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Isuzu Axiom

Any info on availability? and any info on road test information?



  • My local "super" dealer says 4-1 first vehicles, they are getting preview and rides in Dallas in March. Good look available at More info on Isuzu New Vehicles forum. This SUV looks really nice if you want a pavement runner instead of a gas guzzling boulder jumper.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    There has been some decent discussion about the Axiom over there. I posted some details of an article I read recently, in which the president of American Isuzu was interviewed and quoted.
  • tatu1tatu1 Posts: 50
    Check the March 13 issue of Auto World Weekly, they have an extensive write-up of the Axiom. The Engine is a 24-valve, DOHC, 3.5 liter V6 with 230 horsepower @5,400 rpm. They've got the MPG at 16/20. Isuzu hasn't announced prices, but they're estimating a range of 25K to 33K.
  • hottoddyhottoddy Posts: 2
    Thought it looked better in person. It was a nice metallic, gold color. The front end is a bit "Robocop," but I like it. Real small headlights. Maybe an early dealer release. Didn't think too much about this suv-car until I saw it in person.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    They haven't even announce pricing on it yet.

  • tatu1tatu1 Posts: 50
    I went to the Isuzu dealer today and saw one. Pretty interesting vechicle, the base model came in at about 26K. I really liked the digital information screen which controlls a/c, radio, clock, temp, etc.
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 316
    Sat in an Axiom today. Who designed this interior?
    Power seats with no up and down adjustment or bottom cushion tilt? That is just plain stupid. Also the was NO room for my right foot (size 12). I could barely fit it inbetween the brake and the accelerator. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Otherwise it was a decent vehicle, but these GLARING shortcomings take it off my list.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I saw the first on the street in my area today, a nice charcoal color, it is sweet.
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    It is curvy than my '99 Passport, nice one-piece rear hatch, I can live with the front grille, bigger wheels with lower profile tires. Looks more modern than my Passport.

    Ride height, seating position and ergonomics are carry-over of my Passport, everything felt very familiar including the lack of thigh support which I made custom cushion to support my thighs, the power seats had no height adjustment (which I believe should be available for a power operated seat). Front cabin has nice curvy arm rests but the space seemed to be smaller than the angular interior of my Passport. Relocated switches are the following; rear wiper and washer, power and winter mode. The fully automatic HVAC is excellent and the information display center is a nice touch, I believe it can be tweaked to receive navigation upgrade. Sound system are better. Rear seating positions and space seemed similar to my Passport. The rear cargo is narrower but longer.

    Under the hood.
    Everything is arranged similar to the Passport except that the engine is a little bigger and an additional TOD computer module is located at the place where the clutch master cylinder should have been.

    Ride and drive.
    I expected the power, esp on starts from stops to be ample but my Passport felt quicker and more rev-happy (a 2001 Rodeo with ISC that I test drove also felt quicker). It may be that the weight increase could have something to do with it or it could be that the engine has not been broken-in. The ride is nice, same as the Rodeo with ISC, soft on the bumps and dips with controled dives and sways. It has a normal and sport mode. I like the normal mode better, less road harshness but still with good dive and sway control. However, when I got back to my Passport with Monroe-matic plus shocks, I could not really tell if the ISC has a definite advantage over the Monroe shocks.

    My Passport felt lighter and quicker in comparison but I never noticed from the Axiom any thumping sound when swifting / stopping / accelerating. Such is a welcome surprise and should be.

    Inside "plasticy" soft rattles are about the same to my passport. I never thought that I fixed the interior rattles of my Passport to this level.

    I believe it will boil down to driver's taste since the Axiom and Rodeo has price overlaps. However, the TOD may be the tie breaker for those who wants a no-brainer drivetrain (esp. female drivers).

    My two cents.
  • Drove a base Axiom with intro pack and roof 2 days ago. Thought a little disappointing acceleration from reputed up but could be tight engine. Also a bit over noisy while winding. Overall finish, details, fit were just fine. Drove Anthracite 4x4 base model (didn't personally like color), really want to see AS leather before making a decision. Dealers know nothing except info on delivery invoices. After much digging my best quote to date on AS 2wd @ 26,850, hope to do much better.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    What's the web address for the Isuzu owners club.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The Edmunds owner's club is easy click above on the "select topic" section and go to "owner's clubs" or has a link for it. also has a lot of links, FAQs, How-tos, and Aftermarket Parts links.


