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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    What we're telling you is that you're better off economically if you keep the E430. You must know this! Is there some other reason why you want to dump it????
  • You're also better off if you do decide to sell it that you sell it yourself and don't trade it. A little more hassle but more $$ in your pocket too.
  • Does anyone know what the
    "Check Engine Electronics Warning Message"
    could be caused by?

    I have a 98 E320 with 28000 miles, just took ownership 1 month ago, I have been trying to find out what the error could be.

    Checked that the gas cap is on tight, the car did say 25 days to service, then this "check..." message appears each time the car is started. Thanks for your help -
  • I probably will sell the '01 E430 privately. Thanks for all the good advice!
  • I am waiting for the new navigation (command) system to come out. The old system did not match up with any of the other Mfgs. Lexus, Jag, Accura all use the same system which is outstanding. I believe it is made by Hitachi.
    Any one know anything about the new system. No information that I can find.
    I need the system due to business and will buy an 03 if it is any good.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Anyone know when Edmonds will get pricing for the '03 E?
  • Latest I heard was that the CD-based navigation system for the E-Class will be delayed until January 2003 or later. Meanwhile, there may be a few new Es with COMAND.

    BTW, I'm aware that Edmunds has always knocked COMAND, but I got it in my 2000 E-320 and haven't regretted it. It did NOT come with a set of back-up paper maps and really isn't that difficult to use. In many instances it's saved my fanny or at least prevented me from becoming "momentarily disoriented." If I had to make the decision again, it would be the same.

    That said, the CD system should be a tremendous improvement.
  • My dealer told me that they are taking orders for DVD-Command at $1600. According to a MBUSA bulletin, the factory ordered price will be $2200 when it becomes available around March 2003. But, they will discount $500 if you order it before it's ready and then have the local dealer install it for free. The Command System will eliminate the cassette player and provide a connection in the glove box for a portable cassette player (not included).

    Also, I notice that the Electronic Trunk will be delayed, too. Neither Command nor Electronic Trunk are currently offered as options on the MBUSA website because of their delay.

    I just can't figure why it would take this long to come up with these items. These things should be easy compared to the rest of the technology in the E-class.
  • Anybody know anything regarding the availability of the E55 in the States? I know that it will be available in Germany in fall 2002. The E55 will have the supercharged engine delivering 476 horsepower! Wow!

    I've driven the E500. It's nice. But, the E500 at 302hp will almost feel like a Yugo compared to the E55.
  • I believe the new DVD navigation system is also being made by Harmon Kardon (sp?). MB just contracted for it with them a couple of months back, so the delay is probably due to ramp-up time, and then shipping the units to Germany from the US for installation.

  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Here is a link to the Harmon Kardon offering currently being sold ( 200K units they say ) to major car companies like MB, BMW, etc. in Europe.

    The HK unit looks a lot like a regular AMFM/CD player with a NAV mode. It's designed to retrofit into the existing player hole.

    If you look at the new MB E dash where the CD is, the HK Traffic Pro could go there.

    From reviewing their site the HK unit has a very small screen display and relies on voice output to give the driver instructions.

    It didn't say anything about voice input.

    I am not sure that I think it will be worth $2200 to get technology from Europe that Lexus and Acura had 5 years ago.

    Maybe MB has something else planned??? Anyone know?

  • MB may be using a Harman/Kardon navigation system in the E, I don't know. But, I do know that it certainly will not be that model. Here is the Command system for the European E. I doubt that the US version would be much different (if any).

  • The closest info I can find is this press release on the Harman Int. site:

    It talks about the new S-Class system Harman is designing, but the details are similar enough to how MB describes the E-Class system that I'm wondering if MB decided to use the same system (or a stripped-down version) in the E-Class, rather than the off-the-shelf HK system?

    Be interesting to get a definitive answer...


  • Anyone have an idea of the cost of 2003e55AMG? Current 2002 around 70-73k. Is nav standard? What posible options on this baby? Availability? I'm sure it will be marketed as 2004.
  • Please let me know if anyone has a clear instruction to change oil. Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Should I switch to Mobil 1 syns oils? Thanks
  • I read about this elsewhere...can anyone comment?

    MB has apparently agreed to settle a suit about oil change errors by expanding all warranties on 98-00 vehicles from the original 5yr/50k mile to 10yr/100k miles, plus issue a service credit for $35.
  • Just yesterday I was chatting with the owner of a '99 E-Class wagon parked next to my 2000 E320. He told me about the suit, but the details were slightly different (1998-2001 models, different warranty extension, nothing about service credit). I wonder what will happen to those of us who bought the MB extended warranty to 8 years/100,000 miles.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Could someone please explain what the law suit is about. The url reference in post 3740 gives me error message. i.e it's no good.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Somehow part of that link got replaced with an ellipsis, which is why is doesn't work.

