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BMW Care & Maintenance

5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
edited March 2014 in BMW
Well, after 14 months, and 11,500 miles, the computer said it was time for the first dreaded trip to the dealer service department. Coincidently I started hearing a metal to metal noise coming from the rear of the car. When I called to schedule an appointment, I was told that there was a several week waiting list for an appointment with a loaner car. So I took the next available appointment without one due to my concern over the noise.

I had a few issues that I was not too happy about at the dealer that I will share:

One of the wheels had a slow leak, and I asked the service advisor to have the tech check for anything stuck in the tire. They called me later with an update, and told me that the rim appeared to be bent, and that's why the air was leaking. I asked them to take that wheel off, and put the spare on. They wanted to charge me $30 for that "service", plus $240 to fix the rim. I declined, and when I got my car back, I went to a tire shop that specializes in bent rims. When they pulled the wheel off the car, they discovered a nail stuck in the tire. $10 for a patch, and $15 for high speed balance, and I was back in business....unreal!!!

Oh, also when I picked up the car, they charged me $19 for "inspecting" the wheel!!! This, the service manager refunded to me after I called and told him what happened at the tire shop.

They also isolated the metal noise to something wrong with the drive shaft. They had to order a new drive shaft bearing. Warranty repair. The noise went away.......until the beginning of this week. It's back. And now I have another appointment to bring the car back in....again without a loaner, as only "scheduled maintainance" appointments get a loaner.

I'll post my "results" after my next visit.


  • brian525brian525 Posts: 21
    Who's this dealer, so we can avoid them... thanks )
  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    "Life Quality" BMW in New York.

    Interesting side note....saw a Z8 on the road today...the guy was definitely enjoying his ride back from "moms"....400hp, and he knew what to do with it ;)
  • tom192tom192 Posts: 2
  • tom192tom192 Posts: 2
    Oops, forgot the message. Here it is:

    A dealer is trying to sell me permaplate for $989. A friend who is a car broker tells me not to get it - it is just the dealer selling me a warranty on the exterior for 7 years. Any advice?

    Also, the dealer is pushing the additional year maintenance warranty at $689. I am inclined to shop around - anyone think this is a good idea?

  • jls21jls21 Posts: 40
    Hey tom192, The $689 that you referred to in your message - is that to extend the free scheduled maintenance from 3/36 to 4/50? If so, shop around. I am picking up a new 530i next week and am paying $399 for it. Maybe it's more expensive on the 540.
  • monwenmonwen Posts: 14
    Anyone have a clue as to when the 5-series body style changes. Some say fall 2002 for model year 2003, some say spring 2003 .. I wonder what it is since there aren't any spy photos yet. Anyone know?
  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    Here is an update to my earlier post (#1).

    After being without my car for a full work week (Monday thru Friday), I am really dissapointed in BMW. My car was back in the service department for a second time for the same issue ( as well as a few other items), and I was not provided a loaner. I have owned various other makes of lesser cost, and those manufacturers/dealers had some type of "alternate transportation" available. It was either a loaner car, or a free rental car from an on site company or a rental car allowance. But BMW.... nothing!!!

    Anyway, details on the service:

    Metal to metal noise from the rear.... they replaced the whole drive shaft this time.

    One rear door stopped unlocking.... actuator mechanism replaced.

    A regulator inside a front door window was rubbing on the glass as it went up and down, causing the glass to be etched... they adjusted the regulator, and replaced the glass.

    On the upside, it is comforting knowing that there was no hesitation in the dealer/BMW replacing items as needed.

    On the down side, the rear door panel became a casualty of the repair job for the actuator, and was damaged.... thereby necessitating another visit as it had to be special ordered. :(

    And yes,.... still love the car!!!!
  • kleveyklevey Posts: 5
    my dealer is telling me its $499 for my 2001 525.
    what dealer quoted you (name and city) and do you know if I can purchase it through any dealer?
  • What year and model do you have? maybe it's here somewhere but I missed it.

    also, thanks for the info re the hitch--they also have a different model no. for my 2001 525iT.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    My dealer in PA just lost 80 BMW's in a flood, not to mention severe damage to a brand new dealership building.
  • jls21jls21 Posts: 40
    I got my extended maintenance at the dealer that I purchased the car from, Dreher Holloway in Stratham, New Hampshire. I don't see where it would matter which dealer you purchase it from.
  • Just read my July Motor Trend, and on the two page spread re the 6 series, there's a little note that says "While the all-new '04 5 Series' design is rumored to be very "expressive", the 6 Series will be even more radical, borrowing sheet metal lines as well as interior features from the gullwing Z9 concept."

