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Toyota Echo



  • 8k8mica8k8mica Posts: 19
    Hi guys,
    I have got two more weeks till i get the echo i purchased. Can you guys tell me what tyres you are using. I am thinking of changing my tyres to better ones, plus add on an amp for my stereo
  • Goodyears. They seem to be wearing pretty quickly, but that could be a result of my lead foot. They also seem to "spin up" pretty easily in the wet. There again, though, the car is light and I don't spare the rod. I'm going to replace them with Michelins when it's time, I think.

    I am at 20,100 problem-free, high mileage, fun-to-drive, awesome stereo miles.
  • I would like to get an armrest for my Echo also. I have seen them at J.C. Whitney. Please provide any info that you can. What model did you purchase? Was it easy to install? etc. Thanks.
  • cwo4cwo4 Posts: 90
    I'd like info on the armrest too.
  • I recently purchased a 4dr Echo sedan from Toyota due to my moms illness. It generally seems if one drives a small economy car one has to sit sooooo low to the ground which is difficult not only for my elderly mom but, for myself also. The Odd styling prompted my appeal to the car, the layout of the dash likewise. I have recently turned 40... Ive owned 15 new cars since my first day of driving at the age of 16. Four years ago I was driving a Cadillac Sedan Deville... I never thought I would ever drive an econo-box but, after many trips to the dealership for repairs, lack of Quality workmanship I traded the Cadillac for a Honda. Although the Honda was a great car it was like sitting on the ground... so after trading it in on a Toyota... I checked to make sure the vehicle was manufactured... made... etc. in Japan. I have put a 1,000 miles on my Echo and I am so far satisfied with all the pluses the car offers. As far as I am concerned (Detroit) can close its factories... I plan on driving this Toyota till the wheels fall off. Plus... the CEO's of American manufactures can get their (Out of Line Salaries) from someone else. I'll be writing more in the future to let all know how my Toyota is holding up and plus it is fun to laugh while passing the gas pumps! GREAT GAS MILEAGE!!!
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    Hey all! It's been only a month since I bought my Echo and already have close to 3000 miles on it. Two trips to Vegas and one to San Diego...
    Low mpg: 33 High: 41
    My brake squeal has ceased and the tranny has loosened a bit but still hard to get into first when cold and sometimes need to double-clutch to get into reverse. Otherwise, love it!
    Once you get used to the dynamics of a tall/short car in a turn you realize that this bugger can corner pretty well. I have yet to squeal the tires...running fronts at 33psi and rear's at 30psi. My car doesn't have the sticker detailing recomended psi for Bridgestone Potenzas. Anyone running at higher psi?
    I need to keep from driving so much... :)
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    One huge advantage of the ECHO is that it is the easiest car on the market to get into, especially when compared to the Honda Civic. I have two bulged and one ruptured disc in the lower back and arthritis in my middle back. Riding in my brothers Honda was torture, but I can drive for hours in ECHO.
  • You'll find me and my green Echo cruising the streets of Ottawa Canada, the only place where it is to dry and cold in the winter and to hot and humid in the summer :) I've had the car for six months of trouble free driving and fully expect my seven year old son to use it to get his drivers license when he turns 16.
  • janbeejanbee Posts: 127
    I dont know how it happended since it is the middle of winter but I notice a drop of sap on the front hood. How do I safety get it off without hurting the paint. Im not sure how long its been there. I have a coat paint sealant on the car. Is there a safe and easy product???
  • I am debating about buying Echo 2001 (4D, 1.5L, 108HP) or Accent 2001 (4D, 1.6L, 105HP).
    Money is not the problem. Please could someone help me in my decision.
    I still do not have enough trust in Accent even they improved the engine for this 2001 model (now it is 105HP 1.6L, it use to be 92Hp 1.5L). It is a little bit bigger car than Echo and has the best warranty. On the other hand Echo is Toyota and we all know what that means.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    If money is not the problem why are you even considering these cars?

    Skupoi platit dvazhdy.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    gt9198b you wouldn't consider buying a Yugo if they were still avalible, would you? If memory serves correctly they also, like Hyundai, had a generous warranty. (with good reason, no one could have any other reason to buy one) But if you DO go for the Accent, please post your experience on this list. (perhaps I am wrong!)
  • J.C. Whitney catalog
    Center armrest/console (1 800 529 4486 to
    place an order 24/7)
    part #13DX5862T gray.
    Also comes in black: 13DX5858A.
    $35.99 plus $10.70 shipping.
    Slides into place over area where emerg brake
    handle is. First impression: too low for me to
    lean on. Maybe can put something there to raise
    it higher. Still glad I have it and matches the gray
    interior almost perfectly. No instructions inside
    box, just pictures on outside of box. Storage
    compartment is okay but CDs would not fit in it.
    Also, lid just lifts up since no latch on it. Will
    brainstorm about it and maybe someone has
    suggestions on raising it up some.
  • tmcc1tmcc1 Posts: 13
    Hi Janbee

