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Buick Regal



  • jbmjbm Posts: 29
    Dan1, I had the same thing happen to my 2002 Regal GS with 24000 miles, over this past Xmas, but the moderator of this board took it off for whatever reason.

    Except my problem was just the idle pulley seizing and hence shredding the belt (nothing wrong with the supercharger and pulley).

    My car is still under warranty so it was fixed without charge, but I was disappointed because the Regals (specifically the 2002 and 03) have been getting very good reliability reviews.

    The mechanic said he believed it was "an assembly error" and "someone [in the manufacturing plant] probably didn't tighten a bolt well enough." Gasp, that's encouraging.

    I encourage all Regal owners (on their next maintenance visit) have the mechanic inspect all the pullies and belts. Luckily this mishap didn't happen on (say) a highway.

    Other than that I've had very good luck with my Regal. I love my car but I still have 3 years left on the loan and I WANT THAT CHRYSLER 300C!!!!
  • steprovsteprov Posts: 9
    Hey Regal People, I got it!!!(See "Should I Buy?",p. 125, #2481). The car had been sitting there since Thanksgiving, and the dealer was ready to move it. With my trade in, the price came down to $10, 600. I couldn't say "no" to that...So far, I LOVE IT !!! The supercharged mistique and the understated elegance make this a fantastic vehicle at a great price! Of course as always, time will tell...I'll check this site from time to time for Q. & A. and to keep you posted...
  • polkpolk Posts: 1
    I have a '96 Regal that has been sitting about a year. Prior to that I had pretty regular problem with it starting. It would turn over, do everything but fire. I'd wait 3-4 minutes and try again, sometimes it would take 3-4 tries before it would start. It always did eventually start. It would happen when the egine was warm or cold, there didn't seem to be any pattern but it did happen almost daily. It was in the shop a couple times. The last option I had heard was replacing a sensor, I don't remember too well, they thought there was a 50/50 shot of this fixing it. Any experiences like this?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    When do we expect to see the new Lacrosse?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,514
    "This "new" car is basically a rebodied Century/Regal with a slightly longer wheelbase, more sound deadening, a reworked suspension and steering, better fit 'n' finish [good], and a lot less content in the base model [bad]. Same old 3.8/4 speed auto until you get to the top of the line CSX."

    Let me see, different suspension, different body, different sound control different steering, different fit-n-finish... sounds like a new design to me.

    You're trying to say the 1999 LeSabre (I have a 98) is the same as 2003 LeSabre (I have an 03) because they have the same name and 3800 engine it therefore cannot be a new car. My 03 drives completely differently from the 98.

    Is the LaCrosse design a new design or reworked? Someone can give us a definitive answer. I'd expect the LaCrosse to use the technology of the current LeSabre just as the LeSabre adopted and improved the Park Avenue from 1998 redesign.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    I guess I wasn't clear. I don't know about LeSabres, but my '02 Regal drives exactly like my '99 did, except for the GT springs that I added to the '02 improving things a lot. When Chevy Malibus come with most of what the new car will have, including the 200 HP, and remote start, and Lexuses [Lexii?] are two generations ahead of that, it'll take a BIG $$$ incentive to put me in a new Buick in '05. I hate to say it, but at full price, the foreigners give you more. From about '98 to '01, the Regal was competitive with the competition in content, performance, even quality. But now? I mean, where's the 5 or 6 speed transmission? AWD? RWD? Memory seats? Bigger brakes? Better defrost? Air bags all around? Hybrid option? Sure, the new LaCrosse CSX sounds like a good car, but I want to see America beat the world at what we used to do best. [End of rant].
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,514
    The 02 Regal is the same car as the 99; I don't believe there was a redesign. The LeSabre was redesigned, adapting the PAve platform in 03, thus it's difference from the 98.

    The LaCrosse is a new design. Different from the 02. It looks like a Park Avenue graceful design crossed with some of the Volvelike boxiness of the LeSabre. (Any 3800 enginewith the strength it has in a boxy look that can give 33 mpg at 72 mph with three passengers and luggage on a trip to Nashville has my support.)

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    My tires (Dunlop Sport A2's) are wearing unevenly with bad cupping on the edges. My tire guy says it due to worn out struts!
     Have a 120k miles (yes miles) on the car & the struts are original.

      Has anybody changed these... what did you use as replacments? GM, Monroe,Koni etc?

  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    It's a '98 Regal GS! Sorry.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,514
    I changed mine at Sears when they had a 50% off sale on Monroe. They had different sales that same more at times; I believe they have free installation also; but I waited. The salesman can tell you when the better sale pricing is upcoming.
    The Monroes they sell have a much more controlled ride than the original struts did even when new. I can't believe you got 120K out of them. What does the car ride like now?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    The car actually rides fine, but I don't think it's holding the road as well as it used to. But there is no wheel bouncing or anything like that!
      The thing with struts is that they degrade very slowly so one doesn't notice any quick changes.
     So, you're saying the Monroes handle better than the GM originals? Is your car a GS?

