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Isuzu Axiom



  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    TOD is good. I use it on my trooper when the roads are wet. These trucks deliver a lot of torque and acceleration from 0 to 20 MPH. Which can cause the back end to break lose on wet roads if you get on it.

    If I floor it from starts (which is fun to do since there is a lot of low end power) the Trooper's rears will break free when wet and cause the truck to spin. I have a lot of experience driving rear wheel cars so I can usually handle the spin by turning into it/coming off the gas and it just a lot of fun. Not pointing fingers...but you said it was your son, perhaps he accelerated a little too quickly and didn't also have the driving experience to handle a rear wheel drive car when it spins out?

    The goodyear tires some Axioms have come with have been reported to be overly slippery. The Bridgestone Duelers are actually pretty good, in my opinion.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I agree, TOD it's nearly impossible to spin it even on wet or snowy pavement. I race cars and drive my Trooper pretty wildly when I first got it. Tires are key to any grip though, even the best systems will suffer if you don't have good or proper tires on. I'd look to Yokos or STR tires from Pirelli for on-road and some kind of AT tire if you offroad your axiom.

  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    I too have sent the back end around like the other poster described, so I went with Michelin Cross Terrains. Great improvement on the Axiom. I feel confident now when driving on wet roads without TOD engaged. Haven't had a slip yet but waiting to try them out in the snow soon.

    Instead of going with new ones, I tried out Ebay and picked up 5 new take-offs for $63.75/tire with shipping and $14.95 a piece to mount them at a local shop. Tires have 10/32 of tread, new is 11/32. I went with a little larger size, 245-65-17. Does not change the speed much, I think it is 1.2 mph @ 70mph. The slight increase in size fills the wheel wells a little more.
  • Thank you to everyone that replied. No one was hurt, and to sbcooke, you were right on. My son has had very little experience with a real wheel drive vehicle. It was my wife's Axiom that he had borrowed because his car was in the shop (being repaired after a hit-and-run).

    Anyway, since my wife loves the Ax (except for the traction) I will be investing in new tire's so that I feel she's safe. I live in northern Illinois so I need a tire that is good on snow as well as wet pavement.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Also if it is a 4wd AX, use TOD when the roads are slick. It is great and adds a lot of traction.
  • Tires will make the biggest difference in how the Axiom handles in any kind of weather. I had the Yokohoma Geolanders, as you can see in some of my previous posts, and thought the ride to be rough, so I changed them out for the brand new Bridgestone Deuler Alenzia, which are absolutely fantastic. Quiter than the Geolanders, ride better, both tires did not break traction on wet pavement.
    By the way the rough riding comments that I had put up earlier were due to a Gforce module that totally shut down my suspension. It was just a weird timing issue that I had a trailer hitch, and new tires put on at the same time the ride got rough. So again the Yokohamas are a great tire, but they are considerably louder and produce a rougher ride than the Bridgestone, but both of these tires provide superior gripping traction in wet weather than the Goodyears. I strongly suggest the Bridgestone, and furthermore Bridgestone has a 30 day trail on these tires.
    By the way Isuzu owners are not the only ones suffering with these Badyears. Acura MDX, Toyota SUV owners, Lexus, just to name a few.
  • mjayemjaye Posts: 13
    Please take notice, the accident was probably caused by a defect in the ABS System. My 2002 Axiom front hubs and control arms were replaced with the 2003 hubs and control arms. I had numerous problems in the third and six months after new purchase May 2002. Lemon Lawyers currently have the case. The ABS is still faulty and doesn't stop the vehicle properly. Check the bottom of your control arms and frame for pink and blue painted markings of system changes. I will be checking daily for responses. Also go to the NHSTA site for recalls and bulletins
  • mjayemjaye Posts: 13
    Please check the bottom of your front control arms for pink and blue painted markings in the frame. My 2002 Axiom hubs ABS and control arms were replaced by the dealer with a 2003 hubs ABS and control arms to solve the problem with out my knowledge. The ABS problem occured with in the forst three months and re-occured 6 months after purchase. I am still not satisfied with the system. Lemon lawyers currently have case. Please return for my posting after the deposition set for Nov 16, 2004.
  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    What do you think better choice? or let's put it this way - how big should be price advantage for 2004 Axiom over 2004 Pathfinder to make Axiom worth buying?
  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    Looks like Edelbrock is looking for an Axiom to test their IAS shocks? Might be interesting.
  • mjayemjaye Posts: 13
    makaye, thanks for the information Axiom needed for testing. Edelbrook only wants vehicles in South Carolina. I live in Chicago IL
  • makayemakaye Posts: 81
    well, or, Southern California, home base of Edelbrock;

