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Cadillac DeVille



  • Depreciation is a big bite. 50% after 3 years is a bit hard to swallow. Therefore, either lease and pay it, or buy and hold for 5+ years. Actually, those looking for a good used car love the 50%. I saw a 1998 STS the other day with good miles (15K) for 30 grand. Not a bad second buy. I would hate to buy a new one and have to turn it in after a couple of years. You are going to pay big time. Just for kicks, next time you are at the dealer, ask to see the depreciation book. MB do "offically" depreciate (higher residual) than Cadillac's.
  • Yeah 50% is a lot, but leasing doesn't eliminate depreciation... I don't think the dealer eats the depreciation when you give it back...
    Now, since M-B's cost the same for a smaller car with a smaller engine, (and presumably less toys)than the Caddy, that would seem to suggest that the buyer is taking the hit up front, rather than when he gets out of the car. I dunno...
  • Ok, maybe my last post was a little confusing. MB's will not depreciate as much as a cadillac. But only because of perception. Supply and demand play into this as well. There are a bunch more STS's sold than Eldos. This is the reason an Eldorado has a higher resale than an STS. Well, relatively speaking. The Eldo is about 8 grand less when new than an STS. For a 2 year old car, it is only about 3 grand different with same miles. Same thing with MB's. However, the MB will still lose more money OVERALL than a cadillac because of the MUCH higher price. Expect to lose about 25 grand on an S500 over 2 years. About 20 grand on an STS. But the S500 sells for 30 grand more. Leasing helps out in the long run. If you normally trade every 2 to 3 years, you should be in a lease. The manufacturers artificially increase the residual to lower the payments. Right now, Cadillac is saying a 2 year old Catera with 30k miles will be worth $20,000. I say closer to 16. So the people who bought them had to pay rougly 17 grand if the selling price was 33. If you leased it, you only paid 13. And you are right, the dealer doesn't eat the depreciation, the manufacturer does. But they don't care because you are more likely to get into another one of their products. More profit overall due to increase in volume. Leasing really is a win-win situation for MOST people.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    tccad1::::::As a Caddy owner I enjoyed and concur with your remarks and conclusions on depreciation and preceived value. The Caddies are driven by my wife at an average of about 12/15k miles/yr. Car never sees snowfall for it spends winters in S. Fla.; balance is in Mich. Both locations it is garaged and car is excellent condition for 47,000 miles. Recent new chrome wheels+4 new Michelins ensures another year of safe driving and will sell it after its fifth year for around $14k or it can be easily driven for the sixth year if needed.

    Model is the 96 Sedan Deville, diamond white, sunroof, and chromes and with Mich sales tax; out the door was $34,200 cash new. The 96 replaced a 91 Touring Sedan bought new in Aug 91 after the 91 STS was stolen in July 91. I sold the 91 Deville Touring Sedan with 59K miles and a new 4.9 engine for $13,500. Piston slap was a 4.9 problem so at 59k the factory installed a new motor.

    I drive the Caddies to Fla, and to the dealer for whatever ails it. My current car is a 99 Intrigue GLS which is of questionable quality; however it serves as the business wheels. Previous car was a 98 Intrigue but was purchased by GM after 26k miles due to various complaints. I turned around and fell into another one for $800.

    Ego and status are the biggest Caddy markets; since it is not a car that ages gracefully under high-mileage conditions. I am a senior, self-employed and used to pound the road at the rate of 4k/5k miles/mo and went through a ton of cars with damn few problems; however the Caddies somehow require continual tweaking.

    In conclusion---I did not intend to blast the Caddies for my wife is happy; so that's a blessing to be thankful for and a plus for your side. Spent three years in Crystal Lake, Il--lovely area, however did return to Mich.