    Spokesman for Edmund's Isuzu Owner's Club.

  • flonyaiflonyai Posts: 6
    I had the chance to test drive an Axiom. I am moving into the 4WD fad ( quite a bit late) and I am looking for a vehicle that would give an interesting look (no doubt the Axiom with its SUV-wagon underspinning would qualify for that) and decent off-road capability what it's my main goal.
    My first impressions were very positive. I did a great deal of research at the Isuzu site were recently were posted relatively good technical information and 2 new independent reviews were also posted.(Interestingly enough, no one has a brochure.)
    First the front "cowcatcher" was a bit unusual, but it got friendlier each time I looked at it. The truck (car?) sidelines are eye-catching and Isuzu designers have put a great deal of effort into the rear tailgate. It seams nicely detailed. What was very impressive it's the interior design. Slightly narrower than the similar category, but good architecture made it almost irrelevant. Its hip room is 2" narrower than the JGC, but it felt even "roomier".

    The Axiom comes with a lot of features. Even the base model is equipped with accessories than on other models (like JGC, Ford/Mercury) are good for several thousand more on extras, such automatic A/AC, 4-way power seats, I SC, automatic transmission mode selector.

    As I mentioned before I would be a first timer for an Isuzu. If some one can share experience about the engine reliability and specially on how efficient is its TOD on off-road and if it the lack of full time 4WD is a disadvantage.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I have TOD on my Trooper, and I rarely ever take it out of the TOD mode, which does an initial torque split of 85/15 R/F and varies it up to 50/50 if need be. That combined with the rear LSD, provides excellent on and off road traction. I used my Trooper to traverse a 200' long driveway at about a 35-45 degree angle with 1.5'-2' of snow. Funnny thing was I initially tried it using the 4wd Lo mode, and got stuck, switched back to TOD and it worked like a charm. The TOD would fluxuate the power back and forth from front to rear axle as I powered on the gas, and got me up the hill w/o a problem. On road in the rain, snow, sleet and what not the TOD has been excellent for me especially in Upstate NY this past winter. With the reduced ground clearance of the Axiom as compared with my trooper, I wouldn't try driving through the 2'-3.5' snow banks that I did with my trooper, but other than that the Axiom should provide excellent on and off-road capabilities.

    So in conclusion, the full-time 4wd of the TOD coupled with the 4wd-Lo range, should provide excellent on and off road handling.

  • flonyaiflonyai Posts: 6
    Thanks Mike.

    If I understood well the TOD can be used as a full time 4WD/AWD even on dry regular surface road without any ill effect on the power train system. That sounds pretty good. What about the V6 engine oil usage? It sounds almost scary that a sophisticated engine as the 3.2/3.5 engine can consume 1 Q/1000 mile. My current car is over 65,000 miles and it goes from one oil change to another without any add-on oil.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yes, in fact the TOD system is always engaged on the Isuzu Vehicross (2 door similar chassis as the Trooper) so leaving the TOD engaged all the time is fine. This gives it a permenat AWD system, with the option of going to 2wd if you want. So far i've used 2wd only on long interstate trips where there is little traffic. i felt the 1mpg hit I took on the gas milage was worth it for the traction of the TOD system.

    As for the oil consumtion, it's completely hit or miss. Of all the 3.5l owners I know, about 25% have oil consumption problems. I was burning about 1Q per 1200-1500 miles. After 10K I switched to synthetic and now it goes through a quart every 2500 miles. I just check the oil @ every-other gas fillup and it gives me a good reason to check under the hood. If you fish around the owners area you'll see that most everyone feels that since the other quality attributes of the Isuzus are so great, that the oil consumption isn't really a problem. Compared to say the warped rotors of the JGC and the tranny problems of the Durangos. Most likely you'll get one that doesn't burn oil at all. :)

  • flonyaiflonyai Posts: 6
    Thanks for all the information. I visited the owners' site and I found a lot of useful information. Is there a discernible difference between the 2 ISC modes? Considering the short test drive, switching between the 2 modes I didn't sense almost any difference and the road surface was kind of uneventful to show the potential differences.

    I'll keep posting my impressions on the Axiom.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I noticed the sport mode to be harsher/stiffer. Although it made it more stable @ speeds in excess of 90mph. When I ran it w/o the sport setting on ISC, it handled well, but was more confident over 85-90 w/ the sport setting engaged.

