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Jeep Owners Care and Maintenance



  • derflderfl Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if the slave cylinder on a 1995 wrangler 4.0 is internal or external?
  • i am having the same prob. i took the head off, it was fine, two pushrods were bent (slightly) very slightly!, the took the lifters out and guess what they were all stuck at the top. so i replaced all them,and all pushrods, back together and the same thing if not a little worse! i am sick 2 my stomach here!??! the sound seems to be coming from the rocker arms.i'm lost but am now thinking when my lifters stuck and bent the two pushrods (very slightly) maybe then the bridge or rockers are worn out of spec. i heard the tick coming had others listen to it and they all said they heard nothing but i drive/ drove it everyday so i heard it. then one day starting down a road close to home it got really loud and that is still the case. and since there is no way to adjust the lash on these things?????the wear on all the rockers and slides looked good. could the rocker arms be bent? they look pretty tough. help :sick: please!!!
  • cbutler1cbutler1 Posts: 1
    I just purchasesd a 97 jeep wrangler- it has no book with it and I can't figure out how to change my clock. I'm sure it's simple, but I give up. Somebody help!!
  • I have a 98 tj with a 4.0 5 spd. it has been down for about the last year. I went out to fix the probs today(completed) and the darn thing will not start. It cranks over but is not getting any fire. I have replaced the coil, wires, cap, and rotor,and all fuses are ok. Oh yeah and the battery also. I am pretty sure i am getting fuel I can smell it with cranking but no pressure in the rail. I am at my wits end with this thing. Is there an ecsm that can go bad? could it be the computer itself, or is it something simple I am missing?
    I put a crank position sensor on it as well. when that didn't work I rented a code reader from local parts store. The code reader could not establish a link to the computer. there is no check engine light on, on the dash so I have no clue about codes that may be present. I re checked all fuses and most connections for corrosion and found nothing so far.
  • larmonlarmon Posts: 2
    I`m wanting to buy a replacement skin for my '97. It currently is the Besttop spice, but I want to replace it with the Sailcloth. I`m told the Sailcloth is only available in camel. The problem is my Jeep has the half doors with the slider windows. How much color difference will there be between the spice on the upper doors and the camel? And is there something I can apply to the spice to darken it to match? I don't want to have to buy new upper doors also. Thanks.
  • larmonlarmon Posts: 2
    Nevermind, I found the sailcloth for my 97 in spice.
  • We took delivery of a new 2006 Unlimited Rubicon, lt. khaki w/dk. khaki hardtop 6 weeks ago. Any suggestions as to how to keep the hardtop looking new?

    P.S. I have posted #20363 and #21372 under the Discussion Title: Jeep Wrangler. No response. If someone knows the correct place for me to post in order to receive a response, please advise. I did a search specifically and then generally on 'hardtop' and read through ten screens of messages, but none of them addressed my question even remotely. Thank you for your assistance.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Didn't like the Penetrol answer?

    Other than the Mopar stuff the dealer recommended I don't know. Anyone?

    Steve, Host
  • Ah, if it was damaged/faded fine ;) , but since it's new we'd like to keep the softer khaki tone with less shine :shades: .

    Thanks for the reply.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    Anyone have a recommendation for replacement tires for an '01 Wrangler Sport, 4.0L six, with OE GoodYear Wrangler GS/As (235/75/15s), with about 56k. This seems like way over normal for replacement mileage, so while they may not be the best rated tires, they've served me well enough.

    First, how many miles are most of you getting out of your OE tires? These aren't 'bald', but they're pretty worn, especially in the rear. I could probably hold out til Fall/Winter, as the car is pretty much only driven in the city and occasionally highway, never off-roaded, and my commute to work is about two miles each way, so it's only logging ~5k a year the past couple years. I live in Chicago, so snow/ice are issues sometimes. I realize wear on Jeep tires will vary widely because of the varied use of the vehicles, so I'll take that into account.

    I recently saw some BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/As on sale at Sears for $90 each, which seems pretty reasonable--most tires are in the $110-125 range. Anyone have experience with these?
  • jlynn33jlynn33 Posts: 1
    Your problem is the backup light activation switch on your shifter. You might be able to have it adjusted. If not, it costs about $10 from the dealer. Everything should be fine after that.
  • jkfullerjkfuller Posts: 1
    I'm experiencing the same problem. I've talked with another Jeep owner and he's got the same problem. I think it is the seals that are going bad where the adapter plate mounts to the engine block. There is a seal kit that you can purchase at the local Jeep dealer which might fix the problem, however, neither one of us have had time to replace them yet. We just narrowed down the problem a week ago.

