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Lincoln LS



  • xwrayxwray Posts: 60
    The following is from the current online issue of Motor Magazine:

    "Inaccurate ambient temperature on display.

    Some late-model Ford SUVs and luxury cars (full list below) may produce inaccurate ambient temperature displays under certain weather conditions and low-to-medium driving speeds. For instance, the display may read too low or update slowly when the vehicle is parked in a cool garage, then driven out on a warm day in stop-and-go traffic. The error may also occur when the vehicle is restarted while the engine coolant is still warm and the outside temperature has increased, again while driving in stop-and-go traffic.

    The fix is to reprogram the EATC module. This corrects the outside temperature display by increasing the frequency of the sampling taken by the front ambient sensor. Here's how to go about it:

    Connect a New Generation Star Tester or its equivalent to the vehicle. Using FSF card Version 6.3, select SERVICE BAY FUNCT1ONS. Next, select EATC ELECT AUTO TEMP CNTRL MODULE. Now, select MODULE CONFIGURATION. Next, select one of the following: 99 Continental, 99 Expedition, 00 Lincoln LS, 99-00 Navigator, 99 Town Car, 00 Town Car. At this point, the NGS Tester automatically finishes the software change. You'll receive a positive or negative response. If the EATC module matches the criteria on the FSF card, the NGS Tester will change the necessary data and display a positive response.
    If the EATC module has already been updated or does not meet the criteria on the FSF card, the NGS Tester will state that the change is not needed and will not reprogram the module.

    The problem occurs in some 1999-2000 Expeditions, Navigators and Town Cars built through 8/31/99 and some 1999-2000 Continentals and 2000 LS models built through 10/15/99."

    It's not something you can do yourself (unless you have the NGS scanner)...I posted it because I seem to remember folks complaining about erroneous readings to their dealer and getting the typical "duhhh...that's the way it is" you have something to give them so they can do the fix.
  • Just returned from a most enjoyable lunch with "chartrand" and "andyl2". Andy & I are former co-workers, and Ray was in town on business, so we hooked up for an LS gettogether. It was a blast--nothing but LS talk the whole time. :)

    We all have V8s; Ray has an '00, mine's an '01 Sport, and Andy just took delivery of his '02 Sport. We wondered if it's the first time for an owner gathering representing all three model years (outside the confines of Wixom, of course.) Ray had his digital camera, so the photographic evidence will be online when Ray gets home. If you get a chance to touch base with other owners, I highly recommend it; only the best people buy LSs! Hehheh...

    (Note: We noticed that the '02 doesn't have the "LS" logo on the front fender rub strip; that's the visual clue to spotting an '02 Sport. The non-Sport '02s are easy because they have the new wheels.)
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Posts: 782
    Thanks xwray! I've added your note to the LLSOC FAQs section.

  • I love Austin but hate the drivers! Got rear ended at a traffic light after we met for lunch John. Didn't have your email so pics are with Andy. My business associate at lunch looked at us like we had four eyes. He doesn't get it - with his 175K mile Altima.
    We've got to do this again and spend more time comparing notes and the 0-60 match race.
  • Well, I finally saw one. Good thing I'm a touch typist as otherwise I couldn't write this, it was so ugly I still can't see right. A silver LS with a black fake convertible top and lots of chrome and gold trim. Couldn't get a close enough look for a dealer's sticker, or I'd have reported the dealer here.

    Gadzooks, that gets the weekend off to a bad start!
  • Aack! You were rear-ended? How much damage? On behalf of Austin, I apologize. I must agree that the drivers here are terrible. There's no lane discipline whatsoever, nobody understands what turn signals are for, and everyone's yapping on cell phones instead of paying attention to what they're doing. And a bunch are just totally clueless.

    Thanks for taking the photos--Andy'll forward them to me. Next time you're in town, I'll be ready for the "exhibition of acceleration" test--purely for scientific purposes, of course.

    (Note: My Email addy is in my Edmunds' profile; just click on "johnnylinc" when logged in.)

    Swauger Re: Blinded. I've never seen a top-enhanced LS in the flesh, but I've seen Mark 7s AND Mark 8s with carriage tops; talk about stomach-churners. Why do people do that to LSs? It's like adding a nose ring and lip studs to the Mona Lisa...
  • ls1bmw0ls1bmw0 Posts: 782
    If anyone is looking for a V-6 manual in Southern California, there are two in the state.

