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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • afmbguyafmbguy Posts: 19
    I remembered there were Mad-Cow decease in Europe not long ago. They might treat leather with special treatment for precaution. They might overdone it in some spot. That was one of the reason a limited and delayed leather option for 2002 C230 coupe in the beginning. I still think you have a good case for a new seat. Please document all your repairs for the basic requirement of the lemon law within a year or certain mileage, like at lease 2, 3 or 4 time in a repair shop depending on different state.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    Just had 1st B service done at 23.7K miles. Didn't have any problems to get fixed at the same time. They changed wiper inserts, dust filter, oil filter, and oil. A whole list of things they checked ...fluids, brakes, AC, tires, belts, etc. etc. and actually measured and reported the rotor thickness. Didn't cost anything but there was an estimate posted on the paperwork of 307.95. Being in So. Ca. I bet the wipers weren't used more than three hours total in the past year, but they changed them anyway.
  • hocky1hocky1 Posts: 13
    I have just bought a used Merc C180 of 1994 and it is in very good almost showroom condition except for a few scratches and stone chips on the front and sides. The engine runs well, lacks power due to the low cc's , but I have a couple of problems. The sunroof/moon roof does not tilt up when the switch is activated. It does move backwards and forwards though. Also it does not come back to its closed position properly, moving slowly with a struggling noise and I am afraid it will leak in heavy rain. The passenger rearview mirror was hit by a passing motor bike(slow hit) and got away. The mirror is quite ok with a small patch missing, but the plastic moulding is damaged and the vertical piece next to the door id gone. What can I do about these? The elect. mirror still works. Has anyone got any cheap used mirror sets(complete} for sale?
  • wwh11wwh11 Posts: 7
    Hi, folks,

    I am debating whether to get a MB C320 or a Lexus ES300. I like the safety feature of the C320, but don't like the price tag (dealer told me $41,700 with the CD installed). I like the luxury of Lexus ES300 and its price tag (around $35,500), but is a little concerned about its safety feature (although it is great compare to most others).

    Does anyone have an experience of shopping and comparing C320 and Lexus ES300? What is the reasonable price to pay for a C320 in upstate NY?

    Your information will make my decision much easier. Thanks in advance.
  • cwdavis1cwdavis1 Posts: 31
    I have been a MBZ owner for 20 years and came close to purchasing a C320 which is a beautiful car. However, I was bothered that the price was so high after adding things like leather, CD etc. Cost over 40K plus the fact that my sister bought a C240 and although likes it, finds it lacks power particularly with the AC on. So I test drove the G-35 and the ES 300 and fell in love the the Lexus. I is a great car and extremely reliable and for $36K I will get the Nav and Mark Levinson sound system plus VSC. Hard to beat although I had my heart set on the C 320 for a long time.

    Hope this helps.
  • hocky1hocky1 Posts: 13
    I picked up this used Merc C180 recently, but found the battery dead after a few days. Opened the boot and found what looks like a brand new battery. I tried to recharge it (in-car) with one of those portable chargers for 6/12volts and used 12volts to recharge. Everything was ok until I noticed "water" coming out from under the car. It smelt like acid!. Apparently the acid was overflowing from the battery out from the negative and positive pole points between the metal bits which stick out from inside and the surrounding nylon/plastic case. Is this common? Why should this happen? The acid now will have to be washed out or my boot base will be eaten away and battery will fall out! Looks like its due for replacement!
  • edarteedarte Posts: 41
    At least in North America, those battery charges have a switch to either charge the battery quickly or slowly (trickle charge - which is the preferred setting if you have the time) in addition to the 6/12 volt setting. If it is set to charge quickly it is common for the solution (i.e. acid) to bubble and it could come out. It bubbles even on a trickle charge but not as much.

    If you do have acid solution in the car be very very careful to get it washed out. If it has soaked into any fabric/ material it may look ok right now but in a day or so it will shows signs of being eaten away. Flush the area with water as much as is feasible.

    Older batteries had caps on each cell and these should be taken off for recharging but make sure they are replaced prior to installation.

