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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    What is the b/o?

    I do not beleive that Premium has advanced Key.

    It is for premium plus and up.
  • B/O is the Bang and Olufsen. Yes I got the Premium Plus, which allowed me to get the advanced key. I was able to get them to 500 over invoice and financing at 2.9% with Audi Care thrown in for me waiting 6 months the order problems. Delivery next week finally.
  • I negotiated a price of 45,157 for a 2012 A4 prestige with the S-Line and Sport packages (black interior/ext). This appears to be about 1,000 over invoice and did not include the tax, title, ect. Does this seem like a fair deal? Is it difficult to get closer to invoice on prestige models?
  • I would think that's a great price. Was the car on the lot or did you order it?
  • It was on the lot. Did not pull the trigger due to offer on my trade, but still considering the prestige and selling my current car elsewhere. Dealer also verbally agreed to any build order on an A4 at 1,000 over invoice.
  • opro1opro1 Posts: 4
    edited September 2011

    I did the same thing today 2012 A4 Prestige 2.0T, Manual, Quatro, S line Package, Sports Package, MSRP $45600. Negotiated price $42500 in the Tri-State area. Lease negotiated $674 a month 15k miles a year 39 months $2300 down. $0 first month's payment. I walked out.
    BTW the salesguy started off with $750 a month with $4000 down
  • I just got an offer from a dealer here in Seattle for an A4 Premium Plus quattro sedan, with B&O stereo, Audi key, and floormats for $39,400 plus tax, license, and doc fee.

    That looks pretty close to dealer cost from Truecar - should I expect to do any better than this? It looks like a good deal, but I'm wary because it was pretty easy to negotiate based on our Passport (work program) membership. If so, I'll be happy to avoid the shenanigans typical of car buying...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    If your goal is a lower lease payment, you'd be better off to add options to a Premium-Plus model, than getting the Prestige...

    The higher the trim line, the lower the residual on an Audi, as a general rule...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jqianjqian Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Here is the deal. A4 Quattro premium plus grey + Navi. MSRP 42250. OTD I got is 41485 from santa monica audi.

    I am not sure if it is a goold deal, but I did check with other dealers around LA area. Here is my opinoin.
    Pasadena not competitve in price at all.
    Reverside stating thery are aggressive in price, but not true.
    Auto galeria depends on its inventory. If the car is not in their lot, dont buy.
    West covina does not have motivation to sell.

    Santa monica gave me the best offer, i think its selling price is about 1.5k below invoice.

    But I also purchased audi care and another package I was told cover wheel windshield and some other which manuf warrenty doesnot cover for about 60 more every mo for 60 mos. I am not sure if it is worth. But I was told that I can call and cancel within 30days. I will do some research.
  • rxkerxke Posts: 168
    Hi. I have owned Audi A4s quarttro and Audi A6s quarttros. I have also owned Infiniti M35XI and G37XI. The Infinitis are wonderful cars that are trouble free. They are fast and handle well. In terms of the Audi A4 I can say that after 50,000 the A4(4 cylinder 2.0) had lots of problems to the tune of $5000. Luckily my auto insurance includes extended warranty coverage so I did not have to pay anything other than the deductible. Also when my wife was talking to the Audi service manager about buying or leasing another Audi the service manager said to lease because after 50,000 there can be problems with Audis.

    In terms of the cars changing the Infiniti G37 will probably change in 2013 or 2014 years and the A4 probably also change in that time frame. The Mercedes C Class will be redesigned in 2013. This is based on information in Automotive News, a magazine that comes out weekly serving the auto industry.

