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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • Greetings, I have a 2005 RAV4 that I've owned for a few months now, bought it new. I have had the opportunity to fill the tank a couple times and this last time calculated my mileage per gallon. I was really unhappy to discover I'm only getting about 13 miles per gallon! That's not a type-o, only 13 mpg! I know other RAV4 owners and they're all getting well over 20 miles per gallon, even in the city. I've called the dealer and service department, but they're not calling me back. I'll be trying to get them again tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions? thanks
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    If your calculation is accurate, I don't think the problem can be resolved over the phone. I would go to the dealer with the vehicle (an appointment may be necessary). A detailed inspection may be required to determine the cause. Good luck.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I suggest you keep recording the data over 3 or more successive fill-ups. Then do the computation for the total miles over total gallons. This would minimize any variations / aberrations.
  • Hello All,
    Planning to buy Rav4, 1999 with 42K miles. Looks okie. Seller wants $8900, as i never bought any car before. Pls help me to shower some light.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Sounds like a deal, especially if its 4WD. You might want to take it to a dealer for a "pre-purchase inspection" - it will cost you around $100, but it can be very useful in terms of illuminating anything/everything wrong with the car, and if there is stuff, they can give you some idea of what it would cost to fix and how important it is, too.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Thanks. It is not 4WD but 2WD. Do you still feel this is the right price....
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    For a front driver, it would have to be in great shape for me to spend that much. I am talking records to show all maintenance is up to date, it DOESN'T need tires or brakes in the next 12 months, glossy paint and clean interior. And it doesn't need anything else right away. You know?

    If it is more typical of a used car, IOW one or more of the elements I just listed is absent, I would come down at least $500, and I would shoot for $1000 less.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    The driver's side seat belt release button jammed in the release position, making it impossible to buckle the seat belt. Wondered if anyone else ever had anything like this happen?? The buckle assembly is only a $36 part, and it has a 5/60k warranty, but still, a problem with this! I noticed that our other Toyotas (with more miles) have the same buckle, so maybe this is just a rare case of bad luck?

    01 Rav, 52,000 miles.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Compared to the '05 RAV4, the '06's difference in interior space is immediately noticeable. Toyota claims a 21-percent roomier cabin, and that seems no exaggeration."

    Full Test: 2006 Toyota RAV4 (Inside Line)

    Folks are talking about it in the 2006 Toyota Rav4 discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Just an update...

    Got it fixed, less than a half hour, and I got Toyota to pay for it!! It was a month past the 5/60 warranty. From the research I have done, this is the only case I can find of this problem, so I am not worried about it occurring again. Even the best cars can have minor problems.
  • I'm also having mileage problems with my two month old 2005 Rav4. With 1700+ highway and city miles, and very conservative, gas conscious driving, I have not gone above 18 mpg. I am definitely planning to see my dealer about this. I know other Rav4 owners who have consistently averaged 25-27+ mpg, which is one reason I purchased it. The odd thing is, it shows no symptoms and it drives really great.

    I would truly appreciate it if you would let me know what your dealer has done to correct the problem. If there's anyone else on this forum who has had a similar problem, I'd be curious to find out what the solution was.

    :( dabronxboy
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I suggest a little patience. 1,700 miles is still a green engine. Give it a few more thou.

    Also, dealer svc depts don't want to deal with this kind of thing. It would take a lot of time for them to verify the problem exists. What are they gonna do, drive off a tankful of gas? Who wants to pay for the time? How long would you want to be without your vehicle?

    RAV on.
  • As suggested, a while longer with some more break-in may help. Toyota engine tolerances are much greater than a lot of other vehicle's, so it may take a bit longer to achieve optimum mileage. My wife's '03, consistently gets about 22-23 mpg City, but when new, until after about 5000 miles, she only got about 20 mpg City. If the mileage does not increase after 5K, then take to the dealer. Be aware that the EPA mileage figures (in small print on the window sticker can vary by 4-5 mpg depending on circumstances. So, the dealer may well say that the mileage is within 'norm'.
  • Hello all. I'm working with a dealer (in Maryland) that has a loaded '05 blue 4x4. They 'located' it for me and now it's at their dealership. I'm going to call other dealers and see if they can beat the pricing that I've been given. Here's what it's got, codes included. Quoted price is $25,325 before the $750 rebate (sticker is like $28,000 or something and I'm not doing a trade-in), I'm trying to get them to give me a price of $24,675 before the $750 rebate. I've checked KBB and Edmunds for this exact setup and 'invoice' (before $750 rebate) seems to be $25,022. Since they agreed so easily to the price, maybe they have a lot of room to bargain since the 06 comes out soon. Any opinions/experience on how much I can haggle this deal would be greatly appreciated.

