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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    My local Lexus dealer's salesperson made a point of discussing cloth seats. Told wife and I they are theoretically available but the dealership doesn't order any ES300s without leather so if you want cloth you have to special order and put down a deposit. He recommended against cloth saying it hurts resale badly. I retorted something to the effect, then why doesn't Lexus just make leather standard like Infiniti does in the I-35? Optional leather in an ES300 is a huge scam!
  • All,
    Got my black garnet yesterday with all options excluding AVS-what a treat-the car is quiet and super smooth-I love the instrument cluster-the NAV is very good-Surprisingly I had thought the ML will be a disappointment--it wasn't--quite good
    The car also seems pretty quick (well, okay not the quickest:) but it wasn't slow either--
    Only complaints so far--my windows fog very quickly (more than my previous ES) and I had to learn how to caliberate the compass

    I still can't get the universal homelink work on my garage door--don't know how to do it--the manual procedure doesn't work--any suggestions

    Beautiful car

    Gold package looks like on this color

    Seats are A+ --very cushy and cozy--only problem is getting out of the car to go into the office building!
  • rleongrleong Posts: 41
    According to our Lexus sales person, I cannot order an es300 from Japan with cloth seats. He said if I wanted basic es300 he can probably track down an es300 without the heated front seats. We only have 2 Lexus dealers in the state. I'll stop by the other one and see what they say. I agree with everyone about the resale value without the leather seats. I have a feeling I can get a better deal buying the car off their lot than special ordering one.
  • congrats on the new car! my millenium silver and black interior is 8 days old and so far so good. with regards to your garage opener. our sales guy programmed the button by simultaneously pushing our old remote with button #1. after several attempts it finally "took" so you may have to be patient. i am by no means an audiophile but the only reason i bought the ml/nav was because i just, for once in my pathetic car-owning existence, wanted a good stereo. i'd say i got it. to me, i want to listen to music loud and still have it hold together with no distortion. the ml does this with aplomb. i read with interest comments made around nov. 1st by an audiophile who described some criteria to judge a system by: namely, clarity of tone at low volumes and "brightness". i would have to say that he is right on both counts and i never thought about these issues until i read his post. indeed, tonal discrimination is difficult at low volumes but i just chalked it up to my ears being numb after having it cranked for so long!! not too bright on my part. is suspect, though, for the average listener the system will be impressive. the nav has proven to be a pleasant suprise. i wasn't that keen on it at the outset but have become somewhat addicted to it now. if i don't know immediately what the name of the upcoming street is i get panicky. :) incredibly accurate i must say. as i've said previously, buttery smooth ride and, as has been the consensus, adequate power. admittedly, i dread my first stoplight encounter with a TL owner. i wouldn't even try to fake it. but how heavenly smooth the defeat!!!
  • Thanks--so look like my dealership can program the garage opener if I bringthem the handheld one?
    If that is the case then super

    The only problem no is my wife wants to drive it to work and so do I --and that is a problem:)

    More as I drive it--completed 100 miles--like the trip computer a lot
    Regarding ML--I am an average listener so I guess my demands are few and I am satisfied with it.

    People give lot of curious looks: two problems--I am experiencing some tailgating--the person behind me stops the car too close to mine to observe it :-(
    and yesterday a BMW 325 pumped the pedal and dangerously overtook me just to prove that he was superior--Interesting because ES ha smore power and torque than a 325--I ofcourse ignored him like a true cautious Lexus owner :)
    So my advice to the folks here is--people will admire your new car--don't give in to their challenges though--not safe at all
  • mb4zmb4z Posts: 2
    I noticed that the 02MY ES300 come standard with Summer tires. How many of the owners out there actually got the vehicles with summer tires on them? I see all season tires are a no cost option. Just trying to understand the standard summer tires. I figured most people wouldn't want them.
  • mb4z,

    It depends on where you live. If you live in a area which gets no snow, you most probably will get the summer tires. People living in wintery climates get all-season tires.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Thanks for the update on your new ES300. I drove both (2001 and 2002) the other day and noticed the difference right away. The 2002 rode more quietly and had less wind noise. The driver's door was heavier and had a more solid feel. I also really liked the steering response( tighter control than the 2001). It feels like a better car even though I much prefer the styling of the 2001. I will wait until spring to seriously consider one. The prices will be lower than MSRP. Please keep us informed on the new one and check the gas mileage for us as it should be better with the 5-speed trans. Did you happen to notice that the spare comes with the alloy wheel? Is the oil filter easy to change on the 3.0 V6? Thanks

  • All season tires are a pre-requisite for getting chrome wheels--well if you order them from lexus--so I got chrome wheels from lexus and hence got all season tires as a default option
    pl. see and it lists all season tires as a requirement for chrome wheel

    oil filter is easy to change--I always have the dealer do it as part of service

    Mileage is too early to tell-have not refilled it even once--but I am expecting avg 25 with 60% highway and 40% city
  • I've got 700 mi on my 02 Es300 and one small problem. Although the transmission shifts unbelievably smooth under moderate and heavy acceleration, under light acceleration it is clunky. The computer upshifts too soon, it is in 5th gear by 25 mph with all 4 shift points resulting in a noticeable power sag and a little jolt when the trans engages. It feels like a mild version of my Suburban 3qts low on trans fluid. The dealer says the computer says everything is a-ok and the computer knows best! Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  • asawasaw Posts: 54
    That's what it is: light acceleration. The onboard computer chip expects you not to demand too much power by moving into higher gears quickly. This results in fuel saving when you expect it the most, during light acceleration.
  • cavescaves Posts: 13
    Agree with esowner about the transmission. It is smooth, except when quickly acceleration from low speed. Seems a little crude. My 2000 Mits. Galant is a lot smoother. Surprised by how firm the ride is in positive sense. No float. Spent the weekend in San Francisco, felt the potholes but with a filtered sense. Average 27.5 on the highway. Nav. System is great and HID lights are amazing. Car needs wider tires. The tires look too narrow for the car, just like the GS 300. Ordered a wood kit. Too many pieces, I only wanted pieces for door switches.