    I did find the following online from another website:

    "I owned a 1992 Cherokee with a 4.0 -6. it had constant oil seepage from the rear of the engine. My dealer replaced the plastic valve cover with a die cast aluminum one with no success in reducing oil seepage. I finally traced the oil to the spin on oil filter mount. The o-rings that seal the oil filter mount are Nitrile (aka Buna-N, NBR) which have limited life at the 225 degrees that this engine operates at. Removing the mount, I found that the o-rings had taken on a set and were hard as a rock and cracking. Replacing the o-rings with the same size but with 70 Durometer Viton rubber solved the leakage. Chrysler at the time would only replace them with the same Nitrile rubber which would probably buy me 6 months.... My fix lasted the life of the vehicle."

    I haven't investegate to see where I can purchase the 70 Durometer Viton rubber o-ring from. That's next on my to do list.
  • I own a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee which i have owned since December 98. The only problem I have had as of lately is that when i excelerate, my ari flow from my main vents stops and it blows through my defroster vents. Once the engine gears up to match the speed, the air shifts back to blow through the main vents. Does anyone know what the problem may be?
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    Do you know if this fix pertains to the 2.5 also?

    Thank you,

  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    You have a vacuum leak. Check under hood for any broken or cracked vacuum hoses, this is the most common point of failure. When you accelerate (open the throttle body) the inlet of air into the engine gets bigger causing the vacuum to drop. Your vents change because the loss of vacuum lets the springs on your ventilation system's move the doors to the position of least resistance.
  • I just bought at '03 with 48,287 miles on it. Looking for an extended warranty for it. Any one have any suggestions. The jeep dealership guy was a %#%$ when I called and even asked if it was possible for them to sell me one. HE didn't want to talk to me at all! :confuse:
  • The hose dry rotted right where it comes out under the wiper and it now shoots straight out the back. Yeah, it's kinda funny to be sitting at a traffic light and spray the car behind me, but the rear window doesn't get sprayed at all. How do I fix that? In the 4WD catalog, there is a universal tubing kit which includes T connector and inline reducer, but I don't know if that is what I need or not? I don't know how to get the hose back in. A piece must still be in there, but if it is, I don't know how to get if off. If a picture would help let me know! Thanks!!!
  • Have your tried removing the plastic lift gate panel? It should be held in place by a few trim screws and clips. When that piece is off, you should be able to see the hose and how to replace it.
  • I have a carfax report on my new Jeep GC and its says "Suspension system serviced" every time it says Oil Change. What exactly does "Suspension system serviced" mean? Is that a normal thing? :confuse:
  • davids1davids1 Posts: 411
    Only a guess, but it probably means the chassis was "lubed" at the same time the oil was changed.
  • At 55000 miles time has come to replace the shocks on my '02 GC Limited V8. Would like something a tad stiffer than OE HDutys. Suggestions? Your Experiences? Tires are 245
    65 17's.
  • I have a 98 Wrangler and the speedometer/tach stops and starts operating at random. The airbag light comes on when this happens and the gauges freeze where they are. Any ideas on what is causing this.
  • I too have a 2000 Grand Cherokee (4.7 V8) with a sneaky recurring overheating problem. It never leaked antifreeze, but sometimes overheated, and afterwards sometimes reported coolant low. I replaced the radiator and thermostat. Still had problem a few weeks later. Could hear coolant gurgling thru heater core, suggesting air in system, yet reservoir was full. Had my Jeep dealer look at it 3 times and could not diagnose a cause. Finally took a 'leap of faith' and had them take of heads, test them for cracks, and replace head gaskets. (Replaced water pump at same time). So far so good but holy smokes this has been expensive! Not what one expects from a well- maintained vehicle which I purchased new and did all the PM to! I am curious to know if your problem was resolved similarly.
  • hypehype Posts: 16
    Help-I want to drain & flush the coolant myself and I cannot locate the block drain plug to drain the coolant from the engine block? Is the block drain plug obstructed from top side view of engine? Can someone provide me with a clear path to it-thanks!!!
  • well if i can go to a ase tech and have all that work done for half the price should i or not 90.00 labor or 40.00 let's hear some talk back on this thanks
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Certain Chrysler dealerships sell Chrysler warranties on the internet. Check out the following
    Good luck.
  • On Sunday I replaced the oil with mobil 1 syn. I noticed that the oil gauge now reads zero, but I must have put on at least 30 miles (gf was driving the vehicle immediately after the oil change).

    Question: Would hte engine have exploed by now? Is it likely the issue is with the pressure gauge; i.e. did i break it when I changed the filter? Or is it the actual pump? thanks

  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I had the same problem on my 97 Sport. You need a large torx wrench to remove the item from the block, then just replace the o-rings with a little petroleum jelly and reassemble. My old o-rings had flats on them, had not spring back.
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