    Spectra Mica Blue
    'L' package
    Charcoal interior
    16" alloy wheels
    235/60R tires
    Leather seats
    Heated front seats
    Rear spoiler
    Roof rails w/crossbars
    Remote keyless entry
    Wide mud Guards
    Daytime running lights
    F&R floor mats
    Cargo mat
    Cargo net

    ay - spoke aluminum alloy wheels
    dk - some stupid misc crap
    dr - roof rails w/crossbars
    fe - emission equip
    gy - air bags
    hd - heated front seats
    ke - keyless entry
    la - leather seats
    ma - mud guards
    rf - rear spoiler
    rl - daytime running lights
    sr - moon roof
    up - L pkg
    z1 - F&R floor mats/Cargo mat/Cargo net/emergency kit
  • This is probably the wrong thread for your question.

    But for your info, this past Sunday I wandered into a toyota dealer in Woodbridge, Virginia (DC area) to check out the new '06 RAV4, but they didn't have any. To my surprise, I was offered $20,890 on an '05 RAV4 with MSRP of $26,7-- without any haggling at all. :D I had to politely decline their offer because I was there just to see the '06. I guess they are desperate to get rid of those '05.
  • Thanks, I posted in the 'prices paid' section too. Man, my MSRP is $27,762 (quoted price is now down to $24,726 before rebate), only $1,000 more than yours (maybe they were including rebate already?). Crap, I wonder how much more I can bargain on this deal. I actually drive by that Woodbridge dealer on my way home, maybe I'll call and ask around.
  • I called them and they're telling me that there's a Flint Mica 05 Sport with MSRP of $26,047 there, is this the one? The salesman speaks bad English too, ugh. He's going to call me back, I asked him if he would honor that price. Now I'm all confused about pricing, this sucks.
  • I called them and they said I could have it for that price. UGH, that's like $1,700 below the Edmunds invoice price (I got them to read me the codes on the sticker). Crap. How does one figure out what's going on if they are willing to sell that much below sticker?
  • Well, I thought of the same thing too---their price was too low. It would be almost impossible to beat that price. The car they were referring to(me) was a frost white (a special $220 option?), 'L' package, side&curtain airbags, 235/60 16 inch alloy wheel, roof rack w/center rail, color-keyed fender flares and wide mudguards, sunroof, and auto trans. Last time I checked (their website) car was not there anymore. Probably got sold.

    If it's convenient, you oughta stop by to check it out. It's definitely worth while. Good luck.
  • Yeah, I noticed that the frost white one was not on their site, but the next expensive one was a Sport @ $26,040. That frost white was exactly outfitted like mine except for leather. It really will bite if this is legit, although I don't see how they can really sell one for $1,750 under invoice. Demo? Wrecked? Well, they did agree mighty fast to selling that Sport model to me at the same price that they gave you ($26,047 sticker). I'm going to stop by that dealer tomorrow and get the real scoop. I'm even going to bring the Edmunds printouts for both the Sport they have and also the L that the other dealer has for me and get them to explain to me that if they can sell me that Sport for so much under invoice that they might as well get the blue one from the other dealer and sell it to me, right?? I called the other dealer and told them about this and the sales manager called me back and was nice but told me he couldn't possibly do that kind of deal (take another $1,500 off the $24,475 price they are offering me PLUS the $750 rebate).
  • I am getting above 30-31 MPG 70% city 30% highway driving with less than 4k miles in my ODO and I still have the original oil since vehicle purchase. As an FYI, I do believe the original oil has special additives to break the engine... so keep it and change it with no fear at 5000 miles or less. This is for a Toyota STD 5 speed manual, and yesterday I got 29.42 MPG due to colder weather...
  • I don't know about the history of the car. But the speedo had <20 miles. Maybe it was just a special deal for that one night.

    The sale manager got very persistent even though I kept saying that I didn't want to buy the car that night. :confuse: In fact, it was the first and only number that he offered me. He must have felt really confused when I walked out.

