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Acura RL



  • You are so right!! As the owner of two E 320s, a 1997 and a 2000 I can certainly vouch for the lack of quality issue. It was even featured in Barron's a couple of months ago. My list of problems with my two cars included- transmission(had to be replaced after 3 months), broken metal strap on door, using too much oil, cracked front axle and electronic sensor going out at 49,000. The axle was also cracked at 49,000. The repair bill prices are horrendous!!

    The only way I would own a MB again is if I knew if would be gone before the warranty was up. I do not lease, but buy my vehicles, so this is an issue for me.

    Also, those of you griping about the RL's price. I still think it is a bargain when I came up with a total price of about $65,000 for the new E320!!

    Cutting edge design: The Audi A6 certainly is not "cutting edge" design. The only thing "cutting edge" about is its large front grille!!

    The new Infiniti M sedan looks very similar to their G vehicles. I received an info packet on the car last week from Infiniti.

    The only complaint I have about my new RL is that I always drive too fast!! It feels like I'm going 40 and when I glance at the speedometer, I'm going 50:)

  • After driving the car for a month here are my suggestions to improve the driving experience. These are all minor (hopefully Acura PM’s are reading this):

    1) Ability to turn off the buzzer under the auto mode when the headlights are on and the engine is turned off.
    2) Ability to get the car to automatically lock-up when all the Key FOBs leave the car.
    3) Better integration of HandsFree, Center Console and NAV. Currently there are three input modes (voice only for HandsFree, restricted menus in Center Console and GUI in NAV). All setup should be available from the NAV.
    4) Single voice command interface (now three: HandsFree, NAV and OnStar)
    5) A voice command button accessible to the passenger (for NAV and HandsFree)
    6) Ability to jump from joystick input to voice command when entering an address (from selecting letter by letter to speaking the address)
    7) Use of traffic information in finding the fastest route (add an additional mode)
    8) Ability to add roads and short cuts to the NAV database. A “learning mode” to learn my way to a destination (it always gives an inconvenient route home).
    9) Backup Camera or all around parking sensors on the NAV screen
    10) A better trip computer (with overall information for the history of the car’s life, resettable for a trip, for the current trip and from last gas change)
    11) A HandsFree that will work with more Bluetooth phones (add a few other profiles like the headset profile)
    12) A rain sensing wipers and perhaps a rain sensing auto sunroof closer
    13) 8 way passenger seat
    14) A better cruise control (laser guided, constant distance from the front car)
    15) A listing of XM channels (and current songs) on the NAV display
    16) Ability to program a sequence of XM stations, CD tracks etc. to rotate over with the Mode button on the steering wheel.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    robertsmx, I suggest you sit in the A6 back seat and do nothing else. Why? Because once you drive the A6 (4.2 especially), the RL will only be a distant memory in your mind. ;)

    I've driven both (placed an order for an A6 4.2) and the RL isn't even close when it comes to drive dynamics. It just feels really good and confident. I was almost going to say that maybe it's the tires, but both cars wear all season Continentals. I will say that the A6 4.2 I drove had 18" wheels vs. only 17" on the RL. I say put all your RL bias aside and drive the A6, then tell us what you think. Objectively.

    Now, back to my order. I had to cancel it. It seems Audi decided to drop the Sport Package that I wanted and replaced it with a far more expensive S-Line Package (with less equipment, mind you) as well as stop giving the color scheme that I wanted. That really stinks! We were getting all excited about the purchase and Audi pulled the rug right out from under us. Now we're back to square one of our search to find a satisfying luxury-sport sedan. :(
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Those "required" option packages vary by zone in the US. Type in a southern California zip code and you are given many more package options than say-- Dallas. Southern Cal and Southern Florida have some of the best discounts. Acura RL dealers in my area are not breaking MSRP and are inflating the options at prices above the recommended MSRP.
    Taking that into consideration, when pricing a new LS430 without nav. you can buy the LS for less without an special deal.
  • A great list of needed improvements - I especially agree with the auto light reminder, a better trip computer with more options (I mean, we know it knows more than it is sharing), the passenger seat should have a height adjustment, and the traffic should be integrated with the NAV to route you around congestion.

