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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • tchootchoo Posts: 93
    Their website is still showing 5.99% -> The person I talked to was Ron at 508-698-9339 x 205. He was very helpful. Good luck.
  • blaketagblaketag Posts: 24
    Does anyone know if BMWFS continued the June 330i lease rates (.0021 MF and 60% residual on 3 yr/15K) into July? I heard rumors that they did so. I'm curious since I take delivery on my 330i towards the end of the month. I'm currently on the RYUJIN due in to Port Hueneme on 7/16. Thanks in advance for any input!

  • eugeug Posts: 46
    That a great rate. I just check AAA of Southern Cal, it still about 7.5%! I can't understand the difference.
  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106
    Drcr, Do you have steptronic too? You are the 3rd person so far. Are you taking it in to the dealer?
  • shawn33shawn33 Posts: 15
    I'm dying waiting for my 325i to arrive. I've recently read in a few different places that some 325i and 330i owners have been a little negative stating the 325 (2001) is somewhat short on power. I didn't feel that way, how about anyone else??? Am I just getting paranoid waiting, or will I be a little disappointed with the 184 horses??
  • cnyxicnyxi Posts: 2
    Need a bit of help. Ordered a 325xi middle of June and was told it would be a week 27 order. Just after getting production number, heard there was a delay with awd cars. Called BMWNA last week and they claimed no knowledge of this, and reiterated that my car would be done July 6th. Called yesterday and was told it hasn't gone into production but is still set for this week. When I asked for a status the rep said 105. This doesn't sound encouraging as I found out this means out of production. Checked with my sales person and am still waiting for details from him.
    If anyone has any knowledge of this, could they pass this information along? I have heard that some wk 28 330XIs have been built this week (early), so I'm curious as to the hold on my 325xi.

  • jfz219jfz219 Posts: 63
    I heard about the post showing pictures of the 330 titanium silver with the crystal side and tail lights... can someone please tell me what post it was, or even repost it.

  • drcrdrcr Posts: 87
    mine is 325 5 spd.

    Haven't been to the dealer. Just noticed recently. Not too bad. I have ~1400 miles. I'll wait to hear results of others b4 i develop game plan. Off to start the 4th
  • drcrdrcr Posts: 87
    Why no S on the 325i? Older versions had the S for Sport? did they not?
  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106
    Mine is a 325i steptronic. Enjoy! keep us posted if it worse on you! I have 5000 miles on mine.

  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    Go here -->

    Disclaimer - this is not my car.

  • burrsrburrsr Posts: 255
    I believe the "S" designation in previous generations signified the "saloon" variant, which is Euro-speak for "coupe." Now they've adopted the "C" for both coupe and convertible variants, hence "325Cic" (I could have the upper- and lower-cases reversed, though).
  • sunnybrooksunnybrook Posts: 74
    I keep hearing everyone talk about something called 'clears'. Just what exactly is this? Also, does anyone know any specifics on feature/option differences that will be on the 2002 3-series?
  • 37043704 Posts: 1
    I just want to let everyone know of the lousy service I received from Momentum BMW of Houston. The people I had to work with were completely incompetent. The body shop is even worst. I am not sure how BMW of NA let's them get away with this type of service. They need to take a look at Lexus to see how people should be treated. If you live in the Houston area, you will find BMW North and Advantage BMW much better.
  • allanoallano Posts: 175
    I worked with Kevin M. He was very considerate - I felt like I was being treated fairly and even-handedly during the whole process. His sales manager, Jim O. was also very friendly and straight forward; no good guy/bad guy routine. You'll like their business manager(s) also -- both were very sharp and well prepared.
    My wagon was my first buy at Tulley and received delivery in their new show room. No surprises or added costs so I think you'll have a great time. Good luck.
  • trejos28trejos28 Posts: 93
    Congrats unboring! and shawn33..i too am waiting on 325i..I think it's got more than enough!
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    Hi David

    Your car is in 150 today, it should be finished in around seven days. I'd say you'll be picking it up in 5 or 6 weeks.
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    sitting in the harbor, waiting for it to fill up so they can set sail for the New World.

    Anticipation. Sigh.
  • snooky2xsnooky2x Posts: 3
    I just ordered 2001 325ci convertible with some options. I tried to contact as many BMW dealerships in the Chicago area before I placed the order and no one was willing to do anything off the MSRP. This was a new experience for me since I have always got great deals on cars. I finally was able to get $500 off from the dealership I ordered from.

    I tried to get some quotes onlines but none of the dealerships even bothered to return my e-mail and all the online buying services I tried told me to get in direct contact with the dealerships since they were not taking any deals.

    Is this normal for BMW dealerships, is this car just that hot ro did I just get taken? A dealership even acted suprised that I was asking for anything off on the car.
  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    See my post #6648 for some anticipated changes for the '02 line-up.

