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Audi TT



  • easman61easman61 Posts: 28
    I'm thinking about buying this car tomorrow. Haven't researched much. Car has 42k miles and looks very clean. Buying from 2nd owner. Has just had the 40k mile service done at an Audi dealer. Nearest dealer is 2 hours away. Would this stop you from buying? Paying $15100. Has aftermarket chrome wheels - looks great. Silver. No CD changer or Bose. Has heated seats.
  • easman61easman61 Posts: 28
    I am considering buying an extended warranty after reading so many horror stories about timing belt failures out of warranty. Had the car inspected at Firestone and they found one little oil drop on a fitting behind the turbo. They said it would have to be repaired by an Audi dealer. Looks like it might just be a hose clamp. There didn't appear to be any evidence of any accumulation any where on the top of the scuff plate. The rear brakes need replacing - pads and rotors quoted at just under $300. I had seller reduce his price by this amount. Anybody know where I can buy a repair manual and owner's manual? I can't tell what the light switch does pulled out vs. pushed in. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.
  • It is to activate the fog lights. Green = Active
  • Engine Engine power Fuel consumption Fuel type 0-100 (0-60) Top speed
    2.0 TFSI 197 hp 7.7 l/100km Petrol 6.4 s 240 km/h
    3.2 V6 quattro 247 hp 9.4 l/100km Petrol 5.7 s 250 km/h
    Body type Coupe
    Number of doors 2
    Number of seats 2+2
    Engine position Front
    Driven wheels Front/All
    Length 4 178 mm
    Width 1 842 mm
    Height 1 350 mm
    Wheelbase 2 470 mm
    Ground clearance ?
    Weight (normal) 1 260 kg
    Weight (max) 1 660 kg
    Boot space (min) 290 l
    Boot space (max) 700 l
    Fuel capacity 60 l

    Information from:

    What dou you think about New TT? Please write your comments!
  • thekegthekeg Posts: 2
    ;) It seems many TT owners have MAF issues. I found a great fix on ebay that saved me over 200.00. It cost 2.99 and said that MAF sensors can be cleaned. This cleaning removes air filter particules, dirt, dust and whatever else affect the sensor's measurements. You can buy MAF cleaner or use a ziplock bag with isoproply alchohol and shake the sensor around in the bag. Let it air dry. Reinstall.
  • rgraybillrgraybill Posts: 9
    Just got the 3.2 Quattro roadster with manual transmission. I can't get used to the paddle shifters. Technologically it's a great car. The only glitch has been that the iPod adapter for my Nano doesn't fit. Apple moved the interface location on the new generation. I'll post my impressions when I get to spend more time with her.
  • 2008ttguy2008ttguy Posts: 1
    So how are you liking her so far? I got my 2.0 T coupe on June 25th and have been having a blast! Only thing I miss so far is not having the manual transmission - not sure why the 2.0 only comes in automatic. But the auto transmission is sweet shifting and I am really happy with the lack of turbo lag. BTW - I seriously disagree with the Edmunds review that the car lacks steering feel. I find the steering very precise and enjoyable - and I absolutely love the sports steering wheel. So far no complaints here - I absolutely love this car!
  • rgraybillrgraybill Posts: 9
    So far it's great. I got the 2nd generation iPod adapter from Audi. The engine has great torque over a wide range. I'm still getting used to the clutch: a bit of a long travel for my short legs. It's definitely fun to drive. The top works very smoothly.
  • rob89rob89 Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    Recently joined - obviously lots of probs with Audi TT
    Anyone had an intermittent starting problem. We have 2002 225 TT Coupe which three times in last year has not started. Each time on a hot day. Each time has started no problem either later on that day or following morning. At first Audi dealer couldnt find a fault, then it was engine speed sensor, now it seems to be engine temp sensor - does this sound familiar to anyone? Otherwise been ok but hardly reliable
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    a buddy of mine is offering me his 2001 TT 1.8T with 66K for $6,000. he just had it
    major serviced. he says he is tired of looking at it in his driveway. why he
    wants to take a 5K loss on it I don;t know, but he never drives anywhere, and
    keeps his stuff immaculate. should I buy this?
  • buroskyburosky Posts: 90
    Never drives anywhere but has 66K miles? Granted it is low for a 2001. ;-)
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    he bought it used a couple years ago. Sorry about that
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Does anybody know if you can tell which engine a TT has by the VIN?

