inherited, or found it by the side of the road one day.) As long as you own or are currently leasing it. You will have an Infiniti made avail;able to you for any scheduled service appointment. If your dealer is refusing to honer this program call consumer affairs and report them. Infiniti corprate takes a very dim view of dealerships causing unhappiness in their customers.
  • boz151boz151 Member Posts: 11
    My dealer in NJ told me that loaners were indeed available for oil changes, but that they ask that we try to make time to wait for any appt under 1 hour. He went on to say, if I needed the car, he would certainly make one available.

    I've had a 2001 I30t for 2 weeks now with 1000 mile so far. It's great except for a couple of factory defects. Faulty sunroof and unbalanced headlights.
  • anonymous5anonymous5 Member Posts: 2
    Unlike titanium (silver) which is a classic color (i just traded in my silver '91 camry and it still looked good), millenium jade is a flavor of the month. it reminded my wife and me of green shag carpeting from 1975--in now, but what will you think in a year or two. (we felt the same way about the autumn bronze.)
  • steve_nsteve_n Member Posts: 11
    Folks, here is the loan car program as outlined by Infiniti. Complimentary Infiniti Service Loan Car available during scheduled maintenance appointments, at participating retailers. Subject to availability. Available during the 4 year/60,000 mile basic coverage.
    Each dealer has their own version of the program. If you schedule your appointment ahead of time, and the dealer has cars available to loan, you should get a loaner car. Sometimes there is a problem, and the loaner fleet is used up, they can't loan a car. This happens when someone comes in for an oil change (45 minute job), and takes the loan car for the entire day. It makes the car scarce for the dealer to give out for the next appointment. Just be patient and understand that sometimes there is a problem and you can't get a loaner car. If you need the car, ask if you can make your appointment for another time when you can schedule a loaner car. If you work with your service consultant, they will work with you.
  • texfinititexfiniti Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I just bought a 2001 Infiniti I30 at Northside Infiniti in Houston. The entire process was a delight. Drive out was $28000+TT&L and this car is loaded. Would have paid about $1000 less for Acura, without Sun roof, and it would have been a 2000 model. The staff at Northside were great. The Acura folks were an embarrassment. If you're looking for a great luxury car that should last for years, check out the Infiniti.
  • crothcroth Member Posts: 1
    What exactly do you mean when you say "this car is loaded"? Did you get the "t" or the "l"? Did you get a spoiler? Does the car have a nav system? 6-cd changer? etc, etc. The specifics are appreciated.

    Anyone out there recently purchase a 2001 i30t with Nav? What are they gonig for?
  • texfinititexfiniti Member Posts: 2
    Croth: All 30's are luxury, unless you go T, which is adifferent suspension. Did not get nor ask for a spoiler. 6 disc cd changer was,nt an option, but yesterday I went to Mobile One and believe it or not, they do not offer one for Infiniti. Said talk to the dealer. Loaner program was fully explained and is available for things as simple as an oil change. Just call ahead and it should not be a problem. This is my first Infiniti product and I feel very comfortable with them.
  • derrickvdmderrickvdm Member Posts: 1
    Hello All and thanks for post such great information about the I30. I too am considering the purchase of the I30t. I visited the dealer in the San Jose area and the window sticker was $34,523. It had the touring package, 6 CD system, spoiler, rear sunshade and traction control.

    Does anyone know what would be considered a reasonable offer for this car? Cars direct has it for $31,065 and the invoice is $30,333. With all the talk about incentives and dealer hold back, I just want to know what everyone else is paying.

