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Toyota Matrix



  • Just some guy, echowrangler, rpgroppe, I have the neoprene seat covers on my 4x4 and love them. We mmtn. bile a lot and want something cool to cover up he cloth seats! I will check with wetokle and report back.
  • Sorry , I'll have another cup of java and use spell check in the future. Some of the Mtn. bike spills I have taken did involve bile!
  • I drove by Waipahu Auto yesterday, and they had a lovely white XR on the lot, with the grey interior I wanted. I thought about it overnight, then went back to Toyota City where I'd been looking, to see what kind of deal we could spin. I bought it:

    Matrix XR 2wd auto, Super White, stone interior.
    AB Anti-lock brakes
    BE Side Airbags
    EJ AM/FM/6-disc CD
    UP Sport Package
    SP Sport Package

    Car and options, plus $477 destination charge: $19,677

    Actual price paid:

    Add Floor mats - no charge
    Doc fee, $175
    Hawaii gross excise tax, $788.42
    License & registration, 104.11

    Total out-the-door, $19,817.53

    I'll pick it up Monday. I really didn't intend to get the alloys, or the moonroof, etc., but it sure looks nice.


  • thattreethattree Posts: 7
    I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet it was, even at highway speeds! Given what had been written above I expected the worst, but the one I drove is quieter than our Saab 9-5 (admittedly itself not the quietest car). I did not have an issue with the acceleration; it seemed fine.

    The only things I'm not excited about are (1) lack of folding side mirrors and (2) Cosmic Blue Metallic + side air bags = XRS, apparently. I've got to decide if I can deal with the extra price for the color and features I want (going back to reread the Cosmic Blue-related comments earlier in this thread).
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats! Echowrangler- good luck on your Matrix delivery this Monday. We look forward to hearing all the details.... ;-)

    To all the new owners here- If you have a spare moment, please drop by our new Corolla & Matrix Owner's Club and say hello in our in our Meet the Members discussion . Use your copy/paste so you don't have to re-write our message. Happy Motoring!

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  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Well, I guess I leaped before I looked. I got to drive the XRS and the XR back to back (in the form of the Vibe GT vs. the non-GT) and I must say, the XRS isn't worth the extra $1200.

    I priced out a similarly equipped XR and XRS, and the difference was exactly $1200 MSRP. For that $$$ I figured I was getting discs in the rear, an extra gear, and the extra 50hp.

    Well, I wound up the engine past 6000rpm to get the extra umph, and it was ok, but nothing to write home about. The extra gear (6spd vs. 5) worked in the opposite direction. Get this...on the 5spd, at 60mph, the engine was at 2500rpm. on the 6spd, at 60mph, the engine was at 3400rpm.....huh????? Perhaps that accounts for the 5mpg loss on the XRS vs the XR (manual trans).

    So, I cancelled my order for an XRS and ordered an XR. I only hope I didn't set my wait time back....the dealer will know on Tues.

    I saved myself $1300 between the two. I'll post my new order with pricing ASAP.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I went on Saturday and test drove an automatic Matrix XR in indigo ink. I don't know what options it had, other than the Sport Pkg., automatic, and the Sport Plus Pkg. I left the AC compressor engaged the entire time I drove the car, just to see how it performed with the AC on (it was like 70 degrees in Md. anyway, so it was not overly cold with it on). The AC does work well and get pretty cold though.

    I accelerated from a stop, and wondered just how far I would have to push down the pedal to get some power from the engine (I have a 2002 Jetta turbo with 180hp and automatic). I thought it was very dead, but of course I am used to 50hp more and a turbo to boot. The handling was pretty good though, and the interior was very roomy. It's pretty nice to look at, but it looks just like the Celica sports couple on the dash I think. Not overly cheap, but missing some convenience items I have grown used to (center sunvisor, telescoping steering wheel, etc.) of my Jetta. Still nice though, and the interior was very roomy as well.

