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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Have you seen this discussion over on our Finance, Warranty & Insurance Board: Talk Directly To 1Source Auto Warranty?

    You might want to check it out.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    In an earlier post regarding cradle problems on cars built before 10/00, were there other problems as well with cars built prior to that date. I've re-read a number of posts and only saw cradle problems.

    teo - I just got an Impala brochure this weekend and saw your picture.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Thanks for the tip, Pat. It is so difficult trying to keep up with all the discussion groups. I did not know of that one. And it is interesting!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    There were several posting about similar problem on the Alero board:

    ryanroseberry "Oldsmobile Alero 2" Mar 24, 2001 8:36pm

    Turned to be a bad fuel pump regulator. After sitting while, the fuel leaked back to tank and was not available when starting.

    ryanroseberry "Oldsmobile Alero 2" Mar 30, 2001 4:14pm
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You are certainly welcome, platour - let us know what you find out over there.
  • lrcobralrcobra Posts: 82
    How was your trip? let us all know about the spectacular mileage.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    It may be sloshing (sp?) of the fuel in the gas tank. I hear it from time-to-time.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Pat, I read all 150+ posts over there and contributed a couple of my own. I was distressed to learn that a thermostat failure and subsequent engine overheating/damage might not be covered by my 1Source Diamond warranty. I leave Impala Forum members to draw their own conclusions from the questions I posted (e.g. #152) and the answers I have yet to receive.
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I ordered my 2001 impala on the 7th of March. The dealer said it would take 6-8 weeks.It came in this morning. I took delivery this afternoon. 25 days. No one at the dealership could believe it. The bronzemist paint dont look to bad. I can live with it. Lots of road noise, but not as much as the Monty Carlo I test drove. I think I will like it. 25 days...can you believe that. I'm located in central Indiana.
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    Congrats on the Brozemist 01. I really liked the test drive of the MonteCarlo too-
    sporty and loved those tail lights (But I am a Jeff Gordon fan so it doesn't take
    alot to sell me) I couldn't see the 2 door and it costs about $10 more a month in
    car insurance-ouch! Happy with my Impala ;)
  • Sweetpolly

    I am sorry that you are having the hesitation problem. I put up with this for 8 months and had the car to the dealer 5 times for this problem. I finally had enough and started the buy back from GM about 2-3 weeks ago.

    Both GM and the BBB have been really great and have been really efficient. GM agreed to repurchase the vehicle and they are returning what I paid for the car, plus the sales tax, setup fees, finance fees and the license fee. I sure cannot argue with this.

    I have not received any money yet but hopefully it will arrive in a few days. I sure hope so because, instead of buying a new Impala, (I gave up on this) I have signed a contract for a 2001 California Buick Regal. If for some reason GM fails to live up to their agreement, the Buick dealer has agreed to cancel the contract and return all of my money. They did this in writing. I usually do not do things like this but decided to take everyone at their word. If everything fails I will have two cars. The Buick will set at the dealers lot until GM returns the money, only then will I take delivery.

  • davidt8davidt8 Posts: 4
    I took delivery of my 2000 1SB package Impala LS on December 1999. Since then I have only good things to say about this car with a build date of 08/99. I have no sounds from any part of the car except the sound of that wonderful,powerful,fuel sipping 3800 series 2 when I step on the gas, otherwise I can't even fell it running. I have looked at the welds on my engine cradle and they appear to be a solid weld all the way around. I have 21,00 miles on this Chevy and I would recommend that anyone buy the Impala. There is only one thing that I wish I had on this car and that is the title free and clear.
  • mediumfrymediumfry Posts: 239
    I got the AT12 directly from the manufacturer - B&B Electronics, from the website As seen on the site it cost $389US, free shipping and no sales tax. I will promptly return it for full credit on the $489 AT123 as soon as they come out, as many of my Chrysler owner friends are in need of a decent diagnostic. Why do they buy that stuff?

    Anyway, I will get some sample files to you in the next couple of weeks. Keep hounding me. The current ones are a little disjointed because I was just learning how to use the thing. They don't have values that are well related in each file, and some are really short while others are really long. I'll try to group the values better and make some reasonably short trends that'll be easy to email and read.