    I see a couple postings for sale but am not sure how to determine which 1.8T it is
  • For those doing their research and considering a TT. . My experience with a 2001 180 Quattro coupe has ME researching the competition for a new car. . anything BUT the TT. I'm at 56,000 miles and am on my third water pump. The alternator died, took out my battery and necessitated a flatbed tow. I've had a serious coolant leak (another flatbed ) and enough emissions problems to last a lifetime. Various valves, and hoses have taken a dive and tripped the check engine. After picking up a week long vacuum/emissions/ broken waste gate actuator repair with a $1,200. price tag I drove exactly 11 days before the check light engine came back on. AGAIN. That's where I sit today, having to return to tax my mechanic's patience and of course, my pocketbook. You get the idea. It's bleeding me dry and has been nothing but trouble. The joy and excitement lasted a while, but the hassles have accelerated since losing warranttee and have left me with an automobile I can't trust. It's time to bail and I won't ever return to an Audi dealer. That's my experience.
  • I can see why you are on a bummer about the TT's.

    I am at the other end, in two ways. I have a 2006 TT Quattro 225 that I purchased new in Jan or 2007. Only 7400 miles so far and I love it.
    I too have had serious questions about the relibility of the TT and the many problems people have.
    I currently spend too much time at the Audiworld TT Forum and have learned that the later models have by far fewer problems, I know, doesn't do you much good.
    And I hope the long time TT owners on that site know..I suspect they may.
    Instrument cluster failures are a big problem on early models,and the list goes on, but not as bad as it may look.

    Check out Audiworld Forums, get info from the TT fanatics, I do.
  • I recently pruchased a 2001 TT quattro. The insert in the maintainence manual lists the following option codes for the car. Any know where I can find a list of what these mean?
    X9A, BOA,CC8,GOL, H6G, J1L, MS4, Q1D, L38, 1AT, 1G9, 2ZN, 1N4, 5RW, 5SG, T6B, 0YR, 4UG, 0G4, 8UQ, 8GL, 8RY, 1KF, 1LT, 3FN, IJT.
  • protruthprotruth Posts: 4
    I have heard or read every single excuse by mechanics in the USA and Great Britain: front brake squeal is "normal", and Europeans expect brake squeal on a "high performance" car often run on a no-speed-limit Autobahn. The TT is a sporty-LOOKING car but was built for street driving, not racing on a track. Audi has built a "high performance" R8 which is regularly driven on tracks - or “no speed limit” Autobahns existing in Germany and Austria.

    I have had the TT to the dealer repair shop a total of 4 times. After the 4th time, I called Audi USA for advice. The Audi rep. called the dealer and the Audi rep. reported back to me that the dealer had utilized all possible repairs - referencing the TSB #46 - the 1997 and 2009 versions of which are identical - and could do nothing more.

    If a new car has a defect that the dealer refuses to, or cannot, fix within 2 years or 18,000 miles - mine has <7,000 - a New York resident-purchaser can seek arbitration through the NYS New Car Lemon Law.

    I did so.

    Audi sent an aged "Arb. Analyst" from Michigan - he told me he was a &#147;mouth-piece&#148; for several manufacturers. He recited the Audi excuse litany PLUS: 1) produced an Internet survey instrument in which I purportedly praised Audi service - a complete fabrication, 2) insisted that my car had ceramic brakes - false, the brake pads are bimetallic - ie, a non-metal matrix with embedded iron-based metal filings - which accounts for the grooves and reddish RUST on the rotors, and black dust spray on the $465 wheels, and 3) he asserted that the intense, high decibel squealing-shrieking does not devalue the car FOR ME!!

    Curiously, both the 1997 and 2009 Audi TSB are titled &#147;BRAKE SQUEAL&#148;, while the mechanics and the &#147;Arb. Analyst&#148; referred to it as &#147;squeak&#148;. The Arb. Analyst actually stated that &#147;one man&#146;s noise, is not everyone&#146;s noise&#148;!!