    I poked around on that site and found this piece on a proposed settlement of a suit:

    If that's not the right article, maybe rbrenton88 will try again. The link that doesn't work ends differently than this one, but the story seems to be the one you folks were talking about.


  • I had the invinca-shield product installed on my
    '00 E430 Sport yesterday. The product made by 3M is a clear, porous material that protects the front hood and bumper from paint chips and bugs.

    I recommend this product
    or for all M-B drivers who frequent our over- crowded highways. A large SUV or 18 wheeler can really throw off some small stones or gritty sand which will damage your paint.

    I prefer the stoneguard product but could not find an installer in the Orlando area. So, I went with Invincaman (Lake Mary) who came to my home and installed the product. Too bad I didn't put this stuff on two years ago when my paint was perfect. The Invinca-shield web page has a list of installers in your area.

    I have been a regular on this forum for the past 2.5 years and have never seen a post on this subject before. I read about this stuff on a BMW forum and these guys won't drive their BMW off the lot without it. Those of you with Sport Packages who get the invinca-shield product may need to order the AMG version. My installer has to return next week because he ordered the regular E stuff which does not fit the airdam.

    If I had an '02 or '03 E Class (especially an '03 AMG E55 at $80,000 plus) I would not leave the dealership without this product.
  • Does anyone understand if what is being contemplated is extending the entire warranty to 10 years / 150,000 miles, or just coverage of problems caused by not changing the oil enough because of the notification time of using synthetic oil?
  • valueguy, thanks for the info. I saw this Motorweek but did not catch the name of the product. It seemed like the perfect way to protect the front of your car. In addition to protecting the pait, it protect expensive headlight lenses too. The claim is that it protects the lenses from cracking or breaking. I intend to put this on my new E500 when it arrives in October. Thanks for the websites.
  • Pat's got the right link above. The story does not mention if the extended warranty will cover engine, drivetrain, or something else.

    I can't believe that they'd cover bumper to bumper. That would be too good to be true. Most likely only oil-related engine parts.

    But I remain optimistic.
  • Help!! I'm trying to decide whether to buy a 2002 or 2003 E320. I have a 2003 desert silver coming over on the next boat. I saw a 2003 in person at the dealer yesterday and I felt it didn't live up to the pictures. It is a great looking vehicle if you like a sportier car. I'm looking more for a luxury sedan like the older model. If I choose to buy the 2002, will I be making a big mistake? This is my first MB.
  • john01john01 Posts: 246
    I am sure you can find 2002, but the supply may be limited and difficult to find a combination you want. I am sure you will get a good deal on it, but if you happen to find the one you like.
  • I can't imagine how you find the 2002 E-Class to be more luxurious and the 2003 more sporty -- at least enough to consider buying the older model.

    Personally, I think it would be a mistake to buy the 2002. First, the two models look very similar, and the handling and ride comfort are also probably very similar. But consider the advances offered by the newer, significantly changed (improved) 2003 model. I can't even begin to list all of them, but a few are significant, including the high tech braking system, upgraded suspension, greater body stiffness ("tighter" body and frame), etc.

    Suggest that you carefully compare the two models and note the new features and changes offered by the 2003. Then make your decision.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    I couldn't agree with you more. The 02 is much tigher looking, more sleek. The 03 seems to be padded out to resemble the S class and C class look. From a distance to me the 03 looks a more than bit Jag-like, having lost its prior distinctive MB shape.

    The 02's also more mature from a quality point of view than the 03's are likely to be. Per the JDPower Initial Quality surveys, Mercedes of late has taken a while to get their "improvements" sorted out.

    I don't know where you are from, but Herb Chambers in Boston as 17 E-02's on their lot per their inventory and I think Edmund's incentive page is showing that MBUSA is offering support to move them.

    So you won't have to pay MSRP. In fact you ought to be able to negotiate a pretty good deal on one.

    Keep looking and good luck.
  • I vote for the 2003. I think the 2002 will loose resale value now that the new E is out that may offset any deal you might get on last year's model. I agree that the improvements of the new E are a must have. read the Edmunds review of the 2003 E and you may decide not to buy the 2002.
  • The 2003 E compared to the 2002 model is like night to day. The 2003 E may just be the best value car MB as come up with to date. If you think the 2002 E even comes close, have at it. You would save a few dollars. But, I just have to shake my head at anybody that would even consider a 2002 E over a 2003.
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