    Enjoy your new ES300.
  • I checked with my dealer regarding my special order of the car with the Mark Levinson but no navigation system. I ordered it on September 6th and have now been told that I may be February before I see the car. Boy, that is a long wait for a vehicle.
  • I ordered my LS400 in 2000. It took my car about 3 months to get here from the time the dealer ordered it. I would say 3 months is about right.
  • The Lexus Es 300 in America is amazing with the flip motion dvd - navagation - system to the amazing 12 speaker surround sound. It also has rear heated seats but only in damn central calafronia because of a japan tech shop : (
  • Have any of you compared these two vehicles when making a purchase? What thoughts did you have related to a comparison?
  • Okay, just purchased the new ES for $2800 off list. Will take delivery in a week. Good luck with your purchases.
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120

    Where did you get $2,800 under sticker? Is the car loaded? I assume you're not ordering it from the factory, if you expect delivery in a week.
  • Anywhere in southern California...there's like 15 dealers in this region. Competition is strong. Make it clear that you're here for a no-hassle, quick deal and that you'll go to one of the dozen other Lexus dealers if they don't sell it to you for what you want. Settle on one price where the dealer can still make a decent profit and don't budge from it, nor try to get a lower price afterwards. Be ready to buy on the spot with your offer (don't do a 'I still have to think about it'). And if you're young enough, it doesn't hurt to bring a hot girl along who knows how to flirt subtly. =)

    Mine's not anywhere near fully loaded (no nav, no levinson, no vsc, etc.). I could've got the one off the lot, but I opted for the one coming in next week that'll still be wrapped in plastic when i get it.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Picked up a Dark Burgundy(?) cream colored(?) interior '02 ES on 10/27. It's got the ML, NAV, lights etc. It stickered for 39,3ish(?) and capped it at 36,700. I felt $1,000 over invoice was a fair deal for all.

    Dealer claimed the NAV will play a DVD in the disc changer. Does anyone know if you can??? We keep getting a GPS map type message when we attempt this.

    @80 MPH plus I hear a little wind noise around the drivers
    side B pillar. Should I complain to dealer?? The car is so eerily quiet, a noise like this seems out of place.

    Color is a little dark for Vegas dust but is beautiful when polished. NAV is a cool toy. ML could thump a little more and be louder but I think it sounds crisp.

    Tried to push wife into CL type S(GREAT LEASE RATE!!) but she complained that the high bolsters were uncomfortable. The Lexus was way smoother/quieter but the Accura flat hauled. After driving a Cobra for 4 years I guess she wanted to be pampered!!I then tried to push her into the GS430 but she didn't like the styling!!!

    The main attraction to the wife was the SC430 style front end. Does anyone else see this???

    It was tough to buy a car with no major incentives but the ES did get to the wife like no other car I've seen in our near 19 years of marriage.

    Wish list??? MORE HORSEPOWER and rear wheel drive.
  • hard to complain about perfection but two minor and very minor gripes
    _Rainsensing wipers do not start till rain hits really hard--so small droplets dont trigger it making me nervous sometimes
    --rear sunshade goes down when in reverse but doesnt come back when shifted back in drive

    otherwise just wonderful
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    Thanks for the tip. I assumed because the car is new and demand high that dealers were selling them at or about sticker.
  • gambhir, THink about how annoying that would be when parallel parking, when you are reversing the car then forwarding then reversing, and so on .
  • I stopped to get gas today and the latch for my gas tank didn't release. I had to manually open the latch with the release in the trunk. I have a 97 ES 300. Has anyone experienced this problem and is there a quick fix without taking it to the dealer?
  • The Honda Odysey has what looks to be the same NAV as the ES300. A Honda dealer lives up the street. He told me that his service dept also told him that you could play a DVD in the NAV but apparently this is not so...He thought it would be cool for the kids
  • For what its worth, it seems that the ES300's are in very high dealership was sold out, one had a few. Most want between 1000 under MSRP to MSRP..if you want to order NAV w/o ML or vice versa, 120 days...also, traction control not yet avail (coming in DEC)..same for the option that changes handling from sport to normal..
  • Don't they come with an ON OFF button?
  • Does anyone have any experiece with the dealers here. I understand JM Lexus is biggest but I know of two others (same ownership) in FT Lauderdale. I'm going to be looking for the new ES300, but do not weant the NAV set-up.
    Thanks. Bill
  • My car has traction control
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    My grandfather bought three LS 400s from JM (1990, 1993, 1996). He loved the dealer.

    And yes, JM sells more new Lexuses than any other dealer.
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