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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • crazymaler -

    The MSRP was
    46950 base
    655 Destination charge
    1550 E2
    875 E5
    400 CD Changer
    665 Metallic paint

    51095 Total;
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    What replacement tires for a 16 inch rim on an E320 would you use?

    My Michelins have 28000 miles and they don't seem to grip like they used to.

    Anyone have good success with other brands?

  • stvirstvir Posts: 13
    Check with ... use their tire selector feature and you will be presented with several choices.

    What type of Michelin tire do you currently have? I mean, what is the tire rating?
  • Are there any software updates for older navigation /command / CD systems ?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I put Yokohama Avid V4's on my 96 E320 last March and am very happy with them; quiet, excellent traction in dry and wet, and seem to be wearing very well. Handling and steering response also excellent..
  • I was looking at a E320 with 371 miles on the odometer - never titled or registered. The salesman claimed that it was an executive demo, priced @ 51.4k(sticker). It has panoramic sunroof, hk stereo system, leather seats, xenon Headlamps. But I also observed that the brake rotors had been scared which indicates vehicle was driven hard. I proposed 46K for this one, what do you think? Any input will be appreciated.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    There are 99 (ninety-nine) Mercedes E Class cars (up from 53 in September) on the lot at Herb Chambers in Boston. It's two days until years end.

    Call them and make an offer.
  • Why are you always reporting on the inventory at Herb Chambers like it's your personal obsession?

    So what that they have 100 E's. They are New Engand's #1 dealer, so that number is not unusual.

    Stop Hating, and drive!!!
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I think one of the principle benefits of the these forums is information sharing. What is important is the accuracy of the information shared.

    Assuming that the inventory figure is accurate, the point that is being made is that dispite the new E being viewed as a hot commodity with little negotiation room on pricing, the ever increasing inventories suggests that there should be flexibility in the E Class selling price.

    This type of post should be regarded as a service to potential E Class buyers. Imagine if a factual post was that they couldn't keep them on the lots. That would be a very different signal to potential buyers.

    What I view as the greatest disservice to fellow posters is the personalization of posts.
  • I was at Mercedes Benz of Houston North for service on my '00 E320 and noticed the inventory seemed very low. In fact I could not see a single new E; there were a couple on the lot that were used, maybe demos. I also couldn't see many S's. They've moved to a new location so maybe they were hidden somewhere, or maybe they just don't have many. I'm not in the market for one now but it looked odd.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    2ndmb: Sorry to jump in late on this. My vote goes for the E430 4-matic, given that you live in a northern climate. My brother in law who lives in Boston has two MB's in their household - a 2000 E320 4-matic Wagon and a 2001 E430 4-matic. They are both fabulous.

    I have driven the 2003 E320 and E500 and yes, they are somewhat better handling, tighter cars than the previous model. But not by a huge margin, IMO. I still think as "driver's" cars, the E-class is a few rungs down from the 5-series. And considering it's lofty price fully loaded, the E500 comes dangerously close to approaching the price I paid for an M5 last March. With all due respect, if you simply want a "drivers" car, you can do better than the E-class.

    On the other hand, I think the E430 4-matic with a V-8 at $50k is a great deal that delivers what Mercedes does best - solid build quality, luxury, and all-season practicality. If I lived in the snow belt, I would be hard pressed to think of a better alternative.
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    I currently own an Acura 3.5 RL (2000) and am very pleased with it. Great torque and no service problems in 20K miles. At the Washington Auto show today I spent a fair amount of time investigating a new E320. With heated seats, improved sound, sunroof the car listed for $53310. I also would want mudguards all round. Are there folks here who can/will opine as to whether the E320 is really worth the money over an RL. I know the RL takes a beating in the mags, but I have had two of them and they are exceptional cars especially in terms of maintenance. Also, why is a rear wheel drive car with a drive shaft preferable to front wheel drive? I know I need to drive this car. I am really leery of paying a lot more for an MB then discover I really prefer the RL. Any of you folks made that switch--- how do you feel? Thanks
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    FWD vs. RWD - Wheels that have to turn as well as power are not as good as a set of wheels who's only function is to power the car. It's better to push than pull. There's torque steer as well which means when you press the accelerator hard the steering wheel tries to turn by itself.

    value - It's very, very subjective. If you go to the RL board, they'll give you a whole page of justifications why the RL is a better value than the E. No doubt you'll get a long list here too. You could also ask whether a RL is worth the money over an Accord. The Accord gets better and better every year. There is no reason why anyone wanting great transportation to go from point A to point B should need to pay more than $25K for a car. The unspoken answer of many on why they'd get an E320 over the RL is because they can afford it.

