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Nissan Maxima



  • lelandclelandc Posts: 26
    Can you tell me the name of the Nissan dealer in Ohio that is offering $5,000 off MSRP on Maxima's?

    Do they have a website?


  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    TO: weltonw, kbalch and riez

    Thanks much for your taking the time to eval. your
    6-speeds. Your comments and those of others have
    been very valuable. I really wanted a 6-speed and
    having read some magazine reviews which were not
    exactly "complimentary" I started to have second
    thought about a manual trans.

    kbalch: You had no way of knowing but I already
    own a Max SE. I was turned off very quickly by
    the Altima SE after seeing the "Ford Motor Co."
    interior which I think is cheap and tacky.

    hookedoncars2: I am a fellow "buckeye." To what
    dealer in Ohio were you referring when you discussed it earlier on this forum?

    Thanx all/berbel
  • mrscottmrscott Posts: 4
    Here are links to the TSB I asked about.

    I hope the dealer does not give me the runaround.

  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99

    I have a 2002 Maxima SE with 1400 miles on it and have been pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the shifter. Like you I heard some of the negatives (i.e. notchy, long-throws)prior to purchasing my Max but so far I have no complaints. I haven't encountered any notchyness and I don't feel the throws are overly long. My expectations were high for a manual transmission car having just sold my 97 integra GSR. Honda/Acura in my opinion makes one of the best manual transmissions and my acura was the smoothest best shifting transmissions I have ever had. I would recommend the Max with the 6 speed. The only negative that I can say about the 6 speed is it has a long clutch take-up (at least longer than other cars I have owned). You should take one for a long test drive and determine for yourself.
  • danny25danny25 Posts: 119
    You can order the Bose 6 disc in dash CD changer from the parts dept. at you dealer for about $400. I don't know how that price compares to a trunk mounted changer, because I've never shopped for one, but even if it's more expensive, it's so convienient to be able to change discs without getting out and going to your trunk.
  • argieargie Posts: 22
    Thank you all for the advice. I had my keys reprogrammed anyways. It was done per dealer's advice due to past problems encounter by NISSAN CORP. They said that they were instructed to do so first, from the CORP.

    I would wait and see if anything else turns out from this situation. If it happens again (hope not), I would follow your suggestions.

  • My I35's A/C really stinks when I turn it on (heater/ECON). The smell is nauseating.
    The car has only 3200 miles and started to have acid like smell since 2750 miles.
    I took it to the dealer and they spray something in the A/C. The smell
    does disappear for a few days, but it comes back every time I turn on the A/C.
    If I set to AUTO (cool air only), there is no stinky smell (well..actually it
    happened once when it's on AUTO mode).

    If anyone has similar experiences with the Maxima/Infiniti I3X A/C, please tell me.

  • zhangjozhangjo Posts: 5
    Ask them to check the heater Coil, most likely, there is fungus growing on it. The only way to completely get rid of it is to replace the coil, very expensive for labor. The dealers will try to trick you as much as they can in order not to replace the coil. You can search internet about car stinky smell, you will find a lot topics about the heater coil smells. From your case, it is the heater coil if it is OK for cool air only.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I'm no expert yet 'cause I've just had my 02 SE for 2 weeks (400 miles), but reading thru the manual, it says that ECON is for HEAT only while AUTO is for both dehumidified A/C and Heat. If the MAX and Infiniti share the same AC/Heating system, you may not have an A/C problem at all. Just something to think about when talking with your service people.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    Well, an unfortunate encounter with a nail has forced me to replace a couple of tires on my 2K SE. The fact that Nissan decided to put an odd sized tire (225/50R17) on this car really limits the options when it comes to replacement tires. I looked into putting a different sized tire on the car but the 7" width of the wheels means anything wider then the 225s is not an option. Also, since I leased the car, and Nissan would complain if I returned the car with narrower tires on it, I will have to stick with the stock size. In my area, Ottawa Canada, the only tires that I could find (without paying big $$$s) in this size were the RE92 that comes stock on the SE and the Goodyear Eagle RSA. I checked out Tirerack to see how the RSAs were rated (I hoped that they would rate better then the RE92, especially in the rain) but found that they don't rate any better then the RE92s. Does anyone here have any experience with the RSAs? How would you rate them?