    Meanwhile you can download the software from the website for free (10MB so you'll need a few minutes), and this will allow you to view the data I send easily without need to import it into a spreadsheet and graph manually.

    I'm looking forward to having some enthusiasts out there to discuss these types of details with.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Teo and others -

    We in Bonneville Forum are embarking on the owners' club set-up. I've looked at yours here and have a few questions for whomever is acting as spokesman. Would that be you Frank?

  • mediumfrymediumfry Posts: 239
    I'm reading more and more about noises developing. I gotta tell my story.

    My '01 Impala LS is nearly perfect but the short buzzing type rattle in the passenger side "B" pillar (the one between the doors) is not getting better. I decided to take it in for a look-see (7000 miles on it so far). Service department is not looking good yet but we'll see if they can fix it.

    First time I took it in they took it for a drive but couldn't hear the noise. I found the radio on when I left, though it had been turned off when I checked it in. The dorks couldn't hear the noise because they (probably) had the radio cranked. Sheesh.

    Today I brought it in at 7:30am to get it worked on, and they rented me a Chevy Metro. I stopped in at 5pm and they were just getting to the diagnostic test drive - ?? They said they'd likely pull the interior panel and figure it out tomorrow. I guess they were suckin' on lollipops or something all day while the darn thing sat there waiting.

    Oh well, the Metro is nice (not).

    Anyone else have the B pillar buzz? I don't think I have any of the other noises, but they did find a missing fastener on the driver side of the rear bumper near the rear wheel well, and fixed that.

    More as the saga unfolds...
  • frankb7frankb7 Posts: 18
    Hope I am doing this correctly, but I was wondering if anyone can shed light on this topic.

    I own a 1995 Sable, and have been buying Fords for 12 years now. Rented an Impala in Disney last year. Had not driven a GM car for 15 years. I was so impressed with the car's ride, handling, comfort, and most of all it's quietness', that I was thinking of buying one. I went to read some of the reviews, and one said that one of the unacceptable problems with the car was the 'noise level' when driving!!! Then I read where there was a comparison of 10 Family' cars, and the Impala finished last in the group, with folks complaining about handling, cheap interior, etc. I know each of us has our own hot-points' and likes, etc., but I don't get it! My questions are: Am I looney, or did I just get a fluke of a rental car that was very quiet? I know I may get hammered for this, but my pet-peeve is the Honda, which finished second behind the Passat. I drive a Honda every five years to see what the fuss is all about, and always come away feeling like I drove a sewing machine (no offense intended, since they obviously last a long time). Finally, the good reviews that the Impala gets (other than the ones mentioned)seem to mirror the Taurus/Sable reviews, making the decision tough to make (unless I listen to the 'Top-Ten' reviews). Anyone have an idea how these cars compare re: noise, performance, reliability? I know the Sable is cheaper by a couple of thou, but are there any other things to watch out for?

    Thanks for the help.

  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    Glad to hear you like your Impala! I like mine too, Built 11/00 and 15,600 miles none of the unfortunate problems, I remember hearing a slight tick while at a Drive Thru a long time ago, seems to have vanished... Maybe it was not a Tick at all? I wouldn't mention it now but someone could go back and call me on mentioning it a long time ago, But it is gone what ever it was? I like to hear the 3.8 run too! Also has anyone who had the rear Wheel Well liners installed on their 2000 and had the Mud Flaps in place before that,(Did they have to cut the notch in them?) Looks to me like the notch in the flap will push against the Wheel Liner that I see on 2001's once they are in place on a 2000, is that the reason the '00 flaps will not fit a 2001?
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I'm shopping too and the Impala owners will be able to give you good info on Impalas. There's a forum under Maintenance and Repairs on GM Engines - 3.1, 3.4, 3.8L you may want to look up.