    I'd say for 10K extra you'll get a more solid car, thicker sheet metal, a car more technolgically advanced, and a German ride vs. a Japanese ride.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Footie doesn't hate Herb Chambers. I've come to the conclusion that he works for them.
  • Retnav,

    I realized on one sunny, beautiful morning on Main Street in Manayunk, PA that I would buy a MB not totally for myself but for others (!); for myself I would do with an Accord or the Civic (77k miles and no problems yet). Check w/ Jeff Bezos as he is a living example of a bill're who drove an Accord (or still is?); Warren Buffet who switched from an old VW to a Cadillac after he was 55+ only because of the safety that is offered...

    MBs are bought for a variety of reasons apart from the great, keen Engineering, Quality of construction, raw Automotive prowess, safety-first motto (and not so outstanding japanese-like-reliability); it is also to cherish childhood (rather mortal) dreams among others; take advantage of the statement a 3-pronged star makes in a not-so-fair-to-modesty world; where impression matters a great deal and clinches the deal.

    Not that nobody here didn't know, but there are subtler reasons to buying a MB...

    If there are 50% votes to remove this post - if it is indeed deemed rambling, I will gladly delete the post..

    BTW, I am taking possession my '03 E320 today. We have come up with a list of name for the plates. Will post about my experience with the car soon..Baby, I can't wait.
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    Thanks for your comments, I tend to agree with your prospective. You're right about handling, a 5 series is more sport than luxury, I know since I owned a the first year of the current style 5 series(97-528i)I have a Boxster S and have the ability to go for performance when the weather is right. Now it's just convincing my better half that I want to get yet another new car........
  • et610et610 Posts: 40
    Why would you think anyone would want you to delete your post? It makes perfect sense and many will identify and agree with it. I can't see your reason for thinking it would be objectionable to anyone.
  • Tell us more about your list of names for your plates. Mine are from Nebraska and read AMENDS. . . as in the Joplin song:

    ". . .My friends all drive Porches, I must make AMENDS."

  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    " realized on one sunny, beautiful morning on Main Street in Manayunk, PA that I would buy a MB not totally for myself but for others (!); for myself I would do with an Accord............ "

    Why not ask the other person(s) for whom you are buying the car, which he/she/they would prefer. Anyone who can afford a MB should have enough self confidence to make their own decision on what car they want without concern for what others think.

    I can't figure out why you would consider removing your posting. Do you really think your posting is of such importance that we should take a survey to determine if a majority of respondents want it removed or not?

    Your opinions are as welcome here as anyone else's. Happy New Year!
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Hi posters,

    I don't work for Herb Chambers and never have.

    I haven't bought a car there either. I shopped there back in June when I was looking at Minis.

    I put their inventory info out here from time to time for several reasons.

    One to make sure everyone North of the Delaware Memorial Bridge knows that they have a large (and growing) of EVERY major MB car type, C, E, S. It's very easy to access online. They don't do such a good job telling you what the options are on each car. You have to contact their ISD's to find that out or reverse engineer them from likely option mixes.

    Two, as Merc1 points out, it helps folks negotiate. There's between $4k and $7K of profit on the standard E Class cars. There's absolutely no reason to believe that you have to pay MSRP. You just have to be discrete about where you shop. Some people like to pay high prices for stuff and that's their right. The point is you don't have to.

    Finally there was this frenzy attitude when the new E was released that they were going like hot cakes everywhere. They didn't seem to be moving fast here (except for on-order cars) and still don't seem to be.

    Chambers E-class inventory has crept up steadily since introduction and they have 100 right now. The Director of Internet Sales said that this week is usually a very active week for them in the luxury car stores. Unless they were selling them out back for cash, none of their E's left inventory this week, so they ought to be pretty hungry.

    Current Chambers inventory offers a staggering selection in every MB category

    100 E's
    157 C's
    32 S's (including 10 leftover 02's)
    4 SL's (!)
    11 CL's
    some odds and ends CLK/SLK cars

    If you don't live up this way, try Topeka, Kansas. Scholfield Auto Plaza sells MB, Lexus, Jaguar, Acura and Porsche. They are friendly and usually very negotiable. They had a NEW C320 Wagon on ebay in April for about $4.5K UNDER MSRP (no reserve). They have 4 E320's, 4 E500's and a leftover 02 E430 out there where Toto's from.

    Good luck shopping and Happy New Year
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "Two, as Merc1 points out, it helps folks negotiate."

    I said that?


    Anyway, on this inventory thing. Can you tell me about this dealer and the number of cars they sell a year? I have a hard time believing that any dealer would have 100 E-Classes on their lot. That more than some Nissan dealers stock in Altimas. Dealers here (Chicagoland) keep about 3-5 E's on hand, and about the same in S-Classes. My local dealer (Mercedes-Benz of Naperville) has about 4 Es, 6 S-Classes, 3 CLs (1 is a 2002) and probably the last 2002 SL600 left in the U.S. Now they do have about 15-20 C-Classes, but they have no CLK coupes and only one SL, a SL55. I just can't picture 100 E-Classes on any dealers lot. If that is the case they HAVE to cut you a deal, and thus it wouldn't be too smart on their part to stock that many cars.