    Had I known this was Audi&#146;s approach to purchasers of $50,000 cars, and remembered Audi&#146;s history going back to the 80s when, among other complaints, it couldn't explain unintended acceleration until after a long term class-action law suit ran its course in favor of the class, I would not have considered Audi.

    I would recommend anyone considering an Audi TT 3.2 liter Quattro to get some contractual assurance - beyond the cheap 1 year maintenance warranty - that defects would be repaired or the purchase price refunded.

    The hyped, vaunted "German engineering" is meaningless if a simple brake repair cannot be effected.

    I don't know the decision of the NY State Lemon Law arbitrator as yet, but I will report back.

    Should I win, it is likely Audi Lawyers will appeal. And so it goes.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,595
    But back in 2002 after driving Mercedes for the 12 years prior (a 1990 300E & a 1998 CLK 320), my Mom decided she HAD to have an AWD car. At the time the A6 was the only game in town. The Tiptronic transmission was always jerky & never shifted smooth. The dealer's service department (Palisades Audi) was worse than awful & kept telling my Mom that she was: imagining it, it has to learn how you drive, has to have the software reprogrammed, they all do that. Everytime she brought the car in for service was a 3-4 week wait if she wanted a loaner car. She finally set up an appointment with a regional service rep to drive the car to see what the problem was. He backed the car out of a parking spot & drove maybe 15 feet to another parking spot, got out of the car, & told my Mom that the car drives fine.

    She's been driving BMWs ever since the lease on the Audi was up and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • protruthprotruth Posts: 4
    Reporting back.

    An Arbitrator appointed by the NY State Attorney General has found that my 2008 Audi TT 3.2 L Quattro has a serious defect, an ear-splitting squeal emitted by the front brakes, and declared the car a Lemon. I was awarded the nearly $50,000 purchase price.

    It is now up to Audi USA and its dealer Maguire Audi, Ithaca, NY, to pay up, take their defective car back, and try to salvage its image - and its 'market share'.

    Maguire advertizes repeatedly that if one finds a lower price for one of its cars in upstate New York, they will give the customer $5,000 and the keys to the new car, free of charge!!

    Wow, eh!! &#147;5 G&#146;s and the keys"!!

    Maguire declined to FIX my brakes after 4 failed attempts. They had followed their TSB #46, titled "Brake Squeal" - unchanged in 11 years - and refused to go beyond their TSB.

    Just keep telling the consumer that high-pitched brake-squealing is normal!!

    Maybe NOW they'll step up to the plate, take back their defective car, and refund my purchase price (I paid up front in full).

    Maguire sells 5 foreign makes including VW, Audi, Toyota, Subaru, and Volvo, plus it is a GM and Ford-Nissan dealer.

    The Chrysler dealership was closed in the Chrysler bankruptcy.

    If GM does likewise, Maguire may see its new car monopoly become an albatross.

    Given the contempt with which I was treated, I can hardly be expected to feel any sympathy.
  • protruthprotruth Posts: 4
    The Maguire Audi dealership in Ithaca, New York, faced with a Lemon Law arbitration decision favoring me, refunded my purchase price in full ... except they wanted to deduct the value of wheel scrapings on 3 of the 4 alloy wheels.

    I let them have their oz of flesh regardless that 2 of the 4 wheels were scraped while the Lemon Law Arbitration proceedings were in progress.

    I also GAVE the dealer 4 winter tires on original equipment Audi wheels ... cost ~$2000. I had no further use for them, nor DO I have any further use for Maguire's multiple dealerships in Ithaca.

    Give me the run around once, my stupid fault. Give me the runaround twice or more, without doubt, their fault.

    I quickly bought a 2009 Infiniti G37x AWD coupe with ALL the trimmings for a few thousand less than the original price of the 2008 Audi TTS Hatchback.

    After 18 months of hassle and outright lies about the Audi brake shrieking fiasco, I'm reasonably pacified.

    And the Infiniti (Nissan parent) is a dream machine.

