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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • I have been told by several mechanics that XJ8 did not have major engine problems to speak of.
    The Texas Cars Direct in Dallas has the best prices on wholesale cars. I was watching their website for weeks until my wife decided on what color she wanted. But as I was watching the Houston paper ads, a 1998 VDP Jag with 40k miles was listed as the same price as Texas Cars Direct.
    The price was right and the car was immaculate.
    So I now have a 98 JAg VDP white/tan. We have put around 300 miles on it and I can't believe the car. Jags were always noted for speed but the 290 hp flys. We love this car. After several Lexus. and a 420SEL BENZ we decided on a Jag. I am sure glad we did. I bought an extended warranty up to 100k miles. We bought the car from AutoPlex in Houston from Mike Roa. He gets immaculate used Jags in from time to time at a fair wholesale price. You might give him a call. I have heard also that Texas cars direct in Dallas was also good.
  • Here are two examples: 1972 XJ12 Standard Length owned by couple in Ohio. 336,000 miles and just getting ready for 1st overhaul. 1974 XJ6L 210,000 miles not ready for overhaul yet. Both of these cars were serviced by a Jaguar shop (not a dealer) from new. How's that for service?
  • how fast do the 2001 xj6 Jaguar go is it 85 or 120 or 135. if you no email me or post it. my email is
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Just a minor correction. There is no such thing as a 2001 XJ6. It has been the XJ8 since 1998 and is electronically limited to 155MPH. Which is faster than anyone should be driving this side of Bonneville or Germany
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    A cars top speed doesn't really factor into my choices anymore. There is no where this side of the pond that you can get your car up to that speeds. As long as it has good 0-60 times, or even 0-30times, that's where most of your time is spent. So look at Jaguars for their great handling, good low-end power, unparalleled styling, gorgous interiors and overall fantastic package. But if you really must have a car with a high top-speed, then Jaguars can go there, and will be extremely stable!~ A.R.
  • I found your note very interesting.

    I note that you indicated that you bought a warranty with the car.
    May I inquire regarding the following?
    What mileage was on the car when you bought it?
    Who recommended the warranty and/or what was your consideration in selecting it?
    What company supplied it?
    Also, if you care to share it, I'm curious as to what you paid for it.
    Your warranty advice would be appreciated as I am in the market for the same.

    I congratulate you for joining "the ranks".
    It sounds as though you bought right and that the car is "show room" in condition.
    You will have many years of great pleasure. You will find, in addition, that there will be all sorts of people who will inquire of you about your car. These "cats" have a seductive affect on those who admire elegant styling. Soon you will be a promoter of Jaguar automobiles and will, thereby, gather many interesting stories.

    While Lexus and Benz (which I have owned and driven for years) are quite fine automobiles in there own right, there is a special charachter....a personality... that is only found with Jaguar. There is a tireless quality in store for those who drive a JAG. The Jaguar is quite extordinary, a very special "touring" car, indeed !

  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    If speed and grace is what you want in your cat, look no further than an XJR.
  • The 98 VDP Jag that I purchased had 47K miles on it. The dealer offered an extended 100K warranty for the car. It was $1900.00. So for 2K I got an extended warranty that is transferable if I sell the car. The name of the warranty is Heritage. If anyone has heard of this company either pro or con please let me know. The warranty from the Jag dealer was 2800.00. But with this warranty I can go to any Jag repair shop for repairs. Not just a Jag dealer which are few and far between. Seems like a good deal to me. I guess I will see if this is true or not.
    My consideration when I bought it was that I wanted to be covered for any major problem. Engine, Trans, drive train, etc. I would hate to come out of pocket for a complete engine overhaul.
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    When I bought my '75 XJ6L the salesman, and older British gentleman gave me a pamphlet which he had produced based on his years as Jaguar salesperson. He said "If you will follow this pamphlet religiously the car will last as long as you care to drive it". One of the admonitions was never ever let the car go low on coolant or motor oil..keep both topped up all the time. After 23yrs of ownership following his instructions amazingly he was absolutely correct.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    That is actually good advice for ANY car as low oil and coolant levels can ruin an engine.
  • Your "older British gentleman's advice" sounds interesting.
    Could you reproduce the pamphlet for us on the web?
    I am sure we would all benefit from such, apparently, sage advice.