    All of these can be added for next year...they are not major but would improve the experience.
  • bawlbawl Posts: 1
    This may be a bit premature, given the relative newness of the 05 RL, but does anyone know of any 3rd party solution for adding an iPod to system? I have visited the Dension website, which was a manufacturer highlited in one of Edmund's articles, but compatibility seemed to extend only to the TSX.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Definitely overall Japanese cars have made inroads regarding styling. But, here's a question. Comparing to other cars in the same era, would you say the new RL is more, or less, successful, in terms of styling, then the Legend from the early 90's?

    Similarly, how would you rate the current Accord, to say, the Accords in the late 80's - early 90's, again, relative to other cars of the same era?

    I guess I'm trying to say that I always thought some of those older Honda offerings looked much better than their competitors, whereas I'm not sure I can say that about most of the current Honda/Acura lineup.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    This question would take too much memory power to answer in a general term. I'd say Accord from 1990 was nice compared to peers, but then it stood still for more than 10 years. The latest one was not bad a upgrade, IMO, but nothing fancy of course.

    Legend was one curve ball from Acura for sure. It stood up tall in styling against any car in its class and certainly other Japanese cars at the time. But then all went away and there came RL replacement, the mother of all vanillas. This new 05 RL is certainly better in styling than the last one, but was it a bigger leap over what Legend made, relatively? I doubt it too, esp. considering all the nice looking cars out there now vs. then.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Too bad about the A6, I was hoping that you would get it and then go the Audi forums, since all you do is diss the RL. So you can't even get what you what, some company.

    My son had a A4 and what a POS it was, had to go lemon law and got them to buy it back! He now has a new TL and loves every moment with it.
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    I Agree. With the exception of the current Acura TL (I have an '05), I can't get too excited about the styling of current Japanese cars. In my opinion, the current RL doesn't look nearly as good compared to its peers as the '91-'95 Legend did. In fact (again, my opinion) the '91-'95 Legend still looks better than most current cars.

    Same with the Accord. I think the late '80's early 90's (owned an '88 - kept it almost 9 years, still miss it, '91, and '93) Accords looked great, well, good at least, but I don't like the styling of the current one at all.

    The current RL is nice, but doesn't really excite me in the looks department. I think Mercedes probably has the best looking cars now (except for my TL of course) :-) I also like the current BMW 3 series, and previous generation 5 and 7 series. I guess I'll have to keep my TL for 10 years if Honda can't come up with something better looking.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    We must have similar tastes in cars. I still kick myself for not buying the Legend coupe, especially the 230hp version before they discontinued it, even though it would have really really really stretched my finances at that time. My aunt still has a '92 Legend sedan which I think still looks great. I had an '89 Accord coupe which I kept for 8+ years, the longest I've kept any car. Except for a propensity for warped rotors, it was a very satisfying car to drive and own. (The sight-line was unreal. It was like driving a go-kart, compared to the high-cowl design nowadays). And the '90 - '93 Accord sedans were real benchmarks. Kinda conservative, but they looked like a million bucks, and screwed together flawlessly. I do think the '98 - '02 Accord also had a timelessness to its styling, and the V6 version was the first Accord to offer serious power, but fit and finish wasn't up the standard of the older ones.
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    I guess we do have similar tastes. I just noticed you have an '04 TL. We aren't talking about RLs anymore, but my email is in my profile.

    Back on topic I was really looking forward to the RL, but I'm kind of glad it doesn't look as good as the old Legend or the TL. If it did, I might have to try and figure out how to afford one. :-)
  • robertsmx...I took your challenge and test drove the A6 last night at the local Audi dealership in Southern California. The dealership did not have a 4.2 in stock, so I drove the 3.2 with a sticker price of $51K. First,I want to thank you for pushing me to test drive the car, because it only reinforced my decision to buy the RL. Talk about being unimpressed! All this talk about how superior the ride is and the "sensation" of driving the car certainly didn't give me a wow factor. Quite the opposite, I felt the ride was ok, but nothing to scream about. Handling was good, road feel was good, but again nothing that gave me the feeling that I had to have this car. Additionally, I thought the interior was very boring and somewhat cheap looking. No wood on the dash and hohum looking gauges. Unless the car is black and fitted with 18" or 19" wheels, the exterior looks are very best. I drove the car at night and was blinded by how bright the red interior lights were inside the car. At first it looked somewhat cool, but within five minutes of driving the car, I wanted to find the interior dim switch. Now I understand why you need to take people's opinions with a grain of salt.
  • fraincfrainc Posts: 11
    Great reply, having driven my sons TL and his lemon law A4, I could say that Acura (to me) is the better car by a mile. I also drove the RL for a test and it was excellent. I happen to like the look of the exterior and love the interior.