    For anyone in the Ottawa area, I found that both tires are on sale at a local tire place (Gary's on Merivale) with the RE92 going for CA$170 and the RSA going for CA$165 (much cheaper than TireRack which has the RE92 for US$159). This is a good deal considering Gary's in Bell's Corners is selling the same tires for over $60 more each.
  • georged98georged98 Posts: 34
    I have a new 2002 Maxima GLE with 1,000 miles on it so far. Has anyone or is anyone using synthetic oil in their Maximas?? The owners manual does not recommend synthetic oil. I regularly change oil and filter every 3,000 miles and have never had oil related issues but have never used synthetic. Is it worth the added cost or staying with the time tested true blue regular oil be enough.
  • bjornbbjornb Posts: 2
    In my 92 and 96 Maxima SEs, I used strictly synthetic oil (Mobils 1 5W30) after the 6K mile break-in (synthetic has too high of a film strength, so you need to use regular oil at first).
    Never a problem, and I have used 10K change intervals (remember Mobil used to advertize 25K mile or 1 year oil changes??).
    My 2002 SE will get the same diet.
    If you are going to use reqular oil, keep in mind that the 3K oil changes went out with leaded gas and that now 5K is more than adequage.
    Good luck!
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    Hey beanctr:

    Appreciate your critique. I do believe, all things
    considered, that a 6-speed is now in my sights. the clutch take up issue you
    mentioned. I could be mistaken, but, I believe that
    the point at which the clutch engages can be ad-
    justed by a service tech. My last ride was a Ford
    Contour SVT. I had the clutch adjusted a couple
    of times when it started to give me too much distance before it engaged 1st gear.


    If you go back to the Tirerack web site and look
    for it, I think you will find a link to consumer
    comments about various brands and models of tires.
    I posted similar concerns about replacement tires
    early last winter. Incidentally, the RSA of which
    you spoke is the OEM tire on the new Cadillac CTS.

    Synthetic Oil: The "Car Doctor," a nationwide
    syndicated auto advice column, highly encourages
    the use of synthetic oil but only after 1000-1500
    miles on the odo. The guy that writes the column
    swears by it. Unless they changed the owner's
    manual since model year 2000, Nissan DOES NOT
    say that synthetic oil is unacceptable. I have
    been using it for years!

  • I have a 2K2 SE Max and I got a nail in one of my tires recently. However, back in October, I swapped my stock SE wheels (225/50 VR17) with a 2K2 GLE wheel (215/55 HR17). I have not noticed a performance difference even though the Turanza's aren't performance tires like the Potenza's, they handle quite well. Plus, the tread will last a lot longer. I paid $126.00 U.S. for a new tire.

    So, depending on what you do NOW. You might want to make that decision when getting all new tires.

    Did that make any sense at all??

  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    berbel: I did check out the consumer comments that you mentioned. The bulk of the comments for the RSAs mentioned all the same problems that I have had with the RE92s (no grip when the roads are wet, performance is all downhill after the first 10-15K miles, bad treadwear) plus many people report that the RSAs have a bad tendency to howl when cornering hard. All in all, the RSAs don't sound any better then the RE92s so I will probably stick with the tires that I am used to.

    obiwankenobi1: As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently leasing my Maxima. This means that when the car is returned (summer of '03) Nissan will require me to put a set of tires on it that are similar to stock. The tires don't have to be the same brand but they do require that the tires are the same size and of the same quality (and have at least 4/32 tread left). I figure that whatever tires I buy now will still have the required tread next summer so I don't want to buy a set now and then buy another set next year. This means that buying a narrower set is out of the question. Also, buying a wider set is not an option due to the narrow wheel width (even though I have heard of many people upsizing their Max's tires, most manufacturers recommend at least a 7.5" wide wheel for anything wider than a 225 tire). I guess that this leaves me with the RE92 and the RSA as options. As I mentioned above, most people do not rate the RSAs any higher than the RE92s so I guess that I will be sticking to the RE92s.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My 1995 Maxima SE came with RSA's (15-215-HR60) and, in mostly highway driving, I comfortably got 52k miles out of the first set and 55k out of the second, with reasonable tread left. Obviously, the higher speed rated, lower profile tires on the new Maximas will likely wear faster.

    The last replacement was with less expensive Toyo's which, after 17k miles are showing some signs of faster treadwear. They are also slightly noisier.

    P.S. A friend of mine is shopping for a 2002 Maxima SE 6-speed, so I gave him my 1995 for a day to drive around for comparison. He claims that he liked the handling of the 1995 at least as much, if not better than the 2002. So for all the increased wheel size and tire size, not much, if any, improvement in handling. The weight gain from 1995 to 2002 probably contributes to the equation, as well.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    I've never purchased them but I hear good things about Nitto tires and they supposedly have our size. See
  • I have had mine for about 5 months. The car as a whole is very good, but there are minor issues.
    I find the lumbar support position a bit off. The seats aren't as long as the previous versions (eg. leg support).

    The shifter is notchy, but I am getting used to it. The sunroof doesn't tilt much, oh well.

    The stock Potenza RE92 isn't great for Canadian winters. I put on some Blizzaks soon after I got the car.