  • Thanks for the discussion and warranty information.
    I havn't heard of the company that you mentioned.
    I am wondering which companies you checked into and what you decided regarding each.
    I am in the market for a warranty and there is so much discussion owe way or the other.

    (1) I would appreciate anyone helping with these decisions regarding warranties and reliable companies.

    (2) Does the XJR have the lengthened wheelbase or is just the L. designated XJ series and VDP 1995 and newer?

    (3) Has anyone had any expierence with "on line" JAG buying?

    Happy motoring... christchurch
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,819
    Because my wife and I were in an accident which totalled our XK8 but not us, we bought a new one to replace it. Our new one has an adaptive restraint system (called ARTS) which modulates the deployment of the air bags based on occupant weight, seat belt usage, and position. Since the air bags in our car inflicted our only injuries, we consider this a great innovation. Does anyone know if Jaguar plans to put it in the XJ sedans (or even the S-type)?

    While I'm here, if anyone really wants the supercharged engine but needs a long wheelbase, Jag now offers a supercharged Vanden Plas. It is a beautiful and evilly fast car, but bring money (83K or so).

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

  • Jaguar has excellent safety profiles. This is obviously confirmed by your tragic accident but fortunate in its outcome.

    The latest news "on the street" is that the current xj series will be replaced in , I believe, 2002-2003. This new xj is being designed with very innovative safety considerations (perhaps, on the example of the Volvo (also, owned by Ford and to which its design team has input).

    In any case, the safety ratings on the current xj series are among the best in the industry.

    Safe Motoring !
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    The XJR is on the short wheelbase, but you can now get the VDP with the 370 hp supercharged engine, and it is just as quick as the XJR, with the longer wheelbase.~ A.R.
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    Will dig amongst my paperwork to see if I still have the pamphlet. I sold the car in 1998 and I may have given the pamphlet to the new owner along with the other papers. However, I still remember 98% of the instructions from doing it daily, weekly, monthly etc. for all those years. The 2% that I may not be able to remember may be covered by the owners manual itself.
  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    Haven't found the pamphlet yet, but will keep looking.
  • I appreciate your looking deep into the "archives".
    "Old gentlemen" often have sage advice. So, if you can find the "treasure" deep in the trove, pass it along to us so that we can be mentored thereby.
    In anticipation of the "find".
  • Thanks for the info on the VDP with the super charged engine and long wheelbase.

    As you have noted elsewhere in my correspondence, I would strongly suggest to any prospective JAG owner that they purchase the L. series. The only short wheelbase version I would buy would be as a personal commuter vehicle in which I anticipated no rear seat passengers.

    I treat the short wheelbase JAG "as a coupe". The back seat is reserved for briefcase, golf clubs/tennis gear,groceries and the golden retriever who claims this seat as his private domain !

    I can't help but believe that a beautiful retriever in the back seat of a JAG conveys an air of elegance fitting for the JAG mystique !

    The only other purchase consideration would be a color combination which "would correspond to that of the retriever".

    What an picture, what an advertisement!.... Jaguar, golden retriever and all!
  • shehzadshehzad Posts: 52
    I have a 1999 XJ8 with 63k on it, and I just noticed today that when putting the car in reverse, it sort of jerks back a bit, and as I'm switching into gear, a slight grinding sound emits from the (when the window is open) transmission tunnel. Has anyone else had this problem or have any idea as to what this might be. It seems pretty early for the transmission by dying.
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    In my 1995, sometimes when shfiting from reverse, when I get out of my driveway, into drive, the car does a big jerk. It only does it sometimes, so I dont know what it is.~A.R.
  • Transmissions are not to be "fiddled" with.