    Edelbrock Corporation Headquarters
    2700 California Street
    Torrance, CA 90503
  • mjayemjaye Posts: 13
    Sorry, my mistake. Still to far away. What do you think of my current situation with my 2002 Axiom? Any suggestions?
  • I checked my a arms and don't see any changes. I did have the ABS recall performed. I don't know what they replaced, it wasn't noted on the invoice.
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    What ABS recall? Never heard of one.
  • mjayemjaye Posts: 13
    Did you ever have the ABS light come on continuosly? Please go to
    Do a search for Recalls and Bulletins for the Isuzu Axiom 2002. I bought my 2002 Axiom May 24, 2002. The ABS light came on Sept 2002, the dealer wasn't able to repair it until Dec 2002. And then it malfunctioned again March 2003 it came on continuosly. That is when they swiched my front hubs and ABS to a 2003. Ever since the 2003 system I been hearing the loud grinding noise when ever I hit a bump or turn corners. My law suit was filed July 2004. I also have had the drivers door panel armrest crack twice. This is the third complete door panel. I am sure that my vehicle is not the only one with so many problems, and my law suit is for you guy's who plan to keep the vehicle. NHTSA has over 35 complaints on file. They required documentation from owners. They send you a free postage card for complaints. This is where Automobile/SUV's recalls are generated.
  • mjayemjaye Posts: 13
    Please see #2248. The dealership will replace the parts without your knowledge. I would like to add that the parts that the dealership put on my new truck were used rebuilt parts from hevens knows where. I'm concerned about the life of these used parts. Also all dealership extended warranty's linked to GM's uses rebuilt parts on new vehicles. One of my friends bought a 2000 Jimmy Dec 2000, GM recalled it and in March 2001 put a used engine in his truck. I argued for him, it did no good. Thats why the Jimmy is called the Envoy now. The only reason why that recall came to light is due to consumers like myself that ask questions. You should not be afraid to ask the service dept questions or even call American Isuzu in California as I did. American Isuzu will not address any complaints unless you send them a letter. I sent mine certified. Proof of receipt. Also go to website and read. Knowledge is power. I will be happy if someone else with the same problems would rake them over the coals also.
  • jtrikjtrik Posts: 11
    Seriously thinking of buying an Axiom. Getting a great deal on it...i know the troubles of an Isuzu and they're not selling these days, but the vehicle seems fine, i don't mind the styling and frankly i've had an Amigo since 1990 and no problems with's my trade in...what you think? Am I crazy?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Slightly. Warranty coverage will be an issue. Even if you get it used, you still get 1/2 the original warranty. Don't expect to find too many dealers and if there is one nearby, don't expect it to stay.
  • bhw77bhw77 Posts: 101
    How good the deal is?

    I've tried to get an new 04'Axiom in end of November, but dealers asked way to much and weren't even trying to negotiate, finally I've settled on different vehicle...

    I've already seen 04'used Axiom XS advertised at $20K.
  • dgluthdgluth Posts: 49
    My 02 Axiom has 18,500 miles, and I just got the oil changed. the mechanic told me my sepatine belt is starting to crack. Anyone have any insight on this. it seems odd that a belt would start cracking at 18.5 miles. Any info would be appreciated.


    Dennis P.
  • After 33 months of Axiom ownership, I said good bye and traded it in for a new Jaguar X-type. It was hard to part myself with the Ax, it served me well till the last day. I got an acceptable trade-in value, but then again, the Ax was in great shape. Good luck to all of you Axiom owners, I enjoyed trading advice and observations with you over the past three years. Take care!
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    It's ironic, but I too just traded my Ax of 33 months. (got it March '02). I traded for a demo '04 Ford F-150 4x4 Supercrew. Just never really was 100% confident in the Ax's abilities even with Michelin's on it. Never did get rid of the clunk at braking and despised the GM 3 channel ABS. Overall, though, never had any problems with any fit or finish on the vehicle which is a first as I am very meticulous about equipment functionality. Hope to have as good a luck with my new purchase.
  • I noticed a new SUV in China called the Grand Wall Motors Hover. It curiously looks like an Axiom with a different face. Does anyone know if the Axiom lives on in China as the Hover?
  • rcopa1rcopa1 Posts: 24
    The axiom may live after all.......... hard to tell but its the lime green vehicle. Another article says the release has been postponed but that it is a isuzu based vehicle. Theres no mistaking that's an Axiom......... with a Nissan Marrano front end.

  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    I do not know the answer to the question, just keep in mind the Chinese automotive industry (and Chinese industry in general) is notorious for copying designs.
  • jtrikjtrik Posts: 11
    sorry i took awhile to respond.


    The deal was about 23K on the road, which i thought was a good. Car has been on the lot a long time...I'm not too concerned about warranty issues, and i don't think Isuzu will just dissapear...but i liked the truck, there are others i'm looking at as well and if he sells it in the meantime, i don't know if dealer will replace...have to think it thru though...
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    take care axiomlover and twocar-thanks for the info you have provided to this forum. wanted to give a long term update on the kuhmo escta stx v-rated tires in size 265/60/17 on my 2002 axiom. the dry and rain difference in these tires is nite and day/very impressed! have about 16k miles on them so far and do not see much wear either. they are not impressive in heavy snow/ice but perform well in regular snow etc. i had a front end alignment right after the tires were installed (after which shock lite came on/never went off) but so far so good, no uneven sidewall choppiness i had with the badyear integritys. the axiom is a pleasure to drive with the new tires (a little rougher ride but the performance tires really grip).

    so far the axiom has been a decent vehicle, the gas mileage has gone up and i now average around 16mpg. the paint on the sideview mirrors continues to get worse (it appears the clearcoat was not adequately applied).

    anyways, happy new year to everyone on the forum.
  • jr1828jr1828 Posts: 7
    Hi All,


    Has anyone tried OME Springs for the AXIOM? If so, do they eliminate the Suspension Bottoming?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.



    They also have a Coil Spacer Kit for the AXIOM, but I'm guessing that it would not solve the problem bottom out problem, As it does not increase the spring rate.


    For those intersted, they also have a 3in lift kit for the AXIOM:

  • sveltaxsveltax Posts: 72
    I have the OME 912 springs on my Axiom. They are very stiff. I also purchased the Rancho 9000sx shocks, the rear shocks are set on 1 all the time. The only time the rear feels spongy is with 5 adults in the truck, then I just adjust the rear shocks to 4-5 and everything is just fine. I bought my lift from


    The front bumpstops pictured in the photo do not work with the Axiom. My torsion bars are stock as well.
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