    I hope all of this is helpful.
  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    This is an interest post. I too was an Infinity owner for many years, and in fact I owned and later sold 3 of them to my kids after driving each for 3-5 years. They all still own them and have had no significant repair costs! (now at 150 to 300K miles!) I always admired the Audi A-4 and in 2006 after I moved to snowy SW Michigan I leased a 2007 Quattro for 24 mos. When the lease ended I turned it in for a 2009 Premium Plus. I have enjoyed the Audi but don't feel it is in any way superior to the Infinities that I used to drive. I am at lease end now and will probably buy out the lease and drive for another year. (The warranty will extend that long) But I wonder if I ought not go back to the Infinity which is much more "cost effective" in that I could easily drive it for 5-7 years and really get my money's worth! I think it is hard to beat any of the Japanese cars for dependability! I have a very wealthy friend who recently traded in his BMW for a Hyundai Genesis and says he will never buy another German car
  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    My lease on my 2009 A-4 Quattro (Premium Plus) is up in a month. Only other option is dark walnut wood trim as Premium Plus included pretty much everything. My options:
    1. Turn in the car and lease another A-4
    2. Upgrade to an A-6 (maybe a used one as I don't want huge payments!)
    3. Consider Mercedes or BMW???
    4. Return to Infinity (which I used to own) or Lexus? (Japanese = reliabilty)
    5. Buy out the lease and maybe trade in in a year. I currently have 34K miles (which is less than my allowed 36K) and car is mint. I also got free service as part of my lease incentive and I know it goes to at least 50K miles if not more. (I will still be under warranty in a year as I drive ~ 12K/year). What do I do???
    BTW: just had lease end inspection and the guy said that I will be charged for new tires (~ $550) as I am over the allowable wear level. Does this sound right with 34K on the car?? The tire tread sure looks pretty good to me!
  • elrlelrl Posts: 1
    That is very good to know. It seems like the dealers are pushing that.

    Does anyone know if there are incentives to the dealers to sell at the end of the month? I'm trying to get a 2012 A4 no Nav but Prestige for 38 in tri-state area

  • I'm in the same boat as you!

    I have 2 more months on my lease of a 2009 A4 Quattro w/ Prem Plus.

    My buyout is $21,600 and is well under the allowable 45k miles. I only have 34k on it right now. I opted to buy more miles upfront due to a possible commuting change but that never happened. It was also much cheaper to buy the miles upfront (only added $15 a month).

    I did a KBB and the Private Party value on the car is $27k while the Trade-in is $24k.

    I'm thinking of keeping it for at least another 2 years. Audi also gave me a warranty until 62k miles because I complained of an oil consumption issue which they addressed as well.

    If you do decide to purchase the vehicle, let me know of your purchase price and the finance rate they are offering you. I'm currently applying to a credit union for rates around 1.99-2.49% for 48 months.
  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    I have a crazy busy week at work so I am probably going to go in to sit down with my sales lady next week. They are trying to tempt me with the Audi dealer buy and sell bit where they buy my car for the buyout price and sell it back to me for the same price with an extended warranty (6 yrs/ 100K). Last time I looked into that it was $1000 but it might be worth it! I am interested in the oil consumption issue! I complained to the service manager at my 25K routine service because I use a quart (sometimes 2) between the service marks. They pretty much blew me off and said that turbos run hot and use oil. I do not ever remember adding oil to my previous A-4 (2007) but that was a crazy 24 mos lease that they offered so it was gone at about 20K miles. Have you seen any issues online about this?? Where are you located?
  • Screw the sales with Audi Financial Services directly and you will save $1000. Why would you want to pay a middle man who will simply buy the car for you and sell it to you in the same transaction. I just finished the paperwork that Audi FS sent me. I got the loan from PenFed at 1.99% and they just sent out the check. It was an extremely easy process with them. Audi FS was offering around 5-7%. My total payment was around 22.1 which includes my last lease payment.

    PenFed appraisal came in around $28k.

    As far as the oil consumption issue I complained to Audi customer service after the warranty repairs they performed. While they gave me 2012 Q7 for the week still my car was at the dealer for 5 days.

    They gave me another 12k miles on the warranty. I'm located in central jersey.
  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    Thanks for the input. I went thru this with my last Audi and for some reason Audi FS does not do direct consumer financing in Michigan! (I assume this must be because of state regs!) The only reason actually I would not finance directly thru my local credit union (I can have the check today and the rate is <2%) is that I was cgnsidering certifying the car thru Audi. This is a whole new issue in itself! I had thought the fee was $1000 but it turns out to be $2200 according to my dealer. They buy the car, inspect and certify, and sell it back to me for my residual plus the $2200. That gives me a final warranty of 6 years/ 100K miles. I am going to have a talk Monday with my financial advisor and crunch some numbers myself. I have not yet tried to negotiate down the certification fee and do not know if that is flexible or not. The other complication is that they have on the lot a 2012 A-4 in brilliant red with beige interior and keyless ignition! I am weak!!!
  • drjoeddrjoed Posts: 26
    I have a further question about the lease mileage allowance. My dealer claims that Audi allows you to increase the mileage allowance after one year and as long as there is a year or more left on the lease. They tell me the charge is the same as if done up front and this allows you to actually see how much you are driving. I have not checked this out with Audi of NA yet and am always skeptical about what the dealer tells me! One thing they were truthful about is that Audi factory warranty is transferable now so as I look at certifying my current A-4 this may be a plus in terms of its future value.
  • Hi,

