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Toyota Solara



  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    My 04 did that once when it was new but since then has not done it at all.Give it some time to adjust to your driving habits.I'm not to thrilled about the drive by wire in this car as it can be kind of sluggish to react in some situations.
  • It happens to me all the time, together with the hesitation issue. Check out the "hesitation" discussion in the Highlander Problems & Solution board and Lexus ES 330 Problems & Solution board. These cars have the same engine and transmission as the Solara V6.


    Also, enjoy the following articles:


  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 858
    ..while seemingly a well-intentioned improvement for the ever-growing pool of shiftless folk....


    may simultaneously underscore the positive aspects of those who have chosen to shift their Solara V-6/I-4 for themselves.


    The manual shift '99 - '02 V-6 Solara seems a real secret: extremely fuel efficient (top two gears are overdrives) and quite user friendly......shift effort/lack of notch factor.


    RIP: In 2003, Toyota pulled the V-6 manual shift option. Cars with clutches? Not for most...ez
  • Thanks for replying to my message about the hesitation issue on our Solara. I have looked through the previous posts about this topic on this website. It makes me feel better that other people are having problems, and maybe Toyota will realize this and get something changed. On the other hand, it makes me mad that I didn't look at this site before we bought the car about 3 months ago. If you find out anything new, or get the problem fixed, please post it on this site. Good luck to everyone with this problem. Thanks.
  • Just put the Faulken 512's on the 02 SLE.

    Noteably softer and somewhat quieter ride than the OEM Potenzas. Handle nicely and are very much more sticky on curves and in the rain. Top rated by CU for stopping distance, including on ice.


    Cheap too. What's not to like?
  • Anybody having problems with rattling noise from the rear package shelf, center mounted break light? Every time I go over a small bump, my 2004 SLE rattles like crazy. Annoying big time. Trying to isolate source to figure out a fix.
  • lfmlfm Posts: 35
    There is a TSB issued for that problem. Ask the dealer about the TSB.
  • j.tullj.tull Posts: 3


    The keyless entry in my 2002 Toyota Solara 4 cyl. suddenly stopped working. I replaced the battery in both my key fobs, but this didn't fix it.


    Took to dealership while away on holiday break; they assumed it was a programming issue; after an hour, they said it was not a programming issue, and would have to look further into problem; I declined, and haven't done anything further.


    The owner's manual doesn't go into any detail on diagnosing this kind of problem. Any ideas??


    Thanks a bunch.
  • Hey, I am new here and I have a question. I own a 2005 Solara convertabile. I have a horrible sulfer smell everytime I accelerate. I am trying to see if anyone else has this problem. I feel I am getting the run around from my dealer. They are basically tellimg me they can't do anything. I am going to the owner of my dealership tomorrow to see what else can be done.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Sounds like the catalytic is being overloaded with too rich a fuel mixture. They should scan the engine and see what's up.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Looking forward to buy a new car, and am considering Solara as one of the options - but should say, that though Toyota's reputations, on any Toyota forum people are really complayning a lot about their Toyotas, be them Solaras, Camry's, 4Runners, etc. - from the pulling to the side, to tranny slipping and zillion of other problems? How come? Never owned a Toyota. But being Ford owner, I can say that there is defenitely much, much less complains on Explorer or Grand Marquis forum. Being Honda owner, can say, that Accords quality is much lower as Fords - 7 month with Accord = 4 transmission replacement. Constant problems with sensors. May be it's just mine ($30,000) car? Still, on Honda's forums people complain less than on Toyota's. Can somebody enlighten me - what's going on? Toyota gets good rap it doesn't deserve or you people are just too difficult?
  • ?

    what complaints? since december 1st, this forum has addressed 2 probs, for different models.


    you must be one lucky ford owner; all of my auto enthusiast friends have swerved me from buying one (ok - they're Mopar gearheadz, but...) what about the 5 recalls on the 2001-2003 explorer - no complaints about that? or ford hiding the explorer/firestone tire problem? and what about the 15 class action suits (2004) against ford for the crown vic (grand marquis) collision fires?


    a: test drive as many different vehicles as possible. check out their respective forums.


    b: perhaps you haven't read most of the threads in this forum? lately, it's just peeps asking about which tires to use.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    Currently have 2 Toyotas - 1999 Solara SLE V6 coupe and 2004 RAV4. Have had 3 others previously. Every one has been a quality vehicle and we have had zero problems with any of them. These type of sites tend to attract the "complainers" and not the ppl who are happy with their vehicles.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    with the price of $28,000. Fully loaded - leather, moonroof. Told dealer will buy it from him for 22G. they tried to sell me car on the same day. What is the right price for the car? Is 22 too much? can I get them down ot less?
  • Just took delivery of a 2005 Solara SE Sport. The brochure at the dealership stated that the leather package included heated leather seats.


    It turns out thats a mis-print, the leather seats do not come with heat.


    My local dealing is checking with the factory to see what they will be willing to do.


    Any thoughts on this?
  • sounds like a heckuva deal to me. then again:


    is it the color you want? what other cars did you counter-shop? what were your impressions from the test drive? shoot for the moon, and try a $22K pricetag for a convertible...


    make sure you read the Edmund's guide for buying a car - don't want any 'mystery' charges popping onto the final tally...
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    Color is silver metallic - I am OK with that.

    No, I didn't cross-shop. And '04's are barely left.

    They don't have '04 convertibles, and honestly, I don't want one. The car is for my wife, and we are in NY, she is not type of a person to take additional care of convertable in NY - avoid bumps, be on constant watch for the weather, not to park car where it shouldn't be parked, live with the huge blind spots, etc.

