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Toyota Highlander Accessories and Modifications



  • I purchased a receiver hitch and wiring harness from my Toyota dealer in NC for my '08 Highlander. It was not the Toyota "factory" hitch shown in their brochure or accessory booklet, but rather an after market Class III Reese hitch that came from their Toyota Southeast supplier, Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC. I had attended a "Get to Know your Toyota" seminar the dealer did, and there met the parts manager who sold it to me for around $250. The installation instructions for both were straight forward and it went on without any problem.

    In December I traded for a 2011 and the dealer through-in on the deal accessories I had installed on the '08. I am now waiting for warmer weather to install the hitch. Installation instructions were not included in the carton, but the dealer's parts department voluntarily offered to print them out for me.
    Part numbers are: 00016-48730 hitch and 00016-48730-01 wiring harness. I don't see how adding an aftermarket hitch would void the warranty, especially if the vehicle is equipped with the Tow Prep Package.
  • I have a 2011 highlander limited with Thule base rack system. Interested in add a cargo box and looking for highlander owner experience with Thule and Yakima.
  • I am 5'6" and find the toyota highlander the most uncomfortable headrest I have ever experienced. I don't know how to get comfortable. I like to sit straight up......not with my head bent way forward. I feel that the headrest keeps me in a "Prepare for an accident state" at all times than a "be comfortable state". I also feel that it will destroy my good posture with a neck that protrudes way forward. It will make me look old before my time. I thought at the dealership they said that it could be adjusted......which it can't. I really need to find a solution. We will likely remove the headrest....but I wish Toyota could provide an alternative even if I have to pay for it. I feel neck pain (which I don't have) after sitting in the seat.
  • ann39ann39 Posts: 4
    I would tilt my seat back a little bit. I keep mine tilted back all the time. The seat is one of the things that I do like about the Highlander.
  • The Part Numbers: 00016-48730 hitch and 00016-48730-01 wiring harness are Toyota parts or Class III Reese? Did the aftermarket hitch look clean on your '08?
  • The Part Numbers: 00016-48730 hitch and 00016-48730-01 wiring harness are Toyota parts or Class III Reese? Did the aftermarket hitch look clean on your '08?

    These part numbers are on the cartons that the Reese hitch and wiring harness came in are supplied to Toyota dealers in the Southeast by Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC. The receiver hitch is fabricated with 2" square tubing and is welded to a piece of flat steel that fits under the exhaust pipe. Some of the other after market hitches have the piece fitting above the exhaust pipe.

    On my '08, I had added the stainless steel exhaust tip which dressed the car up a bit. The Reese hitch setup gave a "functionally" clean look in my opinion. The receiver socket, the part where your ball attachment fits into is trimmed with a chrome ring which adds some aesthetic look to it. The Toyota receiver hitch that is shown on their accessory website and in their accessory booklet does have a different refined finish look, but you must part with more $$ for it. The bottom centered panel is replaced with a cutout and their receiver is a bit higher off the ground.

    Google "reese hitch for highlander." You can find links for the Reese hitch and can see what it looks like.
  • want to increase cargo space ,has anyone tried to remove third seat if so how? thanks ted
  • This is doable (hint - use Google). You'd need to find someone with similar car but with only 2 seat rows. Many people would love to add a third row and will be more then happy to swap parts with you.
  • I have same car and had rather have the space than the seats. I really can't see any use for those seats. It is mighty tiny and hard to get to.
  • I have 2008 HL and 3rd row is quite usable.
  • lionel798lionel798 Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    Highlander is very easy to be stolen. They know how to drive the car without key in 5 minutes. They are high technology guy.
    I am thinking, simply break a major circuit wire, install a switch, hide the switch in the glove box.
    It could be the power supply to the control broad, or the wire to the starter.
    I am sure they can not find my switch, they never thought there is a wire switch. The simple trick will block them.
    Anybody has good ideas?
  • Pls see the following video demo of the iPod connectivity.
  • nikon5400nikon5400 Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    I'd like to update some of the interior on my 2012 base highlander. I'd like to get leather seats and it seems like SE interior can be found on junk yards for less then katzkin leather would cost, plus I'd get power driver seat, lumbar support and heat (with SE dashboard). I know it's not new and katzkin is probably better, but I'd like to weigh pros and cons.

    I know the 2011 model was slightly refreshed, both interior and exterior. Is there a complete list of changes between 2008-2010 and 2011? I know 3rd row has changed. What else?

  • smokesmoke Posts: 4
    edited January 2012
    Just purchasded 2012 Limited Highlander and really miss the Memory seat function we had in previous van.

    Is there any after market applications sold for this to install?
  • padypady Posts: 10
    Can anybody recommend a backup camera and where to have it install?
    If you guy have DIY kind of video, please send a link.
    Thank you
  • Just got installed on our 2012 Highlander: chrome bull bar made by Steelcraft, model #73290 plus license plate relocator kit. Looks very impressive!
  • I'm thinking of attaching a chrome tube-step on our 2011 Highlander that still does not have a receiver hitch. Does the task of installing the receiver hitch requires needed skills? Previously, we had a chrome bull bar installed by professional installers & now we're thinking of matching the rear with a chrome tube step.
  • I'm trying to find a rear bumper guard (double tube preferably) for my 2010 Highlander that will install with an after-market trailer hitch. Have tried to talk to the Steelcraft, Broadfeet and Black Horse people and they haven't a clue. Can anyone please point me in the right direction??
  • When I purchased my 2013 Highlander it had the side molding on the doors. I want to add the Toyota door edge guards. There is about 1/8" from the end of the side molding to the edge of the door. I have asked parts dept., Toyota parts suppliers, and even Toyota whether you can install the door edge guard with side molding installed. For some reason no one has been able to answer my question. Has anyone installed door edge guards when there is side molding installed?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I wonder if you could order a set and do a "dry fit" install to see if they work. And then return them and get your money back if they don't work?

    Watch out for a restocking fee if you decide to go this route.
  • propwash49propwash49 Posts: 38
    edited February 2013
    I saw a car yesterday that had both the side moldings and edge guards. They just split the door edge guard into two parts--one went above the molding, and the other half was installed below the molding. I thought it looked OK. The moldings were the same color as the body, and the edge guards were black It might look a little different if you have a white car with black edge guards or some other color combination. This is just a suggestion.

    Another thing you might try is to trim away the part of the edge guard that interferes with the side molding. It might be a little difficult to do, but if you take your time, this might work out for you. Good luck.
  • I have a 2013 Highlander Plus an would like to install Sirius/XM radio. Is there anyway to hardwire it through the current factory radio or do I have to go after market installation?
  • I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out. I have a 2008 highlander hybrid with a third row seat. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the solid seat with the newer split folding rear seat?
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