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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • We just picked up our 2002 ES 300 (Navigation, ML stereo etc.) on Monday. Everything worked OK when we took car out prior to delivery. However when we got home, the navigation system was not working (got an error message something to the effect that external link was missing). So we took it back to the dealer last evening and their diagnosis was that the antenna was bad. They replaced the antenna and have checked the system several times. My wife is on the way to the dealership now to pick it up...hope that the problem is solved. Anyone else ever seen anything like this said they hadn't.

    Anyway, besides this problem, the car is wonderful. There are FEW ES 300 at the four Washington DC area dealers (two in VA, two in MD). We bought ours at Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly, VA...they had one unsold ES 300 in thier showroom, all others coming in are mostly sold. We were lucky since the airline crash in NY did not delay our car getting to the dealer--boat docked in Newark, NJ. Salesperson said there would be delays with other cars coming in...

    We only we able to get about $850 off sticker...At the other northern VA dealer, it was even less..only a couple hundred dollars...
  • dbordbor Posts: 5
    My Lexus is on its way. Should arrive tomorrow at port. Ready in about a week per dealer. Must decide if I should get the Toyo summer tires or all season tires. Live in Los Angeles. Any thoughts out there as to which tire would be best?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Your $850 off is a great deal, do not think twice about it. Here in the Chicago area nearly all cars are going out at list.

    How many people have the cargo net listed on their window sticker? Although you can easily buy it at the dealer for about $30, it seems some cars are having the net installed at their US port (and added to the window sticker) and others are not. Just curious.
  • <<Any thoughts out there as to which tire would be best?>>

    I think summer tires would be better than all-season tires for Los Angeles, being that LA has spring-like weather for a good majority of the year with the only adverse weather condition being some rain every now and then during the winter and spring months.

    I'm not sure how the summer and all-season tires compare in terms of brand and quality though. Maybe somebody else can answer that.
  • Congratulations on setting the bar high at $2800 off list. My best is 2545 on the same configuration in So. Cal. Will you share your source with me? Email Thanks
  • the same thing happened to my '99ES and the service dept. replaced the spring in the door for the gas tank. it took 5 minutes and they were familiar with the problem
  • Howdy:

    Just passed the 2,800 mile report. Used the ZAINO polish on my black beauty, and am glad one of the folks on the list recommended it. Gives a deep, wet-look finish.

    I put the GS300 chrome wheels on it last week; cost about $900. Well worth it. The dealer has tinkered with a few new ESs by putting chromes from the '01 ES on them; I love the way these angular wheels look on the '01, but on the '02 they leave me cold.

    Of course, all of us who own one believe ours is the slickest one in town, but mine really is! With black paint, dark tinted windows and classy chromies, it is my little stealth fighter. I'll Email you a photo if you send me a note to

    RANDOM MUSINGS: I'm getting a bit of wind noise at 70-80 mph, but maybe I'm too sensitive; the car is otherwise quite cocoon-like.

    Visibility out the rear quarters isn't the greatest. I feel like I really have to crank the neck around to make sure I don't turn into someone when making a lane change, esp. at night. Partly my own fault for dark-tinting the rear windows, but hey, this is Scottsdale, where you can fry an egg on your dash after being parked in the sun for an hour in August.

    The auto-trunk opening button on the key is balky; doesn't always open the trunk when I want it to. Is there a special place to aim the beam?

    The trans is still a little timid and tentative in deciding which gear to pick when you accelerate from low speed. Factory, hear this: is this a software issue?

    Every passenger to date has raved about the comfort and roominess in the back.

    Still a very happy camper after 6 weeks, but I'm putting too many miles on it. Sure glad I own it outright; a lease would kill me with the amount of driving I do.

    Even if you can't hondle a discount, don't worry, this car gives you more than adequate style, comfort, room, distinctiveness, performance, ambience, panache and elegance for your buck.

    So bite the bullet; Go write the check and drive it home. You and your friends will marvel at the car. Don't forget the HID lamps and the wood steering wheel. You'll feel like a million bucks driving it. How can you go wrong?


    Scottsdale, AZ
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Please forgive me but I find the 01 much nicer to look at. The 02 interior was perfect however. The exterior will take a while to grow on me.
  • Does anyone remember how to get the windshield wipers back to their normal setting? The dealer just replaced my battery, and the wipers are now in winter mode, ie they sit a couple of inches up on the windshield when switched off.
    I can't find my owner's manual right now, so if anyone knows how to reset the wipers, plese let me know. ('96 ES300).
  • dbordbor Posts: 5
    Took delivery of new ES-300 on Saturday. Car is beautiful, black exterior and interior. It's my wife's car but I have driven it almost exclusively since we had it. One question I have though for the board. After driving the car about 30 minutes parked car in lot so my wife could do some shopping. Reread manual trying to remember what each dial and button mean. Got car with Nav system. After about 15 minutes in parking lot decided to see under the hood. Hit the button in car to open hood. Went to the front to pop the hood open, but the grille was so hot I had to use my t-shirt to be able to touch the metal to find the latch to open the hood. Does this seem normal? Gas mileage not that great per the trip computer computation. Will wait for a couple of fillups of gasoline to see if change. Other than that the car runs great and the brakes are superb.
  • justfind6, Pop your hood open. Below the passenger side of the windshield you will see a little gray selenoid sorta thing protruding from the top of the engine bay under the wipers. Gently unclip it and turn the part of the selenoid that uncips 180 degrees and plug it back in. After you insert the key in the ignition again, the wipers should go up or down.
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try when I get home this evening. Appreciate the help!
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Lexus has topped the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study for the 7th year in a row.

