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  • Thanks for the advice and the reference...I may take your dealer up on the standing offer!

    I'll check out the sedans topic for more info.

  • Shipo,
    Is this deal with your dealer inclusive of the destination fee? I've just run the numbers on the car I'm looking at and my savings would be 9% off MSRP.
    Thanks again!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Basically, take the invoice price of all of the options, add to that the ED invoice of the basic car, plus the $645 for Destination, plus $200 for advertising and $1,500 for dealer profit. I just did a deal for a new 530i, which, given its higher price, can absorb the $1,500 with less effect on the discount.

    Best Regards,
  • 1johann1johann Posts: 32
    What is a reasonable length of life for the 3-series (e.g. 323, 328,325)? I have been looking at some used cars (1999-2000) and most have 30K+ miles on them. Without garaging it all of the time and assuming 12-15K of mileage/year in the future, what is a reasonable life for the 3 series? 100K? 100K+ ?


  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    A properly maintained 3er should easily go 200,000 miles. My 1995 318ti sees regular track use and at 70,000 miles the only non-scheduled maintenance has been a set of front pads and engine drive belts.
  • mkharris01mkharris01 Posts: 6

    Just purchased my Titanium Silver 528iA in December 2001. The car is fabulous. The features:

    Standard Equipment
    Sport Package
    Aerodynamics by AC Schnitzer
    5-speed Auto/Steptronic
    Premium stereo w/cassette & 6-Disc CD Changer
    12 speaker system...
    and those darn cup holders.

    I upgraded from a 1995 Nissan Maxima. Thought that BMW's were overrated. Now after six months, I realize why my friends are enthusiasts. So am I. I look forward to chatting with you all soon.

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    mkharris01... Did you go CPO thru BMW NA? Did you purchase it thru BMW FS?

    I bought my '98 540i6 on 11/30/01. Love it. I went CPO. And got my loan thru BMW FS. Only 3.9% and they made first month's payment.

    Know you'll enjoy the car (though I much prefer manuals)!
  • mkharris01mkharris01 Posts: 6

    You got a great rate. I purchased mine CPO via Beverly Hills BMW. I financed it myself @ 5.9%. The deal was too good to pass...they added the CD player, performed minor body work (dings) at my request and extended the warranties at no additional cost. Only 29,100, miles @ under $34K.
    I actually like the steptronic...but manual would have been sweeter. Take care.

  • mmandelmmandel Posts: 1

    Where can I read more on the steptronic gear system? Test driving a 2001 was interesting. Am I defeating the purpose of having a sports car without a "true" manual transmission? Any advice is appreciated.

    Mark - wannabe Z3 owner
  • bmwfrevrbmwfrevr Posts: 27
    I am planning to purchase a new BMW my favorite one is the 5 series I think it is a perfect combination of luxury and driving joy.
    I am thinking to wait for the redesigned 5 series as I hear that it should be out probably next year my only fear is purchasing the first year product, I had read that even the E39 style had some problems or "bugs" with 97 and 98 models.
    Has anybody encountered such a discussion or information about how serious these "bugs" can be.
    and by the way what is that ED program or EURO.
    is it buying BMW directly from BMW and can you get different options.

    Thaks for a great site.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, the general consensus is that if you are on the market for a new car now, waiting for the new E60 5-Series may not be the best plan. At this point, it seems fairly obvious that BMW will not release the E60 here in the U.S.A until late 2003 at the earliest, if not early 2004.

    As for cars produced by BMW early in their production cycles, the early E39s did in fact have more than their fair share of problems, however, I just turned in a very early production E46 3-Series after a 39-month lease. Said E46 was virtually perfect for its tenure with me, suffering only two burned out taillight bulbs, and my experience was not at all unusual, so the E46 seems to have been fairly solid from the very beginning.

    BMW offers an option to order your car from a local dealership for European Delivery (ED), which then allows you to pick up your car in Munich, drive it for up to a month in Europe, and then ship it back here to the States when you are done with it over in Europe.

    FWIW, given the low level of activity on this discussion, this is not really the forum for such questions. I would suggest that you visit the 3-Series and 5-Series discussions over in the Sedans topic. Those boards are full of folks who discuss these very issues all of the time, which will give you literally thousands of posts to read at your leisure and will most likely answer all of your questions.

