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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • haspelbeinhaspelbein Posts: 227
    The '96 E320 I6 has a timing chain. I'm not positive about the change intervals, but with chains you should be able to hear a rattling noise before it goes bad.

    I have not driven my E320 long enough, but I have been told by other Mercedes owners that these chains are fairly long-lived.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    The defective Front axle lower Ball Joint was discovered by the technician during a routine winter/four season tire rotation. He does this check up regularly during tire replacement/rotation. There was no need for wheel alinement. The dealer charged me only for tire installation and balancing a MB fixed price of Can$69.95 (US$45.42). Apparently this is a common problem for the E-Class due to our bad roads and streets. Zillions of potholes and crevasses decorate our roads and streets in Quebec. Some of them are so deep they can break an axle. Hot weather is not the only reason why snow birds fly to Florida. Call it "potholesphobia".
  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    I have a '96 E320 and it's has been very reliable. My trust worthy local mechanic (service mostly Japaneese cars) does all regular maintenance for me, i.e oil change, lubrication, brakes, flush radiator... and he uses all MB parts... at a much lower cost than you would have to pay at MB dealers... So if you can find a good local mechanic, go for it... As far as timing chain, two MB dealers told me that MB chain should last more than 150,000 miles... so don't worry about it. One local independent MB mechanic told me that MB timing chain could last a lifetime of a car if you take good car of oil change interval (he recommend 3750 miles/change with regular oil, he does not recommend syns oil unless you want to extend oil change interval... this is a different debate)
  • I have the opportunity to purchase a 98 E320 AWD in excellent condition from someone I know and trust. The car has been very well maintained and only has 30,000 miles. He is asking $29,000 for the car. The car comes with a warranty.

    Do you think this is a good deal? My problem is I need an AWD car and I don't like SUV's. I had a 99 Audi A6 and was VERY disappointed with it. It had numerous problems even though I bought it new. The only reason I hesitate on the Mercedes is it is pre owned and I have only bought new cars in the past. Any suggestions? Or should I look elsewhere? If I buy new I really don't have many choices. Audi is out of the question. The BMW and Jaguar AWD's are too small for me. I don't care for Suburu or Volvo.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  • magnetophonemagnetophone Posts: 605
    I'm sorry to hear that your Audi was unreliable - they're such lovely cars besides that one issue.

    The Mercedes itself is not going to be unreliable if you make sure it has all its maintenance done - the problem is, the 4Matic system has not been one of M-B's strongest points. Are you set on having AWD?
  • lhcleunglhcleung Posts: 24
    Hi, everyone! Recently I have come to know that 'BMW and Honda shine in 2002 International Engine Oscars'. But the name of Mercedes Benz cars not even mentioned. I am just wondering how it is possible Mercedes Benz not included. Any information on this issue from anyone would be appreciated. I am driving a 2001 E320 and I believe that Benz has one of the world's best engine for this model. Not even mentioned in the Internation Engine Oscars review? It is hard to believe.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    My 99 E320 4matic has about the same milage of that 98. Both cars have the same V6 engines and components except few small changes such as the radio and rear window brake light. I have driven this car in heavy snow, frozen lakes, mud and driving rain with no problems. In fact this car is so stable under harsh conditions that it provides its driver with a dangerous overconfidence. Low milage 98 E 4matics are so rare that you should not miss the occasion. Since it is still under warranty then I assumed it comes with the extended warranty for a at least two more years for peace of mind. Good Luck in your decision.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    When the first MB V6 came out in 1998 it won good critics and made the Ward's ten best engines list. The engine itself looks reliable with plenty of reserve power. But the judges must have listened to the engine at idle and decided to add it to the competing diesel engines since it certainly does not qualify in the silent engines category. Only good sound deafening methods and excellent insulation prevent us from hearing the knocks of the valves inside the cabin. I thought My V6 noise was bad at idle until I heard the 02 S55 AMG. I hear it every morning as well as the mumbling of its owner, my neighbor. He would do whatever it takes to be one of the judges and voice a complaint louder than his engine.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    My salesman called and said he will take my order for and E500 for delivery starting in early Sept. I am trading my 2000 S500 in for the car. The MBUSA website has the car colors and options to reserve a car for delivery. One thing I don't like about MB is if you take a look at the options page it is huge. Almost everything is a extra charge option. Prices aren't available but on the phone my sales guy said that the E500 w/sports package (a must in my opinion) and the options I added would probably run close to $73K. A warning for all, make sure you are sure what options you want when ordering a car because they really add up fast. One thing I stayed away from was the V60 phone. I heard this system has some bugs still and in a new car I can do without. The optional sound system upgrade sounds incredible. 12 speakers and surround sound with an in-dash changer (finally!!)...By the way I would recommend Distronic for anyone with a long commute or long distance travel. It really works well even in moderate at speed city freeway traffic. I tested it in the dealers S55 on the lot.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I just checked out the website, man MB is starting in early with the new car stuff. They usually don't release this much info until at least August. Mercedes-Benz may take back the sales crown for 2003 with all this new product.