    I am seriously looking at a 2008 A4 CPO car, 2.0T front wheel drive. The car is in very nice condition with 19,000 miles. The car comes with an extended warranty (covered for 2-1/2 or 81,000 miles).
    The dealer is asking $25,000 +tax/license with 1.9% financing. Is this an acceptable price? What would be a fair price for this car. I am located in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area.

    Thank you for your advice
  • Hi,

    I really request some recommendations on this deal that I plan on closing.

    2011 Audi A4 Premium Plus - Pre-certified
    9,000 miles
    B&O - wood trim - Nav

    The dealer has quoted $38,000 and is not willing to reduce any more than $500. I would appreciate any advices. After reading all the oil comsumption issues and other problems, I am skeptical whether to make this huge investment or not.

    I am a student and this is a huge for me, however, I love the A4.

  • if u were u probably gonna buy a new 2012 model...they had being driving 9000 miles,,and only discount probably 3500.,,and they have little bit change between 2011 and 2012,not sure if 2011 come with 18 inch wheels.
  • Thank you sjiang.

    Even I see that the price difference would be only around $4,000 if I go with a 2012 A4. However, my budget is extremely tight. Above that I would have the sales tax and it would go higher. With this deal I can close it at $40,500 including taxes, for a new 2012 it will go up to $44-$45K.

    Does this looks like a fair deal? I have checked out other similar 2011 used models & they range around the same figure. However, I really am looking for someone else's opinion to give me more confidence with my decision.

  • Hi John560,

    Although you have probably taken this under consideration,but the 2011 A4 may have a better warranty than a new 2012.
    I would confirm the original date of sale to determine what your actual warranty would be on the 2011.
  • Hi Richard,

    Your statement sounded optimistic to me. I am really not sure about the difference in the warranties of 2011 compared to that of 2012. I am researching it now. This vehicles original date of sale is about 8 months old and plus this is pre-certifiied, so I get the balance of the remaining original factory warranty and 2 yrs addtional or 100,000 miles (extended warranty with lesser coverage).

    Now, I did read somewhere that the extended warranty does not covers much, however, I still want to go with it. As the dealer will reduce only $1000 if I do not want it.

    I am concerned about the issues reported regarding the 1 quart of oil usage for every 1200 miles. I hope the 2011 model does not has this issue.

    Decision making time - Good deal/Bad deal

  • First off, is there any major mechanical fixes from the 2009 to 2010? Or will I be fine with a 2009 CPO?

    A dealer near me has a 2009 CPO A4, 33k miles, automatic, Premium plus w/ Nav, and some other features for sale for $29,900 online. Do you guys think I could get this car out the door for $27k-$28k? Or is that even too much? Thanks!

  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    Way over-priced. Sounds like a car that just came off lease. The car new was about 40k in 2009 with a residual at 54%. Meaning the buyout is around 22k. Sounds like the dealer has about $8000.00 in wiggle room. Haha.

    Do your homework. Find out how much the car was new and multiply it by what the residual was in '09. When you find out that number, that will be what the stealership owes the bank and the rest is stealer profit.
  • Awesome jnyz, thanks for the help. I had no idea the buyout was that low; they marked this car up a ton! I'm hoping I can get them down to about $25,500. Think that is reasonable? Or is that still too much?

    Anything else I would need to know before making a purchase or placing offers on CPO cars? Thanks again for all of the help.
  • I got a quote for 2012 Audi A4 premium with convenience package (bluetooth & ipod connectivity), phantom pearl (metallic black) color for 35950$ + taxes + 199 admin fee. MSRP was 36950. Any opinions/advice is appreciated. Thanks
  • jnyzjnyz Posts: 101
    That is not a good deal. Do your homework and find out what the invoice is for that car. You should pay between 0-500 over invoice and not a penny more. Car stealers love people like you.
  • That's a big time ripoff.... Also never ever pay the "marketing fee". Like the other post said, dealers love people like you.
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