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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • keptnamekeptname Posts: 51
    Thanks jnyz. That is pretty much what I tried. I figured he would come to 41,000, but instead the manager came in to explain how they just can do any more than that blah blah blah.

    I emailed the sales guy to see if he still wants to try to counter offer later in the month I'd be willing to listen.
  • millenia98millenia98 Posts: 9
    edited July 2011
    Right now, I’m doing my research for leasing an A4. So, as of now, I’m a walking target (and I hate that I am). We are looking to lease a 2011 Audi A4 premium plus for 36 months (10K miles). Credit score is 710.

    In the research I’ve done, the advice I’ve received is to contact 6 local and non-local dealers and ask them for a price on buying an Audi. Then, negotiate with the dealer that gave me the lowest invoice price. THEN tell them I want to lease based on the negotiated price?

    Is all of this correct for starters?

    Also – as a side note – a few dealers have replied and it seems they are avoiding emailing me quotes. They’re all asking me to come in (of course, to try and sell me) – BUT we’re not wasting time and visiting 6 different dealers only to ask for quote. We have also already test driven the A4 and would prefer to have in-person contact only with the dealer giving the best deal.

    Any other help would be greatly appreciate.
  • keptnamekeptname Posts: 51
    I can't comment on lease negotiating procedures, but I have had the same problem with internet sales. When I dealt with Toyota about 6 years ago, I did all negotiating online.

    Thus far, acura, VW and audi have all insisted that I come in to talk pricing. Its very frustrating.
  • Thanks for the info! This helps. I will try and keep doing my negotiations online and then meet in person with the lowest two dealers
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    I saw a 2009 A4 3.2 Prestige at a pre-owned auto wholesale dealer. It has 19,300 miles. Color is Phantom Black Pearl w/ black leather interior. Carfax vehicle history report is clean. They're asking $25,900. Should I even think twice about this deal? Sounds like a steal to me. Just need to test drive it.
  • I received a quote from Audi to buy an A4 2.0 Quattro:

    Premium Plus with Navigation, Winter mats and trunk liner, Brilliant Black with Black Interior.

    They gave me a selling price of $39,589 plus tax and MV fees. The Audi Care is $800 additional.

    What are MV fees? What other things do I need to know? I know this is not a full quote
  • digledigle Posts: 2
    MV are the motor vehicle fees.That is a good price I assume it is a 2011.
  • utexas06utexas06 Posts: 50
    There's a price error on the car and it's actually $27,900 which is still a great deal. Hopefully I can knock off a grand with negotiating. What do you all think?
  • keptnamekeptname Posts: 51
    Well, dealer has now come to $42,096 on a 2011 metallic black Audi A4 (quattro 8-speed automatic) with prestige package.

    I am trying to get them to give me $11,000 on my '06 toyota matrix. Otherwise will sell.

    The 42,096 sound good??
  • antman05antman05 Posts: 2
    Need advice from my fellow audi owners. Here's my situation.

    Just purchased a 2011 A4 Premium. MSRP of $34,400 from an Audi dealer in California. After 2 weeks of negotiating, they dropped my price down to $30,450 with a 60 month buy interest rate of 1.9%. My monthly payment is $410 and change with $10k down. Out the door with tax and license it was $33,500.

    They tried to rip me off on GAP and Audi Care (They wanted $1700 bux for it at first. LOL) and all that other nonsense the financials guy tries to sell you at the end. Didn't work!

    Anyways, today the financials guy calls me and leaves me a voicemail saying that I have to go back and resign the contract to include a $1500 rebate. They say that Nothing in the numbers for me is going to change. This is strictly for the dealer. (I had mentioned that we leased an audi two years back for a cousin when I was buying the car). Is this the loyalty rebate? Are they trying to include this in there and get paid on it? My gut is telling me something fishy is going on. Can anyone share some insight into this?
  • Car man,

    I'd like to hear your opinion on this quote. I was quoted an Audi A4 2.0 quattro 2011 premium plus - with navigation and Audi care for $35,500 (from a smaller town in Florida). 36 months and 10,000 miles.

    He tells me $595.74/month with nothing down (only $500 to cover taxes and fees).

    Why so much monthly payment on a sales price for the car? I'm not sure how to proceed with this quote.
  • keptnamekeptname Posts: 51
    That sounds like the amt for the loyalty rebate. I wouldn't go in and sign anything. Sounds like they are going to pocket the money. You are free and clear, you signed and are keeping up your end of the deal. I wouldn't do anything else.