  • lhcleunglhcleung Posts: 24
    Jean: Thanks for the info. But I believe that the E320 Benz is quiet enough. I think it has a lot to do with personal bias or preference. I think, those associations or organziations may have their own agenda, at least a small portion.
  • magnetophonemagnetophone Posts: 605
    Gosh, 73K is rather high!
  • Many of BMW's best models, 3 series--(coupe, cab, sedan, &wagon) Z3, and X5 are all made in America. As time progresses more Mercedes models will also be built here. The ML had Major problems for its first few years. The 2002 slight overhaul went a long way to bring the SUV up to Benz standards.

    I think that the 2004 model redesign, and the upcoming GST, redesigned G-wagon will all eventually be produced in Alabama. By that time I think there will be little to no difference in factory quality and vehicle tolerances. I would still take a 2002 ML500 or X5 over any midsize SUV competitor.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A major daily newspaper is looking for people who bought used luxury cars with the idea of moving upscale at discounted prices only to find out that the cost of parts and service was greater than expected. Were you surprised or shocked by the cost of routine maintenance and common repairs like mufflers, brakes, shocks and struts, transmissions, headlight replacement, etc.?

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  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    I just saw on the Mercedes web site that the 2003 E320 will do 0-60 in 7.7 and the E500 5.9. My 2000 E320 was listed my Mercedes as 7.1 seconds. Any idea on how the 2003 could be that much slower to 60 mph?
  • magnetophonemagnetophone Posts: 605
    glamourlife, they don't make the 3-series in America.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    The 3, 5 and 7 series are all built in Germany. (I have a '02 330.)
    The G wagon is built like a tank, albeit a 20 year old one. My friends who own a G wagon appreciate the solid steel construction and detail the OLD M-B is famous for. The new products, IMHO, are using M-B's reputation for quality to sell cars. But, in 20 years time will that reputation remain intact? I seriously doubt it. I envision the day when the LEXUS nameplate is the standard by which quality is measured and that day is almost here.

    As for the best SUV, Lexus/Toyota wins that match easily. As a side note my friend just traded his problem ridden '00ML for a '02 Acura MDX and he can not believe how much better built the Acura is. I would much rather have a Land Cruiser then a ML or X5 in terms of quality.

    My hope is that the new E re-establishes M-B as the leader in quality. My next car will be fast and reliable. The ball is in M-B's court.
  • splitoesplitoe Posts: 19
    I purchased a 2001 E320 last year. It's a great car. However, I did experience a lot of problems and replaced the following items:
    muffler, fuel injector control unit, sun shade, air conditioner fan control unit. Some of the problems were intermittent and required more than one trip to the dealer.
    In addition the dealer replaced cable (twice) and engine mount to curb excessive vibration in idle with little luck. Finally the dealer claimed it was normal. MB sent mechanics to do engine tests and reported it normal, but they didn't (couldn't, maybe?) do vibration test. I even wrote to MB and got the response of everything normal, case closed.
    Anyone know how to pursue from here? Is there any state (CA) office or any consumer agency to report to? I always have much better luch with Toyota's and this is my first MB. I cancelled my C-class order and got back my $2000 deposit after experiencing the first few problems with my E320.
  • polo2928bpolo2928b Posts: 21
    I have a "00" 528 which I love but is a lease and I am buying my next car whihc will be a 5 series or the E class, has anyone driven both cars and has an opinion about it, although I must confess I have never driven a car as a BMW, it is definitely the ultimate driving machine
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    73 is way too much for an E, even a new one.

