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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2005 and earlier



  • 96 Eclipse GS with 2.0 D.O.C. 4 cyl. non-turbo. After a few minutes of running the ignition cuts out and the engine dies. Left to cool for just a couple of minutes the engine re-starts fine and runs for a couple more minutes. I replaced the coil and the problem remains. I just replaced water pump and radiator, the engine does not appear to be overheating. Any suggestions?
  • The trans on my 96 Eclipse turbo has a bad gear. I pulled the trans out of the car but now I can't split the case. The shift rods won't clear the actuator arm. I've removed all the bolts and ball detents but I can't see how this thing is suppposed to come apart.
    Any help is well appreciated.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Hi I am new to Eclipse's ( own a '04 Galant) but I ran across this '98 Eclipse Spyder GS, with a 2.4L motor, from my understanding only the GS Spyder had this motor? not even the Non-Spyder GS had the 2.4L, so only ragtop GS's had the 2.4L?? is this a good engine? I have heard that if not already, that it is famous for oil burning....But I love the style of this Gen...Eclipse...and the ragtop :) it's hard getting info on this particular setup, most sites list the GS Spyder as having the regular non-Spyder and RS's 2.0L? is the 2.4L a Chrysler engine also,,,,any info would help,,,thanks Sean.....1998 Eclipse Spyder GS 66Kmiles...
  • Hello,

    I have had my 2000 Eclipse in the shop for a replacement O2 filter, these jokes almost runied the enitre exhaust manifold by trying to tear the O2 sensor out. Anyway the engine light came on, I did a code check and now it says O2 sensor Bank 1 Sesnor 2 is bad - anyone know the location of this sensor?


  • chattichatti Posts: 1
    I am planning on buying an 2002 eclipse GS.Please suggest if its a wise choice.I heard it had a dodge neon engine and causes a lot of problems with the engine.

    please suggest.
  • 1996 eclipse, auto transmission, electric overdrive. The overdrive will not engage the light on the dash doesn't come on when the overdrive button is pushed. Not sure where to start on diagnosing. Looks to have a control module for the transmission mounted under the console.
  • hey, i have a 2000 mitsubishi eclipse GS with the same exact oil light problem. i went down to the dealership and talked to them and right away they thought it was an engine oil pressure switch. it only cost me like $25 bucks, and i attempted to put it in myself but i cant find the stupid thing... so it must be buried..

    did u ever find out if that was your problem or what?
  • Its the wierdest thing. my sun roof will only open up on the highway. it starts to open when on normal roads, but stops, but on the highway it works great.

    another thing with my car is that the cd wont work at all... so i went to check the fuse. there wasnt one so i attempted to put one in but there are no metal prongs inside the fuse box to hold the fuse... very wierd. i know the previous owners had a system in the car, but what could have they done to and how do i make it work cause it sucks to have no tunes in a new car.
  • kenpckenpc Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 4 cylinder. Occasionally, there is a bad smell inside the car. It appears to happen when the engine is revved up more than normal. Any ideas?
  • Quote "Read my message how to overhaul idle speed valve and clean RGA valve."
    We have a 90 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the machanic said it needs a new IDLE SPEED CONTROL MOTOR. I've been checking the symptoms and wondered about the screw in the throttle, but my spouse says there are many screws, and doesn't know which to adjust. Could you tell me where the "how to" message you wrote is?
    If we find adjusting the screw doesn't help, then maybe we need what the mechanic stated, or do anyway and I am just trying to avoid buying one.
    I realize it would help if we bought a manual. We just recently purchased this vehicle for cheap and put money into it, and are needing to put more into it.
    I also thought previously that the mechanic adjusted the timing so it wouldn't die, but think that he actually adjusted the idling, which would be the screw?? So, it's already been done maybe.
    Thanks, Penny
  • Go here: . Register and ask any question and someone really smart will help you out. I can answer a few of your questions. yes the spyder is the only eclipse to have the 2.4L engine but it only gains you 1 (yes one)HP over the 2.0L. non-spyder 2.0L has 140 HP and spyder w/ 2.4L has 141HP (both stock). So it really doesnt make much of a difference. And yes the engine is a chrysler motor made in illinois. I have a 98 GS with almost 90,000 miles and I have had no problems with it. I push it alot too. So your car should be good for quite some time. The engine is known for a few problems but I havent experienced any. One issue that isnt that big of a deal is when you push the car the oil dipstick will pop out and spray oil all over your engine which starts to smoke but its never happened to me and all you have to do is clean it up and put more oil in. But the car is awesome and good looking so enjoy. anymore questions feel free to ask me or anyone on will be happy to help too.

  • maybe the light just isnt working. If your car still shifts into 4 gear then you dont have a problem but if you cant get to fourth youll have to ask someone else.
  • I am about to purchase a 2000 Eclipse. It has 104K miles, and is still running great. Everything I have read to date seems to make me believe it is a great car, and I am getting a good deal. However, I read another forum that seemed to suggest tehre is a water accumulation problem from both doors, that can leave upt to an inch of water inside the car. THis would then lead to shorting of speakers since the stereo amp is underneath the passneger seat?

