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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord

coolsnow23coolsnow23 Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Honda
I am debating on buying the Nissan Maxima or the Honda Accord. Which car should I choose? Is the Nissan Maxima as reliable as the Accord? Is the Honda Bose really worth it or is the Accord 6 disk changer better? What is your opinion?


  • The Accord is nice, I should know, we have had 3! I'd go with the Maxima because it is slightly larger, not seen as much, and sportier. The Accord is everywhere in my family. My Grandma owns two, a 1991 and 1985. My aunt has had 2 1989 and 1990, and my mom had a 1984, now we have a 1992 and she is looking for a 1993. I personally am looking at the New Passat glx and the Maxima SE or GLE, have you looked at the GLE, it compares closer to the Accord than the SE does. The Accord V-6 in my area (Jonesville S.C.) can be brought for about 22,000, while the Maxima SE loaded cost about 24,000. Keep in mine that the Maxima has more equipment than the Accord. Heated seats available, traction control available, and the BOSE system is awesome. The 6 disk changer is tempting, but the stock 60 watt stereo in the Accord is subpar. Now if the Accord was available with the 5 speed V6, I would probably look at it closer. What colors are you considering, I love the Satin Silver available on the Accord, on the Maxima the Satin Blue Pearl and the Merlot color are my favorites.
    Good Luck to you.
  • The Maxima as I can remember is slightly more reliable than the Accord, but I am not sure.
  • jans4jans4 Posts: 7
    Let's not forget about the Accord's excellent safety rating and resale value, especially compared with the Maxima. It also comes with traction control(not as an option).
  • We are most likely going to get an Accord EX V6 later this year. I was wondering if anyone had good/bad experiences with the dealer options. I thought about getting some Accord all-weather floor mats (Chicago winters will destroy nice carpeting)and changing the standard alloys with some of the dealer rims. Has anyone been able to negotiate with dealer options? Are these options even worth getting from the dealer to begin with? I would really appreciate some advice.

  • I forgot that traction control is standard on the V6 models for 2001.
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    My parents took the Maxima because they didnt want a car that everyone had. You get the "VQ" engine which is the best V6 ever (according to Wards). Plus the Maxima is quieter...but rides harsher. but you get great performance/handling (according to my dad) for the harsher ride. the interior looks much better than the accords too (IMO).
  • I recently traded in my '98 Accord EX V-6 for a 2001 SE (admittedly with a 5-speed, so it is not an apples-to-apples comparison). I like the Max MUCH better. I was really disappointed with the build and finish quality of the Accord, which IMO was not up to Honda's generally high standards at all (perhaps the American manufacturing enters into this?).

    I suggest test-driving both. I found the Accord had a suprisingly harsh ride considering its copious amounts of body roll and nose dive (the SE, with its 17" wheels, has a firm ride but at least it handles accordingly), and the steering is very slow and overboosted in comparison to the Maxima. The Max also has a much more substantial feel all around, at least to me.

    I thought the Accord's engine was its only real saving grace; it had no sporting aspirations at all and was generally rather numb and uncommunicative to drive. To each his own I guess. I thought R&T summed it up nicely when they compared the Accord, Max, Camry, Grand Prix, and Taurus last May; they said the Maxima was "a shark among groupers," and ranked it #1.
  • jans4jans4 Posts: 7
    The Maxima SE has a sportier look and I believe has a sportier suspension than the Maxima GLE. The GLE may be a better (apples to apples) comparison with the EXV6. I also don't think comparing a 5 speed manual transmission with a automatic is realistic.
  • I just purchased the EX V6 Accord with the audio wood trimming and the rear spoiler, Satin Silver. This car is so hot! The 2001 EX comes with everything you'll ever need, plus the room of a sedan. I looked at the Maxima but it fell short when closely compared with the Accord. Note, the 2 thousand dollar difference between the two. Thus, not only is the Accord a better packaged car it's slightly less expensive. Go with the group leader, the Accord EX V6, sliver of course! You are probably going to want to add the rear spoiler and extra wood trimming for that added luxury feel.