    If there are no caps (or other means of venting gas) during charge I am not sure what you can do and I would advise consulting with someone who knows the proper technique. Be careful as there is the potential for a battery to explode while charging if it is not vented properly.
  • Thanks to all of those who responded with valuable advice. This past Saturday I picked up my new C240 and so far so good. (A while ago I posted a message asking for help deciding between Audi 3.0 and C240)
    Samueal70- I decided on the mercedes over the Audi simply because I liked it better. As many have pointed out reliability is about equal when comparing the two. After doing tons of research, I had to really think about what I preferred. I liked the mercedes, so that is what I bought. However, I have a good friend who just bought the Audi 3.0 quattro, we just have different preferences.
  • semerrilsemerril Posts: 12
    OK, here's the opinion of a 1.5 year C240 owner who's logged 23K miles. I've found the C to have plenty of fast are you going to drive, anyways? I'm sure it will hit 100+ with ease (but like me, you're probably too smart to do that). It looks great, is comfortable for long trips, and has decent room in the back. Build quality, however, is a little less than I expected...I know my service dept. better than I thought I would. The reputation of the Lexus is outstanding, but my main complaint is this...who wants to pay $35K for a gussied-up family Camry? From day 1, regardless of the style du jour, it's got the same lines, front, and rear of the Camry. And while Camrys are well built cars, they've become synonymous with boring and ordinary. So if you're gonna go Lexus, you've got to move up, and then you're looking at C320 to E-Class prices, and a whole new ballgame. Makes the C240 seem like a good value to me.
  • hocky1hocky1 Posts: 13
    Thank you edarte for your valuable advice regarding battery care and recharging. I should have known better. I should have taken it out of the boot and done it on the garage floor. Now I have bought a brand new one and will have it installed after cleaning the base of the boot. There is an escape hole and rubber tube from the top side of the battery which goes through the floor in case the water-acid level is too high or ride is too bumpy. The top screw-nuts do not have any holes. Battery cost me A$120 new.
  • ahostahost Posts: 36
    I just found out that MB will discontinue the 4 year extended warranty after April 30, and increase prices of the shorter plans. I saw it on the E-class bulletin board, and just called my dealer who confirmed it. So, it's time to buy the extended warranty before it's too late. I'm in the process of buying now.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Just a reminder - if you are putting a battery on a cement floor you need to use some other surface, like a piece of wood, for the battery to rest on. I heard many years ago that if a battery sits directly on concrete, it will discharge over time.

    Could someone please confirm or deny - I do not know the mechanics behind this, and want to make sure I'm giving correct info.

    - Paul
  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    It does NOT matter what kind of surface the battery is on. Batteries slowly loose its charge over time, more so in cold temps. That’s why it needs to be recharged.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Thank you for posting re the discontinuation of the extended 4-year warranty April 30. Although I purchased my warranty from Courtesy some time ago, I forwarded the information to several friends who recently purchased a Mercedes.

  • crankstercrankster Posts: 20
    Old pre-1970s batteries had hard rubber cases that would cause them to lose their charge if left on a damp concrete floor. Today's plastic-cased batteries aren't affected.
  • ramzakramzak Posts: 9
    I have been researching the Acura TL, Infinity IS, MBZ C-320, Lexus ES300. I really like the C-320, looks great and drove very nice and quiet. Also my brother-in-law works for Freightliner, which is owned by MBZ. I could buy any model for 11.9% under invoice. That is $34232, less than the Lexus ES300 with all options plus Nav. But I still could not shake how comfortable and quiet the ride with the ES300. The other thing that stopped me was the complaints that many C-320 owners have with all the small problems, which never get fixed by the dealer or have to be brought in many times. I don't see these complaints with the Lexus. The Lexus ES300 is the same platform as the Camry, but thats where it stops. Same as the difference between the Chevy and the Cadillac.
    I know it is ONLY my opinion, but thanks for the opportunity to share.
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    The German auto club ADAC has released its breakdown statistics for 2001. The reliability is expressed as the number of breakdowns per 1000 vehicles.

    Check it out:,1518,grossbild-179773-193601,00.html

    The C Class is more reliable than the BMW 3 Series, though both are in the light green "good" zone.

  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    So, you bought the C, right? At a deal like that you could sell it for more in two years than you paid for it.
  • hocky1hocky1 Posts: 13
    To all the guys who answered my call regarding the leaking battery in my C 180, thanks very much. At least when I post here, I get answers, when I post to the 2000 and earlier discussion, nobody replies! I have successfully removed the old one and found some rust under and had this scraped off and treated with rust busters and converters. Having done this, I put in the new battery and connected it together. Guess what? The radio system went and I do not know how to re-activate although I have the code. Please someone out there tell me how to key in this code as the sound came on only for 5 minutes twice and went off altogether. The first indication of failure or protection was one dash like " - " on the LCD display. Now there is a 3 dash like " - - - " on the LCD display. Does this mean the 3rd failed attempt? My car is a C180 1994 model with car radio/ cassette/ cd disc changer with the Mercedes Benz label on it.
  • lxgmblxgmb Posts: 41
    Tonight when I started the car, it gave me a malfunction message "Tail light, R". I checked the tail lights, both were dead. The small substitute lights were on. Anyone have same problem? My question is, the massage is about rigth light, why both tail lights were out?