    Keep up your informative posts and Caddy updates.
  • Is it any easier to honk the horn in a 2001 Caddy Deville? I think its easier and quicker to lower the window, wave my fist, and roll the window back up, than it is to find the sweet spot on the steering wheel hub and smash it just right to elicit a short blast of the horn... ;)
  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Barry.I just guess that some of us are "horny-er" than others,.... nah! I have not noticed are big problem with my 2001 DHS. However, the horn button was right on the steering wheel on my 1998 Lincoln that was convenient and fast. I do miss that button the Volume button for the DSH radio is where the Lincoln was located.....I often press thesteering volume in error and just BLAST the DHS Radio while trying to BLOW the horn. I trust that I can be "retrained" before I hit something expensive. P.S...The LOUD RADIO does get their attention tho! TAMCO <:)
  • anyone out there know if dhs is pre wired for six pack cd changer. if so what brand and model number. dealer wants $750. LOcal sound store sells dedicated changers for $175.00 but doesnt know if compatable. thank for any help
  • Sorry, but I understand that pre-wire GM cars will only work with proprietary Delco equipment. I went through this with my dad's ETC, but I finally forced the dealer to eat most if it upon sale.
  • It's getting close to crunch time for me, as I need to get my order in by the end of the first week in November. Any news on the Communiport system for the DTS? My dealer showed me the "Advanced Order Guide" which indicates that it is available. But I can't find an option code for it. I was hoping that Cadillac would roll it out before the end of the year.

    BTW: Moonstone on Neutral Shale? Yuck!
  • Cd players are only available through you rlocal dealer. I have heard that it is a panasonic model, but I am unsure.

    Communiport and infotainment center: I currently can not order a DTS with infotainment in it yet. As soon as I get word, I'll post here. The option code will be the same as it is on the Seville..U45.

    I have considered ripping the beechwood interior out and replace it with pewter. I don't know any other way to sell this thing!
  • I had the same problem, I have a 1999 cadillac eldorado ETC and wanted the factory cd changer that would be compatible with the cd changer controls. Go to or www.radios& That is where i purchased mine from , they arehalf the price dm deal charges and and are brand new, not used, Mine cost $325, The caddy dealer wanted $700
  • Thanks. I assumed that "U45" would be the option code when it is available. Do you suppose that the availability of the communiport system on the DTS is based on geography or demographics?

    As for your beechwood problem, I will pray for a color impaired person to walk into your dealership and fall in love with it. Some one like my dad who bought an '81 Sedan DeVille brand new painted "Sandstone" (think Mary Kay). They only made that color for one year...go figure.

    If push comes to shove, there is always Krylon!
  • lehr595, thanks for your help ill check it out.
  • Can someone tell me why when It's cold out & I turn on the rear (hot wire) defroster in my 2000 Deville the radio reception gets very weak on all stations? As soon as I turn it off the radio gets perfect again. Defroster on, bad reception. Defroster off, perfect reception. Didn't happen all summer, but it did last winter/spring !!!!!
  • The Onstar antenna of my 2000 Cadillac DTS was struck by lightning on August 9, and damaged some electrical/electronic components in the car. The car has been in the shop of the local Cadillac dealer since August 10th. Every time I talk to the dealer, I am told "it will be a couple of more days." This is the 49th day. There is only one Cadillac dealer in my city. I have called the customer service number shown in the owner manual, but they can't help, calling it a "dealer problem". Does anyone know a way to elevate this problem to Cadillac management and get resources to assist a dealer who probable does not have the resources or expertise to fix the problem?
  • Call Cadillac directly and get the name an phone # of the Regional CS contact rep. for your area. This should be a management level employee (VP, AVP, etc.) not some CS lackey.

    Then, I would raise hell with him/her. I would also let the dealership know (in writing) that this delay is simply unacceptable and you demand a status report with a conclusive date of completion.

    In 49 days, they could have rebuilt the entire car from parts with enough time to take it for a test the North Pole and back.

    I wouldn't stand for this if I were you!

    Good Luck
  • I would check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the lemon law. In NJ it's about 30 days and you get a new car. If the lemon law is in your favor, go for a new car !!
  • That is ridiculous. First of all, I hope you have a loaner car. If that is true, cadillac will only pay for a few days, otherwise it is on the dealer. Assuming you do not otherwise your car would be done by now, follow philly's advice. 49 days?!? I ripped the service managers head off for taking an hour to do an oil change the other day. I wouldn't stand for that. The only other thing I can think of is they are stalling for another reason. Check into that also.