    Anyone know of special financing or lease rates Infiniti is offering? The only incentive I have found is in California you can choose a gift (hotels, watches, etc.) when you buy or lease an I30. It doesn't cost Infiniti anything except mention in their advertising. Once you buy or lease the I30 you visit a web site to claim your gift and the web site gets info on you.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • redskin24redskin24 Member Posts: 46
    my father leases a 2000 I30L for either $527 or $572 a month, im not sure which. thing is, he paid for 18,000 miles a year, not the standard 12,000, and he will probably go over the 54,000 mark, as when he turned in his last car, a 97 aurora, it had 65,000 miles. i think $34,523 is what Motor Trend said is the max price for this car.
  • chen12chen12 Member Posts: 1
    I want to use the "Electroshield System" to protect my new 2000 i30 from the very beginning. Is this an effective way to fight rust and corrosion? Will this affect my car's warranty? Please help.
  • boz151boz151 Member Posts: 11
    I just paid $31,500 for a 2001 I30t with Sport Package, Heated Seats, and Traction Control. Felt I got a "fair" deal, probably could have done a little better online, but I liked the sales guy and hey...they need to make a living too.

    According to my dealer, there were no special incentives. The I30t's are tough to find here in the northeast(NJ specifically) and I had to wait 6-7 weeks for mine to come in.

    Does anyone know if they have fixed the TCM chip in the 2001's? If not, what do I have to complain about to get it replaced? Seems to be a little weird between 1 and 2 gearing??
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    To see if you have a problem, start at a stop and accelerate hard. If your TCM has a problem, you will notice a hesitation and engine revving before the engine will shift. I have a 2000 and we do not have the problem, so it didn't even affect all 2000's. I would go see if it affects your car, though.
  • lorbbraslorbbras Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 I30 and hate it. It has been to the dealer several times for a spark knock. Infinity does not know how to fix it. They said it was a problem in the south east. then they said it was a fuel problem. Then they said im the only one that has this problem. Im stuck with a car that doesnt accelerate properly and sounds like a diesel. If anyone is considering buying this car I would say dont. They dont know how to fix their own cars. Then it was a oxygen senser that makes the check engine light come on. who knows when they will learn how to fix that. Ive gotten poor service and have contacted Infinity and am still waiting on that return call. I would like to hear if anyone else has had problems.
  • sascuderisascuderi Member Posts: 73
    are you using 93 octane?
  • redskin24redskin24 Member Posts: 46
    most people who have bought an Infiniti at least know that the car the bought doesnt have a 'y' at the end of its name. why would you spend $30k on a car you hate? you probably arent using the right gasoline. the reason for using at least 91 octane is because the engine compression requires it. my father leases an I30 and loves it. it is the quietest car on the highway i have ever ridden in, topping even the camry. you hardly feel a bump in the car either. the mechanics arent gods either. a doctor doesnt always know whats wrong with a patient does he? it could be numerous things that are going bad, all can be caused by using the wrong gas. the owners manual specifically says that not using at least 91 octane will cause the engine to "ping" or have spark knock. check in your manual, under gasoline, and youll see it too. good luck
  • kwatkins5kwatkins5 Member Posts: 2
    Purchased a 1996 in Oct. of 1999. All was well until the heat of an Atlanta summer. Since then, the car has been contantly stalling! At idle, low speeds and at stop signs. I've tried changing gas, increasing the idler, tune-ups, just about every remedy imagineable to no avail. Finally took it back to the dealership where I purchased it. Lo and behold, there on their service-history screen was the exact same complaints from the PREVIOUS owner! Of course this was not made available to me when I purchased the vehicle, but that's another story. Has anyone else has this problem with your 1996? Please help! The car remains with the delaership, but they've been good about the loaner at least!
  • lorbbraslorbbras Member Posts: 6
  • motorhead6motorhead6 Member Posts: 10
    The engine's computer should control the spark advance to avoid pinging or knock. I've used both 89 and 93 octane (mostly 93) in my 2000 t with no problem. I would suspect a bad computer board.

    For whatever it's worth, I lost my AC from a truck spewing pea gravel out of its bed. Only two or three hit the car. That evening I found I had no AC. Dealer got me in the next day. One stone put a hole in the condenser fins (ahead of radiator). Replacement is required along with a receiver/dryer. Total cost: $710! Still waiting for parts and insurance company check. Am considering putting a wire guard behind grille.
  • marcus216marcus216 Member Posts: 78
    I had a somewhat similar problem with a 1998 Olds Silhouette minivan. Instead of spark knock, the fuel injection systemn kept clogging and the van would just shut down. My dealer blamed different brands of gasoline sold here in Northeastern Ohio, but they would not tell me what brand would stop the problem. I researched the Ohio Lemon Law and took GM to arbitration. I won and was refunded 94% of the purchase price after 27 months of ownership. The whole lemon law process took about 6 months, but it was worth it. Check out the Georgia lemon law. I was able to get my initial information on the lemon law by going into the Ohio Attorney General web site. Good Luck!!
  • maneesh1maneesh1 Member Posts: 39
    Hi folks,

    Does anyone know if infinti is offering low prices to clear out the 2000 i30t? I have a 97 i30t and want to trade it in for a 2000/2001 i30t.

