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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • kenbuzzkenbuzz Posts: 99
    Greetings all from Southern Maryland!

    I'm new to the boards, but have been reading up on what everybody's had to say thus far. I've got a question about colors, which I'll get to, but I wanted to first ask about seating.

    Does anyone know whether the bucket seats ride any higher or lower than bench seats? I realize that they're both adjustable in the up/down direction, but do either of them go lower than the other? I ask because I'm a tall guy, and I had a slight line-of-sight problem with the base Impala I test drove this weekend (bench seating). The sunroof control panel prevented me from moving the rear view mirror all the way up to the windshield line, effectively cutting off a large chunk of what I could see through. (When I usually get in a car, even with the seat fully down, my eyeballs are even with the mirror -- I sit really tall.)

    My other question is about the two champagne-ish colors. My last 3 cars were Dark Blue, Black, and Dark Green, and all of them were difficult to keep clean. So, my Impala will be one of the light shades. I've ruled out white, and I'm leaning away from silver. Does anyone actually *have* a Bronzemist car who can relate their opinion regarding keeping it looking good? It looks very nice in the brochure, but it looks just dark enough to be troublesome, which would push me to the Sandrift.

    I expect to be ordering in the next week or two, does anyone know the cutoff date for factory orders for the 01 model year?

    Love these boards, and I hope to be a more frequent poster.
  • cyyzcyyz Posts: 37
    I saw the cruiser for the first time at the Toronto Auto Show and it was quite a sight!. I took a picture of it and in person you can barely make out the ghost markings but the flash on the camera shows the markings in its full glory. Luckily, I haven't seen it on the highways YET but I sure don't want it behind me with the cherries on :o)

    kenbuzz - I have the overhead console in my Impala which blocks a part of the upper view of the mirror but I can raise the mirror pretty much to the top. At first it was bothersome, but I have gotten used to it and don't really notice it anymore. I have only seen 2 Impalas in my area in the bronzemist (from a distance) and both were fairly clean-looking although the roads I was on were wet and sanded. The colour is a bit dark but I don't think it will be nearly as bad as say black or navy blue. Btw, they looked pretty good. Personally, I don't know if I could live with the colour for a long time. My Sandrift on the other hand is great as far as dirt goes. It's still terrible looking when dirty up close, but harder to tell from a distance.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    kenbuzz - I saw a Bronzemist and Sandrift side by side at the dealership on Sunday. As far as darkness goes, it's about half way between the Sandrift and dark blue.

    jeffreyw1 - glad they've improved the kidney test using iodine. They give people that are allergic to iodine antihistamines before the test but I still declined.
  • frankf3frankf3 Posts: 96
    Well, just a follow up. I just off off of the phone with Onstar. Still the same excuses, but at least they said they are going to try and give me an area code in my state. They tell me that they WILL get the personal calling feature going.... BUT When????? In a couple of days, it will be 4 weeks since they started to try and activate the personal calling feature. Has anyone else had such a problem or such a delay ?
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    I too saw one a week ago. I thought it had a pealescent hue to it. But it also reminded me of a coffee color. ;)
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    Yesterday at work I picked up a small Tie tack type Pin, The kind that we got for being in the Brochure, Anyway I had on a pair of pants that had a cargo pocket on the side and I placed the pin in there to take it home, Well on the way home I stopped at Target, when I was getting back in the car to leave as I slid my Right leg across the seat getting in I heard this ZZZZIIIPPPPPPPPPPP........What the @$#$@$#??? The back had come off the pin and the sharp part was sticking out thru the material of my pants and as I slid I cut a nice 6"-7" gash in my Drivers side Leather Seat! It is on the Smooth area in the front of the seat bottom and just starts onto the side bolster, I could have @#@#@$%@%@!!! I bet the people inside the store heard me freaking out before I left! Anyway, I rushed home and put some leather protectant on it and it seems to have softened the cut, it is not all the way thru, But it is thru enough, You have to really look to see that it is cut, since it comes back together, It looks like a scratch, I geuss that is what it is, But I will never look at the seat the same Since I take such care of them by cleaning and protecting them way too often and I am afraid to ask how much a Leather Seat Bottom costs, Words of Wisdom " Watch out for those Sharp Objects Before You get in your car" I could Kick myself for this dumb mistake, But ya know? How was I to know it was sticking out, I would have rather it stuck me in the leg!!!! Darn!! Don
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I ordered on the 7th of march. It took several days to get a confirmation on the color. I saw a Malabu on another lot that was med bronzemist. Make that 'coffee with cream' :)
  • Since you asked,,,I'm of the female persuasion and I own a 2001 Impala LS, silver. And, since you ALSO asked, I own (still) a 1995 Lumina base model. My son has inherited it after his car was totalled in February. I loved my Lumina--it was completely free of problems, and just two weeks ago had it's first problem after 6 years--at around 50-55 MPH, it stumbled. Needed new coil wires(???) and had its first tune-up,,,this was the first money I put in the car since 1995 other than oil changes. The Lumina's rides was smoother, but the handling of Impala is far better. I think the Lumina was a tad quieter, but the Impala has a different suspension and it's to be expected. One of the best things of getting into the Impala after owning a Lumina for 6 years was that the layout (interior) was almost identical..wipers, cruise, radio, heat, etc. Just had to re-adjust from having a column shift to a floor shift. Overall, I'm very happy with my Impala and I think it's pretty cool looking too...
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Thanks to all of you for your advice.
    I noticed that too that you seat higher in the Impala, and that,s a good thing.