    My advice is that I would get it to a top flight transmission shop ASAP. Ask around and find out the expierence with trans. shops in your area. Of course, your JAG dealer could be a place to start as well.
    In any case, don't put it off. Every mile could be costly in terms of $'s. This true of any car. I had a similar experience with an American car - Lincoln - so a word to the wise and it WAS costly.

    Let's hear the verdict and the prescription after the "trans. docs" looks at it.
    Good luck !

  • A friend is considering a 1995 JAG with 85k miles.
    (1)Does anyone have any advice or experience on this year JAG and
    (2) what is your opinion on this mileage.
    Good buy ?
    Alternative ?
    (3) What is your warranty suggestion ... company,etc. ?

  • I understand that the new XJ series is in the pipeline and scheduled for introduction in the 1992 model year.
    I have heard that it will resemble the current car in front end but carry the new S.-type (and x.-type) rear.
    It is rumored that it will be equipt with the latest in "electronic wizardry", incorporating "the newest of the new". They will be "leaping" ahead in "techno. toys"!
    Ford is setting the JAG to be their Mercedes / BMW fighter for the sophisticated high tech Euro / American luxo market.
    Exciting !
    Anyone have any "skuttlebut"?
  • A friend of mine has found what he says is a "good deal" on a XJ12. He sought my advice as a JAG enthusiast.
    Having no expierence with the 12 I thought I would ask you.
    What do you know ?
    I have heard that the gas mileage is atrocious.
    Further, one mechanic told me that the XJ6 or XJ8's are better from a practice standpoint.

    Any suggestions to my "potential 12 cylinder" man?
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    But an XJR instead.

    I believe that the X-type offers the closest thing to a preview of the next generation XJ body.
  • I agree that the X. type is may "foreshadow" the new XJ series.
    Only thing I worry about is that we get too much plastic and molded stuff.
    Some of these "new wood" applicques look like cheap plastic imitations.
    There needs to be cars which have a classic look, touch and feel yet still technologically sophisticated. I hope Jaguar follows this "sute" and it would "sute" me just fine !(Hope you enjoyed this play on words. I guess this is what you get at 1:15 AM?)

    How about some comments on styling you would like to see in the new XJ's
    Let's share some advice we might pass along to the "powers that be" in Bourne Lane?
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    christchurch- thank you for saying that about the wood. I was getting blasted for even mentioning that the wood in the X-Type looks more like PLOOD than WOOD. I hate that dark stuff. Jaguar had it in the XJR when it first came out, and then they took it away after 2 years because it looked like black plastic with a fake grain.

    The wood in the XJ's is only duplicated by Rolls, and they have an advantage because of the shear amount of it!

    As for styling- I think the X-Type does show the direction the new XJ will take. I think the current XJ is the best looking car in the super-luxury class, and don't know how they are going to make the new look better. Maybe just smooth some of the curves. The one must is the dual chrome tailpipes. That in my eyes is a Jaguar hallmark. One of my favourite sites is on a rainy morning seeing an XJ pull away from me, exhaust streaming out of the pipes. I guess it's something only a Jag enthusiast would understand~ A.R.
  • I had my 98 Vanden Plas in for some service at
    Momemtum Jaguar today. I was talking to the mechanic and asked about the XJ12. He started to laugh and finally out loud. He told me not only walk away but run away from the xj12. he said these cars are a money pit with so many problems.
    He told me the best Jag for the money to buy was the XJ6 because Jaguar had perfected the engine until there were almost no problems. I still love my Vanden Plas.
  • Sounds as though you have found an honest mechanic that thinks of the customer before his own wallet. If that were not the case I suspect he would have suggested that you buy 2 or more XJ12's.
    Thank him for my friend who sought my advice on what he claimed was a "good deal" on an XJ12. Maybe the price reflected a previous owners desire to "get out while the getting was good".
    One further note, I agree with you on the value and reliability of the XJ6 engine. I do further, believe, that the XJ8 given enough time will prove likewise.
    As a point of interest we can share with the "chaps" on line, what, if any, service problems are you encountering?
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