    These people never cease to amaze me.
  • sjiangsjiang Posts: 5
    Hi i was wondering which deler in California you went to. because when i went into the dealer they are only willing give me 1400 off msrp..
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Tell them you will sign it if they split it with you. If not you are not signing.
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    What is the invoice price of the car?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Is there sales tax if Florida? What interest rate are they giving you? What are your additional fees?
  • There is sales tax - based on 6.5%.

    1.44% interest rate (money factor is .00060).

    The additional fees that I just found out about today are acquisition fee - $695, dealer fee $699 and Audi care $800 (which I asked for).

    Also, is it a must that I pay the dealer and acquisition fees, or can those be negotiated out?
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    That is way too much. Try using this to give you a better understanding. Everything can be nego.
  • You're right. I hope they go for it. No acquisition fee and no dealer fee. Hopefully that flies, b/c that is definitely the difference between their calculation and mine.
  • speeddtspeeddt Posts: 1
    I have a deal lined up on a 2011 Audi A4 Avant, Premium Plus , B&O sound and Titanium sport package. Its a service loaner w/ under 2K miles. MSRP is $43K, they are aksing $37.5K.
    Seems like a good deal but is it too close to what a 2012 would be (newer, no miles, known history)
  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    I just looked at a 2012 A4 Premium, Nav, Backup camera. 39919 without any negotiation. Sounds like a fair price to me. Thoughts? Buying not leasing, no Trade.
    Thanks for any input
  • rrocksrrocks Posts: 13
    A dealer told me that Audi (and not individual dealers) sets the money factor based on credit. I this correct?

    Also, what do you think of a 54% residual today on a 2011 A4 quattro premium, 36 month, 12K miles with $1700 off MSRP? (Technically, 53% but goes up to 54 with Audi Care and thus brings down the cost of Audicare to $430). THANKS!!
  • acoyne1acoyne1 Posts: 1
    I'm about to sign for a 2012 premium plus quattro, with navigation, B&O stereo and walnut trim. Color is monsson grey metallic. Price is $41,077 plus tax. Good deal?
  • asolare1asolare1 Posts: 31
    Can anyone tell me whether or not the dealer participates in the cost of the loyalty rebate? I'd like to know whether or not the rebate should have any effect on what discount the dealer should be willing to negotiate from sticker. Thanks.
  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    I have similar deal. 2012 Prem Plus, MMI Nav (backup camera),18" GmbH Rims, Audi advanced key,Acoustic Parking sensors, and mats and trunk liner for
    40700 + Tax and Tags. (165 over invoice)

    Only issue is that the cars backup camera is not functioning, something about a chip issue/backorder which will hopefully be resolved by end of year.

    2011 came with Camera at part of nav, which is same for 2012 but you also need the parking sensors to get the camera, which adds 575 to the price.

    Hopefully will be here in 2 weeks.

    Really wanted the E350, but couldn't swing the payments!!!!!
  • dantoudantou Posts: 2
    Is it a quattro? Looks like a good deal. How much do you totally pay for this one?
  • fatcat71fatcat71 Posts: 75
    Yes it is the A4 2.0T Quattro.
    40,500 plus tax and tags (212 for tags and 6.35% tax in CT)
    Got them to throw in AudiCare as well for 3 yrs. (problem with the rims I wanted vs what they were giving me!!, they tried to tell me that the GmbH rims were an extra 800, but there are a same price swap)

    Didn't take the deal, b/c I was able to get the MB dealer down to 47K for my new E350 4Matic sport, which I pick up on the 29th!!!!!

    Good luck!!
  • I got two offers for a 2012 Premium with the style package, heated front seats and convienence package for $37,000 taxes and fees included. Both has the exact color and interior that I want. Is this a good deal? The dealer is asking me how he could win my business. Any ideas on what free stuff I should milk out of him?
  • May I ask what is OTD price, Is that Quattro?
  • rogue007rogue007 Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    In March I was going to get an A3, negotiated a deal. June came around and told me they couldn't get me an A3 because of package changes; thus, I ordered a 2012 A4 Quattro Premium + with B/O and Audi Advanced key. I didn't negotiate a price then, so i'm going to go talk to the sales manager tomorrow about it.

    The A3 deal was split difference between invoice and MSRP, which for the A3 was round 700 bucks over invoice.

    What should I be targeting tomorrow? I won't settle for any more than 500 over invoice...especially after waiting 6 months and them not communicating very well. Is this smart?
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