  • nogimmeesnogimmees Member Posts: 1
    Just hit 1000 miles on my 2001 I30. I really like this car but would absolutely love it if it was as quiet at 80mph as my 92 Diamante that I turned in. Would changing from Goodyear to Michelin tires reduce road noise? Company's can sign up for Nissan/Infiniti Vehicle Purchase Program to offer an employee benefit. Got car for Invoice -3.8% (holdback) +2.5%. That's it.
  • scarlett7scarlett7 Member Posts: 9
    I was quoted a price in Dallas area of $27,998 +TTL for the 2000 Millieum Jade. MRSP is 30,618, I feel like this is a fair deal and I like the way the car drives, any responses before I make this deal?
  • scarlett7scarlett7 Member Posts: 9
    I was quoted a price in Dallas area of $27,998 +TTL for the 2000 Millieum Jade. MRSP is 30,618, I feel like this is a fair deal and I like the way the car drives, any responses before I make this deal?
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    That sounds like a pretty good deal as long as the car does not have the moonroof delete package. If it's got a moonroof, go for it! You'll love the car.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    I drove my wife's I30 to work today and noticed a noise at higher RPM's that is high-pitched (almost like a supercharger whine). It doesn't bother me, and it doesn't seem to affect the car, I was just wondering if anyone else can hear it, or if anyone thinks something may be wrong.
  • adrian01adrian01 Member Posts: 12
    You definitely have an ignition problem. My I30t has 28K on it (2000 model) and it will not spark knock with any grade of fuel I have used.... I would be pissed too. Maybe you could try another dealer, like they say: "It is hard to get good help." We love our I30t, absolutely no problems whatsoever. Good Luck
  • redskin24redskin24 Member Posts: 46
    if you have the touring package, see if they make Toyo tires in that size. my dad has a 2000 I30 without the touring package and the Toyos ride great.
  • moreno2moreno2 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 I30t which I have had for four months. The dealer told me that I can have the In-Cabin Air filter installed for $122.00 . On the way out I picked up some information that says "Two-filters for one low price" ($48.95)
    My question is:
    Do I have it and I don't know about it or is it optional on my model?
    Can I install it myself?
  • suedegreensuedegreen Member Posts: 3
    I bought a 2001 luxury with the sunroof delete for $27,900. The other part to the story is that they paid top dollar for my trade in. So all and all I feel I got a fair deal. If I had it to do again I would have bought the sunroof model. Very happy with the car. I was comparing to the Passat and Maxima and found the I30 very close in price, yet offering allot more room and nicer appointments. I have not found one flaw, plus delivers great fuel economy, 27 on her first road trip. This one is a keeper. Good luck.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Member Posts: 559
    Check out the topic #2919, post #567. It deals in great detail with the procedure used to install the in-cabin Microfilter on a 2000 Maxima.
    I'm guessing the steps would be at the least similar if not identical to the Infiniti instructions.
  • lorbbraslorbbras Member Posts: 6
  • redskin24redskin24 Member Posts: 46
    Its called the Infiniti Total Ownership Experience. im sure you and scarlett7 are one of the few that have had major problems though...
  • royalruby1royalruby1 Member Posts: 4
    I just bought it last thursday, 9/7/2000, and I love it. It's the new Royal Ruby Red color with the graphite interior, Luxury model--simply gorgeous. It has the Xenon lights, which are awesome. I've researched this car for 3 weeks now and have contacted 7 dealers in the Northern California/Bay Area. Over 3 hours at the dealer and some intense negotiating, I think I got a great deal at $28,485 +T&L. It lists for $30,600. At the other 6 dealers, I was quoted $28,350 at the low end to $29,200 at the high end for the same car, BUT, without the Xenon lights, which are worth $500. My trade in for my 94 Intrepid was okay, and got them to go up a few more bucks in the end, but I'm glad to dump it, because it's slowly falling apart and just don't trust it anymore. The dealer was Peninsula Infiniti in Redwood City, and they're good people, with an overall good experience for my wife and I. The gas tank was full, the car spotless, and they said to come back in a week or two and they'll wash the car and fill the tank up again!! I found one little paint touch-up around the front drivers fender, but it's hard to detect unless your super close to it. I wonder if that was done at the factory or if it was chipped during shipping, in which the dealer touched it up.