    Also, if there are 2000 Eclipse RS users out there, can you tell me if there is any sort of a front grill. Currently, this car I'm looking at has an open cavity in lower front, under the hood, and I can look clean into the lower part of the radiator. Should there be some form of a grill in this area, or is this by design? It just seems odd to me that tehre owuld not be a grill there to help deflect pebbles being kicked up, or even to help prevent salt from being spryed into the engine area.
  • I am a big fan of the mitsubishi eclipse except for the 2000-2004 which i think suck new model lookin good
  • I have a 1992 Eclipse with 180,000 miles and the thing performs absolutely great for a car of that miles :D , except it develops a tick in the valves every so often- are these valves adjustable? And do the GSs come with no power steering on some s? Thanks
  • I respect your oppenion,and I know that cars are man made and all differint...but I have owned 2 mitsubishis and they have been great cars,I have ran both to the ground first 94 eclipse 170,000,no problems second montero sport,132,000, so I would half to disagree. :)
  • I'm a new owner of a 2005 Spyder Eclipse and I'm 300 miles from the nearest dealership. Since I've had my car it has got a high speed vibration that won't go away and it is not consistent. I took it back to the dealer after having the tires re balanced and rotated 3 times by tire people. They re balanced again and said the tires were out of round so goodyear has replaced all 4 tires and still have the vibration. It is getting very frustrating and the dealer just says to bring it back again. I'm wondering if a alignment would do anything? Any suggestions??
  • To all you Eclipse owners - whats the ideal mileage to replace a timing belt? I guess it should be similar to other cars, but was curious if Eclipse owners replaced it around a particular mileage..? Mine is a 2001 model, with 61K on it...the manual suggests to do it by 60K - is that the best rule of thumb?
  • Im looking at a 95 eclipse rs and I was wondering if anyone knew of an extremely successful engine swap and if so what is it? Im looking for anything, any kinda ideas or hunches. Appreciate it.
  • I currently have a 98 Eclipse stock turbo nothing done to it
    had to replace clutch had few problems, in the process of putting navigation w/backup camera in it.
    But I was thinking about getting another one for street mods and such (I'm starting a custom car shop)and selling my other car, but I went to look at one and the guy swore up and down it's an eclipse it was actually a talon with eclipse rear clip and front clip, and he wanted 8K for it I talked him down a little but how does the Talon "converted" to an Eclipse effect the value of the car, if I were to buy it or sell??
  • Hi

    I have a 2000 Eclipse V6. I would like to know how amny milse can we go before changing the timing belt. Will it last for atleast 90 K miles ?
  • idle adjustment 2000 mitsubishi eclipse I have 75K miles on my 4cylinder eclipse and I replaced the spark plugs and wires and it idles really slowly and if you turn on the ac in stalls. The dealer plugged it in and said no 'codes' appear at all and nothing is wrong. How can I get it to idle faster?
  • Theres only one thing that i can think of that would cause the problem that would cause that. One of your new wires could be grounding out. or if you put on like 9.3 or 10 mm wires i could have to much resistance for a low idle. If that isnt the case (this is my first eclipse i have but on hondas) there is a screw with a spring on it located on the side of the trottle body if you turn it in about a quarter or a half turn . if that doesnt work let me know and i will check with a couple of my associates.
  • i recently aquired a a 1996 rs i have had it for about 3 weeks i have made a few mods (intake, chip, short shifter, shift knob, and painted some interior,) but now im in a quandry do i want to put exhaust or wheels on my car first. keep in mind i am also paying my way theough college and have like no money
  • I have a 96 spyder GS and I've had it for a couple of weeks. The other night, my roomate opened the door and the handle came off in his hand. Also it burns oil more than most cars i've owned. Is this common? and what would be the best way to fix the door.
  • No matter what anyone at the dealership tells you, keep pushing to talk to the next person up. Something can be done for you. I'm certified sales for pontiac/gmc and stuff can be done if you raise enough hell

    good luck
  • hello all new here and kind of new to the import world spent all my time on the big american cars. now i got myself i nice little 94 eclipse gs runs great and i love it.. i guess it was too much car for someone cause of the bodywork i am into on the whole pass side :sick: lol... got a question if anone can help i have done all types of bodywork except what i need to do now i got to replace the windshield on it i have another windshield already is it really as easy as it looks?? i know how to remove the old one but is it cleaning up where the old one was putting down new sealant placeing the new one in tapeing it down and reinstalling the outside trim am i missing anything ??? any info would be greatfull and i dont have comp on the car so thats why i didnt have it done and i like to do all my own work anyway weather repair or aftermarket installs......
  • put a new trany in and now it won't start and he can't remember if he unhooked the battery correctly. Stumped! Is there a fuse between the battery and the MFI? :confuse:
  • mikeyb78mikeyb78 Posts: 2
    I was wondering if there would be any negative effects if I install new chrome headers and downpipe on my 1998 eclipse without the heat shields.
  • mikeyb78mikeyb78 Posts: 2
    me again...also...anyone have any suggestions on how to get the bolts loose that connect the down pipe to the cat converter...sprayed all kinds of stuff to get the rust off and let it sit and still wont budge...trying to do it without breaking the bolt any suggestions would be helpful
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