    A proud Honda owner,
    Robert Rodriguez
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Posts: 34
    Hee hee - my Accord EX V-6 did not seem so well packaged when its driver's seat started to disintegrate at 37,000 miles, or when its fuel gauge sending unit failed, or when the entire inner portion of the driver's door moved in and out when the window was being raised or lowered, or when it emitted a high ringing noise from the engine compartment in cold weather, and certainly not when I went to turn and it responded like a foundering flounder.

    I agree the Accord is the class leader on paper, as it offers a tremendous feature set for the money, and I rationalized mine for a long time on that basis - it seemed better-equipped and more powerful, and much cheaper to boot, than my Dad's Acura Legends, which were great cars in their day. But when it came to actually driving it, I was tremendously disappointed. I think in this class the Maxima is clearly the car to beat for folks who want a sporty car, and the Camry is probably the comfort and refinement leader. I found my Accord to combine the two qualities in a way that did not satisfy me at all - it seemed to combine excessive ride harshness with very slow, overboosted steering. To each his own I guess. In all fairness I really dislike automatic transmissions as well, which did not help the car in my eyes either.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I test drove both but I have a little bit different opinions.

    I tried the SE. I couldn't feel much difference on the suspension system (comapred to my current Altima GXE's ??). The interior is much nicer. The car is more stable but I have to press the accelerator harder to make it go. May be I used to Nissan's accelerator and their accelerator pedals seem to be tighter.

    I tried LX-V6 instead of the EX-V6. The interior is cheaper (because it is a LX ?). Anyway, I looked at an EX interior and it is just a little bit better. The automatic climate control is too simple and like a toy. I felt the car move quicker. I pressed the accelerator slightly and the car moves. The car felt lighter too. I won't buy EX because leather seats without heated seats in winter (esp. in the Midwest region) is kind of stupid.

    You can better paint, interest rate from Nissan, longer bumper-bumper & major components warranty from Nissan, and you can usually get a better deal too.

    If I buy Nissan again, I may buy a 1-2 years old one because used Nissans are cheap.
  • kcallkcall Posts: 6
    OOPS, sorry about that. I just registered, and made first boo-boo. Im considering purchase of a 2001 Maxima in next 2-3 weeks. My choices are between the SE (not anniversary edition) and GLE.
    SE if purchased would be equipped similar to GLE with leather,sunroof, etc, plus 17 inch tires.

    Questions: Best dealer price so far on GLE with roof, microfilter,floormats is $25531. Have not prices a SE yet. Is this a reasonable price? Does the SE with 17 inch rubber have a noticeable harsher ride? Is premium fuel required?

    Any and all input is appreciated> Thanks in advance.
  • I'm not even considering cars, but I saw this board and I had to throw in my two cents. I test-drove an SE fully loaded just to get a feel for it and the thing was smooth as silk. On paper, the Accords pick-up doesn't compare to the Maxima. Accords are for grandparents, anyhow. They are terribly plain, don't you think? (hope there are no Accord drivers in here; if there are, then sorry) You have to dress them up to make them look good. I don't like the rear end of the new Maxi generation but it's more bold than the Accord. Anyway I'm outta my league cause I only have a '97 SE 5-speed that I just got the first of the year. I sure would like the extra 35 or 37 hp or even the extra 75 or so that will be on the latest models, but I'm content and I'm too broke to get anything more and have a little change left for food and shelter and school and other minor things.
  • w900lw900l Posts: 5
    Hello, I'm new to this, but thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I'm currently trying to decided between the Accord EXLV, the Max SE and the Acura TL. Went and drove all three the same day, and was really disappointed with the Accord, when compared to the Max and TL. I've owned seven Accords (along with my first Honda product when I was seven which was a kick n'go, five CR's, my wife's Legend, and a mower), so I'm pretty biased toward Honda products. But I was not at all impressed with the Accord versus the Max and the TL. The interior, build quality, driving feel/sportiness and just overall impressions of the latter were enough to sway my opinion. The Accord can be had for a few thousand less, but I'm not so sure it isn't worth paying the difference for the other two. Anyway, the Maxima GLE price of $25,500 seems about right from what I've found. I do think the GLE rides better than the SE w/17" wheels. But that's why one is an SE and the other a GLE - they're aimed at different crowds. The TL looks more like about $27,000, but it almost seems to be just a tiny notch above the Max. So, it really is a toss-up for me between it and the Max SE. I'll have to make up my mind pretty soon. The Accord just seemed out of league.
  • vmb1vmb1 Posts: 2
    Accord Ex V6 vs Maxima vs Camry XLE V6.....