    One is at Magic Lincoln-Mercury in Valencia, the other is at Alvarez Lincoln-Mercury in Riverside. Tell them the Lincoln LS Owners Club (LLSOC) sent you.

  • drolds1drolds1 Posts: 247
    Of course I noticed. Always enjoy your posts.

    My heartiest congrats on the new addition to your family. May you derive as much parental pleasure and pride as I have from my daughter (turned 21 on 9/08-the build date of my LS. Both of them make me smile).
  • Have the dealer check all the coils on plugs. I had the same problem and my dealer found a marginal coil on one of the plugs that created the ping problem.
  • wlp2wlp2 Posts: 13
    My 01 LS V8 is getting only 13 mpg after 3200 miles. The driving is all around town with a light foot. Is something wrong? Do I need to have this checked by the dealer? Other than this, I love the car, but at $1.50 per gallon I don't know how much longer I can afford to drive it. Help!
  • scottc8scottc8 Posts: 617
    That does sound low. Have you any idea of highway MPG? Anyway, don't panic quite yet. Your engine is probably not completely broken in yet. My '00 V8 showed a significant improvement, both in mileage and performance, between 4-5000 miles. Went from around 18 to over 22 in a short time (mostly highway commuting). "City driving" covers a lot of situations, too. Bear in mind, every second you're sitting at a stop light you're getting zero mpg, and it doesn't take much of that to drag the average way down. Go out and burn 1/4 tank or so on the highway (I know, tough task, but you can do it :)). You should be up around 22 mpg or so, even if the engine is still a little tight.

    $1.50?! Yikes! Colorado has some of the highest gas prices in the country, but 91 octane just dropped below $1.40 here.
  • These engines are really tight until at least 5K miles. I was seeing 11-12 around town and thought the same - I can't afford to drive it. Then on a 3.5K 2 week trip through Texas and New Mexico last summer, gas mileage increased with every fill up. I stated this before, but on our return leg at 85 with 4 people and a trunk full of luggage I saw a high of 27.7 on the last tank tank into Dallas with the V8.
    A year later with 25.5.K miles on ,I returned form Austin late last night. ( just a couple of chips in the bumper cover John) I drove down (200 miles in 2:10) and averaged 19.2 mpg. In 31 years of travel with my wife, this is the first car we've ever argued over as to who drives. She drove back in 3:15 with bumper to bumper for the first 25 miles and averaged 26.5 mpg. I'll gladly give up the 6 mpg difference for my "spirited driving" but it shows this car has many personalities and can be economical and aggressive all in the same package.
  • The gas milage on the V8 will increase as the engine is broken in. I got 11 mpg in local driving until about 5K miles. It slowly increased until about 12K miles. The most cost effective fix, in my humble opinion, is to replace the factory air filter with a K&N filter. They cost about $20 plus shipping, but when I replaced the filter at 15K miles, I got an immediate increase, ie. the mileage between fill ups went from 225 to 250, mostly local driving. When the car was new, the maximum mileage between fill ups was 175 miles.

  • m87m87 Posts: 38
    Took delivery of MY02 LS8 Sport(Blk/Parchment)yesterday, and I owe the informative and enthusiastic regulars on this board a hearty Thank You! for that. Last Memorial Day weekend, I got a MY01 LS8 Sport off my dealer's lot (a late Jan 01 build) and lived some of the problems discussed here - wavy C pillars, mottled dash pad, fogged up headlight assembly, B pillar discoloration, radio that occasionally plays by itself, and a few unique issues - no, the back windows did not fall out - I never opened them after reading about them here.
    With the info found here and a responsive dealer(Heiser LM,Milwaukee,WI)all was made livable save the whine coming from the cam chains. It was bad. I saw posts from and about Jim Rodgers. After a polite but no help trip through Lincoln CRC, I Emailed Jim Rodgers in late summer. Jim teamed with Jenna Young and Anne Belec and we worked with the dealer and FoMoCo engineers. Within weeks, Jim offered up a replacement vehicle, the timing of which got extended because of MY end lack of inventory and the production slowdown in August at Wixom (I wanted an identical vehicle, dealer ordered MY02 and got the Audiophile upgrade N/C to boot).
    Jim Rodgers is a stand up guy for the customer. I hope he continues to have a strong say in the development of PAG vehicles and customer relations, because frankly the success of FoMoCo in the next 10-15 years IMHO depends largely on the success of PAG.
    The MYO2 build quality is several notches above the MY01. C Pillars are near perfect, for example, no doubt in part because of folks on this board. I am a great believer in the LS as a driver's car and it is a content/price leader in the RWD sports sedan segment.
  • scottc8scottc8 Posts: 617
    for sharing the good news, and for the kind words. We can be a contentious bunch sometimes (didn't someone call us "cranky" a few months back?), but we most always mean well, and we love this car.