    I'm driving a 03 TL-S and never had a problem with it and I now have 30,000 miles on it. My wifes car is a 94 Legend with the 230 hp. engine. That car has 173,000 and runs like a champ. Car still looks great even next to today's cars. I don't think we will ever get rid of it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I'm hoping the TL will turn out to be the Legend that I never had.

    (I better get off talking about the TL before the host smacks me!)
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Well folks, everyone is across the board between RL, MB and Audi. Being an old timer with my first vehicle being a willies jeep and no top, and moving forward through a baracudda, Pontiac Bonneville, A Goat with tri power and hurst shifter, a Chevy Caprice, a ford wagon, a chevy wagon and a Suburban and now the RL I have to say I have seen the field and driven it. Also forgot to mention a 12 cyl JAG comfortible, Porche with the tail, MB sl530, MB s500, mb CL500 I have been lucky and driven most of the good ones. For handeling there is no comparison to the MB 500 series the CL or SL - at 140 they are a dream. The JAg was so quick it was scar ie but smooth when it was out of the shop. As to the GM line -the gto and bonnieville - both fast and accomodated ladies nicely. Moving forward in age and time the MB worked well until a couple of years ago when all the techno stuff showed up .. just more untested stuff to fail. Only that old sl530 held the reliability for the high end stuff. Probably the most reliable was my 91 Suburban. It just kept on going and here in the mid-west that can be important..... My ramblings bring me to my hunt to replace the 13+ year suburban, I did 18 months of driving and web searching, Imcluding lexus ls430, s500, e320, Infinnity M and Q45, audi 6model and the 8 model. Even looked at the Jag xj6 and 8. Generally - the above have excessive maint costs and frequest - not cheap visits to service. Drove the Audit 6 and 8 extensively and got my foot caught under the break pedal -scared the you no what out of me, Shifted to the bemer for tests. Found the 3 and 5 series nice but small and seemed to have excessive breark wear, plus a little too small for me, The 745IL I drove had the manuverability I liked but controls were confusing. Plus I noticed all the dust on the wheel rims from the breaks - not a god sign if you only want to see the dealer once a year.
    All this brought me back to the RL. After much research on line and more than 1 drive of the 04 RL I was close. 38K out the door with 7year at no cost. but I knew about the 05 RL and waited. Finally the web site and conformation of mid Oct release. Waited with baited breath - and drove a clestial several with black interion - loved it.....Gave verbal - I will take - just need to show it to momma. She barfed on black interior. and dealer barffed on me. But I did showup with the check book. Took the first Redondo REd coming in in 6weeks. and it did show up right on schedule. Picked it up and I was off and running. 2:47 minutes into ownership - got rear-ended - just a tap but with less than 100 on -- called police filed reprt insurance and everything. Went to dealer for inspection and O damage. The bumper took it without problem. The car is now named Lucky Red. Since that time have played with all features and got them all to work and do it smoothly. HF link is great - just make a phone book. OnStart -my second phone no problems, commands similiar and voice recgonition is excellent. I do use a sony/errickson t637 for bluetooth and it works well, Climate control wonderful especially with ability to put mommy;s heat on her feet and the ac in my face. Navigation is great,programing easy as lonk as you know the address. If you don;t you can always scroll around the may and pick a place without worry. The only buggie I have is voice recgonition for radio is sloppy.
    Have 600 mikes on the first 2 weeks and will be putting a 2500 trip together soon, For an old codger like me this RL is the car. We are retireing son and will drive the country including Alaska and Canadian Rockies. I feel we will be very happy and don;t plan too many maint
    We all talk styly and speed off the line, the RL has it just don;t run against A8, XJ8, SL500 or 600 and some of the smaller fords and chevys. Remember these few items: If we wanted to race by a itilian Lamborgni, Aston Martin, G40 Ford, ver or porche, if you want to get where your going fairly fast, save and look good the RL it.
  • I think the points that habitat1 and taylord are making continue to be quite valid. Certain aspects of what they are asserting are definitely not based upon personal supposition or bias.

    I went back and looked at the RL again (it looks like there are quite a few cars now available at dealers). The acceleration and braking issues which have been examined in detail mean that this does not rate as a best in class performance car. I totally agree with the posts that point out that the back seat is not spacious and that cannot be fully remedied by just moving the front seats up (especially if you are +6 feet tall). Trunk space is less of an issue for some but trunk and back seat are not comparable in measurement or to the eye vs. Merc E 320 or Audi A6 (go look at the cars as some have suggested -- I bumped my head getting in and out of the RL).