    As a long time & satisfied Accord driver it is a hard choice to shift horses. Honda's value, build quality, local service staff and resale value are not easily overcome by the opposition.

    After lots of homework, I bought the Maxima GLE after a test ride experience revealed: 1)the Bose Sound System was second to none 2)the cabin is spacious, comfortable (without the too cushy feel of the CAMRY) & instrumentation is exceptional ...3)most important the 222 HP V6 has the pep and road grabbing feel of a sports car!

    Still the $ gap between the Maxima and my second choice, the Accord, was making it hard. Along came the Presidents Day Sale... and an offer I couldn't refuse. Nissan was Accord dealer wasn't interested...thus, the choice became easy--->MAXIMA. Morale of the story..If you can close the $ gap...I say JUST DO IT! If you can't close the $....Honda is not a shabby fall back.
  • stxrx7stxrx7 Posts: 10
    I can't believe this is even a discussion thread. The Maxima is the superior car. Most Honda dealers could care less if you bought their Accord, because someone else always will. The Maxima has the better engine, handling, transmission, audio system, features, and performance. Refinement is at least on par with the Accord, too. Stop fooling yourself and forget the Accord. If you want a REAL debate, ask which is better: a 4-cyl Accord or the 4-cyl Altima!
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I had always been an import car buyer. I never once gave American cars the time of day for my attention. I had an Accord. My co-worker has the Maxima. Both Maximas and Accords are great cars.

    I was in the market for something "new". What I found was a Chevy Impala LS. From someone who only buys import cars, I can give you testimonial that the Impala LS is an awesome vehicle!! I was shocked by the drive quality of the car and all the safety features you come to expect for a mid size car.

