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    Would it be silly to pass up the chance to buy a 2003 ES 300 with only 23,000 miles for $12,000 for a 16 year old driver?
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    I'm used to the occasional "shift shock" in my otherwise excellent 2005 ES330.

    This new LATimes article explains it...


    The automaker struggled to diagnose performance problems with the 2002-06 ES models and limited the scope of repairs...

    Internal Toyota records reviewed by The Times provide an inside look at how the world's largest automaker struggled for years to identify the causes of nagging performance issues... late 2003, when Toyota instructed dealers on how to reprogram the onboard computer and advised more than 100,000 ES owners to bring their cars in for a "product enhancement."

    ...Toyota engineers had been trying to solve the performance problems on the ES since at least 1999, documents show. But by 2004, some at the company thought that no amount of software tinkering would remedy the problem.

    In a July 21, 2004, internal report, Toyota's vehicle engineering division suggested that the performance woes were the result of the car using only three motor mounts to secure the engine, one fewer than in previous ES models... The redesigned 2007 ES, released less than a year later, had four engine mounts...,0,3565181.story

    Oct. 1999: Four engineers identify "shift shock" and "weak feeling" in the transmission of the early prototype...

    Feb. 2001: A driveability test notes that "some customers may equate delayed [gear] engagement with engine acceleration hesitation." ...

    Oct. 2004: Toyota engineers determine that the seventh upgrade of software for the ES is "not acceptable" for either the ES 300 or ES 330.

    April 2005: Toyota issues another technical service information bulletin providing software upgrades for the ES 300 and ES 330...,0,5717682.story
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    can some one tell me where to find the thermostat on a 92 es300?
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    Can someone tell me the oil filter size(mm) for the 2006 Lexus ES330?
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