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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2005 and earlier



  • I bought a new eclipse 2003 (not convertible) when it rains I get water inside the drivers side door, puddles inside the door frame. dealer states it is a "normal occurrence" is this true? any help with this is appreciated.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    dealer states it is a "normal occurrence" is this true?

    I think the dealer needs to have their head examined. Absolutely false, take it to another dealer for a different opinion. I would also give mitsubishi headquarters a call and file a complaint against that dealer.
  • thank you, I think I will do that Have been getting the run around since 12/26/02. and we have really been getting the rain. thanks again
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    No problem...I've dealt with a few different mitsubishi service departments. I remember going to one about a headliner problem I had which kept peeling off the rear window velcro. Well...both trips I made, they kept adding double sided tape thinking it would band aid the problem. After lowering the top and bringing it back up it still kept peeling off. I finally got fed up with them and visited a different dealer which immediately ordered a new complete headliner under warranty. Never had the problem since..
  • afraid I had no luck with my problem, am having to go to arbitration with Mitsubitishi. They would not admit to me having a problem. Will keep you posted on my results.
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I sell Mitsu......My service department told me to ask you have they taken apart entire door and resealed all???If this continues...rust will continue...I live in Mass...too bad you could not take car to my dealership...we would treat you with "kid gloves"
  • neo7neo7 Posts: 1
    Check if there are any modifications have been done to the car, and be advised that at 60K you will need to replace timing belt and water pump to avoid headaches in the future, good luck.
  • I don't think they took the door off, they are telling me that it is normal to get the water inside the door, I disagree with them. I also wish I lived near your dealership, because I have had nothing but the run around with this one. The dealer has NOT called one time to talk to me about the problems. they also stated not to worry about the rust that I have a 7 year warranty against rust!!!!!!!!! what a remark for the dealership to make huh?
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    They are giving you attorney general's Better Business Bureau...owner will come out of his hiding place.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Amazing...This just might very well be one of the worst dealer service departments on the planet. Have you tried talking to someone in management on the sales side or even the owner?
    I would be especially fumed if this was the same dealership I purchased the car from too.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm having a little trouble understanding your problem. Are you saying that water is leaking into the interior and forming puddles in the driver side footwell? Or are you saying water is traveling through the inside of the door (that is, down the outside of the window, through the weatherstripping at bottom of glass and than through the inside of the door frame) and forming puddles of water on the sidesill? If its the former, than you definitely have a problem. If it's the latter, I don't think anything is wrong. It is very normal for rain to travel through the inside of the door and exit out through drain holes on the bottom of the door frame, which leads to the side sills. Could you clarify a little where the rain is actually leaking into?

    It's possible you do have a horrible dealer but sometimes they honestly can't find anything wrong with the car. I have a friend who is the shop foreman at my local Mitsu dealer (it pays to have friends in the right places). He was working on an 03 Eclipse this weekend with only 900 miles that has a check engine light on constantly. He replaced a few parts on it based on the code that was given and gave the car back to the owner. The light turned right back on. He tried to fix it 3 times and was baffled as to what the problem was and now the owner was trying to claim lemon law on it. Turns out, a small rubber hose had a slight tear in it that could only be seen when bent. Replacing that insignificant hose fixed the problem! I'm sure the owner felt like the dealer was playing games with him or he bought a piece of junk, but honestly, they couldn't find anything wrong and the hose was not a part that normally fails. I'm not saying this is the same as your case, but just keep an open mind. I did ask him about your problem but he had never encountered water leakage problems with the Eclipse. I wish you luck!
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    I was under the assumption eclipseowner was getting puddles on his driverside floor.