    It was 11:00pm, I had to drive home via high way, I called the road side assistant, they refused to come out and replace the bulbs.
  • Eighteen months, 14,000 miles and all's well! Still look forward to driving my C320...

  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    It was 11:00pm, I had to drive home via high way, I called the road side assistant, they refused to come out and replace the bulbs.

    No kidding, huh? What a bunch of knerds, maybe you should get a Toyota...

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >It was 11:00pm, I had to drive home via high >way, I called the road side assistant, they >refused to come out and replace the bulbs

    For my own information, are you still covered by Tele Aid? There is some conflict of coverage in my mind -- When I purchased my C320 2001 05/31/01, I was told that Road Assistance was free for as long as I had my car. As I go to renew and also review the Tele Aid benefits, Road Assistance is listed as a benefit -- this does not make it free.

  • semerrilsemerril Posts: 12
    I, too, had the tail lights go out, starting with the right side. Mine were replaced when I had the 20,000 mi. service done. I actually thought it was pretty neat that there were reserve bulbs in place to take over if one went out. On the negative side, I've had my car a year and a half and have had front, rear, visor, and glove box light failures, a seemingly systemic problem I didn't expect with MB. On the refusal of roadside assistance to come out and replace the your rear bulbs, my guess is that they wouldn't consider that an emergency (since the backup bulbs were in service), and that you could have it serviced by your dealer at your convenience.
  • jelecroyjelecroy Posts: 6
    Road-side assistance is available as long as you own your car. The only thing you lose if you don't renew TeleAid is that you'll have to call MB-RSA (1-800-for-merc) on the phone, instead of just pushing the button in the console.

    I just received renewal notice on TeleAid - they'll charge my credit card $240 to renew if I don't call to cancel coverage. I probably won't renew. I did use TeleAid twice last year, once when my car quit on the interstate, and once to ask for directions. The person who answered the second call was reasonably helpful, and apologized when he couldn't figure our where I was, and had to get a GPS fix uplinked. Apparently teleaid charges a separate fee (in addition to air time) if they use the GPS location feature. I never read that in the service description.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I did notice in my Tele-aid service agreeement that there was an additional charge for directions - interesting to hear that was due to their using a GPS. I did not remew my tele-aid after the first year, since imho the benefit was minimal in relation to the significant cost.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Road-side assistance is available as long as you own your car. The only thing you lose if you don't renew TeleAid is that you'll have to call MB-RSA (1-800-for-merc) on the phone, instead of just pushing the button in the console.

    jelecroy -- thank you for the information. I did renew my Tele Aid and will continue to do so as a "just in case" :) I had very good immediate results when I used their Roadside Assistance in the wee small hours of the morning for on-site help and for directions -- fortunately they knew where I was -- I would not be a happy camper if they could not locate me either -- particularly if I could not locate me. I paid just the $2.95 air time for directions and the emergency service. (Locked my purse in trunk for valet parking. First time I used the key, and it would not open the trunk when I arrived home and needed the house key from the locked trunk. A tech came in 15 minutes -- he finally got it open but a new tumbler was ordered the next day.)

    I am wondering if there is any difference in their service attitude if you do not subscribe to Tele Aid as far as response time, Etc.

  • mbgambga Posts: 11
    A friend and I have fairly new C's, 6000 and 4600 miles, respectively. We wondered if we were supposed to wait until the 10,000 mile service before rotating. I'm used to front drive cars and rotating at 7500.

    Assuming proper inflation, what is the prevailing wisdom on when to rotate on rear drive cars? A quick review of the owner's manual gave no recommendation, other than the wear signs (shoulders on front wheels and center on rear). Thanks.
  • tlam625tlam625 Posts: 13
    The side corners of the FRONT tires wear out more rapidly than the REAR. (wheel turns)

    When you compare and see the corners of the front are significantly rounder than
    the rear, it is time to rotate.
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
    Depends on your driving conditions...lots of city or highway? More city wears out the front quicker unless you constantly jack rabbit start. I rotate every 5K miles and it seems to work for me. Even wear all the way to the end of life. However, the 320 is my first rear wheel drive in a long time and it seems the tires are wearing evenly anyway (I still rotate).
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