    The pluses in 2 days driving it: strong engine, smooth and quiet ride; super comfy; lots of storage space; sun shade oh so cool; overall great looks. The leather CD/manual holders was an added surprise, along with a choice of one of 10 gifts worth about $500-600 (even though they say $1000 values in the radio ads). We'll get the Sharp Hi8 camcorder. Those Vegas/Chicago/NY trips don't include air fare. One night at a luxury hotel in New York City, you pay to get out there? I don't think so!

    The negatives, and they're minor: the stereo is good, but the FM could sound better--I may upgrade the receiver and adda 12 disc changer; no engine light; trunk hinges will hit luggage; no 2nd visor for side sun blockage.

    Anyone out there tweak their sound system for overall better sound and FM? I've always had very good sound sysytem, and the after market stuff is a notch up from the Bose.
  • sascuderisascuderi Member Posts: 73
    Has anyone had the transmission control module(TCM) replaced on their 2000 I30? There is alot of talk about it on the Maxima forum, and there is a TSB for the TCM for the Maxima and the I30.

    Anyone have it replaced?
  • sascuderisascuderi Member Posts: 73
    Has anyone had the transmission control module(TCM) replaced on their 2000 I30? There is alot of talk about it on the Maxima forum, and there is a TSB for the TCM for the Maxima and the I30.

    Anyone have it replaced?
  • bushky1bushky1 Member Posts: 6
    Not sure about recourse, but call a lawyer right away. I think you have three business days to get out of car contracts...but i'm not sure. Don't put any miles on car if you can in the meantime. Good luck!

    By the way, which dealership did this? It wouldn't hurt for the rest of us to avoid them.
  • redskin24redskin24 Member Posts: 46
    hey cool rims on that austrlian maxima. i like the beige saets with black dash combo too.
  • bushky1bushky1 Member Posts: 6
    I don't know how far Baton Rouge is from Dallas or Melbourne Fla., but there are a lot of better deals out there. I-30L with mud flaps only option, it does have sunroof, was being advertised in paper for $26,999. No miles at all on cars, 20 available at Grubbs Infinity. [email protected] The I-30t was being offered for $1500 more I think...Another Infinity to check is in Melbourne,Fla. but I forgot the name. There should be plenty of archived references to them. One last place to try might be . These have all been mentioned before as being very fair.

    Good luck.
  • bushky1bushky1 Member Posts: 6
    I forgot to mention the salesperson's name at the Nashville store was Neil Hayes. He was said to be real reliable. If you want to look at other comments look at topic 1730 "Deals on I30 Luxury"

    Good luck!
  • bigdealbigdeal Member Posts: 2
    I just went down to test drive an I30T this past weekend, but as soon as I sat in the car and placed my left foot on the foot rest, the parking brake pedal cuts into my ankle. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I'm 6'6" and had plenty of head and legroom. I would think any one with the seat pulled forward would be hit too. The parking brake pedal is only about 6" up from the foot rest. The only thing I could think of is the parking brake was on, in the showroom and out in the lot also?