    Based on my experience with Maguire, I cannot in conscience recommend anyone buy an Audi from Maguire Ithaca, and I would caution about ANY purchase from a Maguire dealership in Ithaca without IRONCLAD guarantees regarding repairs IN A CAR STILL UNDER WARRANTY!!
  • whitrwhitr Posts: 12
    Has anyone removed the rear axle on a quattro? I have mine torn down to replace rear bearings and can't get the axles to break loose from the trans coupler. All coupler bolts are removed but that is as far as I can go. Any help would be appreciated.
  • whitrwhitr Posts: 12
    For all TT owners. You should periodically flush the drains in the floor pan of your convertible to keep them from stopping up. After a few years, dirt, leaves etc. will stop them up and cause water to pool in the pan beneath very expensive, moisture sensitive, comfort control module. Personal experience; my '02 CCM failed and the dealership blamed it on a tear in the rubber gasket just behind the pass. door and said I needed a new top, in addition to the $800+ for the CCM. I replaced the top at a local trim shop and the owner told me that the drains had been clogged for quite a while and that it was his opinion that was the cause for CCM failure. If drains had been clear, he said water from the tear would have flowed straight to the drains and not pooled to slosh around and wet the CCM.
  • belennmbelennm Posts: 2
    what brought you to change the bearings, IE, noise, etc?

    I have an 03 TT Coupe and have a roaring in the rear of the car, especially over 70 mph. I don't think it is the tires (new Michelin's). When the back seats are up it is muffled to some extent.

    Any ideas, all input will be appreciated.
  • whitrwhitr Posts: 12
    First it was roaring, then it began to wobble. Probably was ready to come apart, Anyway, I dismantled rear suspension (both wheels) and took complete assemblies to a repair shop to have bearings replaced. I am back on the road now. Thanks for responding.
  • My wife's car is having the exact same problem. We've been loyal Audi customers (an A4, A6,and TT in the past 3 years!). Would you mind sending a copy of your arbitration decision, even with any personal identifying information blacked out I would like to use that in filing an arbitration here. I would be very grateful! My email is
  • Actually, if you win the arbitration, Audi CANNOT appeal. Those arbitrations are binding on the manufacturer but not on the consumer. So if Audi wins, you can still file suit under the state lemon law. If you win, Audi has to buy the car back. Please post if you do win as I'm having the same brake problem with my wife's TT. It is absurd to say it's "normal" - it sounds the same as brake wear indicators built into brakes. So how are you supposed to know if the noise is the "normal" noise, or you need new brakes? This is a safety issue!
  • Ok if anyone can shed some light on this i will be extremely gratefull..

    Just recently my audi tt 1999 225 bhp has been acting a bit strange.

    it seems from a cold/warm start it fires up fine then if i drive it for say 10 or 20 mins and park up when i come back to it and try and start it it is completely dead almost like it has immobalized itself? occasionally by persistently keeping the key turned it may fire up after 20 seconds or so but if not it leaves me having to jump start it back into action. what is even stranger this is intermittent so sometimes its fine however it is becoming more frequent and becoming a real liabilty. any ideas what could be going wrong as letting the average garage tell me can be a slow and costly experience ??
  • I am not going to Post the entire Lemon Law Arbitration decision.

    The essence of the decision was based on the value of the car to ME. Typically, a significant body, mechanical or electrical problem are Lemon Law eligible.

    However, I had a superb witness to my EXTREME brake squeal problem and her testimony, along with Maguire's refusal to fix it after they exhausted their 4 attempts in accordance with Audi's TSB, PLUS there was a successful precedent in a NYC case in which there was an insufferable engine NOISE.

    The Arbitrator found on these bases - virtually ignoring the Audi shill that showed up at the arbitration hearing to lie through his teeth - and I was awarded the original purchase price of the car.

    Seems that EXTREME noise of a component of a car DOES lower the value of the vehicle to its owner.

    And my case should show up somewhere ... I hired a lawyer who found the noise precedent (involving the NYC vehicle) in some source - and used it to considerable effect.

    Good luck.
  • 00auditt00auditt Posts: 1
    I have been experiencing a problem where when I get on the freeway and have my cruise control set, my gas or engine just seems to shut down. The car is still on but it begins to slow down and when I push on the gas it does not accelerate. I have to pull over and turn my car of for a few seconds and then restart it and it drives off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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