    Lexus had fewer than half the problems of an average car.

    The study measures the durability of four and five year old cars and trucks. An average 1997 car had 3.82 problems vs. 1997 Lexus models' 1.73.

    The LS 400 and LX 450 were #1 in their respective categories, while the SC 300/400 and ES 300 were in the top three.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    Hold off on the solenoid. Turning it 180 degrees and pushing it back in may not be the answer. You now have an item installed opposite of it's original installation. Acccording to the owners manual, lift the wipers off the glass and push them back down. I did this a few months ago and had no problems.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    One note on pushing the wipers down, hold the blade and the arm snugly so as not to bend either. They require a slow but firm push downward. You can do the opposite of this to put the blades in the winter position. Sometimes, as designed, snow or ice under the blades pushes them into the winter position. You can leave them there for the winter or return them to the retracted position as I described. This info is per my 99ES300 owners manual, but I don't see why it should be different for your 96ES300.
  • What kind of deal did you get on the 02' ES300 w/ Nav? Did you get the Mark Levinson Sound System?

    I'm interested in getting one, but do not want to pay MSRP.
  • rugmankc, The 98 on ES300 and 92-96 ES300 had different mechanisms. The 92-96 ES300's, you can't manually lower the wiper arms by forcing them down. The only way is through the selonoid under the hood. On 98-on ES300s they changed the mechanism and they eliminated the selenoid.
  • dbordbor Posts: 5
    I was able IMO to get a very good deal. I think one of the prime reasons though was cited in an earlier posting. I live in Los Angeles and the competition is intense among the Lexus dealers. I got the ML/Navigation package with an MSRP of $39,343 for $36,300. I have since ordered the chrome wheels which was not included in the above price.
  • Thanks for all the info, guys. I had visitors last night, forgot to play with the wipers, but I'll give the solenoid trick a shot tonight, and let you know how it goes.
  • I live in St. Louis where the deals for a new 2002 ES are not very good, I am from LA and plan on moving back or at least being there again this summer. Can you tell me what dealer you were able to get $3,000 + off list for I also want to get the Nav/ML pkg. Thanks very much. I have looked at all the cars for the past 2 years including the Mercedes C320, I-35, Acura, Altima, Avalon, and most other cars in its category and I must say I am impressed with the Lexus and do have one on order for January but may delay purchase to get it from LA. My email address is
  • Anyone bought a 2002 ES in the SF Bay Area? If so, which dealer do you recommend and what prices are they going for? I just checked it out at the SF Auto Show and was not overly taken with the exterior, but the interior and stereo are incredible. The workmanship is without equal. Looks like the perfect freeway commuter for me. Thanks for your help.

  • Go to Pleasanton Lexus. My friend got one from there recently with approx 7% over invoice.
  • I interested in the Lexus ES300, but it is a little out of my price range. Did any consider/compare the Camry XLE to the ES300?

    I realize the ES300 is more refined, but you can get pretty decent options in the Camry (DVD Nav, JBL Sound, etc.). Camry XLE does not offer Xenons, Fog Lights, LS430 Leather, Auto Sunshade, Illumnious Dash, but besides that, it's pretty close. Warranty is different, but I heard Toyota and Lexus are pretty reliable.

    I like the Headlight and Tailights on the Camry vs. the ES300.

  • Has anyone who special ordered the 2002 ES from Japan received their cars? I ordered mine back in early September and am still waiting. My dealer said that the earliest would probably be mid December. Anyone else had a similiar experience? Happy Turkey Day also.
  • read on the Camry board that the V6 Camry is a timing belt, but the 4 cyl is a timing chain.

    What does the ES300's V6 Have?
  • I have test driven the Camry as well as the Avalon and was impressed with both. I could have purchased the Camry loaded with Nav. for $31, 000 list---probably less if I was a buyer. The Camry is an excellent car and I felt there was even more legroom in the back seat than the ES. The interior is more luxurious in the Lexus (real wood vs plastic, more refined layout etc.) but the Camry is an excellent vehicle with outstanding Toyota reliability. I am going to buy the Lexus ES 300 because I like something a little classier (already own a Mercedes)---but it comes at a higher price tag as well. Camry is a great car backed by a company with an outstanding record. You won't be disappointed and you will certainly be dollars ahead.
  • mbbenzmbbenz Posts: 47
    has timing belt.
  • ianhianh Posts: 8
    any one uses Topsider to change their oil? does it work?

  • In Northern Virginia we were told 90-120 days for special orders
  • To those of you who got the car with the Mark Levinson stereo system, how happy are you with the system? How good is the sound? How full is the sound and what is the quality of the bass and treble responses? Are you glad you got the system?
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