    Best Regards,
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    I'm not a new member, nor is my car brand new anymore. But I just learned of this particular forum, so I thought I'd introduce "Jackson," the name ascribed to my 530i (my fiancee just suggested the name, and it sort of stuck for no explicable reason). Anyway, here I am with it on the day of delivery in the Spartanburg Performance Center (a delivery option I highly recommend doing, by the way):

  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Since your post is from February, I'll post an abridged answer: Athens BMW. I live in Roswell, but have been extremely happy so far with them, and can recommend them without hesitation. If you're still looking, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to discuss this further (in return for a ride in your new M5, of course :) ).
  • idletaskidletask Posts: 171
    ... but the one I own is not on sale in the US!

    I own a 330d (note the "d"), bought on Dec 2000. Yep, Diesel engine. Specs: Common Rail, turbocharged, 3l displacement, max. power 183hp@4000rpm, max. torque 288 lbft from 1700 to 3200rpm, rev redline 5000rpm, 90% of max torque available from 1200rpm up to 4300rpm. I travel approximately 25k miles a year, and plan to swap my current car against the same one in approximately 1 year's time. Equipment (S: standard, O: option): 17' alloy wheels [they're standard just because engineers needed to fit in the brakes...] (S), ABS with EBV and CBC (S), front/side/rear side airbags (S), ASR (S), automatic (non dual zone) climate control (S), multipurpose steering wheel [which includes cruise control] (O), folding side mirrors (O), tire deflate alert (O), sport suspension (O), xenon headlights (O), 6-CD changer, located in the trunk (O), Harmann-Kardon sound system (O).

    "Those funky Europeans", I hear you say. "They buy such a great car with a Diesel engine... Why on earth?". Well, here's why:

    - an avg 37mpg mileage at 75mph (need I say how much we pay for gas hereabouts? :)),
    - quarter mile 15'4 (in fact by here we measure 400/1000m with 400m ~ quarter mile, and 330d scores 15'4/28'8), top speed 141 mph,
    - look at the torque: 288 lbft is more than a BMW M3 or a... Porsche 911, which gives:
    - 50 to 75 mph in 5'4/6'6/8'8 on 3rd/4th/5th gear, only a 330i can barely beat that in 3rd, but hey, look at the mileages of a 330i...

    In short, an astonishingly good fuel efficiency for a car which has nothing to envy to most petrol powered cars in term of performances. In fact, BMW has decided to replace 328i with 330i because of the 330d!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    i own a 1999 323i and average 24.5mpg with 184ft lb torque ;(. i hear MB is going to reintroduce the turbodiesel to America i hope BMW does as well.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    In case you've missed it... Generations: A 3 Series History

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  • parfive1parfive1 Posts: 75
    I presently have a 2000 MB E320. While loving its good looks and handling, I'm totally disgusted with all the repairs and back and forth trips to the dealership.
    Have any of you people out there ever had a MB and switched to BMW (5 series)??
    If so, how would you compare the two.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    parfive1... You'll get a lot more responses if you bring your post above to the attention of the main 5 Series Board here at Edmunds.
  • plasticmdplasticmd Posts: 9
    Anyone with any ideas on hands free cell phone kit that will work with 530i. Totally not worth paying for BMW cell phone/kit/voice set. Over 2K and then return it after 3 yrs (if you're leasing). Besides you get a Timeport which will be obsolete very soon. I'd like to set up something that will look good and function well. Anyone with any ideas??
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • I am looking at buying my first(used) bmw. I am either looking at a 528 or 540. Either a 1999 or 2000. What is the difference between the model year. If the 540 worth the price difference. Please let me know the pros and cons. I would the xexon headlights. Are these an option in that model year, or can I add them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    (You would probably get more responses in the general 5-Series board, but here goes...)

    There were virtually no changes between 99 and 00. I think some exterior color choices were changed, but otherwise very minor stuff. 2001 brought the facelift you see on the newer models (clear corner lamps, "angel eye" headlights, etc.). If memory serves, xenons were standard on the 540, and optional on the 528. Either way, you can retrofit them (about $1000) onto a car without 'em.