    I'll defenitely not let them to sell me paint protection, windows etching, etc.

    Did you test the new V6 Accord also/ How different are the cars?
  • actually, it's my wife who has the Accord V6 (2003 model). she has all the upgrades (heated auto leather seats, 6 CD stereo, side curtain airbags, etc) I really enjoy it's 240 hp engine (auto tranny), and from the driver position, it feels like an enthusiast's car (feels like the interior is a wee bit smaller).


    my stock JBL stereo sounds MUCH better, my moonroof seems bigger, and I have a cavernous trunk compared to the Accord.

    I would recommend taking your prospective Solara up to 65-70 mph for about 5 mins, and listen to the car at this speed - see if anything rattles/vibrates.


    fsv - hope this helps, and good luck in your search for a new car!
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    I own Accord 02 EX V6 top of the line and am looking to replace this car, since the lease is running out. I got to be one of many who had to replace (3) trannies on Accord - you might be familiar with transmission problems Accord had. I would like to migrate to a more luxurious car, and Solara fits the bill. I just need to know what is the fair price for '04 V6 SLE - everything except Navigation. Dealer wants 23G, I am not ready to pay 22G's when I get up and leave, they, they grab my arm and are trying to talk me into further talking, so, I guess, we are close. Is 22g reasonable or I could get a better deal?
  • lfmlfm Posts: 35
    Have an '04 and have the same problem. Checked and there is no TSB on the V6, but there is one on the 4cyl coupe. Dealer tells me that it is normal. It only happens when I accelerate fairly quickly.
  • I have the 2005 Solara sport convertable and my seats are leather with heat. So don't know what the deal is
  • They have done that. They are telling me it is the governments fault for not cleaning the sulfer out of the gasoline as promised. What a riot. All systems have checked out good.
  • Yes, same here. But I accelerate quickly a lot during the day. I am in the car alot. I also cannot see during the summer having a sewer smell well the top is down. I am very unhappy. They say it is only 2004 and 2005 toyotas that do this. Not a very good thing. I don't think when it comes to selling this car anyone will want to buy a stinky car.
  • i bought my manual tranny SE V-6 for $23K in 2000, and when I posted this initially when I bought it, most opinions were that I got a good deal - so i think your offer of $22K for an '04 SLE is a BARGAIN.


    y'know, i don't think i read... did your wife like the car? and how many miles are on it?


    come to think of it, the Accord DID get brought back to the dealer for the tranny fix - done at no cost.
  • fsvfsv Posts: 196
    she only wants the price to be lower. The car has less than 50 miles. I have hard time to believe it will fall under $21G. But, she knows I get best deals out there, and want's me to do, I am afraid, impossible. I got fully loaded Accord lease for 319.oo for 39 month - with 15,000 miles/year, $0 down, NY taxes included, free oil changes for lease duration, replacement car, something else. Replacement car option was the best thing during this lease - first few month I drove Saturn half the time - Accord was in the dealer's shop. This is the reason I don't want Honda - I just don't want it. I even caught myself on the thought, that while shopping for a bike (am looking for a cruiser) I am not looking at Hondas though they are the most comfortable and fit me the best.

    Not that Honda cars are worse than Toyotas - that remains for me to be discovered, but at the moment Honda for me second to Yugo.

    Incedently, when you got your SE V-6 for $23K in 2000 - this price was with the tax and destination charge?
  • ... well, really sorry to hear you had a bad time with your honda - but my gearhead friends kept reminding me when i was car-buying that ANY car made by a human can have problems. my friends who have Hondas have had very little bad experience with them.


    as for buying my 2K Solara: $23K tax/tags out the door - the salesman was an old employer of mine. i just happened onto his lot by happy accident. i made sure he got $500 for himself, and that was it.
  • Hi ... this is very timely for me!! thank you!

    I am in the process of buying a 2005 Solara convertible and just have a couple of concerns re: winter driving (I am in Ontario, Canada) and the rear blind spot. The dealer has "assured me" that I will quickly adjust to the blind spot. Since you and so many others also live in areas with ice and snow in the winter months, I would REALLY appreciate some input re: winter driving and rear vision.

    thanks :o))

  • sjbrodysjbrody Posts: 39
    We (really, my wife!) bought a Solara convertible in November, knowing full well the rear visibility problem. We have had a fair amount of snow here in New Hampshire but have had no problem driving. You just have to be aware of the blind spots and be careful. We also put on 4 Bridgestone Bizzarks and have had very good traction.


  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Like Rbleland said, many people come on these forums to complain about their vehicles and we don't always hear from the people that have no problems. Toyotas are great vehicles and I'm sure that you'd make a good buy. Unfortunately, lemons exist in every brand, and that also includes Toyotas at times. Test drive your car and make sure that it lives up to your expectations.


    As for Grand Marquis forums receiving fewer complaints, well there's a good reason for that--nobody drives them! I rarely see anybody drive those cars these days. As a personal opinion, I would also steer far away with Fords, and if you wish to buy domestic, take a look at GM's offerings (I really like the G6) or Chrysler's 300.


    Good luck, and let us know what you decide to do!
  • curlyqcurlyq Posts: 54
    Hi All:


    I am getting ready to trade-in or sell my 2000 SE. I just test drove the 2005 SE Sport and Liked it. If some of you would be kind enough to comment on your experiences with the Sport, pro and con, it would be greatly appreciated. I am especially concerned about paint chipping, which my 2000 SE was prone to. Thanks for your help!


    CurlyQ in Chitown
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