    A question for you: The '02 has the improved airbox but, unlike the V6, the V8 horsepower rating has remained the same as '00-'01. I'm very curious if there's a noticeable difference in engine performance, so once the new engine is broken in, would you post back and give us your thoughts on that?
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    If you consider that the 2002 V-6 10 hp increase is credited to a combination of less retrictive mufflers and the new air box, shouldn't it logically follow that a new air box on a 2002 V-8 should result in some hp increase as well? Especially when you consider that a V-8 has higher airflow requirements than a V-6 at any given rpm. I guess we'll just have to wait for the results of a dyno test. I hope some magazine does test the 2002 V-6 Manual as I feel this has been the "invisible LS" to the mags for way too long.
  • scottc8scottc8 Posts: 617
    I agree, stanny. The '02 V8 hp rating is a mystery. Perhaps the previous years were somewhat generously rated, or perhaps Lincoln is deliberately underrating the '02 so that the much-rumored '03 increase makes a bigger splash. As you say, there's got to be something there. I'd sure like to hear from someone able to compare the two.

    And, yeah, every magazine article I've read about the LS since it's introduction has praised the availability of the manual trans, but nobody has driven one yet!?
  • that the torque rating on the '02 V8 has actually DROPPED 6 lbs-ft. from 267 to 261, while the '02 V6's torque went up to 215 (from 205) in addition to the h.p. increase. Odd...
  • tom12253tom12253 Posts: 110
    I now have 1,000 miles on my 2002 LS V8 Sport and my previous LS was a 2000 V8 Sport which had 24,000 miles on it when I turned it in. The only performance modification I made to both cars, was to replace the stock filter with a K&N. I don't know if an increase in HP is the only cause for the increase in performance that I have noticed, but there is a difference. The 2000 only started to burn some rubber (with Advance Trac off) after say 10,000 miles or so, on the other hand the 2002 has chirped the tires a few times already. The 2002 responds quicker when you nail it to pass, or attempt to merge into traffic. This is with only 1000 miles on it, I can't wait to see how if feels after I log a few thousand miles. (m87) What is your observation as far as any increase in performance.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Maybe it's the mufflers that account for the power increase and the airbox mod was necessary to keep up with the increased muffler flow. If they didn't change the mufflers on the V8 that may explain it. Can't explain the torque drop though.
  • m87m87 Posts: 38
    scott8, I will give my impressions on performance once I have some seat time/engine break in to judge. Tom, likewise just don't have even the drive time you do yet to say if it feels quicker off the line, 60 to 80mph, etc.
    Compared to MY01, transmission does seem to shift in/out of gear (D-N-R) more quickly/positively. And while driving and still in its "adaptive" mode, sure snaps off the shifts. Haven't gone WOT, but with a fair amount of throttle tip in, holds the lower gears longer and really shifts with authority. I'm trying to "teach" it that this is not a Town Car.
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    I'm interested in purchasing a LS-6 or 8 sport within the next two weeks. I present own a '95'mazda millenia. I would like some advice as to what would be a good price for one with no more then 25k miles on it. I live in Atlanta and right now across the street from were I work Frank Jackson Lincoln/Mercury is having a used car sale at Perimeter Mall's parking lot. I be stopping by there when I leave.
    I like the way this car looks & the 1st 100 comments I read has helped to want to purchase the vehicle. I'm going to print the 5721 messages here & study them a little more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated & may "GOD BLESS AMERICA".
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,142
    that there are only two manual LS's in the state of California.

    As we've all been told ad nauseum, the California economy is bigger than all but X% of the world's countries. . .and they have 2 (count 'em, two) manuals on the lots. This from Brian, who has more and better data than any of us mere mortals.