    The 540 versus 528/530 debate is not a new one, and you'll inevitably provoke a lot of heated arguments. The 528 offers marginally sharper handling (due to a rack & pinion steering setup, lower weight, and better weight balancing), better fuel economy, and slightly better reliability with the engine (statistically speaking), whereas the 540 offers "good God!" acceleration. I recommend you drive as many models of each as you can and decide for yourself. Either way, be sure to get a CPO model from a BMW dealer; even routine maintenance on a used BMW gets very expensive, and a comprehensive warranty is well worth it. Good luck.
  • Can anyone suggest the "right" monthly cost for a 540i6 lease based on 36 mos/20K miles a year/drive offs only? How much should the dealer be coming "off the sticker" in the current market?
  • I just picked up a silver 99 M Coupe, with black/gray interior. What a machine!
  • Hey fellow Z3/M owners!
    I have a 2001 Jet Black 3.0i with sport package. Very fast car that can surprisingly hold its own in the twisties with a Boxster. It now has over 17500 miles. It is a fun car. I now need to use it as a daily year-round driver, so I sould have gotten the coupe. I admire all you M/Z3 coupe owners out there. You guys rule!
    As for mmandel's question- personally, you will bond more with your car if you get the manual. The Z3 is very responsive and communicates well with the driver. I have driven Z3's with the Auto/man transmission, and a part of the car's spirit was stolen in the change. If you can drive a manual you will find it much more rewarding and reliable in the long run. The Z3 has a sweet shifter and the clutch isn't Ferrari stiff, so city driving shouldn't be a problem.
  • lanie1lanie1 Posts: 19
    After two years and 21,000+ miles, I STILL LOVE THIS CAR!! If any of you are reading this board trying to decide whether or not to purchase a Z3, I will share my experiences with my Y2K Z3.

    I commute daily in my car. . .what a wonderful feeling at the end of a tiring day to put down the top, put in a CD and "fly" home. My husband and I have also taken numerous trips in my Z3, and it has worked out well; we can put two week-ender sized pieces of luggage, a hanging bag, two tennis rackets, and assorted odds and ends in the trunk. My husband is 6'4" and fits comfortably in the car. I have had two warranty claims on my car in two years: my battery had to be replaced and one of my stereo speakers had to be replaced; Chris BMW in Decatur, Georgia provided wonderful service - warranties were honored with no questions asked and I was provided a "loaner" car for the day the work was done. I get approximately 21 mpg for city/stop-and-go driving; on the open highway, I get 25-30 mpg. I ordered Zaino products in 2000 when I purchased my car and washed and polished the car with those products several times the first few months I owned the car; now I wash the car about once every six months - I still use my original purchase of Zaino products and the finish on my car looks brand new even though I park in an outdoor lot in the hot Georgia sun every day at work.
    What experiences have other long-term owners had with their Z3's? I'd love to know.
  • jbreez1jbreez1 Posts: 46
    Bought a pre owned 200 323i on 8/22/02. name is Joe, live northeast of Orlando. Description as follows:

    Black w sand "Ette
    Sport suspension
    Sport seats
    power seats w/memory
    In dash CD
    Fog lights
    16" alloys
    32,000 milesloveit! First bimmer and cannot imagine ever driving another car besides BMW. Of course, fingers crossed as far as reliability, but car checked out on all fronts, has good amount of warranty left, with a little maintenance time too. Also runs and drives super and is very clean as if well maintained. Lease return from reputable dealer in town.

    Glad to be a member

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I bought my 2002 325xi in March 2002 and am finally getting it listed on here. :)

    2002 325xi

    Oxford Green / Natural Brown leather



    1/2 PP (wood, armrest) (no moonroof or powerseats)


    XM radio


  • Going pick up my new 325i on saturday, has every option except the cold weather package and navigation system, and its a 5 speed, silver with black leather and wood grain, this will be a long week cause i am ready to pick up my car hehe
  • I was also wondering if there are any golfers out there that have a 3-series and if they have problems fitting their clubs in the trunk, thanks
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