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Audi TT



  • I recently purchased "baseball seats" out of a 2010 TT Prototype that was tested and destroyed this year; seats were spared. I purchased them online and never asked if they were power or manual. My car has manual seats! Does anyone have information on adding these to a manual seated TT? Also, does anyone know if TT seats will fit in a Jetta or Golf (are they the same mounting tracks)?
  • ttandmettandme Posts: 1
    i had the same problem sometime back... crank shaft sensor.. I was told its the only sensor that will leave you stranded..
  • I own a 2004 Audi TT Roadster purchased brand new from Tom Williams Audi Porshe. I am the only 1 PROUD owner of this piece work that I wish I never bought. Very cute car and unique at the time in Dec 2003. During my purchase, I was convinced to buy a package for my windshield damage etc. I really thought I didn't need it but to protect my new purchase I added it anyway( I think is was about $2,000).
    Six months later my car parked alone in the garage magically gets a huge crack starting at the very top of the windshield. This was a stress crack. It was caused by nothing but the installation error. After about 6 months of calling daily and sending letters to get this covered under my package I purchased I FINALLY got a person to come and fix it. I assumed it made perfect sense if they blew me off long enough the warranty would be up!
    Six months down the road...
    Now we will hit cliff notes because to relive all of this may cause me to start breaking the keys on this keyboard. Before I start. I would like to add again I am the only owner of this car, it has been serviced as it should by AUDI certified mechanics. PFFFT

    OIL PUMP goes out in shop replaced.
    One month later
    OIL PUMP goes out in shop replaced
    two weeks later
    OIL PUMP goes out in shop replaced. (this is not a repeat, happened 3 times)
    two months later
    I run out of gas. car says I have so many miles to E (think it was 40) but I run completely out of gas.
    Couple months later
    dask starts to flash all of a sudden can no longer read radio stations in middle center part of display
    couple months later
    Air stops working starts making sound of a loud plane taking off every time I am stopped at red light. Will not cool even though freon level is fine. I got this repaired it worked for
    about a month
    (2nd time)
    About 6 months later
    Water Pump
    I am driving down the road everything is fine, the next thing I know smoke is coming through the vents and from the back of the car. At this time I am thinking it is smoke because I have nowhere to pull over due to two lanes and construction. It was really steam from water pump completely cracking in half (yes 2 pieces) and no water was making it to the engine.
    This was repaired. I got car back same thing happened. only to find out about after being in the shop about 4 times after this event it was a blown Head gasket.
    couple weeks later
    (one engine coil)
    one week later
    (second engine coil)
    At this point ok there are 4 right? REPLACE all 4!!!
    couple weeks later
    car kept saying it was hot but there was no heat coming off the radiator. It is cool to the touch in a 5 min drive up the road and back where the Temp guage at this point floats around like a fish in water. I take it back to have this checked to find out its the instrument cluster nothing to do with the Temperature guage or sensor.
    By this time everything in the ENTIRE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER is faulty
    The glove box lock has completely broke off after reading severa forums etc. this is also a common problem. Cost about 800 to repair this.
    Completely broke in half due to a crack down the center. First was the air, then the clicking flow of air, then the lights switch on the left side of the steering wheel. You cannot buy these anywhere and they run about 40 bucks each from AUDI for 1/4 inch piece of plastic snap that goes on the knob.
    I am curently still owning this car it has been paid off for a while. I would love to get rid of it if I could only get it operational to sell it. I am currently seeking a instrument cluster to replace the one in the car so I can sell it. I did was notified about the recall when it took place but I was told if there was nothing wrong with mine then no need to replace it. Then few months later MAGICALLY there is a cut off to have this replaced.
    I would have to guess that I have about 80 to $90,000 in this car and nothing would make me happier than to drive it straight off a cliff. CHEERS to you AUDI! my towing company knows me by name, my mechanic, and my rental company. I am actually the ongoing joke " OH... ITS YOU AGAIN WITH red TT ". I have significantly increased their income over the years, they thank you!
    This car has caused me more stress, aggrevation, and inconvenience than any car I have ever owned. I will never own another AUDI!
    Please disregard any typos run-ons etc. I run three businesses. I am jolting this out as fast as possible. I don't even have time to reread this over for proofing. Inform others not to buy this car, do not buy anything AUDI. They do not and WILL NOT back you on anything. Even a recall.
  • I have a 2001 Audi TT and yesterday i noticed that my car was running louder at idel and when i shift later that night the check engine light came on. The loud noise is coming from the drivers side under the hood i think i may smell fumes idk

  • zahavazahava Posts: 11
    1949 Hey, Come on board and get yourself an Audi TT. I have a [non-permissible content removed] car in reserve too, but I have a boday'coius Red TT. Regards
  • zahavazahava Posts: 11
    D, I have been reading up some on the engine options too. They have dropped Diesel engines in these TT's. Just google Auto Trader UK and check what's for sale. The newer Diesels will have more power and Torque but deliever 50 mpg/hwy The A6 TDI's will be here in fall 2013 and the A4's next followed by the TT's. in 2015 Just when gas hits 8.49 a gallon in the states.
  • zahavazahava Posts: 11
    D, That Suburu must of been the SRX. Anyway, Get the ECU chip for the TT If you have the 225 you can boost it up to 265hp. Insane speed will beat the Bad Subby next time. Good Luck
  • Hi guys, I'd really appreciate if one of you could help me with a problem.
    I own an convertible 1.8 Audi TT 2001 5 speed. something very strange is happening and i can't fins a solution.
    Around 3 month ago i was driving my car for around 10 miles than i parked at a local Walgreens. 10 minutes later when i left the store i couldn't turn on the car. it was like it had no gas. the ignition was working but the car won't start. i made a phone call and about 10 minutes later i turn the key again and it worked, like never happened. i found it very strange but the car was working fine.
    same thing happened three or four times again in a period of 3 months, but this saturday when i was driving to a local mall (8 miles from my house), i was stopped, waiting for the green light in front of the mall, the car died. same thing, turn on the key, it looked like was no gas. i was stopped in the middle of the street, i lived alone and after 20 min the car started again.
    i was driving back home and happened again in front of my house, after the same 20 minutes the car started again.
    i have no idea what it could be. i took it to the mechanic, he ran the scan and nothing show up.
    it is an old car, Audi want to charge me $250/hr just to look at it, with no guarantees.
    i believe that might be a sensor related to fuel or something. have one of you guys heard something like that before?
    Please a word of advise.
  • oto1125oto1125 Posts: 2
    I just bought an Audi TT RS. I tried to locate the spare tire, however, it isn't there. There is a wheel well where a doughnut tire "may fit." Does this car not come with a spare tire or is it just the glue gun to repair the tire? If I wanted to get a spare, then is one available that will fit in the wheel well? Thanks.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Looks like it doesn't. :sick:

    Check this thread:

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