    So the guys at MT think it's a 2004 redesign--other rumors have said 2003. So let's guess--maybe it's a 2004 introduced in mid 2003 ?!?!?!
  • kleveyklevey Posts: 5
    Called your dealer, spoke to the finance person. he was very helpful. He encouraged me to call my dealer (wow-he could of had a sale but was more concerned with me!). I did, they had misquoted me the first time. It is $399. Thanks for your help.
  • jls21jls21 Posts: 40
    That's great. Glad you were able to get the extended maintenance at the right price at your dealer. When you got your car, did your dealer offer you a product put out by 3M - an invisible film that covers all front facing body areas to protect against stone chips? My dealer wanted $595 for it. My issue with it was that I've never heard of it, and wonder what its longevity is. Let me know if you know anything about it. Tell me about your car, too. Mine is Aspen Silver with a black interior. Steptronic, Convenience pkg, Cold Weather pkg, xenons, in dash CD, and premium pkg. I have never had so many people comment on the exterior color of a car as this one - I thought I wanted titanium silver, but am very happy with aspen - doesn't seem to be a very common color.
  • MGySgtMGySgt Posts: 5
    I/we had been pretty sold on a BMW 525 for my better half. My wife saw a Jag S-Type and fell in love. I have to admit, I like the looks too. After doing so digging and running the numbers I'm getting a little disenchanted/scared. On a lease, the residuals are terrible and there's a lot of switchgear with Ford. After three years it's worth less than a 525 and the BMW costs 10K less. The Jag retails for 50K. I travel to Europe twice a year and can get a substantial discount for European Delivery. I could use a little encouragement from fellow Bimmer owners and possibly some advice on how to talk my wife out of the Jag. I am real fortunate, though. I have the best wife in the world. No matter what I buy her, she'll just smile and say "That's wonderful, dear" and I'll never hear a bad word about my decision.
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    Have your wife drive both cars. That's all it takes. We were looking at the Lincoln LS (very similar to JAG S) and were ready to buy. We both liked it a lot. Stopped down the street and drove a two year old BMW 528 just for kicks (used price same price as LS new). My wife would rather have the used car and so would I. After thinking about it we decided to buy a new 530iA instead, but we had to check out the Jag S first because we like the way it looks also. Still no comparison in terms of driving pleasure.

    Just have her drive the 530i. That should do it. I haven't driven the 525, but my guess is the extra power in the 530 makes it that much more responsive and fun to drive.
  • brian525brian525 Posts: 21
    Why should anyone compare the Ultimate Driving Machine to a Ford???

    Get the BMW and be pleased with your decision each time you get behind the wheel!
  • kleveyklevey Posts: 5
    No my dealer told me nothing about it, as a matter if fact I have a tiny chip on the front now. You really have to look to find it.
    We bought a Titanium Silver with grey interior. It looks great. It's a Premium package, in dash cd, convience package and steptronic. I purchased the 6 cd changer from pacific bmw for $400 and put it in myself (I am slightly challenged, but did it in less than an hour, beats the $200 my dealer wanted to install it).
    Such an amazing car. The only thing I would like to do is have the drivers seat move back another 2-3 inches as my right knee seems to be bothering me more as its always bent.
  • pluto168pluto168 Posts: 44
    I got new brakes (pads and rotors) on my 97 528 2 months ago. Since then, the brake make VERY BAD squeaky noise. I took it back to the shop twice, the noise still persists. Any ideas on what I can do to get rid off the noise. Thanks...
  • ardanielsardaniels Posts: 16
    I own a 97 528 Titanium that I just think is terrific. Moved up from a Ford absolutely grateful every time I settle in. At 6'3" I thought the 528 would be too short on leg room but a knowledgeable salesman showed me the "tall guy option". Power the driver seat way forward and on the right side running track you will see a retaining clip covering about 5 cm of screw. It pops out with the screwdiver so conveniently located in the trunk lid ( thank you BMW!!) and power the seat back.

    The back seat is useless now behind the driver, but you will love it.