  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    If you want to change struts...Look at GMPP's strut

    KYB GR2's are also very good...
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    Thanks Jack44!. I checked the GMPP site & all I could find was special lowering struts which are way more than I can afford.( over $700 )
      Any idea on the cost of the KYB's & where to get them??
      Any other experiences out there on replacement struts??
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    You can get struts at most any auto parts store...and has them for $80.00/pair for the rears and $96.00/pair for the fronts...
  • I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on when it's best to consider changing struts on A Regal GS? Mine is approaching 90,000 miles and is a 1998 model. I'm not having any abnormal tire wear but do have a problem with what the tech guys call "radial force variation". Finding tires to work on it is about like my girlfriend finding shoes to work with her outfits :-)

    Like one post said, you can't really tell when the ride degrades and owning a Regal is my first FWD car and first go-round with struts. I got mine as a used car and didn't get an owner's manual with it. I've asked a few friends, and get answers ranging from "You should have changed them 25,000 miles ago" to "They should be good for another 50,000 miles".
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    I replaced my front struts on my 99 GSE, because at higher speeds I was getting a constant tire thumping noise. I took it to a local shop and they said that both strut mounts were worn out. My car now has 86K on it. I replaced them last summer.
  • At 90,000mi I'd say change them. If you push down on the front end does it bounce at all when you let go? Does it feel like it floats if you go over a good size bump or dip? Does the front end dip alot if you break real hard? If you answer yes to any of these, I'd change them.
         Question to any one who has a Monsoon stereo. I've had my '01 regal LS for 2 weeks now and after reading the owners manual it says that this system has 200 watts with 8 speakers. Sounds great and works great. I just can't find more than 6 speakers in the car. I've looked everywhere and can only find 6. Small thing to be sure, but it's driving me nuts. Are they under the seats?
         Speakers aside, what great car. Very smooth and quiet. The tires (Goodyear LS) are a little noisy (they were on my Intrigue also) but I'll change them when the time comes. Still trying to pull the trigger on an extended warranty. Probably get it soon.
         Time to go back out in the snow. Yuck.

  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    I asked the same question to GM when we took delivery of our '99 Regal. Answer: the speaker covers on the rear deck lid cover 2 speakers each, so there are actually 4 back there.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    From Buick site.....

    Eight premium speakers are optimally positioned to customize sound specifically to Regal's interior: Two 0.6" dome tweeters mounted high in the door, two door-mounted 5.25" wide-range speakers, and two 6"x 9" subwoofers in the rear deck next to two 4" midrange speakers. A 220-watt, 8-channel amp with active crossovers powers the AM/FM/CD signal to impressive levels.

    A note also...The 6x9's are 2 ohm speakers...So for anyone trying to do upgrade with new 6x9's...Won't work...
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    Does the supercharger Regal GS require prem. gas?
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Sure does, but trust me it's worth it!
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451

      Thank you for the response. I thought it did but wasn't sure. Can you get away with mid-grade gas?

    The supercharger in the GS sure does have its appeal. How do you like yours?


  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    I think the SC engine is really great. Yeah it does require premium fuel, but it is fun. Mine is a 99, and I have not tried anything lower than 93 octane. GM says you can use a lower octane gas in a pinch but does not recommend it for everyday use. Plus you payed for the power, don't you want to use it all?
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Wouldn't have anything but a Supercharged Regal!~ Have had no problems---but stick to at least 91 octane at the least.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    I just purchased a 1999 Buick Regal LS with 56,000. I really like the car...though the handling/steering seems really sensitive at highway speed. The owners manual states that the vehicle is equipped with "magnetic variable effort steering"(4-12) "Steering effort will increase at higher speeds for improved road feel"
    I really can't tell much of a difference. Is this normal? How does your Buick handle/steer in relation to speed?
  • steprovsteprov Posts: 9
    I've had my '00 GSE for about 6 weeks now and I still love it! (see post #'s 2481 & 2559 )I have put on about 1,000 miles with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Everything works fine; no dash rattle, fluid leaks, electrical problems, or any of the other "common" problems. I know some will disagree, but I'm running on regular 87 octane gas. No pings or knocks, yet great performance! If a regular 3800 engine can run on regular then why can't the Supercharged? Anyway, I love the car and feel that I made a great choice...
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    You can run on 87 Regular...The PCM senses this and will 'Detune' the engine...Your performance will drop...Save 10% on gas...Loose 10% on performance and enjoyment...
  • steprovsteprov Posts: 9
    I'd like to pass along a few tips on changing the supercharger oil. Read post #'s 183 & 202; they were very helpfull. Place a rag under the drain plug before removing to catch any drips & the plug itself in case it drops. Use a drinking straw to carefully suck out the old oil. Blow the old oil into a small container. I removed 5 ozs. It was a dark amber color. The fresh oil was clear - a good indication that a change was necessary by 47,500 miles. I used a clean straw & a small funnel to add the new oil. It held both of the 4 oz. bottles I had purchased at the local Chevy dealers for $7.50 apiece. I did the job in about an hour, and I'm no mechanic...Hope you find this helpfull... Maybe I'll try a tank of premium & see if I feel a difference...
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Here's a much easier way of doing the oil change...

    How its done:


    You will need two bottles of GM supercharger oil, GM p/n: 12345982



    Turkey baster

    Short hose- needs to fit over end of turkey baster, and in s/c plug, about
    6" long.

    3/16 Allen wrench or hex bit

    NOTE: Make sure that your engine is cool before starting this!

    1-Unscrew the super charger oil inspection plug (a black plug at the front of the
    super charger snout using a 3/16 hex head).

    2-Insert the tube (that's attached to the turkey baster in to the hole and suck out as much oil as you can. This may have to be done many times to remove as much of the oil that you can. Dispose
    of your old/used oil with your old motor oil in an environmentally SAFE manner.

    3- Add the oil until it fills the snout to the bottom of the threads. It will take almost two bottles. Be careful to NOT overfill!

    4- Screw the plug back in and do not over torque. 8-12 ft/lbs is more than enough!

    5- After driving around for a day or so, check the oil level while the car is on a level surface. It's also a good idea to check the level of your supercharger snout at every oil change.
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