  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Well, Merc1, maybe all of these folks are faking their inventory but I don't think so.

    Try the website Home page has "Entire New Inventory button", click it, select Mercedes, select E-Class
    They even list the VIN numbers.... They have 7 (Seven!) left over 2002 E's.

    You can also take a look at Mercedes of Westwood ( at ), which is a part of the Clair Motors group. They just built a huge new facility in Westwood, MA just off Route 128. They are smaller than Chambers. They have 42 E's in stock this morning, including 1 E320, 2 E430's and 2 E55's from 02.

    Clair's site is nicer than Chambers because they actually list the option code list by MB number on most vehicles.

    The only other nearby dealership if Foreign Motors West in Natick MA and they don't keep their inventory on line.

    Good luck
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    It is 62,000 square feet ( 1.4 acres ) and has an 18 car indoor showroom.
  • jim256jim256 Posts: 14
    I did have an experience when looking at dealers' "on-line inventory" with another German marque, and found that the inventory they listed still had some "sold" cars but also had the ones "due-in" from the factory allocated to that dealer. In other words, it had about 60-90 days worth of volume. I once saw a car salesman training tape a sales friend shared with me--it advised the trainees when they got an inquiry about a specific car to always say they had just that car and color in stock, that they were having a special sale, and that if the person showed up, tell him he should have acted more quickly since "it" was just sold. I'm not saying all dealers play this game, but visiting the lot will tell you more about inventory, and calling the dealer will probably tell you more about their interest in selling over he phone or internet. I had better info on that other German marque after I did that.
  • We came up with several; Finally I chose one which is spiritual - OM; I have to apply for it yet. Hopefully I will get it.. The word is considered a universal sound in Yoga and is used as a sacred utterance.

    Other names we came up with but are letting go are (these can be used by anybody except for commercial purposes if not already used)
    - BLU BLEU
    - XCUSE ME (my son blurted out this one when I and my wife were listing; and he thought this was a choice also)
    - O BABE
    - I CAN
    - S ICAN
    - O YEAH

    By the way, my wife drove the car from the dealership; she felt great; When I drove it later I could feel the engine was very quiet all along; in city the car is very quiet - I drive my Honda Civic to work - you can guess I feel the difference, but on the expressway you will hear the road noise a bit more than I expected. The braking while coming to a stop - as is discussed on the forum - is a bit 'waving' - the sensotronic brake control kicks in more than you may want it, but I didn't feel it to be too distracting. The car is a gizmobile - as my 8 yr old son called it; the ambient or soft lighting features reminds you that you are indeed in a lux. car. Today it was raining a lot and I didn't want to take it out. The interior sides are fabric and are easily prone to shoe smears; I found the head lamps brighter than my expectations but shorter coverage distance perhaps; these are my first impressions; anyway as my wife was driving it back to home from the dealership, a few heads did turn around in our community, some smiles and that felt good.

    Will post more of the experience as I get used to it more.

    The salesman recommended an option to keep the brake lining or the wheel wells from getting dirty; does anybody know of this option and its cost; and its worthiness?
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    When you said something spiritual and OM I thought the words might have stood for O Mighty, or Ole' Mighty if said irreverently.

    Wouldn't the universal sound in yoga be more like OMMMMMM?

    The option to keep brake lining or the wheel wells from getting dirty is also known as mud guards. I've had them in some cars and not in others. Haven't really noticed any difference. It might add a few bucks to the salesman's pockets and probably wouldn't look good in this car.

    BTW, I've found the Xenons to be quite disconcerting. They might be brighter, but there's definitely a sharp demarcation in the area of the light horizontally. I prefer the old yellow headlights.
  • Any information on the DVD Navigation system to be dealer installed during the first quarter of '03. Dealers/MB were promoting the accessory for $1625 installed.
  • An after market option for OEM xenon lights for '03 E class, Optilux whites (Hella) are available in Std 55 watts H7. High Beams can be replaced with ease. Low beams are a challenge- any tech guru's out there!! Dealer of course is not very cooperative.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Regarding the usefulness of putting mud guards on an E-Class, I can speak only for the W210 and not the new E. I wouldn't be without them.

    Take a close look at the rear part of both the front and rear tires and the wheel wells. On my 2000 E320, the bottom part of the front tires protrude outside or beyond the wheel well and lower rocker panels; if I didn't have mud guards installed, the front tires would kick up moisture and dirt onto the lower panels. Similarly, the rear tires would splash the grime onto the lower rear part of the rear fenders.

    As for appearance, my mud guards are OEM, black and molded to follow the lines of the rear part of the fender housing. They aren't readily noticeable but, if anything, I think they enhance the looks of the car.

    Just my 2 cents worth!
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