    The car was gorgeous, but not comfortable enough to take it for a test drive.
  • scarlett7scarlett7 Member Posts: 9
    The dealer that did this to me was Crest Auto Group in Plano, TX. I have contacted my lawyer, written a 7 page letter to the owner of Crest, as well as the BBB. Oh, I copied my credit union and my lawyer. I have spent way more than the additional $508.81 on this, but it is the principal behind this and it should not go unnoticed. I really think they owe me a refund of $508.81. Law says you can return the car, but I love the car and a deal was a deal. I shouldn't have to return the car. Besides, they have my trade.
  • redskin24redskin24 Member Posts: 46
    the parking brake was probably engaged. if your 6'6 and looking for a car to fit you try the aurora without a sunroof. ive been talking to guys in that forum who are 6'8 and comfy in that car.
  • skeeter35skeeter35 Member Posts: 1
    I just picked it up loaded with every option it drives awesome. The GPS system is really cool also. I just wish there were some little extras like maybe power lumbar in both seats, a telescoping steering wheel would also be nice but I guess you can't have everything. Great car though
  • ttadrossttadross Member Posts: 2
    My mint-conditioned 95 Camry was just totaled by a speeding 18 year-old and I need to replace it. Have owned 3 Toyotas in a row and would like to try out the Infiniti I30. But I don't have the luxury of picking out my dream model and need to buy whats in stock. I need a reputable dealer in the Brooklyn, New York area and some idea on what others have paid in this area. I'm looking at the luxury model with heated seats as an added option. Help is needed quickly, so I hope to hear from happy owners soon
  • bigbearbigbear Member Posts: 2
    Scarlett, I would stop payment on that check and let the dealer take you to court. In nearly every state you can stop payment on a check for a good reason. Fraud is a good reason.

    A judge would find the whole situation very interesting and I'd imagine, at the worst, he'd make you pay the face value of the check. More likely he'd laugh the dealer out of the courtroom. Either way you don't really have much to lose. It is also quite possible that the dealer would just drop the matter. If you stop payment on the check the whole situation becomes their headache instead of yours.

    On another subject, I've had the TCM replaced on my 2000 I30. It made a huge difference in the shifts from first to second gears. I haven't noticed any other significant change.
  • plinaplina Member Posts: 61
    I bought my 2000 I30T in may from kings Infiniti in Neptune avenue in Brooklyn I got a great deal from them. Like I said before I got the I30T fully loaded with sports package, heated seats,traction and CD changer for $30,700 so give them a try I got it from charles marks and he was ok.If you go personally try a young guy I forgot his name but he's really cool specially if you are a Met fan they threw in the in cabin microfilter for free so give them a chance. please let me know how you did and tell them that Pete with the Mets license plate sent you.
  • jlemesajlemesa Member Posts: 2
    I just wanted to thank everyone who posted the information about the Nissan TSB concerning the Transmission Control Module. I went to my Infiniti service department and complained about the sluggish transmission, slow response from 1st to 2nd gear, etc. The service advisor didn't know about the TCM problem, but told me that he would look into it for me. After researching the bulletin, he ordered the appropriate parts and in about 3 days I brought the car in for the work. I picked up the car the next day and boy it was worth inquiring about. I am very happy with the results. The difference is like day and night. My dealer is Infiniti of Scottsdale, Arizona and I would like to give them kudos for quickly resolving this problem. I urge everyone to inquire about this with their dealer. My service advisor said that he heard that all I30's would have the TCM replaced. I also had the in cabin AC filter installed and there is a huge difference in air quality. Dust particles have been reduced greatly. Hope this helps someone.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. At least you like the car, though!
  • ttadrossttadross Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the lead on Kings Infiniti, Pete. My husband and I will be visiting with them today and , yes, we are die-hard Met fans. Nice win last night. Finally, someone woke those guys up!. I let you know how we do. We plan to negotiate with the dealers invoice in hand, since that is what we did when we purchase our last car. We paid only $300.00 above dealer invoice. Every little bit helps. Thanks for your quick response & I'll keep you posted
  • marpallmarpall Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2000 I30 and the dealer's bill (pre-printed) included "Messenger Fee - $55 and Clerical Fee - $95" Total $150. I objected to no avail and was told all Infiniti dealers charge this. Is this true. Please advise. I intend to write to Infiniti and complain.
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