    The car I bought is a silver Echo 2001
    4 door auto, no air.
    I'm from Aldergrove B.C. its about 30 miles east of Vancouver.
    The first day of driving this car (today) I managed to spill my coffee on the floor mat.
    Thank God it was only the mat. Took it over to have it undercoated and had them clean the mat.
    Sure is a pain holding the speed down to 90KM for the first 1600KM, but want to do it right.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    tmcc1 you do not need to hold your speed to 90km/hr for the first 1600km. The Toyoata website says engine rpm should vary between 2500-4000 during breakin. 2500 is like 90 km/hr so according to this website you can go to 4000 which is like 120.
  • 8k8mica8k8mica Posts: 19
    Could you give me more info on what speed i should run in the car? i need help my echo is coming in like 2 weeks
  • Vadp, When I said money is not the problem I meant the difference in price in-between Echo and Accent is not a problem. Of course I would buy BMW if I could.
    I see you are driving Focus 2000. Would you recommend me to buy Focus instead Echo. Thanks.
    What does it mean "Skupoi platit dvazhdy" ?
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Well, I have certain issues with my Focus.
    The 2000 Foci were plagued with the recalls as everybody knows.
    What nobody mentions is that only the ones built early in the year were affected.
    My 3-door hatch was built in May. And it wasn't affected by any of the recalls except one -
    the A-pillar trim replacement, which is a little plastic part that is not soft enough. Ford is really paranoid nowadays.
    The 2001 model is free of the recalls.
    BTW, it's funny that you mentioned BMW, because the Focus rides and handles like the Bavarian on a budget.
    So far the only problems I encountered after 15000 miles are a strange soft knocking from the manual tranny at idle (which is a design "feature" of the MTX-75 tranny, also installed in the Contour/Cougar) and a brake squeak coming from the rear right drum. That's it.
    Wanna know more?

    And if your main priority is fuel economy, don't even bother looking at the Focus.

    P.S. regarding "Skupoi platit dvazhdy". It wasn't meant for you. Sorry.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Try http// for information about breakin and other FAQ's
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    I checked out the owners site and it says not to exceed 55mph for the first 1000 miles. The dealer said the only thing to remember was to vary the engine speed. The manual, as far as I know, only said to avoid hard starts and holding engine speed. Hmmmm.
    The brake squeal is back (rear drum)but the site says that it's due to the brake pad material.
    Vadp: glad to hear your Focus is doing well. I still think about that car at times :) The Focus is a driver's car and the Echo is an efficient car. Guess we can't have it all! :p
  • Thanks for post on jc whitney armrest.
    2 questions:
    1. Does the unit attach with tape or screws?
    2. Does the unit (When in place) interfere with any brake handle positions?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  • 1. No screws, no tape. Adjustable metal fins slide
    the unit in place.
    2. I don't use the emerg brake. I could easily pull
    up the unit to get a total grip on the handle if I wanted
    to engaged it. With the armrest in place, I see the
    tip of the emerg handle sticking out.

    If I were shorter or the seat could lower then the
    armrest would be perfect. I ordered it since I
    had to see for myself and if they discontinued it
    then I would always have regrets. So I will not
    return it. If my ever so short wife drives it I betcha she finds
    the armrest to her liking. If I tire of it I can remove it.

    Hope I helped.
  • tmcc1tmcc1 Posts: 13
    Kneisl1 Thanks for the speed info and thanks for the web site in later post.
    My manual says max 88km and vary the speed.
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    oopsie...yes it does say 55mph but as another post pointed out, 4000rpm is higher than that.
  • remmy6remmy6 Posts: 3
    I am seriously considering buying the Echo for gas mileage. What service expense have any if you experienced say for the first year? Oil changes, Totota service cost, etc.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    While reading through the posts, I can see many happy Echo owners. The only question I have is why would anyone buy such an ugly car? The only thing uglier on the road is the Aztek, and frankly I don't know what the appeal of this car is. The Corolla is a much better car and doesn't cost much more. Why Echo (just curious)??
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    This is where I saw the information about the 4000 rpm limit. Go to owners at Toyota dot com. You'll need to register using your VIN number. (can't do it if you don't own a Toyota!) Enter the site and click on: Maintaining your Toyota, then click on FAQ Maintainence Questions, then, Breakin Period. See second item. The first one says: don't exceed 55mph. The second one says: run between 2,000-4,000 rpm. These are two mutualily exclusive ideas - 2500 rpm in fifth gear means 55 mph. 4000 rpm means something like 75 mph. So they are morons for publishing this, right? Right!!! Remember: the technicians are no longer in charge who write this stuff at car companies. It's all advertising, public relations people, and lawyers who write this. (laywers because Toyota gets frivolous lawsuits they (correction: WE) have to pay millions on a year to settle) So WHY do they specify a breakin poeriod? Because occasionally one of their engines isn't built right and blows up after a few thousand miles. (it happens) Or, more likely, some idiot abuses the hell out of it and complains when it fails early. So they have this "breakin" thing to fall back on when dealing with these problems.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Remmy6. After I bought my ECHO, the Toyota dealer sent me a coupon for a $10 oil change which is about what I can do it myself for. Really there are no maintainence things to do until the car hits 30,000 miles except change the oil and inspect fasteners etc.
    Dindak here is a saying for you: ugly is skin deep whereas bad goes right to the bone.
  • janbeejanbee Posts: 127
    If somone buys a car because it is "cool" looking then they are prob in need of some confidence.. You say the Corolla is better??? For who?? Not me it isnt, the ECHO has more headroom, and it also sits higher off the ground, there is more trunk space, and its amazing on gas...I looked at the Corolla because true, it is not much more than the ECHO but it reeked family sedan, all I could think of when sitting in the Corolla was where is the baby seat??
  • I have seen you over at the Aztek board. You must really have nothing better to do with your time. You're right though, we all love our Echo's. And quess what? My wife just purchased a new car. Can you quess what it is? got it, an Aztek. We both love our cars. Sorry you don't. Now get outta here!!!
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