    I love the looks, and the performance. It would look better if the car is slightly lower, and the 2001 AE body kit would be nice.
  • Well, I know I said the hood flapping on my 2002 Maxima SE didn't bother me, but I figured I'd get it fixed anyhow.

    Adjust the hood stoppers up a bit and it fixed it. Easiest fix I ever made. I also don't notice a big gap from doing it. The car still looks perfect.

  • djp2cdjp2c Posts: 39
    Does anyone have any information on the Hood Bounce Syndrom?

    I just drove 2000 Klms. and noticed it seems to vibrate (or bounce) about the middle of the hood.

    My service tech says he has no info on this and I thought I had read about the problem in the US

    Any help appreciated.
  • Read post #4521

    My post! Easy fix

  • jeff186jeff186 Posts: 95
    anyone know the current cash back or finance deal on the Max? I just saw a TV ad for the Pathfinder, offering $1,000 cash back AND 3.9% over 60 months. In past months, the Max and Pathfinder had identical offers.
  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    Any suggestions on tires? I have narrowed it down to Yokohama Avid V4's or Dunlop Sport A2.

    I think that I have worn the Toyo's to their limit. New, they were good, but the past 20,000 miles have been disappointing...have 55,000 on them now.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    The deal on the Max is $1000 cash back OR 3.9% financing 37-60 months. Not both. Currently good until the end of the month, but they said that last month and the month before so I imagine they'll extend it.
  • b_doggb_dogg Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    I'm hoping one of you kind people can help me. We have a '95 Maxima that we love dearly. It only has one flaw. Once the car is warmed up, the car makes a high pitched whistling noise when it comes to a stop and is idling. As soon as the gas pedal is pressed, the sound instantly stops. As you can imagine, in stop and go driving this can be very annoying.

    The car is otherwise perfect. We took it to our local Nissan dealership service and they suggested it may be the water pump in the engine ($525 to fix) or else it was something else in the engine which would require taking it completely apart (around $2000 to fix!).

    So, we thought that we'd ask around on the Internet and see if any of y'all Maxima fans could lend a helping thought to us.


  • bcohenbcohen Posts: 58
    Wow! I just took a test drive in a 2002 6-speed Maxima SE (I also got a nice Kenneth Cole watch for doing so!). I have been thinking about a Maxima as my next car, but I hadn't driven one yet. It was incredible. There is no doubt in my mind what my next car will be. I will probably be buying a slightly used model, but I imagine the experience is similar. Some of the people in previous posts were complaining about how the resale value has gone way down, but that is certainly very enticing. A used Maxima is probably the best used car bargain out there right now. I've been reading the thread for a while, and hope to join in the discussion as an owner in the not too distant future. Enjoy!
  • I had a similar hood flutter on my 2002 SE (went in for an oil change on my 208K 1991 Sentra and came out with a Maxima) at high speeds or when driving into strong head winds. Mine was particularly noticeable at the hood's edges.

    I spoke to my service guy at the dealer and he knew exactly what I was describing. They installed a supplemental hood gasket kit that prevent excess air from flowing under the leading edge of the hood. For obvious liability reasons, they don't do a high speed test drive to verify the problem.

    The kit consists of 3 gaskets - one each along the top of the headlight assemblies and a third on the underside of the leading edge of the hood in the area over the radiator (except where the air inlet to the engine is located). I'm not sure if there is a Technical Service Bulletin on this, but it was done under warranty and there seemed to be a repair kit.

    Not sure how the part numbers would be in Canada but here's what it said on my service order:

    "Hood flutters a highway speeds
    If required test and repair hood bond joints, install bumper/head lamp pack components.

    Parts: [all descriptions were truncated]
    65829-50A00 Bumper-Hoo
    65829-2Y900 Pack-Rim F
    65829-2Y900 Pack-Rim F"

    Apparently Nissan allows them to bill 0.8 hours for this repair, so its not major.

    I've had no problems since then. The installation is neat and the gaskets don't look like some second thought add-on, so I'm satisfied. I did notice that my friend's new I-35 had the same gaskets installed on the top of the head lamp assemblies, so apparently this affected Infiniti also.
  • danny25danny25 Posts: 119
    Did they give you that watch there on the spot, or something you have to mail to get the watch shipped to you later. I drove an Altima a few months ago and got the same watch shipped to me a few weeks later.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    Is the Maxima still made in Japan?
  • oehrleinoehrlein Posts: 30
    Yes Maxima's are still made in Japan. I'm not sure starting when but Maxima's will be built in USA. I wonder if they will be built in Japan and USA or just built in USA. Maybe someone out there can bring us up to speed on this subject.

    Semper Fi
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