    Again, good luck.
  • I went in there tonight and spoke to a salesman and eventually, the sales manager, most likely the same guy you spoke to. I acted like I was interested in the Sport 05 model they had and I got them $1,600 under the invoice amount (before the $750 rebate and no other bogus fees other than tax/tags) on the Edmunds printout. Took me about 20 mins. tops to get them this low and I walked, because it was validating what you were saying and that's all I wanted. Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and hope I can get a similar deal Monday on the blue one I actually want. Right now, I'm only at $250 under the invoice amount on that one.
  • Did you even test drive the car at all to get a price that low??

    Like I said earlier, they must be real desperate to get rid of the '05.
  • Yep, test drove it. I really do like the way the RAV4 drives too. Spent about an hour there. Went to the other lot (like 5 miles down the road) to look at others before I realized the one I was driving was the one I had the printout on. Oh yeah, I thought it was funny that the MSRP sticker had the 'Sport' package marked up $1,000 and at the bottom, it had a 'MSRP Discount' of $1,000 to bring the MSRP back to the original MSRP total. Funny. Anyway, went back, sat at the table, brought out my paperwork, told them about 'my friend' that had been in that previous Sunday looking for an 06 and that he was offered an 05 Frost White L for $20,860 after rebate and that I was interested in talking price on the Sport that I drove. The saleman went away and my girlfriend pointed out that the guy who had sat down at the desk across from us was the sales manager (she bought her Camry there) and that he was probably checking us out. He definitely was, then he got up, walked away, and then came back with the salesman. Then I haggled the price:

    Sticker: 26,047
    Invoice: 23,354
    1st quote: 23,000
    2nd quote: 22,750
    3rd quote: 21,000 (after rebate)

    The 3rd price is still more than the 20,860 that they offered you on that Frost White, which was $700 more MSRP. Not sure what that equates to invoice-wise, but I figured that if this deal was around $1,600 under invoice (before rebate), then the deal they were trying to give you was probably around $2,200 under (before rebate). After buying 5 new cars in the past 20 years, I do think they were serious and would have given me the deal for $1,600 under invoice (before rebate), no other strings attached. I did have to tell him that I would not pay anything other than the actual tag/registration fees and also that the silly $299 'Processing Fee' that was on the Buyer's Order needed to be scratched out.

    So, I guess I'll just stick to my guns tomorrow night and hope that I can get a great deal like this on the one I want at the other dealer. I also got the stuff and their invoice prices jive with KBB and Edmunds. The report on the prices that people have paid for RAV4's this year show people paying all the way down to $1,000 below invoice on 05 models too.
  • Yeah, it helps when you know what you want and stick to that principle. But sometimes it's hard to do so. The "lust" part usually takes over, and you end up dishing out more than you should for the vehicle you think you want.

    The vehicle you're interested in has leather (and heated seats?). It can be considered unique and a luxury item. That fact alone can work against you. Again, best of luck on your purchase.
  • Has anyone experienced any maintenance problems or issues that might lead to recalls with the 2001 or newer Toyota RAV4? The particular problem I am experiencing is clunking noises from the breaks engaging when you switch the automatic gear from reverse to drive or vise versa. I took the car to two local dealers, but both of them claim they can hear the noise but that it is normal and don't need any repairs? Is this right? Other friends who have this exact model RAV4 don't have this noise problem.

    Thanks for any help.

    I purchased a 2004 RAV4 about 6 months ago and heard the same "clunking" when going from drive to reverse (and vice versa). The Toyota dealership I went to said they heard it and it was perfectly normal and all RAV4s did that. They checked the brakes and told me nothing was wrong. I don't know anyone else with a RAV4, but I had a hard time believing the dealership that every RAV4 does that.

    So I guess there are at least two RAV4s out there that do this.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Perfectly normal - floating calipers do that.
  • As for the blue 4x4, I ended up buying it, but the dealer wouldn't budge more than $226 below invoice ($24,726). A respectable deal I suppose. It is kind of unique, loaded and with leather seats to boot. Love those seat heaters. Oh yeah, I also called the Toyota hotline and gave them a line about not being able to decide between a RAV4 and a CRV and they told me to FAX them my purchase agreement if I bought one in the next 12 months and they would send me another $250. So, I effectively got a $1,000 rebate or got it for $500 under invoice, take your pick. I'm going to try and forget about that dealer with the insanely priced 05 RAV4s and console myself with the fact that I only wanted the blue with the leather seats anyway (it's the truth).
  • Since you're spending $20,000+ anyway, might as well spend it on the car that you like. As long as you can drive it with a smile, you did well. :)

    Don't let the cheaper alternative bother you. $2000-$3000 is considerable amount. But a smile on your face knowing that you have one of the rare samples--priceless. :shades:
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