    00Impala, younger I did something similar, I sat down in my new car with a screwdriver in my back pocket. Ok that was only a Volare, with vinyl seat ...but the car was new, 3 days old, the screwdriver went through the backrest and come out from the side...... I damaged the seat,and I was lets say jammed on the seat ;-) couldn't move,this adventure cost me a pair of jeans too !!!

    I never bought a Chrysler product after that !!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Congratulations on a successful resolution for your case!!! It figures that your dealer was on your side. It costs them too much time and money trying to fix an unfixable car every time you come in to the service bay. It is cheaper to Buyback the car than to loose a customer in the process.

    Question: Did GM on their Buyback offer, deducted any offset mileage fees? If so, how much did they charge per mile?

    If they didn't deduct the mileage costs, consider yourself extremely lucky!

    I think you did magnificently and I am glad that GM/BBB responded to your claim quickly and efficiently.

    Hope you have better luck with the new 2001 Impala LS. What colors/options do you have in mind?

    Also, how is your old '00 Impala configured?

    Again, congratulations!

    PS: Don't let your guard down just yet. Follow up with GM until they make good on their buyback offer.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    one more try - does the "Meet the Members" discussion in the Impala Owners Club do what you are looking for? (Or am I missing your point entirely - sorry.)

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    And it happened yesterday. The first hit on a new car. We know it is coming and it can be from the park-by-touch, the 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix 80-pound door, the supermarket steel shopping cart with radar fixed on a new car, or the genuine uncaring $%^^oles who frequent our roads. I was in line at a red light and a 1990 Mercury Topaz approached from the rear. I could see it coming in the rear view and it was slow and not pretty. Bang! Right into my rear bumper at about 5mph. No damage, thank goodness. But my 2001 has now had its initiation. So that is now over with: I waited for it for four months and now it is passe. The young woman who hit me was "doing her eyes" on the way to work......Nuff said. And before the Ladies who participate in this Forum jump on me, it could have been a Gentleman on a cell 'phone talking about his Lucent or Nortel stock prices. It is not a gender thing; it just inattention to the road. These drivers do bother me and there are so many out there. It is very annoying and dangerous. Have your coffee, do your phone calls, read the newspaper, speak to the stock broker, brush your teeth, put on your face, etc. before you hit the road. I am sure Members have stories of this type. Love to hear from you. Rant for the night now finished.....
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Sorry to hear about your *fender-bender*. At least you are OK and the car sustained minor damage by what you say. Those accidents are common place and some people still don't get thru their heads that the driver's seat is no place to be reading the newspaper, shaving, fixing up the make-up, fixing the hair, window shopping, having agitated cell phone conversations, etc, etc.

    Can you take some pics of the area that was damaged...I am sure most would be interested on seeing how the car performs in situations like this.