    I want to buy the RL but probably won't especially until I see the Infiniti M -- very impressed with the advance materials/information but will have to see. Infiniti M brakes, acceleration have been first rate recently, interior and trunk space (and interior appointments esp. with Rosewood interior) seem to fit the bill. Why didn't Acura get most of these key items right (I drive Acura and would prefer it to most any brand).
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    Has anyone downloaded the RL screen saver from the Acura web site?

    I have been trying for a couple of weeks and keep getting an error message and that I should try back later. I have tried at least 10 times.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the support, but I take no offense to anyone who suggests my personal opinions are "supposition". Half (or more) of what we read in these forums is somebody's subjective opinion and, as long as we agree to disagree with respect, so be it.

    Regarding the Acura RL vs. the upcoming Ifinity M car, I'll state another "supposition". Based upon it's previous track record, Infiniti makes some nice cars, but...

    Their styling is just a bit too "committee like". A chunk of chrome here, a dash that has a bit too much Ford/GM look there, etc., etc. I still have a 1995 Nissan Maxima SE that I find cleaner looking than the sister Infiniti I30, with its addition of chrome here and there. When I was shopping for my 2004 TL, I tried out the G35 Sedan 6-speed. While they had fixed a few early aesthetic offenses, the interior of the facelifted G35 was still at least 2-3 rungs down from the brand new TL. I would not expect the new M car to avoid this pattern. At least the RL is a very good looking vehicle, out of the box.

    Infiniti resale is horrible, at least for their mid and upper end models. Acura's previous RL hasn't fared well, either, but the old Legend did pretty well. I have seen Q45's lose $15k-$20k+ in 12-18 months. The former M cars were worth peanuts after they were driven off the lot.

    In summary, the RL may or may not be someone's cup of tea, but the new Infiniti M, in my opinion, should be approached with a high degree of caution.

    P.S. I have a friend who actually "appreciates" Infiniti's depreciation. He bought a 1993 J30. After a couple of years, decided he wanted something else. The trade in value of the two year old mint condition J30 was so low that he couldn't afford to trade. He HAD to keep the Infiniti. After another 3-4 years, he got something else and passed the J30 on to his college bound daughter. She has driven it another 4+ years. The car now has 195,000 miles on it, still drives and looks good (or as good as the J30 ever did). It was, and is, a great car. Just don't buy an Infiniti thinking you can change your mind; it's a marriage without the possiblity of a cheap divorce.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Good Post Habitat1
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    The resale values of the post-Ghosn Infinitis--G35 and FX-- have been excellent, one of the best in their class. I expect this to continue with the new M as well. Sure, it's resale is not proven, but then Acura's resale with $50k cars is not proven either. IMO, resale values of both the RL and the M will be about equal (both pretty good).
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    "Just don't buy an Infiniti thinking you can change your mind; it's a marriage without the possiblity of a cheap divorce."

    Interesting analogy. However, for those people who doesn't mind marrying a young divorcee, it might be an excellent choice buying a slightly used Infiniti, knowing that she is capable of staying with you for many years and retaining her nice looks throughout :-)

    On that note, people do not really care about break neck performance and cutting edge gadgets can get a great deal now on an 04 RL. IMHO, I don't think the 04 RL looks bad at all (it might even look like an MB from a certain angle); perhaps just a bit bland. If Goggle's only gripe is rear seat and trunk space, he may be happy with the 04 RL, which has "value" and reliability to boot :-)
  • Picked up my Lakeshore Silver RL this morning and am thrilled!!
    Question: When backing out of my driveway, with no rear obstructions, the sensors go wild...loud, until the end of the driveway. Is there some means of lowering the sound of the beeps or modifying the sensors in any way?
    I'd appreciate some help, thanks.

    Wife and I have been spending the day learning slowly and enjoying the many refinements. I did notice that the ride is much firmer, and harsher, than my '96 RL, which I relinquished sadly to the dealer this morning.