    I agree with ingtongue18 as far as the water flowing through the outside of the window through the door. This is a normal occurrence. The interior panels and mechanicals inside the door are protected by weather proof plastic sheeting for this purpose. There should also be some undercoating on the door panels which protects them against rust.
    I say this from experience from seeing the inside of my spyder door panels. I also get water on the sidesill's...but this is normal.
    Water on the actual floor board not.
  • All I know is that water is forming inside my car, on the step panel and making BIG puddles that last through out the day. the dealership is the one that talked to me about rust, so they must be concerned about it.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    If it's raining a lot and off and on most of the day, water is going to stay on your step panel. It's very normal. There are no drail holes on the step panel for the water to escape through. The water eventually evaporates or runs back off the panel when put on an incline or going quickly around turns. There really is nothing the dealer can do about that water. As long as it isn't getting into your car, you don't have a problem. The Eclipse has a wide step panel so that may be why the puddle looks so unusually large to you compared to past cars. You might want to inspect your step panel and see if a slight incline is formed into it, which would cause the water to stay longer and have a harder time rolling out. Even if there is, it's most likely a design element in every Eclipse, thus why your dealer is giving you the run around and claiming there isn't a problem. I wouldn't be worried about rust though. The step panels are painted and treated just like every other panel so they aren't anymore susceptible to rust. You won't have any problems with rust in the normal time that you will spend with the car. My 84 VW GTI has a couple of rust holes forming on the step panel, but that is after almost 20 years of water sitting there and the Rabbit didn't have the higher quality steel that is used in cars today. In short, try to live with the water and enjoy your new car!
  • jmazz2jmazz2 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 eclipse. It is still under warranty. I reported to the dealership that I was having problems with the AC. I come to find out that something hit my condenser and it is not covered by the warranty. It will cost $700 to fix it. A mechanic looked at it for me after my initial shock and told me that it was a poor design for the condenser to be exposed in the front without a grill for something to protect it and even if I replaced the condenser that the same thing could happen again. I am very disappointed because this car is only 2 yrs old and I have to sink $700 dollars into it. I will probably never buy another mitsubishi. Signed very disappointed. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    No factory warranty anywhere would protect you from a repair like that. It's called road hazard. Do you expect your dealer to replace a headlight assembly under warranty because a rock broke the lense? I didn't think so. The same applies to the condenser. FYI, the Eclipse is not the only car without a grill. Many cars use this design and they are all susceptible to the same problem. My 92 Miata and 84 VW GTI both have exposed condensers, so does my dad's 95 Integra.
    Fact of the matter is, you must have hit something large and high enough to go inside the bumper and puncture the condenser. Do you remember anything like that? An animal, road debris, or piece of wood perhaps? I bet a recent thump is coming to mind? Driven behind any trucks throwing rocks on the road (although I think the rock would have to be large and travelling pretty fast to damage the condenser)? I don't think you should blame Mitsubishi for a freak object hitting your car or your inability to avoid whatever it is you hit. Sorry you got stuck with a high repair bill, but that is no reason to condemn a whole company. Be prepared to be disappointed with many other cars if the same accident happens.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Perhaps your auto insurance (comprehensive or collision coverage) could pick up some of the costs here. Good luck.

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  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    It is good to see you have an eye for spotting possible abnormalities. However...for the sake of your peace of mind :) and future enjoyment of the car. I would try put the wet side sill issue to rest. It is a normal occurrence. The sidesill's are coated with paint for rust protection anyways..

    You could try coating them with some wax or rain-x. Maybe it would help with sheeting some of the water off?
  • jmazz2jmazz2 Posts: 3
    What if something hits the new condenser? and I have to pay another $700 dollars....!!This is a design flaw. I won't buy another Mitsubishi again. Unfortunately, I learned what to look for (a protected condenser)in a car the hard way. BTW, I don't remember anything hitting the front of the car.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Sorry you are so disappointed. But it's not a design flaw no matter how much you try to tell yourself it is. Fact: something hit your condenser. Fact: It could happen to any car. Fact: not every Mitsubishi has the same design, so making a blanket statement is uninformed. Even if your car had a grille, you still could have run over a tire tread and flung it up, thus hitting the bottom of the condenser and doing the same damage. Can't you just accept it was a freak accident? That's why it's called road hazard. I even remember a couple of long term tests of expensive cars in Car and Driver where they hit an animal and ended up damaging the condenser. I believe one of them was a BMW and another a Lincoln. At any rate, it's a shame you are so quick to nail a whole company due to a repair that may or may not have happened on any other car. By the way, think real far back. Any unusual thunk, ding, or bump that you may have heard? Anyone mad at you? :) Seriously though, it can take awhile for the freon to leak out enough for the AC to stop working so the damage may have been done a long time ago.
  • screeliscreeli Posts: 12
    my 96 eclipse has been a headache since i got it...
    two major problems have existed since i got it, and my mechanics have tried numerous ways to fix and nothing seems to stick

    the first problem:
    1) major vibration during accelerations above 40mph

    first we thought it was the rims,so i got hub rings, didnt affect anything so i replaced the rims,helped a bit, but still had vibration on accel
    all balancing redone, new tires, new ball joints, suspension checked, we replaced a front axle, drove good for a week, after travelling 100 miles with somewhat bent rims, vibration comes back bad the doors look like they are comimg off

    maybe the rims bent the axle again?(dont think so) or maybe both axles need to be replaced?(our next step)

    problem 2)
    speedometer doesnt work
    replaced speedsensor, still didnt work
    replaced instrument cluster, still didnt work
    found a broken plastic speed gear in tranny, dropped it, replaced the gear for around $800 and then worked for a week, broke again on same trip(approx: 100 miles)...