    Again sorry for the mishap. Think about it, if it had been the Corvette it could have been worse (I think).
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    Have been going to different Chevy dealerships looking at cars and went to one to day. The Impala I sat in had the lumbar support and lumber supports never fit my back. I believe they were designed for people taller than myself. Anyway, the salesman said they were standard on all Impalas. I looked on the Chevrolet web page at the specs and didn't see anything about lumbar support seats one way or another. Could they be called something besides lumber support in the specs. The sticker on window had LUM in Seats section. Hate to keep on about car seats but that's one of my priorities. The Impala I sat in a week or so ago was okay but I didn't have the seat back as straight as I do when driving so probably didn't notice. And I didn't notice whether it had "LUM" on sticker.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    Teo......You will have to wait a few months then try your VIN number on your 2000 Impala on one of those sites that does VIN Histories, They will take your old Impala to an Auction and re sell it to some Dealer or some Northern State Dealer that goes south to buy Auction cars to sell up north, and do you think it matters that it was bought back to them, no way, they want the most car for the least amount of money..Really there is nothing wrong with your 2000 though, it was broke and GM fixed it, I don't hear you still mentioning noises about the Cradle,Shaft,A/C..That was just a good will gesture to replace the car since you didn't like it,If you liked it all would be fine, the car would still work..Good for you! but... I can see that some folks would think the car would have to be destroyed, But why? It was broke now fixed and it is not a situation like Chrysler a few years ago I think those cars had blatant defects and they reluctantly bought them back then sold them as Demonstraters saying they were never titled and probobaly didn't bother to fix the inherit flaws. Im still sulking over my scratched seat! Darn! Don
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    Someone asked earlier, yes it is a retirement area, or at least that's what it is turning into. My parents moved up there three years ago after it was getting too crowded in Sedona. Nice little town, harkens back to the territorial days of Arizona (we've only been a state since 1912) and is at an elevation of 5,300 feet so it's considerably cooler there than here in Phoenix metro area. They do get plenty of snow in winter and the summer time temps are around the high 80's to mid 90's which is nice when it's 112 here.

    Teo: Regal blue color unusual? I'm biased of course but I think it's the best looking color of all. Sweetpolly would probably agree with me...

    Male and female persuasion? I don't know about the rest of you but I didn't have to be persuaded to be male. I mean I wasn't really cognizant of my surroundings way back then but I'm sure there was no persuading to do.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Whomever becomes the second owner of my '00 Impala LS will enjoy a very good car for years to come. In all fairness the engine, brakes, electrical, body, transmission, electronics have never ever given me a problem. However, I am very picky about my cars as well I a have certain expectations regarding quality on a new car.

    I am very happy since GM decided to go ahead and do the trade-buyback deal. They demonstrated their commitment to keep me a happy customer, something that I strongly value. Scotsman is another prime example of such renewed attitude in part of GM to step up to the plate and make things right for its customers.

    Sorry to hear about your seat covering mishap...ouch!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I meant that the Medium Regal blue is unsual as to that I don't see that many Impalas wearing that color. I agree, I think it is very pretty indeed!
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    Hey Don if you're having the puckering around the side impact airbag you might be able to have your seat replaced and have it cost nothing. I still have the puckering around the seat and haven't taken it back to the dealer yet. I seem to remember someone out here had their seat replaced this way?
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    I was just teasing, I know you wouldn't bash a color, to each their own right?
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    There was no damage. No split in the plastic, no break in the paint. So the car performed well. I felt a nasty bump from the rear. Not the whip-lash type but it did make me take up and notice, believe me. As I stated it was at low speed: 4-5mph. The Topaz hit my rear bumper on the graphite/black strip and the bumper appeared to react as it was designed to do in 5mph collisions. That is, not incur low-speed damage. There is a scuff on the graphite trim that I took out with a polishing compound. That's it, that's all. Minor event, thank goodness.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Who had its driver's seat covering replaced.