    The lemon law states that if your vehicle is out of commission due to a non conforming problem for 30 business days or it is in for the same problem 4 times in the first twelve months of ownership, it can qualify to be called a lemon. Howver, since this was because of a lightning strike and not a problem with the vehicle, the lemon law won't help you. Besides, it is easier to go through a CS rep than the courts on this. Cadillac would fight you hard and you would wind up costing yourself way too much time and money.
  • The lemon law would not apply in this situation, because the car is not suffering from a manufacturing defect. Lightning is considered an "act of God" in insurance terms and would not fall under any jurisdictions Manufacturers' Defect Protection Litigation.

    What Davis is suffering from is "Defect of Dealership" which needs a swift kick in the pants to solve!
  • From K&N: "...There is no filter listed by K&N for 2000 Deville at this time. Check back often as applications are constantly being added..."
  • Got an answer from Delphi (antenna mfg for Cad) as to why the reception gets weak when the rear defroster is on. They say...
    "We are sorry you are having problems with your Cadillac radio. According to our service engineer, there is a fracture grid on the rear heating element. The
    fracture gives rise to an electric field that gets picked up by the antenna.
    The dealer will have to find the fracture on the grid. If they can not find it then the glass may have to be replaced."
  • I have heard of cases where the "in glass" antennas do pick up some inteference when the defogger is on. Personally, I always wondered about this when they car makers started going to these. I think they should have stuck with the extrenal power mast antennas.
  • Well, it's time to appeal once more again to my friendly Cadillac service dept. My 2000 DTS's "brake" light went says to check the brake fluid. I called my service advisor late afternoon, left a message on his voicemail, and....he hasn't returned my call...big surprise. I dread having to deal with them on this or anything....frankly they SUCK. Does anyone know why this happened?...faulty warning light? a leak? anyway, shouldn't happen at only 4200 mi. It's not the car but the gross incompetance and lack of care or response of the service dept., I previously have had, and again expect, that will keep this car enthusiast from buying another Cadillac!
  • I hope Cortl is reading this one..he is the resident expert on service problems. I can only take an educated guess. Generally when a car come of the truck from the factory, the dealer is responsible for topping off any fluids. Maybe they missed one. The other reason, and more likely one, is that there was an air bubble somewhere in the line that finally worked its way out causing the "shortage" of fluid. Check the level, top off if necessary, and look for leaks on the ground. No leaks? No problem. Leaks, drive to another Caddy store.
  • car's at the dealer service dept. for the weekend....brake fluid is down, probably a 4200mi......huummmmm
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    Time to come clean. A guy comes in to order an '01 DTS. This is the third car you have leased him in the past 5 years. He is very well educated in the leasing process and knows all the numbers. He knows about whatever consumer or dealer money is available including loyalty incentives. He wants a Black/Black DTS with every option except towing package, cell phone, and adaptive seats. What do you offer?
  • 2000 Cadillac Deville
    dealer demo 8300 miles
    $34576 + $950 taxes + $145 lic.
    Are there any hidden issues with this vehicle?

    I have the weekend to reach a decision. I have never owed a deville, but many family mebers have.
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    Any options? What colors? How many does the dealer have?

    It seems to be a ok price, but it's already a year old and broken in. The only way to know if you are getting a deal is to find out what the invoice price is and what the dealer is getting to move the car (incentives).

    Taxes and license fees are irrelevant as this is an national forum.

    Good Luck./
  • The standard package with leather seats.
    Color Cashmere No other demos but 2 pewter colored 2000's on lot with 2001 arriving.
    msrp 40340.
    The salesman was rather non communicative. Seems just wants to sell the car.

    I don't know what the invoice price is.
  • You should be able to buy any brand new Deville for 5.5% off the MSRP with no sweat from any dealer who likes to sell cars and make a living. Do the math, if you're looking at less than a very substantial difference in the price of new vs. used (and you ARE looking at a used car)and a 1 year old model year, don't do it. Personally I think you're getting a better deal buying new 2001 than the used car. If you can't buy new because of the dough, that's another story. If your dealer doesn't want to deal, go to another dealer. Who cares where you pick it up from anyway...!~
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