    "Clears" refers to the color of the turn lenses on the car - all US cars (325 and 330) come with standard amber lenses. Just look at any photo and you will see the front turn indicators have amber lenses, as do the rear turn indicators.

    The M3 and all European spec. cars have clear (or white) lenses instead of amber. See the link in my post #6841, and you can see that the turn indicators on this car are clear (both front and rear).

    Folks just looking to do something to make their car stand out a little often replace their standard amber lenses with clear ones. The cost is ~$300.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    If anyone ordered and has their Amber lenses to discard , lemme know .

  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    Good point about the media stealing culture trends and making money on them, also, thanks for the "bling blings" clarification, I feel a little more down wit it. :o)
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    burrsr - Saloon is English for sedan. Coupe in English is coupe with a "grave" (it think that's right?!) on the e, so we pronounce it "coo-pay". This whole "iS" badging system takes a little understanding. The badge originated in around 1989 in Europe when BMW introduced the then brand new 1.8 DOHC 16 valve engine. It was only available in the two door car, the 318iS. The sedan soldiered on with the older single cam 8 valve unit. Okay, so originally, the "S" part of the badging for BMW was for the "S" in sixteen. BMWs first "full production" main stream car with 4 valves per cylinder. Previously only the M cars had had four valve technology. Now, here's where much confusion has arisen. In the USA, the marketing department were very influential in the way things were going to be. And much as it pains me to admit it, we saw one of the only examples of BMW throwing the old rule book out of the window. They decided that they would call all two door hard top 3 series in America "iS". No one really knows that it ever stood for anything specific. But it sounded appropriate. So in the land of advertising and sales, you could say that a car company actually called it's models some thing different for reasons limited solely to try to sell more cars. Like may be, for some people, the name 325i wouldn't be exciting enough for some one considering a two door car such as that. I remember, around the time I was finishing college, seeing these new shape (E36, back in 1992/93) 3 series two doors driving around badged as 325iS. We lived near one of the US air bases and some of the personnel had had their cars shipped over and registered in England while they were there. As a car buff then, I remember being totally confused by this "wrong" badge. Up until 1999 MY, only the 318 was ever an "iS" (wait, is there another manufacture copying that moniker right now, just both letters in capitals???). So a two door coupe 3 series with a six cylinder 2.0 or 2.3 or 2.5 or 2.8 was only ever a 323i, for example.
    I think H.Q. in Germany made some compromises but decided world wide recognition was paramount and as such E46 saw "iS" replaced by "Ci". Both two door three series can be "C" - coupe or convertible. Plus the badge is universal so there won't be any confused Mikies running around their home town bewildered.

    cynic - there are no delays on AWD cars that are sold orders. There was a lot of confusion regarding delays on AWD product, but they are getting built with in a week of their estimate, if they're marked as "Priority 1" sold units. If you give me your cars description and city/state ordered, I'll look it for you.
  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192

    I haven't put clears on yet, but am planning to. Where are you at? I'm in Austin. Do you need a complete set of new ambers? My car has less than 1500 miles on it.
  • parumpparump Posts: 65

    This is a difficult question to answer because the response is so subjective. Some drivers enjoy the torque and response from a more powerful engine - clearly the 330i is stronger than the 325i. However, some drivers do not use the power curve and driving characteristics for maximum benefit of speed and acceleration. To achieve maximum performance of the 325i engine, the RPM should be above 3K (my guess).

    In my opinion, the 325i is plently powerful enough for my regular driving needs. In fact, it is probably too powerful - just ask the Highway Patrol Man who paced me last week traveling 70 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.

    My suggestion is to enroll in a driving school course as the first step. BMW Canada offers wonderful classes that are not available to us in the lower fifty. After completing the class, you should able to decide the HP question for yourself.

    Remember, some Canadians elect to purchase the 320i and some Europeans, the 320d. They believe that these cars provide sufficient power.

    I hope that these comments are helpful for you.
  • elroyxxelroyxx Posts: 10
    Just got home from dealer. Everything was flawless. I'll post more later but here are the hightlights:

    1)Perhaps most important, 5.9% financing even though the program was to have ended on Saturday.
    2)I'm having a tough time deciding which is more fun, driving it or looking at it. OK Driving is more fun, but man what a beautiful machine. Both inside and out. I got chills when the dealer popped the hood and I could see the motor.
    3)The sound. Enough said.

    2 negatives (not related to the car at all)
    1)too much traffic in Mpls. to get a good feel for the pickup and handling. I'll have to go outside the city tomorrow to find some twisty turny roads.
    2)the goof ball that decided to merge into my lane without looking. (The ABS works great.)

    1 extremely minor complaint thus far is that there is little room to store stuff like CD's etc. I'm sure I'll get over that.

    More to come later
  • See gurumike Jul 1, 2001 10:04pm. May explain why it's hard to get a "deal" now. Hope this helps.
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