    I have more of a question for you. Where did you find info on top 10 family cars? Was it on Edmonds or some other site. I'd like to read that. I'm familiar with some web pages that review cars but not all.

    bdime - what country are you from now. That looks like an Australian flag but not quite.
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    25 days!?!?! That's incredible. And VERY bad for me. I ordered my Navy Blue Impala LS on March 10, but my current lease doesn't run out until May 27. I'm willing to give up a couple of weeks, but not a couple of MONTHS. The dealer said they'll hold it on the lot if it arrives early, but it will drive me NUTS if the car is there and I can't drive it! I wonder if the factory schedules production based on when cars were ordered or when they're needed?
  • sim3sim3 Posts: 66
    The "Family cars"-comparison review can be found on Edmunds. (The URL seems to

    be too long to paste here, so go to / Road Tests / Comparison Tests /

    2000 Family car comparison test). I fail to see how Impala could've finished the

    last(!), especially considering all the other reviews Impala has been getting. Edmunds, btw, also

    has another not-so-positive Impala review under Road Tests / New Vehicles / Chevrolet /

    2000 Impala) Below are some other reviews I've found on the web on 2000/2001 Impalas -

    interesting reading even after buying one. You can see for yourself what the general trend is.

    New Car Test Drive

    review has 5

    reviews also has 5 reviews

    The Car Place

  • lrcobralrcobra Posts: 82
    I had the rear wheel liners installed a couple weeks ago and the mech got my flaps back on without cutting them at all. He had a hell of a time doing it but they went on. Of course he had it on the rack with the wheels off so that made it easier. They still do the same job they did before and still look the same.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    On Saturday a drove a new 2001 Buick Regal GS (Supercharged). It was a heck of a ride!. Really smooth car and better handling of what I had originally anticipated. The car is very nice inside and out but some styling clues still spell 'AARP', but nothing overwhelmingly negative about it. It had the Moonsoon stereo that blows anything that the Impala has for radio away. Clear crisp sound, strong deep bass, crystal clear tones.

    I did notice some bothersome windshield reflections, however. You should be a happy camper with this vehicle.

    Does the 2001 California Regal has the Supercharged 3800 V6?

    Among all GM cars that I had the opportunity to drive in the test track, the worst radio performance was the black 2001 Impala LS. The same crappy amplifier. Even the Buick Century had a Kick *ss radio. Really GM cheated Impala owners big time with the radios. Even the Olds Alero had an awesome sound system which seems to be a more updated version of the Impala RDS head unit radio.

    The 2001 Chevy Malibu has the same exact radio as the Impala RDS system. However, the Malibu unit doesn't have the useless trunk mounted amplifier, therefore the sound quality is very good (Same quality as the amp bypass)but still not quite as good as the radios I sampled on the Century, Alero and Regal siblings.

    I drove so many cars and trucks I can't even remember! I drove a 2001 Corvette Convertible and that was quite a drive...that car is a beast but handles like a champ! The Camaro Z28 is pure brute force. The Camaro lacks road manners, fishtails easily, handling is OK, but overall the Camaro is a very raw compromise when compared to the Mustang GT that I drove and I much prefered (I still, however, dislike Fords).

    The Buick Park Avenue drives and handles like a dream. Loved that car! The Cadillac STS handled better than the BMW 525 I drove earlier in the day.

    The Lexus IS300 was sweet! But I am sure any 3800 V6 equipped car can easily take on it from standstill. The IS300 is small, expensive and needs more power (Only 215HP @ $32K MSRP)but the car really has a charm to it, the stereo and controls are fantastic and the handling is almost BMW. RWD and nearly perfect weight distributions really helps this little sedan take the twistes with confidence.

    Ken: I drove a Boneville SSEi and what a ride! smooth, smooth but the only problem I noticed with the Bonne is that it doesn't handle as crisp compared to the Regal GS as I suspect the extra weight of the Bonneville works against it...still very nice and powerful car.

    As far as trucks, I drove the Minivan SUV crossover, the Buick Rendezvous (Very beautifully styled interior and instruments) but my favorites in the SUV arena were the 2002 Chevy Trailblazer and the GMC Envoy...that I-6 engine is so smooth and powerful you have to drive it to believe it. The handling is superb for a SUV and a pushed it around the 'Cones' and corners and the thing really took on those corners like any sedan.