    More of a review to follow in the next week.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Congrats Acura P. Knew you were waiting a while for that beauty.. That particular color Lakeshore Silver was in the running for me and I still have not seen one here. Have seen all of the colors in person except that one.. I did however decide on the Celestial Silver with the Taupe and my wife was thrilled over it too. Every RL coming into this dealer is either Pre-ordered or a demo and even some demo's are being sold for delivery later on. My car was pre-ordered by a man whose wife talked him into changing to the Desert Mist metallic and they are waiting now until mid January for delivery. The dealer is taking orders for delivery into early March right now. The demand is good and has been consistant from the beginning. This Acura dealer has an outstanding reputation for service. My son Drives a BMW in this market and his dealer also sells and services Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti, Porsche, and Cooper. I don't know how they keep up with all the service is massive!

    Wish I could help you with the back up sensors.. that's one option I didn't get. We have known going in that the ride was a little firmer than even our TL but love the way the car handles. A question I have about the car...(I suppose my hearing could stand a little tweaking) there is a very suttle, mellow sound that appears to come from the exhaust system. I rather enjoy it but am not totally sure if it coming from the exhaust or not. Does anyone else hear it or should I schedule a hearing exam? (Am quite sure it isn't the off setting cabin sound system)
  • jj:

    I am in my pajamas, up to my ears in manuals, or I would gladly fire up the engine and try to pin down the sound you are hearing. I will lissen up tomorrow and get back to you.
    I am astonished how much we have learned in the course of one day - and how very much further we have to go. As I said in an earlier post, I am eighty and my wife is not far behind. Our learning curves are slightly flattened - only slightly! :-) We still can't figure out how to clear the screen once we have completed a task.
    Mayday! Mayday!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Question: When backing out of my driveway, with no rear obstructions, the sensors go wild...loud, until the end of the driveway. Is there some means of lowering the sound of the beeps or modifying the sensors in any way?
    I'd appreciate some help, thanks.

    I have backup sensors on my Odyssey for 1+ year. Based on what you have described, the sensors are picking up "obstacles" from the side (bushes, short wall, etc.)or the driveway (a reversed slope? if your garage is lower than the road). Backup sensors are unreliable when they are covered with thin layer of ice (left out in cold) or water (rain). People who live in snowy or rainy weather should keep that in mind.

    If all things checked out OK, you may ask the dealer to adjust the angels of the sensors to face upward a bit to avoid it. All it takes is angled rings if such things exist from Acura.
  • sdg1sdg1 Posts: 1
    Are there any rear cupholders in the 05 RL?
  • Hello all, I just bought a new 2005 RL on Nov.30 and I had to take it back to the dealership on the Dec 4 because the audio was completely gone. I mean the voice command will work but,you can't hear the virtual guide talking you through the commands. I have a blue tooth phone and when my phone rings I can't tell because there in no volume from anywhere. When I took it back to the dealer he thought I pushed a button and didn't know. I read every manual, front to back and knew almost every bell and whistle on that car. After he realized he couldn't fix, it I had to leave it there. I did appreciate the nice 2002 RL as a rental on them. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced similar issues. Also, if Acura knows about this problem or not......
  • jjacura:

    I listened carefully several times during the day and at no time was there any hint of any sound other than the gentle purring of the engine - even THAT was barely perceptible. Has the sound appeared consistently?

    2nd Day Ownership Observation:

    I am the slightest bit crestfallen. Perhaps, having come from my '96 RL, I was expecting a "luxurious" ride, not the slightly harsh one that picks up every little bump in the road. Additionally, do you share the sensation of being jostled about a bit? Those comments aside, I love the refinement, power and electronics. The DVD has been very helpful and I'm about to tackle the Nav system and XM Traffic.
    Interestingly, because of my prior ownership of three Honda bikes, three Accords, a 1990 Legend and a '96 RL, I took no notice of the comments that were posted about the quality of the ride because I simply couldn't entertain the idea of buying anything OTHER than the '05 RL! With the exception of the Legend's brakes (1990), I simply have spent little if any time at the dealer's; that's some allure!!! But "Acuraphile" does define me and my somewhat irrational approach to Honda products; I'm in Honda's thrall.-:)

    My wife is wild about the RL! I've never seen her drive with such enthusiasm. After all, I've been involved with cars, bikes and planes all of my life (married life, as well)and she never expressed anything but a pleasant interest in any car that I've chosen. At age 72, she drives as well now as ever...and not in the right lane either!

    I hope that I grow accustomed to the ride because I honestly admire the car in all other respects.The RL was not launched to be KING of the road - just a handsome, energetic PRINCE!
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