    I have been disappointed by the dealer many times since but I remain thankful to the salesman who knew his product.
  • twinnertwinner Posts: 3
    I too was impressed with the style of the Jag, and decided I wanted one. I drove it and I wasn't exactly disappointed, but I wasn't overly impressed either. I noticed that the build quality is a bit patch. The Jag's interior is full of cheap bits of plastic, more than you would expect in a car of that price. The sleek window lines also make for some sub par visibility in traffic.
    For comparison's sake only, I drove a used BOW 5, and I was immediately sold on it. The 5 handles beautifully, rides more compliantly, and is generally more comfortable. It's hard to describe the experience of driving a 5----it feels like a big car when it should, with silky-smooth manners on the highway, and yet feels like a small sports car when you're maneuvering in city traffic. The Jag is beautiful to look at, and a good car besides, but if you drive both your choice will be easy. Nothing drives like the 5.
  • My service tech just told me that this can be caused by the ridge that
    builds up on the rotor due to wear of the rotor. You either replace the rotor
    or turn it. He recommended replacement because turning (in a lathe) would
    take off too much material if the Rotor has already been worn down to the
    limits. Mine were very near there at 40,000 miles
  • I have recently moved to Atlanta, in East Cobb County. I am closer to Roswell than Marietta. Need to find a good shop to take my '93 525iT for maintenance and fixes. Anybody hav suggestions?

    If you are in Birmingham, AL I would HIGHLY recommend Stephen's Garage. Don't have the number handy, but will track it down if someone needs it. He is very talented at diagnosis and does great work for a fair price! I wish I could find the time to take my wagon back to Birmingham!
  • I currently own a 1995 525i. Every year that I have owned this vehicle ( 3 years ) I have had to have the tension pulley and base plate replaced as it begins to chatter quite loudly. The last time that I had it replaced they told me that the compressor was tight and needed replaced. I contacted BMW to inquire about this ongoing problem. If the compressor is causing the failure of the tension pulley, it was also causing it 3 years ago when the car was under warranty. The customer service representative claims that the two are unrelated and refused to provide any assistance. If the compressor is causing the failure of the pulley it should have been replaced at no cost to me. Has anyone else experienced similar problems??
  • I recently bought a 2002 530i. The battery will not hold its charge longer than 4 days without running the vehicle. The battery runs dead, and needs to be jumped started. Interesting enough, the dealer said the exact same thing happened to another 2002 530i owner who bought the same model at the same dealership I bought mine. They tested his battery and it held a charge in the shop. But when he took it home a second time, the exact same thing happened again to him. Now, my 530i is in the dealership today (12/28/01) to review the exact problem. Something is running the battery down. Any clues?
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 266
    Can anyone shed any light on experiences with the dealers in Westchester (Pace BMW & Westchester BMW) with regards to sales and/or service? I want to be prepared when I decide to take "THE STEP UP".
  • halhathalhat Posts: 1
    Jim-you should try Massey Automotive in Marietta. They specialize in German autos including VW, BMW, Porsche, Audi(as well as any domestic make). To date they've worked on my VW, Ford SHO, Lincoln TownCar and BMW. Always professional, no games or double talk. They've always treated me fairly and most importantly always did the job right the FIRST time. Their number is 770-971-4466. They can take care of any problem you have.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    My local BMW dealer, Markel BMW (Omaha, NE) has a loaner car policy that really irks me. He won't allow you a loaner unless you bought the car from him. I didn't know this until I brought my car in for service. Unfortunately, I bought my 540iM from a Wisconsin dealer and my wife bought her 323iA from an Iowa dealer. Mine is purely under CPO warranty but my wife's is still under full original bumper-to-bumper. Last week she had a list of warranty repairs (e.g., sunroof wouldn't open, highbeam headlight switch went out) but they still wouldn't allow her a loaner.

    Are most or all other BMW dealers like this regarding loaners? When BMW surveyed me after some recent work on our cars, I made sure to comment negatively about this dealer's irritating loaner policy.

    Guess it bugs me since my wife's former Infiniti was bought thru a Chicago IL dealer by a Des Moines IA dealer. The Omaha Infiniti dealer gave her a loaner for every routine service visit (there were no non routine service events in the 60,000 miles she owned the car). And we had a Ford product a while back. While on vacation in places like upstate NY or Georgia dealers had no problem giving loaner cars for warranty and routine service work.

    As I told Markel, don't they realize people travel, move, take vacations, etc?
  • genepgenep Posts: 2
    I know this message is about 3 months late, but the problem is probably the Alpine radio which has been known to short, hence draining the battery.
  • clmnoeaclmnoea Posts: 2
    Kudos to Chris BMW and United BMW in Atlanta GA. they offer real-time on-line appointment scheduling for service and lease returns. Make appointments 24/7 or not just request but actual appointments. Why don't all dealers and doctors have this system???
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