    The worst handler in my opinion was the Jeep Grand Cherokee...pure hype. That truck really handles poorly. All GM trucks outhandled the Dodge/Ford siblings in my opinion.

    Also drove the 2002 Chevy Avalanche pick up with the 6.6L V8 engine...that truck is awesome!.

    The Impala LS generated much interested and the lines to test driving it were longer compared to other GM sedans (Which the even accomodators had to beg for people to drive). I took one of my Impala pins and people on the line asked me questions about it. I believe I must have sold 2 or 3 Impalas to potential buyers that day :-)

    It was a fun experience and I hope GM does the Auto Show in Motion sometime in the near future again!

    Matt: Welcome back and glad you had an enjoyable trip aboard your Impala.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Teo - How do you get to these events? I bet most of us here would go to great lengths or distance to participate in one of those comparison events.

    That Envoy sounds very interesting - perhaps a replacement for our Suburban eventually? hmmm.

    That SSEi is something I've got to drive to - now that I feel at home in my SE model I'd sure like to see what the extra payment dollars buy in a Bonneville. I've seen some 2000's on E-Bay in the mid $20K range.

  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I looked up the top 10 comparisons on Edmund's. Thanks for telling me where it was and for additional places to look up reviews. I'm getting ready to look up these other reviews you mentioned right now.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    Thanks for the info I may take off the flaps before I take it in for the Liners, that way I can put the flaps back on. Don
  • tomaso7tomaso7 Posts: 91
    #2359 of 2366 davidt8....etc.. by 00impala Apr 02, 2001 (09:09 pm) Glad to hear you like your Impala! I like mine too, Built 11/00 and 15,600 miles none...

    I am confused - I have noticed before that you say your 2000 Impala was built in 11/00 - do you mean 11/99. I have a 2001 and it was built 09/00. OR do you have a 2001. Thanks
  • tomaso7tomaso7 Posts: 91
    The best Value of all is the Impala. The 3.8 engine is better because it's fuel economy is almost as good as the 3.4 because of the weight of the car. The Impala is built tough - it has high rankings for frontal and side collisions. There is more interior room in this car than the Taurus or the Intrepid and that includes the trunk. The LS fully loaded is everything you would want - it's like a luxury car without the huge payments. NOW there have been some issues with the 2000 Impalas and perhaps the 2001's with the engine cradle but there is a fix and there has been some problems with an intermediate steering shaft - but that too is fixable IF you have any problems. There are no problems whatsoever with the 3.8L engine. Looking at some of the other sites you will notice more serious problems with other makes and models. Why else would American and Canadian police forces choose to buy IMPALAS - they certainly don't want to buy a Taurus. Get the Impala LS - on the highway it certainly is the most noticeable new car.
  • tomaso7tomaso7 Posts: 91
    Yes sir! Noticed the buzz the other day on my 2001 LS. It seems to come from the pillar next to the driver. Also, I have a clanging noise from the rear fender on the driver's side. It could be the same problem as yours - WHEN WAS YOURS BUILT? Mine was 09/00.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I had the same Buzz but on the B-pillar on the driver's side. If you look closely, the plastic trim headliner 'joints' are not fully glued at the factory or the glue starts to give up with time. What causes the Buzz sound is the vibration of the loose plastic trim piece that is supossed to get joint with the next one at it is loose. The only way I remedied this annoyance was to buy some 3M glue for interior plastic trim. I rejoined the two trim pieces (Right above the door's opening) with the glue and presto.

    These are some of the little details that really hurt GM's build quality reputation in the market place.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    You've made the case eloquently and persuasively - too bad some of the die hard (and flame mouthed) import guys won't listen to this kind of logic. I recently made the mistake of mentioning in a less cogent and open minded forum that the Impala compares favorably against the likes of Maxima and Avalon and was promptly flamed and ridiculed for suggesting such heresy. Some people just can't seem to give this car a fair shake - can't get past the GM label.

    BTW - still on the prowl for any medium bronzemist Impalas - drove through the local dealer's lot yesterday - still none in sight. They did have a gorgeous Navy Blue with neutral leather though - fully loaded - got my pulse racing a bit!

    Enjoy the day, Impalaphiles

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