    "The new products, IMHO, are using M-B's reputation for quality to sell cars. But, in 20 years time will that reputation remain intact? I seriously doubt it" - MB has a hundred-year-old history. It would not have been such had they let things slip, even for a half-car-generation worth of cars. They are already making a noticeable turn. In my opinion, the reputaion will be even better in the future, as well as possessing something that, until a little while ago, belonged exclusively to BMW.
  • rayberg7rayberg7 Posts: 7
    I just returned from a trip to Europe, where I looked at the new E class at the dealer showroom.
    I took some pictures that you won't see at, but I can't figure out how to attach them to this message. Anyway, the trunk of the 2003 seems to be a welcome 6 to 8 inches deeper. I saw one with a ski sleeve, but I didn't see any with fold down rear seatbacks. The cars I looked at had no spare tire. They have eliminated the cup holder, not that what we have in the 2000-2002 was any good. There is a cover in the console that opens to a hole about 2 by 4 inches. Maybe Mercedes will furnish an odd-shaped cup for it. Some of the cars had a cleanable, 5-spoke wheel, but others had a wheel that would be harder to clean than the ones on my 2000 E-320. Since I was traveling to Eastern Europe as well as Germany, I couldn't rent a Mercedes. But I was impressed with the 2-liter Ford Mondeao diesel that I did drive. It had plenty of power and gave great mileage, even though I spent much time driving 90 to 100 mph. The Germans have done a great job on their diesel engines. I hope Mercedes imports the E270 CDI here.
  • magnetophonemagnetophone Posts: 605
    rayberg, according to AutoNews, they are importing the E270 CDI to America in 2003 or 2004, with the next generation E-class.

    And, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The Mondeo is quite an impressive car!
  • mbecmbec Posts: 2
    Have approx. 26k miles on my E320 with normal driving. The pads / rotors need
    replacing. Is this normal? I would expect pad / rotor life to longer on a $50k car.
    I know MB using a softer pad but to me that is not a reason for the life to be short
    versus most other cars and the owner having spend at extra $600 every 25k miles
    to replace.
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378

    Read you are selling your 2000 S500 for the E500 sports at 73K with distronics.

    I have the 2001 S500 with distronics and ABC. It drives very well. But remember, distronics, ABC, and parktronics are worthless at the time of resale to dealers. Only body kits like "sport packages" which make the exterior look different are worth anything. So bear this in mind.

    As for the E500 sports, wouldn't your S500 be a quicker 0-60mph car? Have more room, and more quiet? (I know I am a little bore with my 2001 S500 now, but....)

    At 73K, you might want to wait another year for the new E55; which will have sub 5 sec 0-60mph and sport body kits and a massive 460bhp.

  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    My brake pads had to be replaced at about the same mileage on my 2000 E320. I do a mixture of city / highway driving and was surprised at having to replace so soon.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    A lot of you thought 73K price for the E500 was high. Well I am getting all available options except for the V60 phone and that price includes delivery and my states sales tax at 9 percent. So unless the dealer has the wrong price list I guess that price is right.
  • e2000e2000 Posts: 5
    Does any one have any experience with after market brake pads/rotors.
  • onlyagirlonlyagirl Posts: 45
    Hello my name implies I am only a girl and I need help from some of you...I have a 2000 E320(31k miles) ...for some time now....for well over a year I have noticed a rubbing noise around the front left tire...I mostly can hear it when I am pulling up to the carport...or turning into the drive....I notice it more now since I have the windows down more....the rubbing is somehow tied to either the tire or something else that is rotating as it is faster when I speed up and slower as I slow has been to 2 different MB service centers....once last May.....was told they couldn't hear it so it must have been a rock in the wheel well...supposedly they checked the entire braking system ...took it back in Jan to another center and was told it was the tire(but no explaination of WHAT the tire is rubbing on or WHY)...he did not say I needed to get new tires at that point but that soon I would really bothers me because I can't believe it is nothing to be concerned about....I am calling my service advisor again either tomorrow or Monday...I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem and/or do any of you have any ideas or suggestions...
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Your mechanic should take a road test with you until he hears the noise too. It might be wheel bearings. They can make very funny noises when they first start to go.
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