    By the way, where are Night_owl and LRCobra?
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    Think you're right, do you think Don might be able to do that?
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    When I went to Chevy place today, they had the Navy Blue. I've never seen the Royal Blue but that Navy Blue was a pretty color.

    hunter39 - With so many people moving to Prescott, I couldn't imagine retiring to a very hot climate but those temps don't sound bad. My dad had another friend retire to a town to the northeast of Prescott but don't remember the name. Once enough people retire there, it'll probably lose some of it's charm--no longer being a small town!
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    My car is on the pictures page of Don's site along with me in the drivers seat, the car looks great in any lighting. Prescott has a lot of Californians, as does Arizona all around.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The Navy Blue Impala is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I was not able to locate one with the Neutral Interior.

    What have you decided in regards to the Impala vs. Taurus dilemma.

    My last word of advice: Go with the Base 3.4L Impala, it is a far superior car to the Taurus.

    I had a very bad share of past Ford ownership experiences. If you have had good luck with GM why go with the Blue Oval people?

    The Taurus depreciates like a rock, has a very tainted reliability history and its mix of powertrains simply can't match what the General puts under the hood of the Impala.

    You'll be happier with the Impala in the long run.

    Also...lumbar support. My LS with bucket seats has it on the driver's side...I rarely use it, maybe only on long drives. I fold it out of the way and it never bothers me.

    With that $1,000 rebate on some parts of the country, the Impala is even more tempting.

    Ford, I don't think so.

    Good luck anyway.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I didn't realize that the lumbar supports could be removed. The salesman that I talked to didn't seem as up-to-date on Chevys. This dealership sold all GM products and he seemed more versed on Buicks. I'd basically made up my mind on the Impala but after sitting in that seat...The next place I go to, I'll get them to remove the lumber and see how the seat feels.

    If I get a choice on colors, I like that Navy Blue. The Chevy place in the town where I live only had Sandrift and Bronzemist. I was in Mississippi today and that's where I saw the Navy Blue. It would be a hot color but I've been driving white cars for 20 years!
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    teo- now come on! Ford builds good vehicles, as does GM. Your (Tempo?) experience sounded similar to your 2k Impala. From what I remember of your past posts... Save for the buyback :)

    and as for like a rock that's the motto for my truck :) parts continue to fall onto the rocks...

    stnel has to make up her own mind.

    Stnel: you shouldn't go wrong with either.

    sorry for jumping on Teo like this, but sometimes I think he earns a commission on every Impala sold! :>
  • mediumfrymediumfry Posts: 239
    You folks are really chattering out there.

    I gotta throw in my two cents.

    I got the sex comment 30 or 40 posts back. Pretty speechless on that one, and I never stop talking. ((-:

    On O2 sensors, my experience is that O2 sensors do not fail. That is, there are bad ones everywhere, but something else failed first causing grossly wrong mixture and therefore fouling the sensor and rendering it useless. I traded a '86 Grand Am with 266,000 miles for my '01 Impala, and it NEVER needed an O2 sensor. I know, that's only one example, but I do believe it's rare to have an O2 sensor fail without provocation.

    I've never seen so much talk about colors! I have a white minivan and I love the functionality of the color. Believe it or not, it doesn't look all that dirty until it's REALLY FILTHY. Anyway I went out intending to get a white Impala but when I saw my Torch Red LS, I never looked back. They say lookout for the cops. Well I don't speed so I guess I don't care. BTW that Toronto stealth car is AWESOME. I gotta get me one of those.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The Lumbar adjustment can be set to a virtually flat or *fold away* setting. Perhaps the car you sat in had the lumbar support set to its *full* position. You can play with the lever and see if you can find a comfortable posture in the seat.

    I am not sure if very basic 3.4L Impalas with manual front bench seats still have lumbar support added.

    Okay, according to the 2001 Impala sales brochure that I have in front of me (page #34) the most basic seating arragement in the 3.4L Impala (manual front bench seats) DOESN'T HAVE ANY SORT OF LUMBAR SUPPORT!!."Seating: Cloth 60/40 split front bench seat with adjuster and manual recliner, plus fixed-back rear seat, standard on the Base 3.4L Impala sedan". So if the salesman tells you that ALL Impalas have lumbar support, he is simply lying as he is trying to sell you a car equipped with power seats and the lumbar support. You can only get the lumbar support if you purchase the power front seat on either bench or bucket arragements. Show to him page #34 in the sales brochure under "Standard features and Optional Equipment".

    While you are at it, look me up on page #16 of the 2001 catalog.

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