    I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a fully loaded sedan to test drive a Chevy Impala LS. Dont' limit yourself with only import cars. The Impala LS made a big believer out of me!! Even my sister who owns Infiniti Q45 was amazed at the smoothness of the vehicle and the power pack 3.8 liter 200 hp engine. She also loves that fact that NSHTA ranked Impala 5 stars.
  • It's kind of interesting that the Impala only gets 200 hp out of a 3.8 litre engine. And what is the deal with having two size engines? The gas mileage is not too much better, so what was the reason behind that? The Maxima gets about the same gas mileage out of a 222 hp 3.0 litre engine. I'm with stxrx7: there is really no comparison. It seems that they are really targeted at different people. Maxima, cool ; Impala, grandparents. In fact, my grandfather is looking for a new car now and he's considered the Impala. It's a nice car, but it's really in a different league from the Maxima. I must say that the Impala does have a very nice ride, though. I might consider buying one if you could get it with a 5-speed, 6 spoke 17-inch wheels, and a Bose sound system.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I think the Accord is a great car period. The Maxima is not to be compared with Camry or Accord. Lexus ES300. BMW325 Lincoln or Caddy are cars that can compete. The SE interior room, style and performance are outstanding espically the fit and finish. Quality is there and service from my dealer has been top notch. I paid about 26K tax included for well equipped Maxima excludeding leather and Bose. I look at Accord's on the street and they look back with envy. Honda sales are strong and always will be, but Nissan builds cars with Athletic look's and performance in mind.
  • My mind is made up, I'll buy the Maxima. First deal is 23,900 for the SE with Comfort and convenience pkg, splash guards, microfilter, wind deflector. This is my price without any bargaining. TMV is 24,073. I told him I would be back after I research and he seemed fine with that. Any tips on my next move would be appreciated. Vanessa
  • fchirichfchirich Posts: 1
    I would appreciate further info on your quest for a "good deal" on the SE .I am in the same quandary as you. I definitely like the car and would like a good price and as far as I can see the 23900 for this vehic. with the options you listed, appears to be good. Please let me know further developments in your negotiations. Jerry
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Invoice on my Maxima was 23,500, I paid a few hundred over that. I took a friend of mine back to the same Dealer to purchase his. He paid invoice for the car, I assume they had some dealer cash incentive at the time to sell a 2001 Max at invoice. I checked the internet and could not find any regional or national programs at that time (Oct 2000). My dealer was JK Nissan in Downers Grove, IL. Your price seems very close to invoice. Good Luck!
  • I posted a few days ago...but who knows where it went to. As you can see I'm new to the board. I have someone going to an auction for me to get a 97/98 Maxima SE fully loaded. He's quoted ma a price of around $18,900 for this car with roughly anywhere between 23,000-50,000 miles give or take. First question: Is there any major issues with either of these years that anyone could tell me of. Second: Am I getting a deal here? Third: Standard or Automatic? I drive both but understand the resale value is better for a stick. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks! :)
  • ny972213ny972213 Posts: 7
    I recently purchased a 2001 SE for 23700(including comfort and convenience, microfilter, mats, wind deflector, and destination). A $500 factory to dealer was applied(don't know if this still in effect).
    Good Luck!
  • al57al57 Posts: 67
    I own a 2000 max se with comfort and convenience, and other minor options.. has anyone tried to find a reasonable costing 225/50R17 tire as replacement... Mine came with bridge stone RE92..who else offers this size?????
  • sebbsebb Posts: 16
    Hey all,
    Just got our new 2001 Maxima SE this weekend. Comfort & Convenience, Meridian Edition, Bose, Leather (Love those heated seats here in the Dakotas!) Microfilter...basically every option you can get except for the 6-disc changer.

    What a beauty of a car. Sticker on ours was 30,060 and we paid 26,300. A few hundred under invoice.

    To those looking for good deals...I have done a TON of research in the past months on the MAX, and it seems everyone is paying invoice +/- a few hundred dollars. Keep pressing till you get it. We had to walk out on the business manager once...but sure enough the next morning the phone was ringing with our price.

    We drove Accord and Max and there just is no comparison. Even the fully loaded Honda is a far cry from the Max SE. The 17" tires are sooooo nice.
  • On the brochure I have for the 2001 Maxima, it says the top speed for the 20th ann. SE is 143 mph, but the picture of the speedometer scale goes up to 160 mph. Who's gotten up that high? I know you do when you're by yourself so don't even fake it. Can anyone tell by their keen driving senses whether the speed is electronically limited to 143 mph or if it simply cannot get much faster than 143 mph? Why would they tease people by putting that scale on the speedometer if they cannot get there? Does anyone know if it's possible to get one of those 260 something hp Maxi engines in a '97? Just curious.

    Now my other question. I just bought my 97 at the beginning of the year and a single disc CD player was on the features list. However, all the buttons are labelled with the changer controls as well. So I want to be sure that I don't have a changer that I don't know how to use, as the manual is totally useless in the section designated specifically for models equipped with CD changers. So, for those with changers in their previous generation Maximas (or the current generation if the changer is the same or quite similar), how do you load your CD's? In what order do you do what? So am I an idiot with a changer or am I doing everything right and I just don't have a changer?
  • 96_i30_5sp96_i30_5sp Posts: 127
    Found an incredible deal today that I couldn't pass up. At an unlikely place (Ford dealer) there stood a fresh trade-in sherwood green 2000 SE 5spd with only 9500mi and all options (C&C, bose, leather, cd changer) except the Meridian package but I don't care about heated seats in SE Texas. :) Anyway, I got it for only $17,500+TTL!
  • Are you sure there is nothing wrong with that car? How many miles are on it? Have you had it thoroughly examined?? I wish I could have gotten your deal.
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