    I did not like, however, that the side mirrors seemed pretty small. Also, the top of the mirror casing sticks out further than the bottom part does, making it hard to see in (guess you get used to it after driving for awhile, but I only drove it for like 10 mins.). Also, the back window is kinda narrow as well, and there was a noticeable blind spot I noticed at both rear corners when checking for lane changes. The front end is nice and low though, and easy to judge.

    Overall, I am sure I would have been impressed more by the Matrix XRS, but there was none available to test drive (I asked the dealer). A little more power, different mirrors, some more luxury features (only to me, because I know it's meant to be a low-cost car), and better visibility, and the Matrix would be perfect.
  • TupTup Posts: 200
    Here's another positive review:

    Woman motorist website but the review was by a man....go figure.

  • Sorry for the delayed response, but I haven't been around lately.

    If you're talking about keeping your Golden behind the rear seat, you're probably right, it's a little tight. I've driven on many long trips with dogs, (showing means travelling), and I would never let a dog ride loose in a car. In an accident, they are thrown forward and could kill or injure you to say nothing of the damage done to the dog. Get a good strong crate and fasten it down to the tie downs. This way, both the dog and you are protected.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Excellent advice. My vet tells me that in serious accidents with an unrestrained in the dog in the car, over half the time the dog attacks the owner! As in what the heck did YOU do that for, Master?

    Sometimes the injuries are QUITE serious. Unrestrained large items NEVER go in a wagon or hatchback. That is even more important when the item has a mind of its own and can attack you!
  • The Toyota Platinum warranty is an exclusive warranty. That is it covers everything except those things which are specifically excluded. The exclusions are mostly maintenance items like belts, wiper blades, nuts and bolts, brake pads, etc. This is more than the power train warranty which doesn't cover things like the alternator, water pump, etc.

    Normally, I wouldn't get an extended warranty for a Toyota, but remember that any first year problems are going to occur on our cars, and I just feel it's good insurance for the price. Doesn't take too much to go wrong to eat $899.

    If I decide that I don't want it later, I can notify them and give it up for a pro rata refund.
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96
    Yes...I agree about the dog crate. I have a harness that he wears over his front shoulders which attaches to the seat back. Probably not as good as a crate but I just can't bear to not take him...risk/reward and if he could talk, I know he would say take the's worth it.

    When I get the Matrix though, good point I will then have the room for a crate for him.
  • thattreethattree Posts: 7
    Various articles and a Toyota press release tout the base/XR engine in the 2WD Matrix as meeting ULEV standards.

    Does anyone know whether this means that the 130hp engine is ULEV anywhere, or just in California? Does the "50 State Emissions" option basically replace the ULEV compliance?

    Finally, has anyone ever heard of special-ordering California emissions on a car being purchased elsewhere?
  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    i was just told this morning by a friend that toyota will soon implement this "one-price" system in the province of (B.C.) where i live. it basically means one price for all dealers, no bargaining, no hassle,no going back and forth between manager and customer to agree on the price, type of system. u pay what you see on the window sticker system!

    apparently, this system is already in place in 3 provinces in canada and one more province to follow around june (B.C.).

    i just want to know if you folks in US of A have this type of system at your toyota dealers. if so, which state and are prices more expensive than dealers without this system?

  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Such a system has serious anti-trust problems, though Saturn has gotten away with it for some time. If one has a trade, the one price system is a polite fiction, at best.

    To my knowledge, even when there is a one price system, good customers can and do get discounts. and other customers suspect that they do.
  • rpgropperpgroppe Posts: 24
    Got a call from my salesman tonight. He says my Matrix is on the way. They should have it in within the next three weeks (though they don't have the VIN # yet).