  • As our family has outgrown our one car, we're buying a second car this month. It has not exactly been an easy process either--since most of the cars and SUVs being offered seem to provide more lessons in compromise instead of a solution to finding the perfect automobile.

    I was somewhat hoping to find an SUV that didn't ride like a Ryder truck and cost more than the house I grew up in. However, the two SUV's that I've really liked, the Axiom and the Highlander have one very big limitation: terrible interior color selection. The leather on the Highlander can only be had in a buttery (shows every piece of dirt) beige and the Axiom can only be had (either cloth or leather) in a color that reminds me of cooked carrots.

    Isuzu and Toyota should be given a slap on the wrist for this faux pas. The Axiom looks great in dark grey...until you open the door.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Isuzu doesn't have the economies of scale that Toyota affords. With a small production level (I believe only 25-30K Axioms this year, and 10-15K Troopers sold in the US) Isuzu can only afford to produce with limited options. Personally I'm of the function over form type. So if it's ugly but does what it is meant to do, I'm more than satisfied with it! The value that the Isuzu vehicles give are outstanding so one has to ask if they want value or astetics. Of course the Toyotas are great reliable vehicles, but you are gonna pay for them through the nose. I'm sure that Toyota will sell ever highlander they produce this year, but I'd still go for the Axiom for the towing, frame, and longitudinally format of the engine/drivtrain as well as the TOD/AWD system.

  • Mark Peralta or drmp
    I am interested in How you customized the thigh support for your Isuzu seat cushions. I am having the same problem in most foreign cars that I test drive. I am very interested in the Axiom, However I am not going to spend $30000 on a vehicle with the same issue as my current car.
  • drmpdrmp Posts: 187
    Somebody asked me the same question on another board and I gave my answer here;

    Anyway, I took a test drive on a Pathfinder LE with 8-way power seat and the range of adjustability is perfect for me, it also has very nice car-like ride and with very strong engine.

    I read somewhere that the 2001 Passport EX-L has power seat and I plan to take a look on it. Maybe I'll order driver power seat for my '99 Passport.

  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    I took my wife in to see the Axiom last night. The "blond gray" was like a silver with a hint of gold. It was really nice until we opened the door and saw the sweet potato cloth interior. How could they do this? In any event, the salesman knew nothing about pricing, color selection or for that matter, anything else. I was impressed with the shape, roominess and stature of the vehicle. It should not take much for Isuzu to include some different colors of upholstery. The question is how do we get the message to them? Do they read these postings, I wonder.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    I think the new Axiom is just plain cool looking. However, after reading some things, I'm not so sure about the build quality. Do they squeak or rattle? Are they noisy inside? What about the fit and finish?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The one I test drove had the fit and finish on par with the MDX and Toyotas. Only time will tell how they stand up. They've only been @ the dealer for 3 weeks, so we'll see what happens down the road.

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    A buddy of mine just bought a new XS 2WD Axiom, and really likes it. The dealer had wanted $2k over sticker, but he was able to get it for $500 under MSRP. I believe the color is the blond gray someone else referred to. The interior leather doesn't match the car very well, IMO, I see people here referring to it as cooked carrots or sweat potato, I was thinking it looked more like a new baseball glove. But it is pretty orange! Is that really the only color you can get it in? How do you people think these things will hold up? My buddy and I both have newer model Troopers and have had great luck with them, although he has a buyer for his. He has a 2000 Landcruiser too, and is hoping to go to the new model Trooper when his lease is up, which is in Dec. 02. Will the new Trooper be out then? If not when is it coming?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Should be out spring '02 or winter '02-'03 so your buddy should be fine.

    It will have:
    V8 Isuzu Engine
    3 Rows of Seats

    Probably other stuff too.

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Mike, do you have any spy shots or anything? How big will it be? More info on that V8? Maybe I should take this to the Trooper thread eh? LOL! Hey, what's your website URL again?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    At least not as of now. I'd guess it's gonna be about 10" longer, maybe a foot. And have at least a 4.7l engine. Hopefully DOHC.

  • I drove 2WD Axiom Basic model today. From outside it was funny looking. Inside a big and a good surprise.
    It has a good room in front and on the back seat.
    It looks like higher class vehicle, with a some expensive features. I liked the drive as well.
    It was a pleasant first experience with the new kind of SUV. I will drive the 4WD version next and make my decisions.
    Does anybody know if Axiom has the Overdrive system? I couldn't find any switches for it.
    Thanks for your attention. Rob
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