    at least now the speedometer jumps up and down at times and even works on occasion

    my mechs want to buy another speedsensor, i think it would be too much of a coincidence, plus they lost my original speedsensor that was supposedly ok to begin with
    im really hoping its not a differential problem which may explain both problems, but would make no sense to me that it would not have been detected when the tranny was dropped...what else could it be?

    someone please help!!!

    thanks a million1
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Are you saying your rims are bent? How did the first axle get bent? Did you run over a curb or something? If your wheels are bent, than that will cause a nasty vibration and rebalancing will not do any good.
  • screeliscreeli Posts: 12
    i have been told that they are bent, but im not sure how my axle(s) were bent
    when i had the front axle fixed the first time, with the "bent" rims still on, the car drove fine with a very slight vibration at high speeds

    i concluded the slight vibration was from the bent rims, and the major vibration during the acceleration was from the axle...

    however, since then i have replaced the rims to find that the small vibration is gone(confirming the connection between the small vib. and the bent rims) but the major vibration still exists(10 tims the small vibration)

    could it be that keeping the "bent" rims on rebent the axle(i was told this is not possible) or do i have two bent axles?

    i dont know, but im hoping its not a differential problem which could possibly explain the speedometer not working, but wouldnt explain why the vibration is not dependent on gear and that it only exists during accelerations and is worse going uphill...

    thanks for your replies...
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    There are 2 cv axles so if one of them was bent, there is a good possibility the other is bent too. Bent wheels will not cause axles to bend so that wasn't your cause. To bend the axle, the car had to of been in an accident or hit something solid like a curb. Other possible causes of your vibration is a bad hub assembly, bad differential, or bad transmission. Is yours an automatic or manual?
  • screeliscreeli Posts: 12
    the car was hit, im assuming since it was a salvage title, but did not vibrate when i first bought it, only about 3 months later...but no significant impacts since i bought it...

    manual transmission, which was recently dropped in order to replace a PLASTIC speed gear in order to get the speedometer to work...which has recently stopped working again, and the transmission must be dropped again to replace the gear...headache!

    im getting the axle replaced, which means ill have both in front new...ill have the hub looked at, and hopefully the vibration will be gone

    do you think the vibration could be severe enough to be damaging the speed sensing gear in the tranny?
    i dont want to have to keep dropping the tranny just to keep the speedometer working, even if it is on warranty

    do you think the two problems could possibly be linked?