    Strange question, anyone know if the front seats on the Matrix are the same as the Corolla or are they unique? I'm looking into seat covers.
  • Hi everyone. I'm new to this board and I just bought the a XR automatic tonight. Options I got were AB, EJ, UP, SP...paid 18700 (not including all the tax, licsence, etc.). Dunno if that's a good price, but almost all the dealers around the San Francisco/San Jose bay area are asking for a dealer markup. Hopefully I can pick it up in a couple of days. It's pretty exciting since this is my first new car. Been driving a beat-up '91 Saturn all this time.
  • potroastpotroast Posts: 13
    In Canada the Toyota one covers ,roadside, travel,gaskets and computers,etc.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Does the overdrive have a cancel switch? All other Toyota models equipped with the automatic have it. It is not indicated in the brochure. Thanks.
  • vkwheelsvkwheels Posts: 218
    I checked 5 dealers in my area, so far no one has it, also checked with Longo, they didn't either & they're huge. Gotta drive the XR & XRS back to back. Am shifting to Automatic :-) due to advanced age and carpal tunnel. I could quit my job to avoid the latter but then it'd be tough to make those payments...
  • I would venture a guess that the passenger side front seat is different because of the way it folds down flat. I would also say that the back seats are also different because they fold.
  • xr_matrixxr_matrix Posts: 96

    I ordered a 5spd XR after driving the XR auto the dealer had in stock. If my memory is correct it had a small toggle switch on the side of the shifter for overdrive cancel. It was located directly under the larger shift lock release button. It seemed the same as the one on my wife's Corolla. There is a light on the dash which says "overdrive off". The 'auto drivers' out there can confirm this...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    It has an overdrive off button on the shifter kinda like the Echo's. I drove an automatic XR on Saturday, and this vehicle had that.

    Anyone know why the automatic option on the XRS is cheaper than the XR's? You would think it would cost more, because it would take a more advanced transmission.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your new Matrix! Good luck with your delivery experience. We look forward to hearing more.... ;-)

    Hatchbacks & Station Wagons Boards
  • In the states, the one price strategy is done not by Toyota or the distributor, but by individual dealers. In this way they avoid anti-trust problems. Carmax, for example uses this policy at all their dealerships.

    As far as price goes, I've heard that the most skilled negotiators could probably get a lower price, at the cost of considerable hassle. So it depends on your priorities. If you insist on the absolutely the rock bottom price, and are willing to go through the hassle, you may be better off at a dealer who negotiates. If you're like me, I want a fair price without all the B.S., so I like the Carmax system.

    Johnclineii is right about the trade-in problem in this system. Carmax gets around this by offering to buy your car at a set price whether or not you buy a car from them.

    Now as to the effect on prices if ALL dealers in a given area are forced to use this system....???
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Thanks for the information. The brochures for every Toyota model indicates that the auto has a cancel switch except the Matrix (I was doing some brochure comparing last night as we wait for our Matrix to arrive). All of our previous Toyota's had the switch. Kind of embarrassing... tried an auto 4 weeks ago, can't remember if it had a switch or not. Thanks again.
  • tl586tl586 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know if TRD is going to offer a supercharger for the XR (130hp)engine?

    I have heard that the XRS is going to get it, but not sure about the XR.

  • How are u? Congrats on your purchase, as an XR auto owner myself I can confirm the off switch is there. I personally never think to turn it off.

    Does anyone have any reasons for doing this? Just curious why people do it.


    p.s. I'm still po'd I can't get the fog lights installed on my XR, from the sounds of it the controls are on the light arm and therefore a whole lot of work would be required. What about after market installations? Does anyone have an opinion on this? Guess at cost?
  • tl586tl586 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know if TRD is going to offer a supercharger for the XR (130hp)engine?

    I have heard that the XRS is going to get it, but not sure about the XR.

  • Remember, if your Matrix has side airbags, you may not put seat covers on - the side airbags deploy out of the outer edge of the driver/front passenger seats.

    I use the O/D off switch to downshift, for example coasting down a hill and wanting to slow or at least keep from picking up speed.


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