    With Stan and a few others, I mourn the devaluation of the "hot rod Lincoln" with the stick shift. When I bought into the LS concept two years ago, it was because they had the manual with RWD and seemed committed to it. Well, they still have it, but. . .
  • stanny1stanny1 Posts: 962
    Maybe they already are collectors items! I blew it when I didn't keep my 74 Corolla SR-5, my 64 GTO with Tri-Power, and my 71 Vega GT manual. I never see these cars on the street today. Steve, we already have the LS, now we need a Caddy CTS with the Getrag because I know that one isn't going to last the first year. Meanwhile, BMW sells at least 15% of it's cars with sticks, and Lexus has allocated 20% of it's IS300 production to row boxes. The Infiniti G35 (RWD) is going the six-speed route, and I bet the Focus SVT will sell well. Maybe the LS doesn't look boy-racer enough?
  • scottc8scottc8 Posts: 617
    It seems that so many people have a preconcieved notion of Lincoln in general that keeps them from seeing the LS for the kind of car it truly is. I still believe a large percentage of LS customers are simply buying a smaller luxury car, period. So here's this relatively small pool of enthusiast LS owners, and a lot of us prefer the automatic and/or want the V8 no matter what.

    During Mania2 the Lincoln people, especially Jonathan, used the term "Lincoln DNA", meaning the brand identity or personality, those styling and engineering characteristics that identify the marque and make it unique. The LS is at the forefront of this effort to establish the Lincoln DNA, but it's a work in progress. They're well aware that public perception of the Lincoln brand is a major obstacle to overcome.

    Maybe some serious promotion of the manual LS would help to open people's eyes.
  • noshonosho Posts: 119
    has two problems to contend with.

    1) none in dealer-ships for test driving.

    2) somewhat poor low-end grunt providing a less than thrilling test drive.

    This produces a chicken and egg syndrome. People test drive a manual and find it lacking (several present/former SHO owners have made such complaints here on this forum) so the manual does not sell quickly and therefore the dealers don't carry it. A manual needs an engine tuned for a manual not an automatic, and there in lies the problem.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    In light of the Sept. 11 tragedies and souring economy I can see why the majority of car promotions and television commercials focus on the zero percent financing. Come to think of it, I don't believe I'm seeing the cool BMW commercials as much lately either. However, at some point in time, Lincoln really needs to do a better job with the advertisements.

    It seems the only people who know about the V6 manual are the folks that will ONLY buy a manual anyway, regardless of brand. If you're shopping for a manual transmission, 4-door sedan, there simply aren't that many. The people that do shop for a manual, first scour the automotive press to find the vehicle(s) that suit their needs.

    Folks versed in manual transmission operation are definitely in the minority of the overall driving population in the US. An even smaller sub-set make up the enthusiast market that ONLY drive manual transmission vehicles. If Lincoln wants to make in-roads with this community, they simply must chase these people through more effective marketing. Funny, you hardly ever see a BMW TV commercial showing off the manual transmissions, yet any enthusiast knows they have 'em. Why not so with Lincoln? Scott hits the nail on the head when he points out that Lincoln has some serious image concerns to overcome.

    Lincoln, if they are to be successful in redefining themselves, must do a far better job of promoting the LS as an enthusiast vehicle, complete with a Manual and/or Select Shift Transmission. In the Lincoln line-up, the LS is a VERY different car from the rest, although the average person is completely unaware of this fact. To most, Lincoln is still known for the Town Car and Continental. Lots of folks are confounded by the presence of the Navigator in the line-up . . . it's big like a Lincoln, but it's a truck (one that I, however, personally like). I think most people are just plain confused with what Lincoln is trying to do in the market, and the LS just isn't promoted in a way that distinguishes itself in any particular way. I'll bet lot's of people just think of it as a "small Town Car". You can't necessarily fault them for it, I suppose it's a natural assumption. If Lincoln wants a younger audience, and particularly attract the enthusiast, they need to do a better job at educating the masses.
  • rgnmstrrgnmstr Posts: 226
    As the owner of a new 2002 LS I have a question for the group regarding the adaptive transmission. What happens to the so called learning process when two very different drivers operate the car. My wife drives the car daily and drives it very conservatively. When I drive the car I tend to be a little more aggressive during acceleration etc. What does this do to the transmission? I'm not sure I fully understand what this feature does anyway. If there is one driver who might drive aggressively does the transmission develope a firmer shift? Thanks for any help.
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