    thanks for your advice
  • sorry to disagree with you about the water problem but I get water inside the step panel even when getting a heavy dew and sprinkles of rain only on drivers side, I am not going to live with it if I can help it, I get water on my clothes when getting in and have to carry a towel to dry out the water. Sorry but am not satisfied with my car......................................... :(
  • talked to reps from Mits. and they stated that this is NOT a normal occurance. they are looking into this problem will keep you posted on this situation with rain leakage on the kick panel on the driver's side only.....................
  • dony_bdony_b Posts: 1
    Hi! This is my first post in Town Hall, and I have many things to say and ask. Which means that this is going to be a long post! I really enjoy reading your posts. Almost as much as I enjoy driving my 2002 Mitsu Eclipse GS, manual shift, dark red, premium Infinity stereo, sunroof, and that cool aluminum fuel tank cap (makes me run anxiously to fill up the tank!... not really). Today, 17 months and 20K miles later, I am as happy with it as ever. Except for a few minor glitches that I will tell you later, I am not disappointed at my little Mitsu. The main reasons I decided to buy it are: (a) I am a big fan of Jackie Chan, and if you haven't noticed it, Mitsubishi has been sponsor of his great movies, oldies (Dragons Forever, Armour of God, Project A2, Heart of Dragon) as well as newies (Who am I? and First Strike). It isn't the main reason, but I decided to mention it firstly anyway. (b) I wanted an exciting sporty car, and my Eclipse delivers (at least in my inexperienced street-racing opinion): I love to swing off the ramp onto I-40 at 80+ mph and feel how tightly the Bridgestone Potenzas adhere to the pavement. Still, I am sure some Yokos wouldn't do harm! (c) I fell in love with its gorgeous, sleek style, that makes it stand out even today, when you can see new Eclipses almost on every corner. Its standard features list is impressive considering the price, also. (d) Its affordable price and the 0-0-0 Plan (perfect for somebody with no cash and some debts after the wedding expenses!). My plan was switching to a cheaper credit right before my first payment, while saving money for a healthy down payment, and finally trimming one year from the original loan term to cut financial cost. Now, with an interest rate 5% lower, 31 months remaining in the loan, payments $100 less than those estimated for the original credit, nearly out of Upside-downville 11 months after making my first payment, oh! and with all my credit cards balances paid off, I am sure that, if you manage well your finances, this plan is an awesome win-win situation. Now, my gripes: I have noticed a rattling/squeaking at the front right section of the dash, probably somewhere at the base of the windshield. It happens only when driving on rough pavement, and I haven't been able to duplicate the noise when I take it to the dealer for inspection. Someone in this same discussion (Msg#42) had a similar problem. Another problem is a rattling (more like a buzzing-whirring-humming) that comes from somewhere in the driver's footwell. It comes up when driving at highway speeds and gets louder when climbing steep hills. Again, I haven't been able to duplicate it with a technician riding with me. Both noises seem to have faded away recently, but still I hear them ocassionally. Do any of you have a similar problem with your Eclipse? The only other problem was that the back cover of the cruise control stalk kept popping out of place. After a couple of trips to the service dept., they decided to replace the entire unit. Blessed remedy! Would I buy another Mitsu? I am not sure. It sure feels sturdy when you lift the hood, the trunk, open the doors, or even the central console and the glove box. If it keeps holding up as well as so far, I might give it a try, specially now that the equipment level was improved for 2003-2004 models, and the prices are down. But not from the same dealer, I am sure of that! Poor rookie me, the salesman tricked me into paying extra bucks for dealer-added stuff and, after cutting $1,500 off MSRP, I ended up paying close to the original MSRP, but far from TMV. I felt even worse when, after getting home I realized I fell into the same game that Edmunds refers to in their article "Blinded by Chrome: High Priced Dealer Add-Ons" ( article.html), which I had read the day before! Besides, I am starting to wonder how well would a Subaru Impreza WRX do in winter over here. The Nissan 350Z, and the new Mazda RX-8 are also pretty neat choices too. Then again, I am planning to keep my Eclipse for a while, yet. One final question: While washing my car this weekend, a stranger stopped by and, after praising its looks (when just washed it looks so sexy), he asked me if I had ever topped it. I told him that I tried once, and it reached 115-117 mph. He told me that I should remove the governor chip, below the dash. He told me he has a '97 Eclipse (didn't mention the trim) and it reaches 140mph after he removed the chip. Makes sense? where is that chip located? What is your advice? And one more thing, A coworker of mine let me drive her Mazda 6, and it was great! After asking permission to race it, I pushed it to the red line twice in less than a couple of seconds, even though it was automatic! I honestly envied her control panel, it looked so modern and upscale. And she said that she paid around as much as what I paid for my Eclipse almost two years ago. Of course, she did her homework before going out shopping, which I didn't.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your message. Glad to hear your Mitsubishi Eclipse has been serving you well.

    While you're waiting here for feedback, you may also want to plug your vehicle into Edmunds' Maintenance Guide to see if you can find any TSBs that might be related to the items (i.e. rattling) you've mentioned. Good luck, and please keep us posted.

    Also, a suggestion for the next time you post a long message: break your message up into smaller paragraphs. This will make it much easier for others to read. People will be more likely to read the entire post if it's easy on the eyes. Okay? ;-)

    Happy motoring, and see you around Town Hall!

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  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    When I got my driver's liscense in 1992, one of the cars on my dream list (but couldn't have it due to insurance) was an Eclipse GSX. I even drove one a few times (awesome car) I liked the way it evolved through the years and even liked the last GSX with the high spoiler (and I'm not a fan of high spoilers). The new body style came out in (2000?) with the V6 and FWD only which I didn't like too much (as I'm sure many of you felt the same way), but I was into the styling and I understand that the masses make money for Mitsubishi, not the enthusiasts. Very sleek looking exterior. I like the 17" wheels. I was kinda disapointed when it came to the interior design and quality of interior materials. The interior is definitely what turned me off. I ended up finding a leftover 2001 Prelude Type SH last April that I bought and am completely happy with.

    The Elcipse Spyder is nice looking and the features/dollar quotient as compared to other convertibles is great too.

    I'm sure this has been discussed, but why had Mitsubishi decided to only puit the SOHC V6 in the car as opposed to their DOHC 24V V6 that last saw a home in the engine bays of 3000GTs and Stealths? That was one sweet engine. My Mom had a 1995 Stealth R/T (no turbo) and even with the slushbox that engine loved to rev.

    I'd like to see some better interior bits and design as well as a larger back window for the convertible top as some improvements. But please give us an ultra-performance version of the eclipse with either the NA 3.0L DOHC V6, TT 3.0L DOHC V6, or at least the Turbo 4 (for better weight distribution).

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

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